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Amateur-built aircraft Part 2: Analysis of accidents involving VH-registered non-factory-built aeroplanes 1988-2010
Under reporting of aviation wirestrikes
Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics: Bird and animal strikes 2002 to 2011
Aviation Safety Research and Analysis Publications 1984-2011
Take-off performance calculation and entry errors: A global perspective
Aircraft loading occurrences July 2003 to June 2010
Evaluation of the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System as a predictive model
Safety in the vicinity of non-towered aerodromes
Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics: Bird and animal strikes 2002 to 2009
Factors influencing misaligned take-off occurrences at night
Ground operations occurrences at Australian airports 1998 to 2008
Australian Aviation Safety in Review: 1998 to 2007
Runway excursions, Part 2: Minimising the likelihood and consequences of runway excursions, An Australian perspective
Amateur-built and experimental aircraft - Part 1: A survey of owners and builders of VH- registered non-factory aircraft
Threat and Error Management: Attitudes towards training and applicability of TEM to general aviation and low capacity air transport operations
Trends in immediately reportable matters involving charter operations 2001 to 2006
Runway excursions: Part 1 - A worldwide review of commercial jet aircraft runway excursions
An analysis of Australian birdstrike occurrences 2002 to 2006
Analysis, Causality and Proof in Safety Investigations
Australian Aviation Safety in Review: 2002 to 2006