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Exceedance of temporary speed restriction by XPT train ST21 at Moreland, Victoria, on 24 May 2022

Investigation number:
Status: Active
Investigation in progress


An investigation has commenced into the exceedance of temporary speed restriction by XPT train ST21 at Moreland, Victoria on 24 May 2022.

On 23 May 2022, XPT passenger train ST21 departed Central Station in Sydney at about 2040, scheduled to arrive at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne at 0730 on 24 May 2022. Nearing Melbourne, at about 0644, train ST21 was travelling in excess of 90 km/h, when it entered a section of track between Jacana and Tullamarine that had a 40 km/h temporary speed restriction due to track works. There were no injuries, damage to rolling stock or infrastructure.

This investigation is being led by the Office of Chief Investigator, Transport Safety (CITS), Victoria. CITS conducts rail investigations in Victoria on behalf of the ATSB under the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003 (Cwth).

A final report will be released at the conclusion of the investigation. However, should a critical safety issue be identified during the course of the investigation, CITS and the ATSB will immediately notify relevant parties, so that appropriate and timely safety action can be taken.

General details
Date: 24 May 2022   Investigation status: Active  
Time: 0644EST   Investigation level: Defined - click for an explanation of investigation levels  
Location   (show map): Between Jacana Junction and Tullamarine, at approximately 24 km from Melbourne   Investigation phase: Evidence collection  
State: Victoria    
  Occurrence category: Incident  
Report status: Pending   Highest injury level: None  
Anticipated completion: 1st Quarter 2023    

Train details

Train details
Line operator Australian Rail Track Corporation  
Train operator NSW Trains  
Train registration ST21  
Type of operation Passenger  
Sector Freight  
Damage to train Nil  
Departure point Central Station, Sydney, New South Wales  
Destination Southern Cross Station, Melbourne, Victoria  
Last update 01 June 2022