Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin - Issue 13


The Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin covers a range of the ATSB’s short investigations and highlights valuable safety lessons for pilots, operators and safety managers.

Released periodically, the Bulletin provides a summary of the less-complex factual investigation reports conducted by the ATSB. The results, based on information supplied by organisations or individuals involved in the occurrence, detail the facts behind the event, as well as any safety actions undertaken. The Bulletin also highlights important Safety Messages for the broader aviation community, drawing on earlier ATSB investigations and research.

The Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin, Issue 13 features ten safety investigations:

Jet aircraft

Turboprop aircraft

Piston aircraft


Other vehicles

Type: Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin
Investigation number: AB-2012-141
Publication date: 27 November 2012
Last update 15 March 2016
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