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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
AB-2019-040 Runway misidentification occurrences during approach involving two Diamond DA 40 aircraft, Coffs Harbour, NSW, on 14 October 2019
AB-2019-035 Separation issue involving a Diamond DA40 and a de Havilland Canada DHC-1, Warren Reservoir, SA, on 15 September 2019
AB-2019-036 Collision with terrain involving a Kavanagh E-240 balloon, Chadstone, Victoria, on 22 September 2019
AB-2019-037 Fuel exhaustion and forced landing involving a Piper PA-25, Benalla, Victoria, on 28 September 2019
AB-2019-038 Fuel starvation involving a Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A21, near Warraber Island, Queensland, on 20 September 2019
AB-2019-039 Loss of separation involving a Boeing 737-800 and an Agusta A109S, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 4 October 2019
AB-2019-031 Rejected take-off involving a Fokker 100, Perth Airport, WA, on 23 August 2019
AB-2019-029 Flight crew incapacitation involving a Cessna 152, Jandakot Airport, WA, on 31 August 2019
AB-2019-030 Near encounter with wires involving a Kawasaki BK117, at Pendle Hill, NSW, on 28 August 2019
AB-2019-032 Pre-flight preparation event involving a Textron Aviation 172, Jandakot, WA, on 6 August 2019
AB-2019-034 Flight controls involving a Diamond DA 40, Dubbo Airport, NSW, on 12 September 2019
AB-2019-033 Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44 II, Parachilna, SA, on 12 September 2019
AB-2019-026 Loss of control involving a DR-107 One Design, Narromine Airport, NSW, on 30 July 2019
AB-2019-025 Fuel starvation involving a Piper PA-28, north of Paynes Find, WA, on 18 July 2019
AB-2019-027 Pitot tube blockage involving an Aeroprakt 32, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 14 August 2019
AB-2019-028 Incorrect configuration involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-180, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 26 August 2019
AB-2019-021 Incorrect configuration involving an Avro RJ100, near Adelaide Airport, SA, on 3 June 2019
AB-2019-005 Foreign object debris involving a Gates Learjet Corp 35A, Darwin, NT, on 3 February 2019
AB-2019-024 Engine fire warning involving a Fairchild Industries SA227-AC, 37 km south of Coffs Harbour, NSW, on 8 July 2019
AB-2019-022 Collision with a fence involving a Cessna 150M, Lismore Airport, NSW, on 11 June 2019