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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
AB-2022-011 Engine malfunction, amateur built Savannah XL,1.5 km from Great Keppel Island, Queensland, on 18 September 2022
AB-2021-029 Engine failure and ditching, Socata TB-20, 20 km west of Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 13 November 2021
AB-2022-001 Fuel starvation, Cessna 172, Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, on 16 March 2022
AB-2021-031 Propellor blade defect, Diamond Aircraft Industries DA-40 near Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 1 December 2021
AB-2022-002 Fuel starvation involving a Quest Kodiak 100, 65 km west of Camden Airport, New South Wales, on 1 May 2022
AB-2022-007 Taxiing collision, Bell 206L, Newman Airport, Western Australia, on 30 July 2022
AB-2021-021 Landing gear malfunction, Gates Learjet Corporation 36, Nowra, New South Wales, on 21 June 2021
AB-2021-017 Near collision, BAE Systems Avro RJ100 and Ayres S2R, Port Augusta, South Australia, on 26 May 2021
AB-2021-028 Rotor wash event, AgustaWestland AW139, The Alfred hospital, Victoria, on 28 October 2021
AB-2021-030 Runway excursion involving Cirrus SR22, Darnley Island (Erub), Queensland, on 24 November 2021
AB-2021-026 Flight preparation, Robinson R44, Hervey Bay, Queensland, on 13 October 2021
AB-2021-025 Propeller/rotor wash and prevailing weather events, Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 24 August 2021, and Jandakot Airport, Western Australia, on 31 August 2021
AB-2021-019 Foreign object damage, Eurocopter AS350 B3, Mount Difficult, 38 km south-east of Horsham, Victoria, on 30 June 2021
AB-2021-016 Icing, Raytheon Aircraft Company B200, 141 km north of Brisbane, Queensland, on 1 May 2021
AB-2021-022 Low fuel, Cessna 172N, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia, on 2 August 2021
AB-2021-024 Taxiing collision, Bombardier Challenger 600, Essendon Airport, Victoria, on 25 August 2021
AB-2021-014 Ground strike, Fairchild Industries SA227, Townsville, Queensland, on 20 April 2021
AB-2021-018 Wheels-up landing, Cessna 210N, The Berkeley River Lodge (ALA), Western Australia, on 28 June 2021
AB-2021-023 Partial pilot incapacitation involving a Piper PA-28, Wagga Wagga Airport, New South Wales, on 16 August 2021
AB-2021-011 Wake turbulence, Fairchild Industries SA227, near Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 6 April 2021