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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
AB-2018-104 Ground handling incident involving Airbus A380, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 28 August 2018
AB-2018-110 Abnormal engine indications involving a Textron Aviation Inc. 172S, Moorabbin, Vic., on 9 September 2018
AB-2018-103 Propeller malfunction involving Bombardier DHC-8, Cairns, Qld, on 22 August 2018
AB-2018-114 Go-around involving Mooney Aircraft Corp M20C, at Bankstown, NSW, on 11 September 2018
AB-2018-096 Inadvertent early slat retraction involving Boeing 717-200, near Perth Airport, WA, on 5 August 2018
AB-2018-102 Engine failure and forced landing involving American Aircraft Corp. AA-5B, 3km south of Lilydale, Vic., on 28 August 2018
AB-2018-061 Aircraft separation issue involving Glaser-Dirks DG-1000S and a Cessna aircraft, Bathurst Airport, NSW, on 27 April 2018
AB-2018-062 Separation event involving BRM Aero Bristell and Vans RV-8, Bathurst Airport, NSW, on 27 April 2018
AB-2018-063 Approach to the wrong runway involving a Diamond Aircraft Industries DA 40, at Coffs Harbour Airport, NSW, on 1 May 2018
AB-2018-064 Operational non-compliance incident involving a Beech Aircraft Corporation BE76, near Gold Coast Airport, Qld, on 30 April 2018
AB-2018-065 Engine failure and forced landing involving Gippsland GA8, 50 km W of Canberra, ACT, on 30 April 2018
AB-2018-067 Lost/unsure of position involving Diamond DA 40, Lameroo, SA, on 9 May 2018
AB-2018-090 Engine fire involving Piper PA-28, at Warrnambool Airport, Vic., on 13 July 2018
AB-2018-085 Fuel starvation involving Jabiru J160-C, at Camden Airport, NSW, on 22 June 2018
AB-2018-044 Flight instrument issue involving a Raytheon Aircraft Company B200, 28 km NNW of Cairns, Qld, on 26 March 2018
AB-2018-118 Fuel system leak involving Mooney M20J, near Murray Field Airport, WA, on 7 October 2018
AB-2018-108 Collision with terrain involving Bell 206B, near Norseman, WA, on 8 September 2018
AB-2018-055 Incorrect altimeter setting involving an Airbus A320-232 at Hobart, Tasmania on 14 April 2018
AB-2018-097 Incorrect flap configuration involving Fokker F28, near Kalgoorlie-Boulder, WA, on 1 August 2018
AB-2018-089 Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, Lethbridge, Vic., on 12 July 2018