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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
AB-2020-039 Wheels-up landing involving a Beechcraft G36, Lake Keepit, NSW, on 6 September 2020
AB-2020-035 Near encounter with wires involving a Bell 412, Lower Light, SA, on 16 August 2020
AB-2020-043 Fire involving a British Aerospace Jetstream 32, Canberra, ACT, on 1 October 2020
AB-2020-041 Near collision involving a Eurocopter EC130 and a Cessna 208B, near Hamilton Island Airport, Qld, on 21 September 2020
AB-2020-046 Runway excursion involving a Cessna 172RG, Thangool, Qld, on 6 August 2020
AB-2020-031 Taxiing collision involving a Piper PA-28, Warrnambool, Vic., on 18 July 2020
AB-2020-029 Low fuel event involving a Diamond DA40, near Parafield Airport, SA, on 9 July 2020
AB-2020-032 Control issues involving a Robinson R44, near Jabiru, NT, on 3 August 2020
AB-2020-033 Airspace infringement and loss of separation involving a Piper PA-28 and a Cirrus SR20, 26 NM west of Sydney, NSW, on 29 August 2020
AB-2020-038 Incorrect configuration involving a Piper PA-31-325, near Cambridge Tas., on 4 September 2020
AB-2020-027 Engine failure involving a Cessna 402, near Jabiru, NT, on 29 June 2020
AB-2020-025 Pre-flight preparation incident involving a Cessna 310, Darwin, NT, on 17 June 2020
AB-2020-028 Wheels-up landing involving a Cessna 210H, Hamilton Vic., on 27 June 2020
AB-2020-030 VFR into IMC involving a Beechcraft A36, near Mundubbera Aerodrome, Qld, on 9 July 2020
AB-2020-017 Inadvertent cable cutter activation involving a Leonardo S.p.A. Helicopters AW139, near Tumut, NSW, on 22 April 2020
AB-2020-021 Fumes event involving a Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, Elcho Island, NT, on 5 May 2020
AB-2020-024 Loss of control involving a Robinson R22 helicopter, near Tindal, NT, on 14 June 2020
AB-2020-016 Partial engine power loss involving a Cessna 182P, near Gympie, Qld, on 22 April 2020
AB-2020-022 Separation issue involving a Diamond DA 40 and a Cessna 172, Brisbane West Wellcamp, Qld, on 23 April 2020
AB-2020-026 Fuel starvation involving a Cessna 210M, near Maningrida, NT, on 4 June 2020