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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
AB-2021-011 Wake turbulence, Fairchild Industries SA227 near Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 6 April 2021
AB-2021-012 Loss of control and collision with terrain, Cessna 172S White Gum (ALA), Western Australia, on 18 April 2021
AB-2021-013 Flight control system failure, Vulcanair P.68C near Brisbane, Queensland, on 11 April 2021
AB-2021-015 Loss of control, Guimbal Cabri G2, Redcliffe Airport, Queensland, on 28 April 2021
AB-2021-008 Wirestrike, Kavanagh Balloons E-240, Bulleen Park, Victoria, on 14 March 2021
AB-2021-010 Taxiing collision, Diamond DA42, Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 25 March 2021
AB-2021-006 Turbulence event, Britten-Norman BN-2A-21 Islander near Saibai Island, Queensland, on 29 January 2021
AB-2021-004 Fuel exhaustion, Piper PA-30 near Caboolture, Queensland, on 14 January 2021
AB-2021-009 Fuel starvation, Piper PA 31 350 near Devonport Airport, Tasmania, on 21 March 2021
AB-2020-047 VFR into IMC and loss of control involving a Piper PA-28, 67 km west-north-west of Sydney, NSW, on 20 October 2020
AB-2020-049 VFR into IMC and collision with terrain involving a Cessna 150, near Mount Mercer, Victoria on 23 November 2020
AB-2021-003 Hard landing, Robinson Helicopter Company R22 near Derby, Western Australia, on 23 December 2020
AB-2021-002 Runway excursion, Raytheon Aircraft Company A36, 92 km east-north-east of Katanning, Western Australia, on 25 December 2020
AB-2021-001 Winch cable fouling, Leonardo AW139, 19 km south-east of Warrnambool, Victoria, on 15 December 2020
AB-2020-005 Low fuel, Cessna 152 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, on 28 January 2021
AB-2020-037 Jet blast and control issues involving a Diamond Industries DA 40, Adelaide, SA, on 4 September 2020
AB-2020-045 Loss of control involving a Robinson R22, Jandakot, WA, on 1 October 2020
AB-2020-044 Near collision involving a Robinson Helicopter Company R44 and an Aerospatiale Industries AS350 Mount Coot-tha, Queensland, on 20 September 2020
AB-2020-048 Collision with terrain involving a Kavanagh Balloons B-425, 6 km south-south-west of Maitland Airport, NSW, on 31 October 2020
AB-2020-040 Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving a Cessna 188, near Urana, NSW, on 12 September 2020