An interim report from the investigation into an accident where the driver of a freight train was fatally injured while outside the cabin details the circumstances of the accident, safety actions taken to date, and areas of ongoing investigation. 

The investigation into the 25 August 2022 accident, which occurred between Yass and Goulburn is being undertaken by the NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI), which investigates rail accidents in NSW under a collaboration agreement with the ATSB. 

The report details that 2 SCT Logistics locomotives, crewed by a driver and driver’s assistant, were hauling containerised freight train 4MB9 that was en route to Queensland when the fatality occurred.  

The driver was found on the footplate on the exterior of the train and had suffered a fatal injury after leaving the cabin to check on equipment during an in-line fuelling operation. 

“This interim report details factual information established in the investigation’s evidence collection phase and has been prepared to provide an update to the rail industry and the public,” said OTSI acting CEO and Chief Investigator Jim Modrouvanos. 

“As such it does not contain any analysis or findings, which will be detailed in the final report on the investigation.” 

Mr Modrouvanos explained that as the investigation progresses investigators will continue to review the rollingstock operator’s management of the in-line fuelling system and whether any permanent lineside structures contributed to the driver’s injury.   

The investigation will also consider enterprise training for the in-line fuelling system. 

The interim report notes that the train operator has taken proactive safety actions since the accident including issuing an updated instruction for in-line refuelling, as well as an updated procedure prohibiting crew from exiting the locomotive cabin while the train is in motion. 

“A final report will be released at the conclusion of the investigation, however, if at any time during the course of the investigation we identify a critical safety issue, relevant stakeholders will be immediately notified so that appropriate safety actions can be taken.”  

Read the report: Fatality on locomotive of train 4MB9 near Cullerin, New South Wales, on 25 August 2022

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