Rail Safety Week: Stand Back. Look Up. Stay Rail Safe.

Rail Safety Week 2021

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is joining the rail industry in recognising the key messages of the 16th annual Rail Safety Week, from 9-15 August.

An initiative of the TrackSAFE Foundation, this year Rail Safety Week seeks to remind community members, workers and operators that a single moment of distraction can change your life forever – so Stand Back, Look Up, and Stay Rail Safe.

The face of this year’s Rail Safety Week is Paralympian, and rail accident survivor, Vanessa Low. 

When Ms Low was 15, she fell from a busy platform into the path of an oncoming train. She lost both her legs in the accident, and was in a coma for two weeks. It took two years for her to walk again, with the aid of prosthetics.

“Ms Low’s story is a powerful reminder for everyone to stand back, look up and stay rail safe,” said ATSB Head of Engagement and Influence Paul Sadler.

A member of the public is killed or injured on the Australian rail network every two and half days, and there are around 2,000 near misses at level crossings or because of trespassing on the rail network.

“The majority of these incidents can be avoided by acting responsibly when near or on the rail network,” said Mr Sadler.

“As part of the ATSB’s promotion of Rail Safety Week, we will be highlighting the safety messages of some of our investigations that tie directly to this year’s theme.”

The ATSB is the nation’s independent ‘no-blame’ rail safety investigator.

ATSB investigations aim to determine what and why an accident happened, identify ongoing safety risks, and to influence safety actions to address those safety issues.

For more information on how you can Stay Rail Safe, visit the Rail Safety Week 2021 website.

Last update 09 August 2021