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2012 Flight Safety Australia

ATSB supplements


  • R22 drive belt concerns
  • Pilot unknowingly affected by hypoxia
  • Starved and exhausted
  • Investigation briefs
  • Non towered aerodromes an on-going concern
  • REPCON briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (January-February 2012) [PDFPDF: 1.3MB]



  • Rare software glitch causes sudden pitch down
  • Buckle up
  • Potentially catastrophic data error
  • Poor fuel management remains a safety risk - Is there enough left in the tank?
  • Your notification improves safety, saves lives
  • Investigation briefs
  • REPCON briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (March-April 2012) [PDFPDF: 1MB]



  • Transport safety in plain English
  • ATSB eyes air traffic incidents
  • A tragic accident reflects the need for change
  • AirAsia X takes action to improve safety
  • The dangerous consequences of an incorrect data entry
  • R44 operators urged to change fuel tanks
  • Avoidable Accidents
  • REPCON briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (May-June 2012) [PDFPDF: 2.9MB]



  • How safe is Australian aviation?
  • General aviation: Continuing safety concern
  • If in doubt, don't take-off
  • The success of the system
  • Proposed changes to reporting requirements
  • Night flying-make sure you're qualified
  • Wirestrikes go unreported
  • When wildlife strike
  • REPCON briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (July-August 2012) [PDFPDF: 3.1MB]



  • Our plan for the year
  • Somatogravic illusion warning for pilots
  • Bulletin highlights safety lessons
  • Prepare to live
  • Help keep aviation safe
  • Aviation groups collaborate to improve safety
  • 30 years of safer aviation
  • REPCON briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (September-October 2012) [PDFPDF: 1.1MB]



  • The dangers of dust devils
  • Ditching highlights the need for good flight planning and monitoring
  • The continuing risk of pilot distraction
  • Flight Crew Licence Information
  • Corrosion leads to R44 helicopter main rotor drive loss
  • When good weather goes bad
  • REPCON briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (November-December 2012) [PDFPDF: 1.7MB]
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Last update 15 January 2013