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2011 Flight Safety Australia

ATSB supplements

July - August

  • Turning safety issues into action
  • Kokoda crash prompts major safety improvements
  • Managing Partial Power-Loss
  • Pre-flight: Check your electrical power supply
  • Pilots urged: 'stay focused around powerlines'
  • Report confirms Qantas A380 engine failure event sequence
  • Fact sheet for General Aviation Pilots
  • Close flying highlighted in ATSB bulletin
  • Bushfire fighting now safer
  • Turbulences catches pilot off-guard
  • Repcon briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (July-August 2011) [PDFPDF: 918KB]

May - June

  • Talking with industry to improve safety
  • Check Robinson R44 helicopter hydraulic-boost systems: ATSB urges operators
  • Poor procedures top aviation safety issues
  • General aviation has most fatalities
  • Reducing the incidence of  stickshaker activations
  • Going on site: the Bathurst Island investigation
  • Bathurst Island accident
  • Repcon briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (May-June 2011) [PDFPDF: 954KB]

March - April

  • Lock and load
  • No single fix for aircraft take-off errors
  • Investigation briefs
  • Aviation safety highlighted in bulletin
  • Misaligned takeoff investigation
  • Takeoff safety card
  • Repcon briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (March-April 2011) [PDFPDF: 1.1MB]

January - February

  • Risk of aviation oxygen cylinder rupture extremely remote
  • QF30-how the investigation unfolded
  • Investigation briefs
  • QF32 investigation prompts early safety actions
  • 747 engine failure and air turn-back
  • Repcon briefs
  • Download ATSB supplement (January-February 2011) [PDFPDF: 3.1MB]
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