Occurrence date
Title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Anticipated completion
Runway overrun involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-MTX, Rurruwuy, Northern Territory, on 29 November 2019 AO-2019-068 Discontinued
Severe turbulence and loss of control involving a Cessna 210M, VH-SJW, 30 km south of Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 25 November 2019 AO-2019-069 Final
Engine pod strike, Boeing 747-412F, 9V-SFO, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 28 November 2019 AO-2019-065 Discontinued
Technical Assistance to RAAus – Collision with terrain, ICP Savannah XL, 19-7429, Emkaytee, Northern Territory, on 20 October 2019 AE-2019-064 Final
Near collision between Piper PA-28, VH-XDI and ATR72, VH-FVR, Albury Airport, New South Wales, on 19 October 2019 AO-2019-066 Final
Airspeed management event involving a Fokker F28-0100, VH-UQN Rockhampton Airport, Queensland, on 10 November 2019 AO-2019-063 Final
Engine failure during take-off involving Bombardier Dash 8, VH-ZZE, at Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 11 November 2019 AO-2019-060 Final
Separation issue involving Airbus A320, VH-VQG, and Aero Commander 500, VH-UJS, near Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland, on 4 November 2019 AO-2019-062 Final
Incorrect configuration during an approach involving Airbus A320, VH-VNR, 28 km north of Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 16 October 2019 AO-2019-059 Discontinued
Runway incursion and take-off commenced on incorrect runway involving GIE Avions de Transport Régional ATR72, VH-VPJ, Canberra Airport, Australian Capital Territory, on 25 September 2019 AO-2019-055 Final
In-flight break-up involving Airbus Zephyr unmanned aerial vehicle, near Wyndham Airport, Western Australia, on 28 September 2019 AO-2019-056 Final
Fuel imbalance involving Boeing 767, VH-EXZ during flight from Auckland, NZ to Sydney, New South Wales, on 27 July 2019 AO-2019-053 Final
Controlled flight into terrain involving Mooney M20J, VH-DJU, 26 km west of Coffs Harbour Airport, New South Wales, on 20 September 2019 AO-2019-052 Final
Unstable approach involving Boeing 787, registered VN-A870 near Melbourne, Victoria, on 19 September 2019 AO-2019-051 Discontinued
Loss of control and collision with water involving Bell UH-1H, VH-UVC, 5 km south-west of Anna Bay, New South Wales, on 6 September 2019 AO-2019-050 Final
Engine failure involving Saab 340B, VH-RXX, near Merimbula, New South Wales, on 29 August 2019 AO-2019-046 Final
Landing gear wheel failure involving Saab 340, VH-ZLX, Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 20 August 2019 AO-2019-047 Final
Landing gear failures involving a GA8 Airvan, VH-BFS, Fraser Island, Queensland, 24 August 2019 and 31 October 2019 AO-2019-045 Final
In-flight deployment of ditching dam involving De Havilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8, VH-SCE, 80 km south-south-east of Whyalla Airport, South Australia on 8 August 2019 AO-2019-044 Final
Loss of separation involving Airbus A330, VH-EBJ, and Boeing 737, VH-VZO, near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 5 August 2019 AO-2019-041 Preliminary