Occurrence date
Title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Anticipated completion
Review of aviation safety aspects of aerial firefighting in Australia AS-2021-015 Pending
Airborne collision alert involving AgustaWestland AW139, VH-YXH and Piper PA-44-180, VH-HMQ Mangalore Airport, Victoria on 6 June 2021 AO-2021-023 Final
Tail rotor blade strike involving Leonardo Helicopters AW139, VH-TJK, 19 km north east of Sydney Airport, New South Wales, 30 May 2021 AO-2021-022 Pending
Flight below the minimum safe altitude involving Beechcraft Baron 95-B55, VH-CBG 5 km north-east of Parafield Airport, South Australia, on 13 May 2021 AO-2021-021 Final
Technical review of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's investigation A19Q0109 - Main rotor blade failure in flight, Robinson R44 helicopter C-FJLH, 10 July 2019 AE-2021-019 Final
Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-KLY 75 km west-north-west of Hay, New South Wales on 26 May 2021 AO-2021-020 Final
Loss of control and near collision with terrain, involving Leonardo Helicopters AW139, VH-TJH, near Katoomba, New South Wales, on 26 March 2021 AO-2021-018 Pending
Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna R172K, registered VH-DLA near Sutton, New South Wales, on 13 April 2021 AO-2021-016 Final
Flight below minimum safe altitude, Piper PA-31 Mojave, VH-XGW, near Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 22 March 2021 AO-2021-014 Final
Accredited Representative to the NTSB - Engine failure involving a Vans RV-4, registered N423WH, at Sadler, TX, United States on 7 December 2020 AE-2021-013 Final
Carbon monoxide indication during flight involving Piper PA-28, VH-PZG near Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 8 March 2021 AO-2021-011 Final
Engine power loss and forced landing involving Robinson R22 Beta, VH-HCX 4 km south west of Geraldton Airport, Western Australia on 20 February 2021 AO-2021-008 Final
Flight below lowest safe altitude and ground proximity alert involving Leonardo Helicopters AW139, VH-PVO 44 km north-north-west of Latrobe Regional Airport, Victoria, on 4 March 2021 AO-2021-010 Final
Drivetrain belt failure and forced landing involving a Robinson R44 II, registered VH-SXC, about 6 NM west of Hamilton Island, QLD, 3 February 2021 AO-2021-007 Pending
VFR into IMC involving a Piper PA-28, VH-FPS, near Warrnambool, Victoria on 25 February 2021 AO-2021-009 Final
Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-HKC, 86 km N of Hughenden Aerodrome, Far North Queensland, on 11 February 2021 AO-2021-006 Pending
Incorrect configuration for landing involving Boeing 737, VH-XMO, near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 27 January 2021 AO-2021-004 Pending
Pressurisation event involving Airbus A330, VH-EBK 235 NM (435 km) south-west of Adelaide, South Australia, on 5 February 2021 AO-2021-005 Pending
Flight below the minimum safe altitude involving Fairchild SA227, VH-OZV 9 km east of Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 18 January 2021 AO-2021-003 Final
Collision with terrain involving Dynaero MCR-01 VLA, VH-SIP, near Serpentine Airfield, Western Australia, on 28 December 2020 AO-2020-065 Preliminary