Occurrence date
Title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Anticipated completion
Loss of control involving Robinson R22, VH-HGI, Adelaide River Station, NT on 19 January 2013 AO-2013-021 Final
In-flight uncontained engine failure Airbus A380-842, VH-OQA, overhead Batam Island, Indonesia, 4 November 2010 AO-2010-089 Final
Collision with terrain involving DHC-1, 'Chipmunk' VH-UPD near Coffs Harbour, NSW on 29 June 2014 AO-2014-114 Final
Runway excursion involving Boeing 737, VH-VUI, at Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 6 December 2016 AO-2016-166 Final
Collision with terrain involving SOCATA TB-10 Tobago, VH-YTM, near Mount Gambier Airport, South Australia, on 28 June 2017 AO-2017-069 Final
Wheels-up landing involving Beech Aircraft Corporation B200, VH-ODI, Mount Gambier Airport, South Australia, on 8 December 2018 AO-2018-080 Final
Runway incursion involving Sling 2, VH-ZSD Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 23 July 2020 AO-2020-037 Final
Runway incursion involving Beech Aircraft Corp. 58, VH-NSK Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 26 October 2021 AO-2021-046 Final
Airspeed indication failure on take-off involving Airbus A330, 9M-MTK Brisbane Airport, Queensland, 18 July 2018 AO-2018-053 Final
Mid-air collision involving Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, VH-JQF and Beech D95A Travel Air, VH-AEM 8 km south of Mangalore Airport, Victoria on 19 February 2020 AO-2020-012 Final
Aircraft performance and cockpit visibility study supporting investigation into the mid-air collision involving VH-AEM and VH-JQF near Mangalore Airport, Victoria on 19 February 2020 AS-2022-001 Final
Engine power loss and forced landing involving Robinson R22 Beta, VH-VHE 130 km south-west of Mitchell, Queensland on 11 January 2022 AO-2022-005 Final
Uncommanded power reduction involving Beechcraft King Air B200C, VH-VAH at Essendon Aerodrome, VIC on 19 August 2021 AO-2021-034 Final
Collision with terrain involving Kavanagh E-240 Balloon, VH-LUD, near Yamanto, Qld AO-2021-042 Final
VFR into IMC and in-flight break-up involving Van's Aircraft RV-7A, VH-XWI 90 km south of Charters Towers, Queensland, on 23 April 2021 AO-2021-017 Final
In-flight propeller loss involving Jabiru J170, 24-7496 Muchea/Greenside ALA, Western Australia, on 22 December 2021 AO-2022-004 Final
Hard landing involving Kavanagh Balloons E-240 VH-ZON at Moorabbin Airport, Victoria on 27 March 2022 AO-2022-015 Final
Collision with terrain involving Bell Helicopter 206B, VH-PHP 6 km east north east of Maitland Airport, New South Wales on 6 October 2022 AO-2022-048 Preliminary
VFR into IMC and collision with terrain involving Bell Helicopter 206L-4, VH-PRW 33 km north west of Adaminaby, New South Wales on 3 April 2022 AO-2022-017 Final