Occurrence date
Title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Anticipated completion
Cabin pressurisation issue involving a De Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-QQD, 83 km north west of Perth Aerodrome, Western Australia, on 20 November 2021 AO-2021-050 Pending
Landing on closed runway involving Cessna 510, VH-MSU Temora Aerodrome, New South Wales, on 21 October 2021 AO-2021-045 Final
Abnormal engine indications involving Cessna 441, VH-JFU, near Tindal, Northern Territory on 7 September 2021 AO-2021-039 Pending
Separation issue involving Saab 340B, VH-ZLV, and Beech Aircraft B200, VH-WXB, near Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, Queensland on 21 October 2021 AO-2021-044 Pending
Fuel imbalance involving Boeing 737, VH-VZT, near Esperance, Western Australia, on 25 October 2021 AO-2021-043 Pending
Landing events involving Boeing 737s VH-YIS at Darwin Airport 3 September 2021 and VH-YFC at Darwin Airport 19 September 2021 AO-2021-037 Pending
Taxiing excursion involving Fokker F100, VH-FKD Laverton Airport, Western Australia, on 28 September 2021 AO-2021-041 Final
Separation occurrence involving Cessna 208, VH-YMV, Ballina Airport, 16 September 2021 AO-2021-038 Pending
Aircraft flight preparation occurrence involving Boeing 787-9, VH-ZNJ Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 22 September 2021 AO-2021-040 Final
Rotor malfunction involving Eurocopter Deutschland BO105 CBS-5, registration VH-NVH, at Archerfield Aerodrome, QLD on 19 August 2021 AO-2021-035 Pending
Control issue involving Boeing 737-8FE, registered VH-YIE near Perth Airport, Western Australia, 31 July 2021 AO-2021-031 Discontinued
Flight below minimum altitude involving Aero Commander 500 S, VH-LTP near Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 12 August 2021 AO-2021-033 Final
Technical assistance to CASA in the examination of the rear wing spar from a Pacific Aerospace Corporation CT4/B aircraft AE-2021-029 Final
In-flight break-up, Stolp Acroduster II SA-750, VH-YEL 16 km north-east of Caboolture Airfield, Queensland, 18 August 2021 AO-2021-032 Preliminary
Incorrect configuration involving Bombardier DHC-8-402, VH-QOY near Sydney, New South Wales, on 12 July 2021 AO-2021-028 Final
Uncontrolled pressurisation change involving Boeing 737, VH-XMO near Melbourne Airport, Victoria, 6 July 2021 AO-2021-030 Final
Landing gear retraction deactivation and return involving a Boeing 787, VH-ZNH near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, 21 June 2021 AO-2021-026 Final
Collision with terrain involving Cessna A150M, VH-CYO 5 km west-south-west of Peachester, Queensland, on 23 June 2021 AO-2021-025 Final
Stick shaker activation involving Saab 340B, VH-ZLJ, 30.7 km south-west of Perth Airport, Western Australia on 6 July 2021 AO-2021-027 Final
Engine power loss and collision with terrain involving Piper PA-32-300, VH-CWK near Moorabbin Airport, Victoria on 22 June 2021 AO-2021-024 Final