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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Mid-air collision between hot air balloons, VH-FSR and VH-OOP 6 km south-east of Alice Springs Airport, Northern Territory, on 18 July 2022 AO-2022-037 Final
Engine failure involving a Boeing Company 737-838, VH-XZB, en route from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, New South Wales, on 18 January 2023 AO-2023-007 Final
Drive belt tensioning motor failure involving Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-ZUJ, at Hamilton Island Airport, Queensland, on 8 January 2023 AO-2023-005 Final
Descent below minimum altitude involving British Aerospace BAE 146, VH-SFV, 15 km south of Rockhampton Aerodrome, Queensland, on 5 January 2023 AO-2023-004 Pending
Pylon support link assembly fracture involving Bell 206L-3, VH-JSU, 60 km south-west of Deniliquin Aerodrome, New South Wales on 9 December 2022 AO-2023-002 Final
Mid-air collision involving Eurocopter EC130B4, VH-XH9, and Eurocopter EC130B4, VH-XKQ Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland on 2 January 2023 AO-2023-001 Preliminary
Collision with terrain involving, Stoddard Hamilton Aircraft Glasair Super II FT, N600 near Wedderburn Airport, New South Wales on 26 December 2022 AO-2022-068 Preliminary
In-flight break-up involving Cessna 210N, VH-TFT, 237 km east-north-east of Katherine, Northern Territory, on 24 December 2022 AO-2022-067 Preliminary
Engine failure or malfunction involving SAAB 340B, registration VH-RXE, 140 km south of Perth, Western Australia on 21 December 2022 AO-2022-066 Pending
Mid-air collision involving Grob-Burkhaart Astir CS glider, registration VH-WVI, and Kappa KP-2U Sova ultralight, registration 24-4311, 2.3 km south of Gympie, QLD on 09 November 2022 AE-2022-005 Final
Air traffic controller incapacitation at Air Traffic Services Centre, Brisbane, Queensland on 9 December 2022 AO-2022-065 Pending
Runway excursion involving a Boeing Company 737-8FE, registration VH-YFH at Brisbane Airport, QLD on 30 November 2022 AO-2022-064 Pending
Accredited Representative to the NTSB - Collision with terrain involving an Arion Lightning aircraft, registered N60MY, near Zamperini Field Airport, California, United States on 30 November 2022 AA-2022-002 Pending
Propeller strike due to foreign object debris involving Beech 1900D, registered VH-NYA, at Fortnum Aerodrome, WA on 17 November 2022 AO-2022-059 Final
ANSP information/procedural error involving Airbus A380-841, registration 9V-SKQ and Boeing 737-8SA, registration VH-IWQ at Sydney Airport, NSW on 14 November 2022 AO-2022-062 Pending
Collision with terrain involving Hughes Helicopters 269C, VH-OBK, near Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 30 November 2022 AO-2022-063 Final
Technical Assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia - Collision with terrain involving Jabiru J230-C, registration 24-5067 near Lucyvale Victoria on 18 September 2022 AE-2022-003 Final
Flight below minimum altitude involving Cessna Citation 510 13 km west of Bankstown Airport, 16 November 2022 AO-2022-061 Pending
Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, registration VH-TKI, at Forresters Beach on 19 November 2022 AO-2022-060 Final
Aircraft preparation event involving Saab 340B, registration VH-ZLJ, at Cairns Airport, Queensland on 16 November 2022 AO-2022-058 Final