ATSB National Aviation Occurrence Database options

What's available

This database allows you to search for accidents and incidents that have been reported to the ATSB since 1 July 2003. You can search the database using a time period, location, type of occurrence (i.e. what happened), and type of aircraft.

Quick Counts

Use this option if you require a quick count of the number of occurrences in a time period.

e.g. How many birdstrike incidents occurred in the ACT this year.

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Use this option if you require a table of data that contains up to four different search criteria.

e.g. Occurrences involving helicopters, tabulated by highest injury level, state, year and month.

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Detailed Data

Use this option to export full details to Excel or a .csv file.

e.g. Occurrences for all commercial passenger flights in Tasmania in 2011 – 2012.

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Last update 15 March 2016