Consultation on amended Transport Safety (Confidential Reporting Scheme) Regulations 2013

Transport Safety Investigation (Voluntary and Confidential Reporting Regulations) 2013 - REPCON

Voluntary and Confidential Reporting Scheme for Aviation, Marine and Rail Transport

In September 2011 the ATSB sought public comment on a proposal to establish a voluntary and confidential reporting scheme (REPCON)

The following documents were released by the ATSB:
Confidential Reporting: Discussion Paper and Explanatory Statement [PDFPDF: 251KB]
Draft Regulations [PDFPDF: 172KB]

The proposed Regulations sought to consolidate the existing aviation and marine schemes while incorporating rail for the first time. Rail was included consistent with the scope of reforms proposed for the national rail safety system, including establishing the ATSB as the national rail safety investigator.

The ATSB received a number of submissions from aviation, maritime and rail stakeholders.  There was broad support for the reforms and comment was largely focussed on:

  • The value of confidential reporting in safety information gathering
  • The ATSB as the administrator of REPCON
  • How the ATSB can improve confidential reporting processes and outcomes.

A summary of the submissions received and the ATSB's position on the submissions is provided in the following document:


REPCON Submission Summary: [PDFPDF: 292KB]

As a result of the issues raised in submissions the ATSB has made some changes to the proposed Regulations. The ATSB is now seeking further public comment on an Exposure Draft before the regulations are finalised and made into law.  To obtain a copy of the Exposure Draft and supporting explanatory material for further information on making a submission please access the following links:

Last update 19 June 2013