Occurence date
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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Mid-air collision involving SIAI-Marchetti S211s, VH-DZJ and VH-DQJ, 25 km west of Tyabb Airport, Victoria, on 19 November 2023 AO-2023-057 Pending
Collision with terrain involving GLASTAR, VH-BAQ, at Greenfield private airstrip, Cootharaba, Queensland on 12 November 2023 AO-2023-056 Pending
Accredited Representative to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, UK - Collision with terrain involving a DB-6R hot air balloon, G-CMFS, near Ombersley Court, Worcestershire, UK on 25 June 2023 AA-2023-007 Pending
Technical Assistance to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in the examination of an Airbus A330 hydraulic hose AE-2023-006 Pending
Ditching involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 421C, VH-VPY, about 50 km east of Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland, on 10 November 2023 AO-2023-055 Pending
Coordination issues at the Tenterfield/Wallangarra fire ground on 31 October 2023 AO-2023-054 Pending
Collision with terrain involving Gulfstream 695A JetProp Commander, VH-HPY, 30 NM south-east of Cloncurry, Queensland on 4 November 2023 AO-2023-053 Pending
Collision with water involving Robinson R66, VH-KFT, near Hawks Nest, New South Wales, on 26 October 2023 AO-2023-051 Pending
Collision with terrain involving a SOCATA-Groupe Aerospatiale TB-20, VH-JTY, Eungella National Park, Queensland, on 28 October 2023 AO-2023-052 Pending
Technical assistance to the National Transportation Safety Board investigation of an Airborne Australia Edge XT-912-L collision with terrain near Mokuleia, Hawaii, United States, on 5 November 2022 AA-2023-006 Pending
Runway incursion involving Lancair, VH-VKP, and Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-TQZ, at Mildura Airport, Victoria on 29 September 2023 AO-2023-050 Pending
Technical assistance to the Accident Investigation Commission of Papua New Guinea investigation of a collision with terrain involving a Bell Helicopters 407, registered P2-HSN at Gebrau Airstrip, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea on 22 September 2023 AA-2023-005 Final
Forced/precautionary landing involving Cessna Aircraft Company 208, VH-UMV, at Barwon Heads, Victoria, on 20 October 2023 AO-2023-049 Pending
Collision with terrain involving Cessna 172M, VH-JUA, 1km north-east of Murwillumbah, New South Wales on 15 October 2023 AO-2023-048 Pending
Grounding of pilot launch PV Corsair at Queenscliff on 5 October 2023 MO-2023-003 Pending
Collision with terrain involving Cirrus SR22, VH-MSF near Gundaroo, NSW on 6 October 2023 AO-2023-045 Pending
Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving Cessna 172, VH-RSB, near Merriton, South Australia on 8 October 2023 AO-2023-046 Pending
Tram to tram collision at East Melbourne, Victoria, on 20 September 2023 RO-2023-008 Pending
Collision with water involving Bell Helicopter Co 204B, VH-EQW, Tarome, Queensland on 20 September 2023 AO-2023-044 Preliminary
Cockpit Visibility Study supporting AO-2023-001 - Collision between Eurocopter EC130B4s VH-XKQ and VH-XH9 Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland 2 January 2023 AS-2023-001