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Inadequate training of line pilots
The concern related to pilots not receiving bi-annual training and new pilots endorsed without completing all mandatory items. 
Mode: Aviation
Date: 25 Jul 2019
Ref no.: AR201800096
Structure of controlled and non-controlled airspace associated with Broome International airport
The reporter states that Broome's Class D airspace is overlain by Class E airspace which allows low performance VFR aircraft (usually piloted by less experienced crew) to be a necessary traffic concern to high performance IFR aircraft in both regular passenger transport (RPT) & charter operation...
Mode: Aviation
Date: 10 Jun 2019
Ref no.: AR201800058
Maintenance scheduling of [aircraft type] fleet
Declining maintenance standards on [aircraft type] due to insufficient, ground time, engineering staff and spare parts.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 29 Nov 2018
Ref no.: AR201800103
Planned development of a pedestrian path inside the perimeter fence at airport
The concern related to planned development of a pedestrian path inside the perimeter fence of [Location] regional airport, passing the thresholds of both runways 03/21 and 09/27.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 13 Nov 2018
Ref no.: AR201800099
Controller fatigue in Melbourne Centre during single-person night shifts
The concern related to Air Traffic Controllers on single-person night shift falling asleep at the console in Melbourne Centre.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 29 Jun 2018
Ref no.: AR201700058
Fence across decommissioned runway not visible to aircraft
The concern related to a wire fence erected across a decommissioned runway at the aerodrome.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 19 Jun 2018
Ref no.: AR201800066
En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) reference that [Location] airport must not be nominated as an alternate without the consent of airport operator
Restricting the use of an alternate aerodrome creates unnecessary distractions and increased workload for flight crew and ATC during critical flight phases or emergency situations.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 18 Jun 2018
Ref no.: AR201800065
Flight crew fatigue
Flight crew at [Location] experiencing high levels of fatigue and stress.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 8 Jun 2018
Ref no.: AR201800057
Cabin crew fatigue
Cabin crew fatigue operating the [Location 1 - Location 2] pairing.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 6 Jun 2018
Ref no.: AR201800060
Intoxicated passengers regularly observed on [operator] flights into Cairns, Qld.
The concern related to the lack of cabin crew diligence in relation to the responsible service of alcohol and perfunctory cabin safety checks.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 22 May 2018
Ref no.: AR201800051
Poor radio transmissions of RAAF PC-9’s at Learmonth, WA
Poor transmissions from PC-9 crews resulting in increased workload for civil aviation crews when trying to arrange separation with the PC-9’s.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 12 May 2018
Ref no.: AR201800046
Cabin crew fatigue
The concern related to fatigue of cabin crew operating the [Location] – Los Angeles pairing.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 19 Apr 2018
Ref no.: AR201800045
Stress being placed on cabin crew during normal duties
The concern related to the stress being placed on cabin crew in their normal duties by emergency procedure spot checks.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 29 Mar 2018
Ref no.: AR201700032
Air Traffic Controllers with restricted hours endorsement working outside of restricted hours
Air Traffic Controllers with a Restricted Byron Endorsement (RBYN) working outside of restricted hours.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 9 Mar 2018
Ref no.: AR201800029
Cabin crew fatigue
The concern related to fatigue of New Zealand based cabin crew operating the Sydney - [Location 1] pairing.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 24 Feb 2018
Ref no.: AR201800024
Excessive carry-on baggage on board Boeing 737 aircraft
The concern related to the size and number of carry-on bags permitted on board [operator] flights on Boeing 737 aircraft.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 15 Feb 2018
Ref no.: AR201800019
Method used to charge for aerodrome use
Reported concerns regarding the method used by a service provider to charge for aerodrome use
Mode: Aviation
Date: 28 Dec 2017
Ref no.: AR201700128
Unsafe procedures by ground staff due to punitive contracts
The concern related to unsafe work practices by ground staff at a company’s regional base.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 6 Dec 2017
Ref no.: AR201700121
Reported concerns regarding management of fatigue risk at Airservices Australia
The concern related the management of fatigue assessments and the application of risk controls at Airservices Australia.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 29 Nov 2017
Ref no.: AR201700117
Inconsistent Approach closure
The concern related to inconsistent availability of controlled airspace at Mackay and Rockhampton resulting in pilot confusion.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 29 Nov 2017
Ref no.: AR201700120
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