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28 Jan 2022 [News Item] ATSB opens consultation for reporting legislation update
22 Dec 2021 [Feature News Item] Know CO – use an active warning carbon monoxide detector
21 Jan 2022 [News Item] Taxiing excursion during backtrack turning manoeuvre
20 Jan 2022 [News Item] Maintenance improvements after axle fire halts NSW passenger service
19 Jan 2022 [News Item] ATSB releases Moree aerial spraying accident preliminary report
20 Dec 2021 [News Item] Rail worksite near hit highlights importance of suitable procedures when developing safeworking rules
20 Dec 2021 [News Item] VFR pilot likely experienced low cloud conditions and reduced visual cues ahead of controlled flight into terrain accident
16 Dec 2021 [News Item] Huey pilot’s serious injuries highlight need for safety innovation in vertical reference flying
16 Dec 2021 [News Item] R22 forced landing highlights that pilots should be alert for unexpected yawing and transient reduced engine power
15 Dec 2021 [News Item] Runway incursion shows potential effects of expectation bias on how pilots perceive information
9 Dec 2021 [News Item] Pilot encountered pitch-up controllability issues after ground handlers estimated weight of relocated freight by feel
8 Dec 2021 [News Item] ATSB aviation accident and incident notification requirements unchanged by new CASA regulations
7 Dec 2021 [News Item] Near collision between two trains at Southern Cross highlights importance of SPAD engineering controls
6 Dec 2021 [News Item] Flight below minimum incident highlights the importance of conducting a missed approach
2 Dec 2021 [News Item] Check lowest safe altitude is appropriate for area of operations
23 Nov 2021 [News Item] Proposed AD to mandate rudder hinge inspections of Vulcanair/Partenavia P.68 aircraft
23 Nov 2021 [News Item] ATSB recommends manufacturer takes further safety action following Cessna 210 wing separation during low-level survey operation
16 Nov 2021 [News Item] Landing gear downlock pins not removed before flight
3 Nov 2021 [News Item] Eye bolts securing biplane’s upper wings failed due to fatigue cracking, ATSB technical examination determines
2 Nov 2021 [News Item] Forced landing short of the runway followed engine failure due to ice ingestion during flight in icing conditions
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