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Scope of claim

The scope of the claim to conformance includes all pages excluding the following:

  • Content created before October 2010 may contain non-descriptive ALT text on images and link to PDFs that are not fully accessible.

The Information Commissioner is aware that complete WCAG 2.0 compliance may not be practicable in respect of legacy documents, that is, documents created prior to the enactment of this requirement. If a person is unable to access any document on the ATSB website in the format provided they can contact the ATSB and arrange access in another format.

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Text to speech

The ATSB website offers a text-to-speech service called ReadSpeaker—an application that lets you listen to text on the ATSB website.

Wherever you see this icon at the top of the page. Listen Read Speaker icon  ReadSpeaker will read the text out loud for you.

You can also listen to PDFs through ReadSpeaker when you click the ‘Listen to this PDF’ link, located near the Download PDF icon.

ReadSpeaker means you can listen to our website content from a device connected to the Internet. It will help people who have trouble reading text online better understand the information on the website. Listening to audio is another way to explore our website, particularly if you spend long periods of time on your computer or mobile phone.

You don’t have to download anything to use ReadSpeaker. When you click the ‘Listen’ button a control panel will appear and ReadSpeaker will automatically start reading the web page out loud.

In the control panel you can:

  • adjust the volume
  • pause the reading
  • stop and restart the reading
  • choose ’No sound? if you want to download an MP3 audio file
  • choose ‘Settings’ if you want to customise the ReadSpeaker service.

If you only want to listen to a few paragraphs select the text that you want to listen to and then press the pop-up listen button  ReadSpeaker small icon which appears next to the mouse pointer after you have made your selection.