Mode Aviation
Reference No. AR201600038
Date reported 03 April 2016
Concern title Pilot leaving the cockpit without ensuring there was a second person in the cockpit
Concern summary

The concern related to a recent flight on a foreign airline where the pilot had left the cockpit but had not ensured there was a second person for safety.

Industry / Operation affected Aviation: Air transport
Concern subject type Aviation: Flight crew

Reporter's concern

The reporter expressed a safety concern relating to a recent flight on an [foreign operator] aircraft.

The reporter advised that on a number of occasions, one of the two pilots left the cockpit without having someone enter to ensure there were two people in the cockpit at all times. At one stage, a cabin crewmember approached the pilot, while he waited in the galley, and after a discussion entered the cockpit until the pilot returned.

Reporter comment: To me this is clearly against the new regulation where no pilot or co-pilot should be alone in the cockpit.

Operator's response (Operator 1)

As the exact date of the 'incident' has not been specified, we are unable to thoroughly investigate the report. We are however in the midst of training a number of new pilots, which often requires a 3rd pilot to be seated on the jumpseat. During these flights, we do not require a cabin crew to be present in the flight deck when one of the three pilots leaves the cockpit for physiological needs. I am of the opinion that this was such a case as we often use this flight as a training sector.

Regulator's response (Regulator 1)

The regulator for the country involved did not respond to the REPCON.

The flight involved did not enter Australian airspace so CASA were not involved as they have no jurisdiction.

Last update 12 July 2018