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Collision between freight train 7MP5 and grain train 2K66, at Jumperkine, Western Australia, on 24 December 2019

Investigation number:
Status: Active
Investigation in progress


The ATSB is investigating a collision between a freight train and grain train at Jumperkine, Western Australia.

At about 0200 (WST) on 24 December 2019, a freight train (operated by Pacific National) collided with the rear of a grain train (operated by Watco) at Jumperkine, Western Australia. The freight train locomotive cabin was substantially damaged and the driver fatally injured.

As part of the investigation, the ATSB will examine the rolling stock and track infrastructure layout, interview personnel, analyse the train data logger, and obtain relevant documentation for analysis. A final report will be released at the end of the investigation.

Should a critical safety issue be identified during the course of the investigation, the ATSB will immediately notify those affected and seek safety action to address the issue.

General details
Date: 24 December 2019   Investigation status: Active  
Time: 0200 WST   Investigation level: Defined - click for an explanation of investigation levels  
Location   (show map): Jumperkine   Investigation phase: Evidence collection  
State: Western Australia    
  Occurrence category: Accident  
Report status: Pending   Highest injury level: Fatal  
Anticipated completion: 4th Quarter 2020    

Train 1 details

Train 1 details
Line operator Arc Infrastructure  
Train operator Pacific National  
Train registration 7MP5  
Type of operation Freight  
Sector Freight  
Damage to train Substantial  
Departure point Melbourne, Victoria  
Destination Perth, Western Australia  

Train 2 details

Train 2 details
Line operator Arc Infrustructure  
Train operator Watco  
Train registration 2K66  
Type of operation Grain  
Sector Freight  
Damage to train Substantial  
Last update 24 December 2019