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VH-FCU was enroute Gladstone-Brisbane and was being radar vectored for a left base for runway 01. VH-CZM had departed Brisbane on a standard instrument departure off runway 01. This involves the aircraft intercepting and tracking the 360 degree radial from Brisbane and, at 10 DME Brisbane, turning left and tracking for Kilcoy. Both aircraft were under the control of Brisbane Approach. At the time of the occurrence, the Approach position was occupied by a trainee controller under the supervision of a training officer. The training officer alerted the trainee to the potential confliction between the two aircraft as VH-CZM turned left for Kilcoy. However, as the trainee was about to instruct VH-FCU to turn, a number of radio transmissions prevented him transmitting the instruction until a loss of separation was unavoidable. The aircraft came within four miles of one another while vertical separation did not exist. The trainee was an experienced approach controller from another centre and had only recently begun training in Brisbane. The training officer was aware of the trainee's experience level and delayed his intervention on this basis. The following factors were considered relevant to this occurrence: 1. The Approach position was occupied by a trainee controller under the supervision of a training officer. 2. The training officer delayed his intervention in the process because of the trainee's previous experience. 3. Other radio traffic delayed the trainee issuing instructions to the aircraft which would have ensured separation.
General details
Date: 03 November 1993 Investigation status: Completed 
Time: 18:14 EST  
 Investigation type: Occurrence Investigation 
 Occurrence type: Loss of separation 
Release date: 28 March 1994 Occurrence class: Airspace 
Report status: Final Occurrence category: Incident 
Aircraft 1 details
Aircraft manufacturer: Short Bros Pty Ltd 
Aircraft model: SD360-500 
Aircraft registration: VH-FCU 
Sector: Turboprop 
Damage to aircraft: Nil 
Departure point:Gladstone QLD
Destination:Brisbane QLD
Aircraft 2 details
Aircraft manufacturer: The Boeing Company 
Aircraft model: 737-377 
Aircraft registration: VH-CZM 
Sector: Jet 
Damage to aircraft: Nil 
Departure point:Brisbane QLD
Destination:Cairns QLD
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Last update 24 July 2015