Australian Aviation Safety Statistics 2008-2017

The ATSB has released its annual statistical review of Australian aviation safety occurrences.

Australian Aviation Safety Occurrences, 2008-2017

The report, which includes an online interactive function, brings together information over ten years – from 2008 to 2017 – to provide insights into current and possible future trends in aviation safety, and takes a detailed look at the accidents and serious incidents in 2017 for each type of aircraft operation.

The new interactive format enables the aviation industry, policy makers and researchers to create data sets specific for their needs, with detailed information on occurrences, operation type, location, injury, and aircraft type, able to be customised by the user.

This new functionality will display the information as charts, tables and on an occurrence map as well as provide links to relevant investigations on the ATSB website.

In 2017, nearly 200 aircraft were involved in accidents in Australia, with 203 involved in a serious incident (an incident with a high probability of an accident).

Across the different operation types:

  • commercial operations experienced 14 fatalities from 21 accidents
  • general aviation experienced 21 fatalities from 93 accidents
  • recreational aviation had five fatalities from 53 accidents.

Sadly, 2017 saw an increase in the number of fatalities from aviation accidents, however – thankfully – there were no fatalities in either high or low capacity regular public transport operations.

The interactive report underlines the importance of effective and timely reporting of all aviation safety occurrences to provide strong statistical bases for the study and analysis of aviation transport safety. The ATSB wishes to thank those in the aviation community, and the general public, who reported an aviation safety occurrences.

By providing a better way to compare aviation accident and occurrence data across a number different factors means everyone, not just the ATSB, can work to improve to aviation safety.

Read the report and Interact with the Australian Aviation Safety Occurrences, 2008-2017 report 

Last update 21 December 2018