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Aviation accident or incident notification form

Accidents and serious incidents (commonly called Immediately Reportable Matters), which affect the safety of aircraft must, in the first instance, be notified to the ATSB by telephone toll-free call (24 hour) 1800 011 034. If telephoning from outside Australia, please use +61 2 6230 4470.

24 hour 7 days, phone number 1800 011 034

Important information about making a notification and information disclosed to CASA.

Person reporting
Name *
Phone *
Email *
Type of event
These questions help to determine how much information to ask you for.  We will not ask you to supply more information than necessary.
Did the event involve?:
Summary of event
Date *
Local Time (24hr) *
State *
Location *
Damage to aircraft *
Most serious injury *
Please provide an overall summary of what happened. *
You can come back to this screen to make changes. On the following screens we will ask for more information based on the type of event
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