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17 Jul 2013 [Publication] Pilot experience and performance in an airline environment Publication
10 Dec 2012 [Publication] A systematic review of the effectiveness of safety management systems Publication
30 Jun 2010 [Publication] Factors influencing misaligned take-off occurrences at night Publication
1 Oct 2009 [Publication] Past Present Future Publication
24 Jun 2009 [Publication] Threat and Error Management: Attitudes towards training and applicability of TEM to general aviation and low capacity air transport operations Publication
27 Mar 2007 [Publication] The Impacts of Australian Transcontinental 'Back of Clock' Operations on Sleep and Performance in Commercial Aviation Flight Crew Publication
11 Jan 2007 [Publication] Regional Airline Line Operations Safety Audit Publication
14 Aug 2006 [Publication] Design and Evaluation of Auditory Icons as Informative Warning Signals Publication
30 Jun 2006 [Publication] A Layman's Introduction to Human Factors in Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Publication
30 Jun 2006 [Publication] Destination Weather Assurance Risks associated with the Australian operational rules for weather alternate minima Publication
23 May 2006 [Publication] An Assessment of General Aviation Pilot Performance During Simulated Flight Publication
12 Apr 2006 [Publication] Fatigue Management in the New Zealand Aviation Industry Publication
23 May 2004 [Publication] ATSB Aviation Safety Survey - Safety Climate Factors Publication
9 Sep 2000 [Publication] Human Factor Maintenance: Error Led to Jammed Cyclic Publication
14 Apr 1996 [Publication] Human Factors in Fatal Aircraft Accidents Publication
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