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13 Mar 2014 [News Item] Unsafe descent News Item
11 Mar 2014 [News Item] Low altitude stall in training flight News Item
18 Oct 2013 [Publication] Loss of separation between aircraft in Australian airspace, January 2008 to June 2012 Publication
1 Jul 2011 [Publication] Staying clear of other aircraft in uncontrolled airspace Publication
15 Dec 2006 [Publication] Perceived Pilot Workload and Perceived Safety of RNAV (GNSS) Approaches Publication
24 Feb 2006 [Publication] MBZ Report: An Examination of Airspace-Related Occurrences in Mandatory Broadcast Zones between 2001 and 2004 Publication
21 Nov 2003 [Publication] A Review of Air Safety Occurrences during the introduction of AMATS Publication
8 Oct 1999 [Publication] See and Avoid Publication
21 Sep 1997 [Publication] Violations of Controlled Airspace - Special Study 1997 Publication
15 Apr 1995 [Publication] The Operation of Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS): A Review of Warnings April - December 1994 Publication
21 Feb 1995 [Publication] Violations of Controlled Airspace: A Review of Occurrences January 1991 - June 1994 Publication
21 Feb 1994 [Publication] Systemic investigation of air miss occurrences 1991-1992 Publication
21 Dec 1993 [Publication] The Operation of Regular Public Transport (RPT) Aircraft in Mandatory Traffic Advisory Frequency (MTAF') Airspace Publication
21 Jun 1993 [Publication] Violations of Controlled Airspace: Special Study 1993 Publication
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