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Email subscription

This subscription service is free and notifies subscribers by email of the latest releases to the ATSB website.

Enter your email address in the space provided.

NOTE: An email will be sent to the address you entered with further instructions and options.

An initial Confirmation email is sent to ensure that it is your intention to Subscribe. You must then confirm your email subscription as instructed within 7 days or it will expire, requiring you to subscribe again.

Your email address will be used to notify you of news and report releases from the ATSB. It will not be disclosed, passed on, or sold to any other organisation. Please see our privacy statement.

You may amend or delete your email subscription at any time, simply follow the link provided from within an email notification you have received (or copy and paste the link to your browser directly). All subscribed email addresses which return errors are deleted.

At any stage, you may

your subscription.


In addition to the free email subscription service the ATSB also provides an RSS feed. RSS Feed logo
If you experience difficulty please email, the action required and the modes you have an interest in.