Create a flight path for Google Earth



A software tool that lets you create an aircraft's flight path in Google Earth using basic flight data is now available on the ATSB website.

The ATSB 'KML Creator' uses a spreadsheet of recorded flight parameters (latitude, longitude and altitude) in csv format to create a flight path you can view in Google Earth. The KML Creator can also create a display of other aircraft parameters relevant to the flight on the same screen. The flight can be split into phases differentiated by name and colours. Google Earth Placemarks can be used with the data to identify user-defined important features.

The ATSB demonstrated the KML Creator in Singapore in 2011 and received a high level of interest from airline safety and investigation agencies. The updated KML Creator is being demonstrated in September 2013 at the ICAO Regional Accident Investigation Workshop in Bali, Republic of Indonesia. As a result, you can now download the latest KML Creator for free from the ATSB website.

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You will need to accept the License Terms and Conditions to download.

Last update 17 September 2013