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Lack on expertise in rolling stock maintenance
The concern relates to the lack of expertise in rolling stock maintenance as the technical expert has left the company.
Mode: Rail
Date: 2 Aug 2014
Ref no.: RR201400010
Concerns regarding poor track maintenance
The concern related to poor track maintenance leading to observed mudding of the ballast along a length of track and concerns for the stability of the track.
Mode: Rail
Date: 1 Jul 2014
Ref no.: RR201400008
Operator’s response to the NSW Coroner’s recommendations
The concern related the network operator’s response to the Coroner’s recommendations in relation to an accident which occurred on the operator’s main line service in which a person was fatally injured when they fell from a platform and were struck by two separate trains.
Mode: Rail
Date: 24 Jun 2014
Ref no.: RR201400007
Work being completed on safety critical components by unqualified contractors
The concern related to the maintenance and repair of safety critical components being conducted by contractors who were not appropriately qualified to carry out the work.
Mode: Rail
Date: 7 Mar 2014
Ref no.: RR20140004
Driver qualifications
The route qualification of contract drivers.
Mode: Rail
Date: 6 Feb 2014
Ref no.: RR201400002
Safety of rail workers in en electrified environment
The concern related to the safety of road / rail workers working in en electrified environment with no isolation of the power.
Mode: Rail
Date: 20 Nov 2013
Ref no.: RR201300020
The failure of fan blades in a locomotive engine
The concern related to the failure of the fan blades within the locomotive and that the blades were not contained within the locomotive engine room.
Mode: Rail
Date: 22 Oct 2013
Ref no.: RR201300018
Safety issues which have not been addressed by the operator for considerable time
The concern related to on-going issues which had been raised with the operator’s safety department but had not been adequately resolved.
Mode: Rail
Date: 22 Oct 2013
Ref no.: RR201300019
Safety concerns during an emergency at the station
The concerns related to the procedures in place when a train stopped at a platform while an emergency evacuation was occurring. The passengers were allowed to disembark on to the platform with no prior warning of the emergency.
Mode: Rail
Date: 4 Sep 2013
Ref no.: RR201300014
Trial of modified passenger carriages
The concern related to passenger carriages which had been reconfigured for a trial period, but the reconfiguration had not been done in accordance with the risk assessment which had been submitted to the regulator.
Mode: Rail
Date: 11 Jul 2013
Ref no.: RR201300011
Incorrect information on brake certificates after brake retention tests have been performed
The concern related to false information being entered on the brake retention certificates by employees when management are aware that the brakes on the wagons will release if the wagon becomes detached.
Mode: Rail
Date: 3 Jul 2013
Ref no.: RR201300010
Fatigue management for rail protection workers
The concern related to the fatigue management policies of a rail operator and the competencies of the workers they supply to rail organisations.
Mode: Rail
Date: 18 Jun 2013
Ref no.: RR201300008
Non-reporting of Category A (Cat A) rail incidents by operator
The concern related to how the operator was categorising incidents and hence not reporting Cat A incidents to the regulator.
Mode: Rail
Date: 18 Jun 2013
Ref no.: RR201300009
Passenger safety on platforms during train delays
The concern related to the lack of direction given to passengers when trains were delayed across the operator's network.
Mode: Rail
Date: 5 Jun 2013
Ref no.: RR201300006
Shunting of passenger cars
The concern related to procedure for the shunting of cars across two roads not being followed correctly which means that when the driver is obscured and safe worker providing guidance is also obscured.
Mode: Rail
Date: 29 Apr 2013
Ref no.: RR201300005
Inaccurate responses to the safety issues identified in an Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigation
The concern related to inaccurate responses the operator had provided to the ATSB in relation to a number of safety issues which had been identified during an ATSB rail investigation.
Mode: Rail
Date: 5 Apr 2013
Ref no.: RR201300004
Reducing safety standards
The concern related to the degrading of safety standards within the operation over the last four years and the oversight of the regulator in-to the investigation of incidents within the operator's network.
Mode: Rail
Date: 20 Mar 2013
Ref no.: RR20130002
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