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Lack of annual leave availability
The concern related to fatigue caused by the lack of availability within the organisation to take annual leave when required due to current staffing levels.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 30 Jul 2013
Ref no.: AR201300064
Use of multiple radar vectors by ATC to achieve the required spacing
The concern related to ATC instructing flight crews, especially fatigued international flight crews, to make multiple heading changes to achieve separation instead of allowing them to slow down or conduct a holding pattern.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 9 Jul 2013
Ref no.: AR201300057
Continuation of cabin crew service when the seat belt sign is on
The concern related to the operator's procedure that cabin crew continue service while the seat belt sign is on and the aircraft is encountering turbulence.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 5 Jul 2013
Ref no.: AR201300053
RNAV approach for runway 21 at Perth
The concern was that when using the PRL transition during the RNAV approach, the flight management system (FMS) tended to cut the corner as the turn is 108 degrees. This left the aircraft high on the final approach profile.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 23 Jun 2013
Ref no.: AR201300050
Selection of duty runway at Perth
The reporter expressed a safety concern regarding the selection of duty runway at Perth Airport. The reporter stated that when the aircraft departed, the duty runways were runway 03 and runway 06.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 6 Jun 2013
Ref no.: AR201300048
Cabin crew fatigue
The concern related to the fatigue experienced by cabin crew when rostered on long back of the clock duties on consecutive nights.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 28 May 2013
Ref no.: AR201300045
Controllers being returned to work after an incident before the investigation is completed
The concern related to Air Traffic Controllers being returned to work after an incident has occurred before the incident is fully investigated.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 27 May 2013
Ref no.: AR201300044
Runway selection by ATC at Perth Airport
The concern related to the runway selection by ATC at Perth Airport giving priority to noise abatement procedures rather than aircraft safety.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 15 May 2013
Ref no.: AR201300040
Cabin crew speaking Japanese in the galley
The concern related to inter cabin crew communication in a language other than English which meant that all cabin crew could not understand what was occurring.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 10 May 2013
Ref no.: AR201300038
Excessive flight crew workload during an approach to Sydney
The concern related to the excessive workload experienced by the flight crew during an approach to Sydney due to unnecessary instructions from ATC.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 8 May 2013
Ref no.: AR201300036
IFR approach not being contained within controlled airspace at Coffs Harbour
The concern related to the RNAV (GNSS) RWY21 approach not being contained with controlled airspace at Coffs Harbour.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 8 May 2013
Ref no.: AR201300035
Non-synchronised flight management systems
The concern related to the use of dual flight management systems (FMS) which are not fully synchronised resulting in the flight crew operating in a head down state at critical phases of flight or undesired power states.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 22 Apr 2013
Ref no.: AR201300028
Captains monitoring the flight from the right seat
The concern related to captains flying as the monitoring pilot from the right seat as they are not trained or checked on line to fly from this seat.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 15 Apr 2013
Ref no.: AR201300026
Use of iPad's for completing loading sheets
The concern related to how the operator implemented a new loading procedure utilising iPads for the first time. The reporter advised that the company did not provide specific training for either the iPad or the new loading procedure.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 28 Mar 2013
Ref no.: AR201300024
Falsification of maintenance records
The concern related to the direction by the operator to their pilots to falsify maintenance records for the aircraft. The reporter advised that they had been asked to falsify the maintenance release by significantly under-recording the hours they actually flew.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 27 Mar 2013
Ref no.: AR201300023
Light sport aircraft engine design flaw
The concern related to the design of a light sport aircraft engine with the reporter advising that the engine rarely makes it to 1,000 hours without major mechanical problems developing.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 12 Feb 2013
Ref no.: R201300011
LAME training and stores procedures
The concern was regarding the LAME re-currency training and the procedure for distributing parts throughout the operator's maintenance areas.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 8 Feb 2013
Ref no.: R201300009
Safety culture concerns
The concern related to the safety culture which was cultivated within the operator's workforce to falsify records to ensure that the operator appeared to comply with CASA regulations.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 7 Feb 2013
Ref no.: R201300008
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) provision for the Boeing 737 fleet
The concern related to the provision of only one EFB to the crew on the flight deck. The reporter was concerned that if the EFB became unserviceable the crew may operate with incorrect flight data.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 3 Feb 2013
Ref no.: R201300007
Activation of Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (ARFU) and Pilot Activated Aerodrome Lighting (PAL) system
The concern related to the over transmission of radio broadcasts by the AFRU and PAL system. This would mean that radio broadcasts are over transmitted resulting in pilots not being aware of other aircraft operating in the circuit area.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 31 Jan 2013
Ref no.: R201300006
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