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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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196902342Cessna 172D, VH-EDE, Zeehan Tas, 12 February 196912 Feb 1969Final05 Sep 1969
196903380Cessna P206A, VH-UPK, Kyancutta, SA, 8 February 196908 Feb 1969Final05 Sep 1969
196900002Piper PA 32-300, VH-CHT, Rockhampton, Qld, 6 February 196906 Feb 1969Final05 Sep 1969
1968 Bell 204B VH-UTWBell 204B Helicopter VH-UTW at Barracouta Platform, Vic, 22 March 196822 Mar 1968Final20 Aug 1968
VH-RMI - September 1966Viscount, VH-RMI, near Winton, Queensland, 22 September 196622 Sep 1966Final15 Mar 1967
VH-AFK 1954Accident to Auster J5/F aircraft VH-AFK near Jenolan Caves NSW on 16 October 195416 Oct 1954Final08 Sep 1955
AS-2022-001Aircraft performance and cockpit visibility study supporting investigation into the mid-air collision involving VH-AEM and VH-JQF near Mangalore Airport, Victoria on 19 February 2020PendingN/A
AS-2021-015Review of aviation safety aspects of aerial firefighting in AustraliaPendingN/A
AE-2021-029Technical assistance to CASA in the examination of the rear wing spar from a Pacific Aerospace Corporation CT4/B aircraftPendingN/A
RS-2021-001Review of level crossing collisions involving trains and heavy road vehicles in AustraliaPendingN/A
First page Page 386 of 386 Last page Total records: 7710