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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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22Loss of life at sea on board Singa Sea03 Jul 1988Final01 Nov 1988
20Grounding of the Nella Dan at Macquarie Island, Buckle Bay03 Dec 1987Final01 Apr 1988
19Grounding of Australian flag bulk carrier River Embley09 May 1987Final01 Jan 1988
18Grounding of the cargo vessel Ruca Challenge on Piper Reef21 Apr 1987Final01 Jul 1987
17Collision between fv Naomi Maru and Great Brisbane25 Mar 1987Final01 Jul 1987
16Grounding of Mobil Endeavour in the Torres Strait24 Jul 1986Final01 Mar 1987
15Loss of life on the cargo ship Gabriella14 Aug 1986Final01 Feb 1987
14Grounding of Alam Indah in the Great Barrier Reef02 Sep 1986Final01 Jan 1987
13Grounding of the Jhansi Ki Rani on Frederick Reef26 Apr 1986Final01 Oct 1986
12Collision of Lysaght Endeavour with yacht Grunter16 Dec 1985Final01 Jun 1986
11Grounding of Maritime Gardenia on Alert Patches, Torres Strait18 Aug 1985Final01 Feb 1986
10Collision between Iron Cumberland and the fv Saltfiord06 Jul 1985Final01 Jan 1986
9Collision between cargo vessel River Boyne & fv Babirusa20 Jun 1985Final01 Dec 1985
8Grounding of TNT Alltrans in the Great Barrier Reef25 Mar 1985Final01 Sep 1985
3Loss of tow and foundering of Key Biscayne off WA coast01 Sep 1984Final01 Mar 1985
7Collision between barge Charles H McKay & Yue Man20 Jun 1984Final01 Dec 1984
6Engine room fire on board MV Maersk Handler07 Apr 1984Final01 Oct 1984
5Grounding on a submerged rock MV Cape Pillar21 Jan 1984Final01 Jul 1984
4Collision between Flinders Range & fv Han Gil12 Jan 1984Final01 Jul 1984
2Collision between fv Bongaree and Konstantin Paustovskiy27 Oct 1982Final01 Apr 1983
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