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RS-2021-001Review of level crossing collisions involving trains and heavy road vehicles in AustraliaPendingN/A
1998/001Coal Train Collision, Beresfield NSW, 23 October 199723 Oct 1997Final01 Jan 1998
1999/001Collision between Indian Pacific Passenger Train 3AP88 and Freight Train 3PW4N, Zanthus, WA, 18 August 199918 Aug 1999Final14 Sep 1999
1999/002Collision between Freight Train 9784 and Ballast Train 9795, Ararat, Vic, 26 November 199926 Nov 1999Final01 Mar 2000
2001/003Derailment of Coal Train EG37, Black Mountain, Qld, 1 July 200101 Jul 2001Final01 Oct 2001
2001/002Collision between Suburban Electric Passenger Train 6369 and the empty Express Electric Train 6371, Footscray, Vic, 5 June 200105 Jun 2001Final20 Dec 2001
2001/001Derailment of passenger train 8622, Sydney - Melbourne daylight XPT service, Wodonga, Vic, 25 March 200125 Apr 2001Final16 Dec 2002
2002/002Collision between the passenger train 5AL8 and vehicles at the Salisbury Interchange level crossing, Salisbury, SA, 24 October 200224 Oct 2002Final11 Mar 2003
2002/001Collision Between Suburban Electric Passenger Train 1648 and Suburban Electric Empty Train 102518 Jun 2002Final25 Jul 2003
2003/001Runaway of Suburban Electric Passenger Train 5264 and collision with Diesel Locomotive Hauled Passenger Train 814103 Feb 2003Final01 Dec 2003
2003/003Fatal collision between passenger train 3C37 and a Ford Falcon station wagon, Aloomba, Qld, 23 May 200323 May 2003Final09 Dec 2003
2003/002Derailment of Freight Train 1SP2N and the Subsequent Collision of Passenger Train 8318, Chiltern, Vic, 16 March 200316 Mar 2003Final21 Oct 2004
2003/005Derailment of Pacific National Freight Train 2PW4-N, Ararat, Vic, 28 November 200328 Nov 2003Final09 Feb 2005
2003004Derailment of Train 6WP2, Bates, SA, 9 November 200309 Nov 2003Final30 Jun 2005
2004/002Derailment of Freight Train 6SM9V, Alumatta, Vic 2004, 15 March 200415 Mar 2004Final18 Aug 2005
2004/001Near collision between stationary Coal Train LD166 and an empty Endeavour Passenger Train D743, Sandgate, NSW, 25 February 200425 Feb 2004Final21 Sep 2005
2004007Derailment of Cairns Tilt Train VCQ5, Berajondo, Qld, 15 November 200415 Nov 2004Final16 Oct 2005
2004003Signal MR5 Passed At Danger, Freight Train Y245, Murarrie, Qld, 28 June 200428 Jun 2004Final21 Nov 2005
2004004Signal Passed At Danger20 Sep 2004Final03 Jan 2006
2004006Derailment of Coal Train DS212 departing Bloomfield Colliery Loop, Thornton, New South Wales, 11 October 200411 Oct 2004Final23 Jan 2006
2004008Derailment of Pacific National freight train 7MP5, Glenalta, SA21 Nov 2004Final02 Feb 2006
2004005Derailment of freight train 4VM9-V23 Sep 2004Final08 Feb 2006
2002003Collision between steam passenger Train 8382 & Loaded B-double truck13 Oct 2002Final23 Feb 2006
2005003Shunting Accident02 Feb 2005Final31 Mar 2006
2005001Collision between Freight Train 4MP5 and XPT Passenger Train 862219 Jan 2005Final23 May 2006
2005005Collision between Freight Train 5BS7 and Track Vehicle, Greenbank, Qld25 Aug 2005Final13 Jun 2006
2005002Derailment of Pacific National 6MP4 and Pacific National 6SP5 Trains30 Jan 2005Final26 Jun 2006
2005006Collision between Freight Train 5MA5 and Passenger Train 206A30 Sep 2005Final04 Oct 2006
2005004Level Crossing Collision - Edith Street, Horsham, Vic, 11 August 200511 Aug 2005Final22 Dec 2006
2006004Collision-Rigid Tipper Truck/Quad Axle Trailer and Freight Train 4AM325 May 2006Final07 Feb 2007
2006008Collision between freight train 6PM9 & track mounted excavator25 Sep 2006Final26 Mar 2007
2006009Level crossing collision near Tailem Bend, SA04 Oct 2006Final15 Jun 2007
2006002Derailment of XPT Passenger Train, ST22; Harden, NSW; 9 February 200609 Feb 2006Final28 Jun 2007
20060010Level Crossing Collision, Elizabeth River, NT20 Oct 2006Final28 Jun 2007
2006005Derailment of Train 5MB7 at Benalla VIC02 Jun 2006Final29 Jun 2007
2006006Level Crossing Collision between XPT Passenger Train ST24 and Passenger Car; Thurgoona Road, Albury, NSW05 Jun 2006Final29 Jun 2007
2006014Collision between Rigid Tipper Truck/Tri-axle Trailer and The Overland Passenger Train, 4AM8, Wingeel, Victoria, 15 November 200615 Nov 2006Final24 Oct 2007
2007-002Level Crossing Accident, Chapple Street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, 14 May 200714 May 2007Final14 Nov 2007
2006003Signal 161 Passed at Danger, TransAdelaide Passenger Train H307, Adelaide, South Australia, 28 March 200628 Mar 2006Final20 Dec 2007
2006001Derailment of Freight Train 3AB6 Yerong Creek, New South Wales 4 January 200604 Jan 2006Final29 Jan 2008
20060015Level Crossing Collision between The Ghan Passenger Train (1AD8) and a Road-Train Truck, Ban Ban Springs, NT, 12 December 200612 Dec 2006Final13 Feb 2008
2006007Derailment of Train 2CM3 near Seymour, Victoria, 12 September 200612 Sep 2006Final21 Feb 2008
RO-2007-004Derailment of train 6MP9 near Bates, South Australia, 10 Jun 200710 Jun 2007Final22 Feb 2008
2006012Derailment of train 3DA2K near Tarcoola, South Australia, 1 November 200601 Nov 2006Final29 Feb 2008
2006013Collision between freight train 9351 and an overturned semi-trailer at Illabo, NSW, 2 November 200602 Nov 2006Final06 Mar 2008
20060011Collision between freight train 4AM3 and an 'elevated platform vehicle' at North Geelong in Victoria on 26 October 200626 Oct 2006Final08 May 2008
RO-2007-008Collision between Tandem Tip Truck and the Indian Pacific Passenger Train, 4SA8, Virginia, SA, 13 December 200713 Dec 2007Final27 Jun 2008
RO-2007-003Derailment of Train 3MR2 near Roopena, South Australia on 22 May 200722 May 2007Final30 Jun 2008
RO-2007-007Fatal Level Crossing Collision - Virginia, SA, 16 November 200716 Nov 2007Final14 Jul 2008
RO-2007-001Level Crossing Collision, Back Creek, NSW10 Mar 2007Final31 Jul 2008
RO-2008-003Signal Passed at Danger - Gloucester, NSW, 11 March 200811 Mar 2008Final15 Aug 2008
RO-2007-005Level Crossing Collision, Two Wells, South Australia, 6 August 200706 Aug 2007Final20 Aug 2008
RO-2008-006Derailment of train 3DM4 near Manton Dam NT22 Apr 2008Final05 Mar 2009
RO-2008-002Derailment of Freight Train 6MP9 near Hines Hill, Western Australia10 Mar 2008Final26 Mar 2009
RO-2008-004Derailment of freight train 1MA6Q near Pura Pura Vic., 30 March 200830 Mar 2008Final19 Jun 2009
RO-2007-006Derailment of freight Train 6413 near Stewart, WA, 17 August 200717 Aug 2007Final26 Jun 2009
RO-2008-012Derailment of train 3DA2 near Katherine NT, 4 November 200804 Nov 2008Final26 Jun 2009
RE-2009-001Level crossing collision at Mundoo QLD01 Jan 2009Final13 Aug 2009
RO-2008-001Level Crossing Collision, Birkenhead, South Australia, 5 March 200805 Mar 2008Final06 Oct 2009
RE-2008-014Level crossing collision at Rungoo Qld27 Nov 2008Final29 Oct 2009
RO-2009-002Safeworking irregularity involving Indian Pacific (4SA8) and XPT (WT28) Tarana, NSW, 14 January 2009 14 Jan 2009Final11 Dec 2009
RO-2008-009Derailment of Train 5WX2 near Winton, Victoria, 31 July 200831 Jul 2008Final21 Dec 2009
RO-2008-005Derailment of Train 5PS6, Bates, South Australia, 19 April 200819 Apr 2008Final03 Feb 2010
RO-2008-013Derailment of train 2PM6 - near Loongana, Western Australia, 11 November 200811 Nov 2008Final08 Apr 2010
RO-2009-006Fatal Level Crossing Collision - Bumbunga, South Australia, 1 August 200901 Aug 2009Final24 May 2010
RO-2009-003Derailment of train 5PS6 near Golden Ridge WA, 30 January 200930 Jan 2009Final26 May 2010
RO-2008-010Derailment of train 1MP9, Mt Christie, South Australia, 1 September 200801 Sep 2008Final22 Jun 2010
RO-2009-005Level crossing collision between a school bus and train 7GP1 near Moorine Rock, Western Australia, 23 March 200923 Mar 2009Final29 Jun 2010
RO-2010-005Collision between train 7MP7 and person near Nantawarra, SA, 22 May 201022 May 2010Final09 Nov 2010
RO-2009-004Derailment of freight train 6MB2 at Tottenham Victoria, 30 January 200930 Jan 2009Final22 Dec 2010
RO-2009-009Reported signal irregularity at Cootamundra NSW involving trains ST22 and 4MB712 Nov 2009Final20 Jan 2011
RO-2010-006Safeworking irregularity involving passenger train SN57 and train D231 at Moss Vale, NSW, 17 June 201017 Jun 2010Final21 Jan 2011
RO-2009-008Signal Passed at Danger by Train ST24 Junee, NSW, 9 September 200909 Sep 2009Final11 Feb 2011
RO-2011-005Safeworking irregularity near Wards River NSW on 17 March 201117 Mar 2011DiscontinuedN/A
RO-2010-007Safeworking incident - Junee, NSW on 4 August 201004 Aug 2010Final18 Apr 2011
RO-2010-002Safeworking irregularity involving a freight train and an empty passenger train Manildra, NSW, 10 February 201010 Feb 2010Final18 May 2011
RO-2011-003Signal passed at danger at Yerong Creek, NSW, 25 February 201125 Feb 2011Final19 May 2011
RO-2010-009Safeworking Irregularity/Breach at Bomen NSW on 6 September 201006 Sep 2010Final07 Jun 2011
RO-2010-001Derailment of freight train 2224 at Exeter, NSW on 24 January 201024 Jan 2010Final04 Jul 2011
RO-2011-010Safe working irregularity involving train 8138 near Fish River, NSW on 10 July 201110 Jul 2011DiscontinuedN/A
RO-2010-010Derailment of freight train 5MP5 near Keith, SA on 8 October 201008 Oct 2010Final28 Sep 2011
RO-2011-002Collision between suburban passenger trains G231 and 215A in Adelaide Yard, SA, 24 February 201124 Feb 2011Final11 Oct 2011
RO-2010-011Derailment of Train 3PW4 at Wodonga, Victoria on 23 October 201023 Oct 2010Final19 Oct 2011
RI-2010-014Investigation into the procedures and practices used to provide access to track, NSWDiscontinued21 Nov 2011
RO-2011-011Collision between freight train 3SP7 and road-rail vehicle near Menindee, NSW on 13 July 201113 Jul 2011Final22 Nov 2011
RO-2011-007Parting of train 9827 near Gunning, NSW on 30 March 201130 Mar 2011Final23 Nov 2011
RO-2010-012Derailment of freight train 4DA2 near Cadney Park, South Australia, 25 November 201025 Nov 2010Final20 Dec 2011
RO-2010-013Collision of grain train 3234 with grain train 8922 at Yass Junction, NSW on 9 December 201009 Dec 2010Final30 Jan 2012
RO-2011-006Collision between freight train 7SP3 and a track mounted excavator near Jaurdi, WA, 28 March 201128 Mar 2011Final04 Apr 2012
RO-2010-004Collision between XPT passenger train WT27 and a track-mounted excavator near Newbridge, New South Wales on 5 May 201005 May 2010Final20 Apr 2012
RO-2011-001Signal passed at danger by XPT ST24 at Henty, NSW on 5 February 201105 Feb 2011Final26 Jun 2012
RO-2010-015Derailment of train 1MP5 at Goddards, WA, 28 December 201028 Dec 2010Final29 Jun 2012
RO-2012-008Train parting near Seymour, Victoria on 1 August 201201 Aug 2012DiscontinuedN/A
RO-2012-004Derailment of Ballast Train 8M24N near Broken Hill, NSW, 11 April 201211 Apr 2012Final07 Aug 2012
RO-2011-019Derailment of freight train 7AD1 at Edith River near Katherine, NT on 27 December 201127 Dec 2011Final19 Sep 2012
RO-2011-013Safeworking breach – track machine BC7, Bogan Gate, NSW on 15 August 201115 Aug 2011Final26 Sep 2012
RO-2011-008Derailment of bogie on freight train 4PM6 at Port Augusta, SA, 6 May 201106 May 2011Final21 Jan 2013
RO-2011-018Collision between a coal train BC151 and an excavator near Maitland NSW on 20 December 201120 Dec 2011Final27 Mar 2013
RO-2011-016Collision between train 1901S and train 5132S at Dry Creek, South Australia on 11 October 201111 Oct 2011Final03 Apr 2013
RO-2012-003Collision involving a motor vehicle and train 4460S, 10 km south of Port Germein, SA, 19 March 201219 Mar 2012Final19 Apr 2013
RO-2011-012Partial train separation of XPT ST24 near Broadmeadows, Victoria on 11 August 201111 Aug 2011Final26 Apr 2013
RO-2013-004Derailment of 4DA8 at Katherine NT on 30 January 2013 30 Jan 2013Final26 Jun 2013
RO-2011-009Failure of wheel on locomotive near Fisher, SA on 28 May 201128 May 2011Final03 Jul 2013
RI-2011-015Investigation of rail operations on the interstate rail line between Melbourne and Sydney 16 Aug 2011Final22 Aug 2013
RO-2012-002Derailment of freight train 7SP3 near Roto NSW on 4 March 201204 Mar 2012Final30 Aug 2013
RO-2013-006Derailment of freight train 3MC1 near Locksley, Victoria on 12 February 2013 12 Feb 2013Final11 Oct 2013
RO-2013-012Derailment of train 331 near Lowdina, Tasmania on 9 April 2013 09 Apr 2013Final15 Oct 2013
RE-2012-012Technical assistance to the NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) in their investigation into the structural failure of a container wagon that occurred near Gulgong, NSW on 5 December 201205 Dec 2012Final24 Oct 2013
RO-2013-011Collision between a motor vehicle and freight train 9261, Brown Street level crossing, Allansford, Victoria, 19 March 201319 Mar 2013Final29 Oct 2013
RO-2013-003Multiple SPAD by freight train 9837 at Hurlstone Park, NSW on 30 January 201330 Jan 2013Final15 Nov 2013
RO-2012-007Level crossing collision between train 3PW4 and a motor vehicle, Werribee, Vic, on 25 May 201225 May 2012Final18 Dec 2013
RO-2013-022Proceed Authority exceedance by train 9337N near Junee NSW on 20 August 201320 Aug 2013Final18 Dec 2013
RO-2013-005Collision of passenger train T842 with station platform Cleveland, Qld, 31 January 201331 Jan 2013Final20 Dec 2013
RO-2013-025Safeworking irregularity at Glenrowan, Victoria on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013Final23 Jan 2014
RO-2013-023Level crossing collision between passenger train 7MA8 and a dual cab utility, Inverleigh, Vic, 31 August 201331 Aug 2013Final05 Feb 2014
RO-2013-024Collision between a truck and passenger train 8205, Pettavel Road, Mount Moriac, Victoria on 7 September 201307 Sep 2013Final11 Feb 2014
RO-2013-013Signal irregularity reported by crew of train 5BM7, Culcairn North, NSW on 7 April 201307 Apr 2013Final05 Mar 2014
RO-2011-017Derailment of train 7SP5 between Caragabal and Wirrinya, NSW, 23 October 201123 Oct 2011Final14 Mar 2014
RO-2012-009Proceed authority exceeded by train 2AD1, Tarcoola SA on 21 August 201221 Aug 2012Final28 May 2014
RO-2013-014Collision between two road-rail vehicles near Rinadeena, Tasmania, on 4 June 2013 04 Jun 2013Final11 Jun 2014
RO-2014-004Safeworking irregularity involving train 5SM2 near Springhurst, Vic, on 6 March 201406 Mar 2014Final13 Jun 2014
RO-2013-019 Overrun of authority involving train 6MP5 at Blamey, WA on 14 July 201314 Jul 2013Final07 Jul 2014
RO-2013-021Derailment of freight train 9101 near Ouyen, Victoria on 10 August 201310 Aug 2013Final01 Aug 2014
RO-2013-009Derailment of freight train 9501 at South Dynon Junction, West Melbourne, Vic on 2 March 201302 Mar 2013Final04 Sep 2014
RO-2012-006Collision between two road/rail vehicles at Haig, WA on 24 May 201224 May 2012Final15 Sep 2014
RO-2013-017Safeworking breach involving a Local Possession Authority Revesby, NSW, 10 July 201310 Jul 2013Final19 Sep 2014
RO-2013-008Level crossing collision between passenger train and semi-trailer near Lake Charm, Victoria on 12 February 201312 Feb 2013Final07 Oct 2014
RO-2014-010Locomotive fire at Awaba, NSW on 5 June 201405 Jun 2014Final31 Oct 2014
RO-2013-027Derailment of freight train 9204V, Sims Street Junction, West Melbourne, VIC on 4 December 201304 Dec 2013Final13 Jan 2015
RO-2013-007Derailment of train 9614S, near Port Augusta, SA on 17 February 201317 Feb 2013Final14 Jan 2015
RO-2014-017Collision between freight train 7MD3 and road vehicle at Katherine, NT, on 12 October 201412 Oct 2014Final20 Jan 2015
RO-2013-028Derailment of freight train 2DA2 at Union Reef, NT on 30 December 2013 30 Dec 2013Final17 Feb 2015
RO-2013-018Safeworking Breaches at Blackheath on 13 June 2013, Newcastle on 13 July 2013 and Wollstonecraft 17 July 201313 Jun 2013Final02 Mar 2015
RO-2014-015Fire on freight train 3DA2 near Snowtown, SA on 21 August 201421 Aug 2014Final24 Mar 2015
RO-2014-006Derailment of freight train 3MP9 near Malbooma SA on 10 April 201410 Apr 2014Final25 Mar 2015
RO-2014-008Derailment of ore train 4413, Bonnie Vale, WA on 14 May 201414 May 2014Final27 Mar 2015
RO-2014-023Derailment of empty passenger train near Teepookana, Tas, on 9 December 201409 Dec 2014Final08 Apr 2015
RO-2014-012Derailment of ore train 24 KW near Whyalla, SA on 7 July 201407 Jul 2014Final28 Apr 2015
RO-2013-010Derailment of grain train 9054 near Pyramid Hill, Vic. on 5 March 201305 Mar 2013Final29 Apr 2015
RO-2014-013Derailment of ST24 near North Melbourne Station, Vic, on 11 July 201411 Jul 2014Final14 May 2015
RO-2014-003Derailment of grain train 9130 at Emu, Vic, on 12 February 201412 Feb 2014Final20 May 2015
RO-2013-002Derailment of freight train 3PS6 Yunta, SA on 17 January 201317 Jan 2013Final26 May 2015
RO-2015-001Derailment of TasRail train 135, Kimberley, Tasmania on 25 January 201525 Jan 2015Final18 Jun 2015
RO-2012-011Proceed authority exceeded by train 9104, Tarcoola, South Australia on 26 November 201226 Nov 2012Final22 Jun 2015
RO-2014-021Incident involving Absolute Signal Blocking at Warnervale, NSW on 24 November 201424 Nov 2014Final17 Sep 2015
RO-2014-007Derailment of train 3WB3 at Nambucca Heads, NSW on 14 May 201414 May 2014Final23 Sep 2015
RO-2014-024Collision between truck and passenger train 8042 at Woodvale, Victoria, on 19 December 201419 Dec 2014Final25 Sep 2015
RO-2014-018Derailment of train 5DD2 at Ceduna, SA on 23 October 201423 Oct 2014Final15 Oct 2015
RO-2013-020Derailment of locomotive and wagon during main line shunting South Dynon Junction, West Melbourne, VIC, 25 July 201325 Jul 2013Final16 Oct 2015
RO-2014-014Derailment of freight train 6DA2 near Marryat, SA on 26 July 201426 Jul 2014Final28 Oct 2015
RO-2014-001Derailment of Sydney Trains Passenger Train 602M near Edgecliff station, Sydney, NSW on 15 January 201415 Jan 2014Final03 Dec 2015
RO-2014-025Derailment of freight train 2AD1 near Hugh River, NT on 23 December 201423 Dec 2014Final07 Dec 2015
RO-2015-003Passenger train collision with maintenance equipment Montgomery, near Sale, VIC on 16 February 2015 16 Feb 2015Final09 Dec 2015
RO-2015-007Collision between freight trains 2MP1 and 2MP9 at Mile End, SA on 31 March 201531 Mar 2015Final16 Dec 2015
RO-2015-010Derailment of track maintenance vehicles Singleton, NSW on 11 June 201511 Jun 2015Final06 Jan 2016
RO-2013-026Derailment of freight train 3XW4 at Newport, Victoria on 30 October 201330 Oct 2013Final13 Jan 2016
RO-2015-005Wrong running direction involving passenger train 165-S, Mt Druitt, NSW on 12 March 201512 Mar 2015Final29 Jan 2016
RO-2015-002Collision between track worker and passenger train at Guildford, Western Australia on 10 February 201510 Feb 2015Final10 Mar 2016
RO-2015-012Collision involving a ballast regulator and a track tamper near Greta, NSW on 14 July 201514 Jul 2015Final24 Mar 2016
RO-2015-008Signals Passed at Danger by passenger train TD3050 at Upwey and Upper Ferntree Gully, Vic on 12 April 201512 Apr 2015Final21 Apr 2016
RO-2014-022Load shift collision between train 2MP9 and road over rail bridge, 227 km near Great Western Loop, Victoria, 9 December 2014 09 Dec 2014Final26 Apr 2016
RO-2014-005Fatality at Heyington Railway Station, Toorak, Vic., on 22 February 201422 Feb 2014Final27 Apr 2016
RO-2015-015Derailment of freight train MB520 Pangela, NSW, on 28 August 201528 Aug 2015Final30 Jun 2016
RO-2014-019Axle failure on XPT ST24, Culcairn, NSW, on 24 October 201424 Oct 2014Final05 Jul 2016
RO-2014-016Collision between V/Line train 8280 and MTM train 6502, Altona, Vic, on 22 August 201422 Aug 2014Final06 Jul 2016
RO-2014-020Derailment of train 735 near Colebrook, Tas, on 9 November 2014 09 Nov 2014Final26 Jul 2016
RO-2015-016Level crossing collision between freight train 8834N and road-train truck, Tullamore Rd, Narromine, NSW, on 23 September 201523 Sep 2015Final29 Jul 2016
RO-2015-013Loading irregularity on train 6MC2 near Bowser, Victoria, on 24 July 201524 Jul 2015Final19 Aug 2016
RO-2015-019Track worker struck by train near Laverton station, Victoria on 2 October 201502 Oct 2015Final24 Aug 2016
RO-2015-024Derailment of intermodal freight train 5PM9 near Rawlinna, WA on 4 December 201504 Dec 2015Final21 Sep 2016
RO-2015-017Locomotive runaway at the Sydney Operations Yard Chullora, NSW, on 23 September 201523 Sep 2015Final11 Oct 2016
RO-2016-010Collision between a road vehicle and V/Line passenger train at Pogue Road level crossing, Toolamba, Victoria on 27 July 201627 Jul 2016Final19 Oct 2016
RO-2015-028Derailment of freight train near Julia Creek, Qld on 27 December 201527 Dec 2015Final09 Dec 2016
RO-2015-009Signals Passed at Danger by Train 1240 at Marshall (Geelong) Victoria on 29 May 201529 May 2015Final12 Dec 2016
RO-2015-014Derailment of freight train 532 near Nala, Tasmania on 6 August 201506 Aug 2015Final10 Jan 2017
RO-2015-021Safe Working irregularity involving Controlled Signal Blocking between Allandale and Farley, Hunter Valley, NSW, on 30 October 201530 Oct 2015Final04 May 2017
RO-2015-022Derailment of freight train 9150 at Nunga (near Ouyen), Victoria on 9 November 201509 Nov 2015Final15 May 2017
RO-2016-007Derailment of freight train at Katunga, Victoria on 30 May 201630 May 2016Final30 May 2017
RO-2015-018Safe working irregularity near Jumperkine, WA on 29 September 201529 Sep 2015Final15 Jun 2017
RO-2015-011Over-speed of V/Line passenger train 8625 over points at Wallan loop Wallan, Victoria on 11 July 201511 Jul 2015Final11 Jul 2017
RO-2015-029Derailment of grain train 9156 at Ouyen, Victoria on 29 December 201529 Dec 2015Final12 Jul 2017
RO-2015-020Derailment of freight train 6DA2 near Marla, South Australia on 31 October 201531 Oct 2015Final13 Jul 2017
RO-2016-005Derailment of train 3MP5 at Rawlinna, WA on 21 April 201621 Apr 2016Final18 Jul 2017
RI-2014-011Safe work on track across Australia: Analysis of incident data, 2009 - 201401 Jul 2014Final01 Nov 2017
RO-2015-025Derailment of Rio Tinto train ND575 near Tom Price, Western Australia on 15 December 201515 Dec 2015Final11 Dec 2017
RO-2014-009Near hit with detrained passengers on track at Kilbride, New South Wales, on 22 May 201422 May 2014Final17 Jan 2018
RO-2016-003Fire in Locomotive NR8 near Cardiff, NSW on 4 April 201604 Apr 2016Final18 Jan 2018
RO-2017-006Level crossing collision between Spirit of Queensland and a road vehicle, at Rockhampton, Queensland, on 15 July 201715 Jul 2017Final29 Jan 2018
RO-2017-012Signal RS57 passed at danger involving suburban passenger train 1W33, Roma Street Station, Queensland on 5 September 201705 Sep 2017Final06 Mar 2018
RO-2017-005Level crossing collision between freight train 8426N and road-train truck, Cobb Highway, Ivanhoe, NSW, on 11 July 201711 Jul 2017Final19 Mar 2018
RO-2017-010Signal ME45 passed at danger, involving suburban passenger train 1A21, Bowen Hills, Queensland, on 26 August 201726 Aug 2017Final03 Apr 2018
RO-2015-004Derailment of empty coal train NB901 at Kankool, NSW, on 15 February 201515 Feb 2015Final06 Apr 2018
RO-2016-011Signalling control system irregularity, Ballarat, Victoria on 11 August 201611 Aug 2016Final30 Apr 2018
RO-2016-002Derailment of MTM train TD1064 near Rushall Station in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Victoria, on 6 February 201606 Feb 2016Final16 May 2018
RO-2016-004Grain train 5422N parting and derailment, Parkville, NSW on 6 April 201606 Apr 2016Final04 Jun 2018
RO-2017-011Level crossing collision between freight train 8279 and truck, at level crossing 5318 near Yalboroo, Qld on 29 August 201729 Aug 2017Final11 Sep 2018
RO-2018-014Runaway and derailment of TasRail freight train in Devonport, Tasmania on 21 September 201821 Sep 2018PendingN/A
RO-2017-015Signal passed at danger by train 2552, Petrie, Queensland on 12 October 201712 Oct 2017Final02 Oct 2018
RO-2015-023Derailment of loaded ore train M03544 near Walla, Western Australia, on 3 December 201503 Dec 2015Final12 Oct 2018
RO-2017-008Derailment of freight train 1501S, near Dry Creek, South Australia on 28 July 201728 Jul 2017Final31 Oct 2018
RO-2018-006Collision between Pacific National train 9221 and Aurizon train 9T66 at Oonoomurra, Qld on 27 February 201827 Feb 2018Final21 Nov 2018
RO-2017-001Runaway of grain train 8960, Dombarton to Unanderra, NSW, on 22 April 201722 Apr 2017Final05 Dec 2018
RO-2015-026Signal passed at danger and derailment of empty Tangara service 109D at Hornsby, NSW on 17 December 201517 Dec 2015Final14 Dec 2018
RO-2019-004Derailment of Pacific National coal train MR280 at Baerami, New South Wales, on 6 February 201906 Feb 2019DiscontinuedN/A
RO-2017-004Level crossing collision between a car and XPT NT35, Kyogle, NSW, on 14 June 201714 Jul 2017Discontinued15 Feb 2019
RO-2018-003Loading irregularity on train 2BM9, Maitland, NSW on 16 January 201816 Jan 2018Final05 Mar 2019
RO-2017-016Derailment of freight train 7MC1 at Wallan, Victoria on 4 November 201704 Nov 2017Final06 Mar 2019
RO-2016-001Derailment of freight train WG713 at Denman, NSW, on 19 January 201619 Jan 2016Final25 Mar 2019
RO-2018-013Safeworking irregularity near Lidcombe, NSW, on 3 September 201803 Sep 2018Discontinued18 Apr 2019
RO-2017-002 Signal irregularity at Islington Junction, New South Wales, on 25 May 201725 May 2017Discontinued08 May 2019
RO-2016-006Runaway and collision between 'J' class and 'Nagasaki’ class trams, Sydney Tramway Museum, Loftus, NSW, on 15 May 2016 15 May 2016Final17 May 2019
RO-2017-013Derailment of acid train 9T90 near Kimburra, Queensland on 28 September 201728 Sep 2017Final13 Jun 2019
RO-2017-007Derailment of coal train, 8 km west of Oakey, Queensland, on 21 July 201721 Jul 2017Final26 Jun 2019
RO-2016-009Level crossing collision between truck and passenger train 8753, Phalps Road, Larpent, Victoria, on 13 July 201613 Jul 2016Final28 Jun 2019
RO-2018-005Derailment of coal train EF01, Duaringa, Queensland, on 24 January 201824 Jan 2018Final28 Jun 2019
RO-2017-009Safeworking irregularity involving Lookout Working, near Tempe, NSW on 31 July 201731 Jul 2017Final25 Jul 2019
RO-2019-012Signal passed at danger of passenger train NP43, Gunnedah, NSW, on 10 June 201910 Jun 2019Final27 Sep 2019
RO-2018-015Non-operation of level crossing protection at Colac, Victoria on 22 September 201822 Sep 2018Final08 Oct 2019
RO-2018-019Parting of Metro Trains Melbourne passenger train TD 3817 at Croydon, Victoria on 9 November 2018 09 Nov 2018Final09 Oct 2019
RO-2019-015Runaway of freight train within the Whyalla Steelworks, South Australia, on 31 July 201931 Jul 2019Discontinued13 Nov 2019
RO-2019-017Collision between two ore trains, Andoom, near Weipa, Queensland, on 22 September 201922 Sep 2019Preliminary21 Nov 2019
RO-2018-004Collision of Waratah passenger train A42 with buffer stop at Richmond Station, New South Wales, on 22 January 201822 Jan 2018Final20 Dec 2019
RO-2018-001Signals passed at danger by train 7750 at Marshall, Victoria on 2 January 201802 Jan 2018Final15 Jan 2020
RO-2020-001Derailment of Pacific National freight train 4MC2, and collision with V/Line train, at Barnawartha, Victoria, on 29 January 202029 Jan 2020PendingN/A
RO-2017-003Running line collision with worker involving passenger train T570, Petrie, Queensland on 29 May 201729 May 2017Final19 Feb 2020
RO-2020-002Derailment of XPT ST23, Wallan, Victoria, on 20 February 202020 Feb 2020InterimN/A
RO-2018-016Safeworking irregularity involving Track Work Authority, at Blackheath, New South Wales, on 2 September 201802 Sep 2018Final25 Feb 2020
RO-2019-006Collision of passenger train TD 6591 with buffer stop, Newport siding, Victoria, on 25 February 201925 Feb 2019Final27 Feb 2020
RO-2020-003Safeworking irregularity involving passenger train 1898, near Thorneside, Queensland, on 7 March 202007 Mar 2020PendingN/A
RO-2017-018Fractured bogie frame on coal train TM78A at Kooragang, New South Wales, on 12 December 201712 Dec 2017Final17 Mar 2020
RO-2019-005Loss of tractive effort involving freight train 8466, Ardglen Tunnel, New South Wales, on 10 February 201910 Feb 2019Discontinued27 Mar 2020
RO-2018-010Track obstruction due to loss of freight from train 7WB3 and subsequent impact of passenger train NT32 with track obstruction near Telegraph Point, New South Wales, on 17 June 201817 Jun 2018Final31 Mar 2020
RO-2019-022Collision between freight trains 7MP5 and 2K66, at Jumperkine, Western Australia, on 24 December 201924 Dec 2019Preliminary06 Apr 2020
RO-2016-008Track worker fatally injured when struck by train W510, Clyde, New South Wales, on 18 June 201618 Jun 2016Final20 Apr 2020
RO-2019-019Passenger injury at Gosnells Railway Station, Perth, Western Australia, on 26 October 2019 26 Oct 2019Final28 Apr 2020
RO-2019-010Derailment of freight train 7MB9, Goulburn, New South Wales, on 31 March 201931 Mar 2019Final07 May 2020
RO-2019-021Near miss between train crew and passing train 2291N, Picton, New South Wales, on 19 November 201919 Nov 2019Discontinued21 May 2020
RO-2017-014Derailment of grain train 8838N, Narwonah, New South Wales, on 1 October 201701 Oct 2017Final26 May 2020
RO-2020-007Collision of passenger train 8185 with level crossing gates, Lydiard Street North, Ballarat, Victoria, on 30 May 202030 May 2020PreliminaryN/A
RO-2018-020Signalling irregularity involving train DP41, Eagle Junction, Queensland, on 23 September 201823 Sep 2018Final05 Jun 2020
RO-2018-012Derailment of train 7MP7 at Coonana, Western Australia on 19 August 2018 19 Aug 2018Final10 Jun 2020
RO-2019-011Derailment of freight train 6CM3 Junee, New South Wales, on 7 June 201907 Jun 2019Final12 Jun 2020
RO-2019-001Derailment of SCT Logistics freight train 6MP9, near Cook, South Australia, on 6 January 201906 Jan 2019Final29 Jun 2020
RO-2018-007Collision with floodwater involving freight train 6792, Little Banyan Creek, Queensland, on 7 March 201807 Mar 2018Final30 Jun 2020
RO-2018-021Near miss with rail safety worker by trains 89-K and 88-C, near Redfern, New South Wales, on 8 September 201808 Sep 2018Final30 Jun 2020
RO-2018-011Dewirement involving freight train YC77, Cooroy, Queensland, on 18 August 201818 Aug 2018Final01 Sep 2020
RO-2019-002Level crossing irregularity involving passenger train 3MA8, North Geelong, Victoria, on 8 January 201908 Jan 2019Final22 Sep 2020
RO-2019-020Runaway of freight train wagons Bordertown, South Australia, on 23 November 201923 Nov 2019Final23 Sep 2020
RO-2019-014Near miss with maintenance worker on Skitube Alpine Railway, Bullocks Flat, New South Wales, on 3 July 201903 Jul 2019Final17 Nov 2020
RO-2019-013Derailment of loaded Pacific National coal service TM94, near Moss Vale, New South Wales, on 28 June 201928 Jun 2019Final24 Nov 2020
RO-2020-005Uncontained battery failure involving Sydney Light Rail Vehicle 053, Randwick LRV Depot, New South Wales, on 3 April 202003 Apr 2020Final03 Dec 2020
RO-2020-020Level crossing irregularity involving freight train 3PM7 at Cherry Street, Werribee, Victoria on 4 December 202004 Dec 2020PendingN/A
RO-2020-021 Level crossing irregularity involving freight train 1MP9 at Torrens Road, Ovingham, South Australia, on 7 December 202007 Dec 2020PendingN/A
RO-2018-008Track obstruction due to loss of freight involving train 6WM2 and subsequent impact of passenger train 8615 with track obstruction, near Winton, Victoria, on 30 March 201830 Mar 2018Final10 Dec 2020
RO-2020-022Derailment involving loaded grain train 3966 near Dombarton, New South Wales on 15 December 202015 Dec 2020PendingN/A
RO-2019-003Derailment of freight train 6BM9 at Creighton, Victoria on 21 January 201921 Jan 2019Final16 Dec 2020
RO-2018-017Derailment and collision between coal trains Ravenan (25km from Muswellbrook), New South Wales, on 26 September 201826 Sep 2018Final18 Dec 2020
RO-2018-009Derailment of freight train 6MP4 near Glenalta, South Australia on 21 April 201821 Apr 2018Final23 Dec 2020
RO-2021-002Safeworking irregularity and near miss with crew of train 5936 at Hawkesbury River, New South Wales on 8 January 202108 Jan 2021PendingN/A
RO-2020-009 Wagon out of gauge on freight train 2BW4, Main North rail line, New South Wales, on 16 June 202016 Jun 2020Final20 Jan 2021
RO-2020-004Level crossing collision between freight train 5KQ7 and a road coach at Norlane, Victoria on 2 April 202002 Apr 2020Final28 Jan 2021
RO-2019-016 Safeworking Irregularity, near Waterfall, NSW on 21 August 201921 Aug 2019Final02 Feb 2021
RO-2021-004Derailment of Pacific National freight train 4BM4, near Nana Glen, New South Wales, on 25 February 202125 Feb 2021PendingN/A
RO-2020-015Derailment of freight train 1221, near Lake Bathurst, New South Wales, on 24 August 202024 Aug 2020Discontinued05 Mar 2021
RO-2018-002Signal ME45 passed at danger involving suburban passenger train TP43 and near collision with another suburban passenger train, Bowen Hills, Queensland, on 10 January 201810 Jan 2018Final15 Apr 2021
RO-2019-007Pacific National grain train 5KC3 passing a series of signals passed at danger near Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, on 1 March 201901 Mar 2019Discontinued20 Apr 2021
RO-2020-006Near hit with rail worker by passenger train 283D Dora Creek, New South Wales on 9 May 202009 May 2020Final20 May 2021
RO-2021-001Rolling stock irregularity on train 3YN2 near Kiacatoo, New South Wales, on 6 January 202106 Jan 2021Final28 Jun 2021
RO-2021-008Speed restriction not applied allowing passenger train ST24 to overspeed, Harefield, NSW, 29 June 202129 Jun 2021PendingN/A
RO-2020-012Collision between out of gauge freight train 3WB3 and passenger train C181, Loftus, New South Wales, on 21 July 202021 Jul 2020Final20 Jul 2021
RO-2021-005Level crossing collision between passenger train and road vehicle, Wynnum West, Queensland on 26 February 2021 26 Feb 2021Pending05 Aug 2021
RO-2020-014Safeworking irregularity involving train 9261 Sellheim Station, Mount Isa Line, Queensland, on 28 July 202028 Jul 2020Final25 Aug 2021
RO-2021-007Collision between a light engine and a coal train at Westwood, Queensland, on 18 June 2021 18 Jun 2021Preliminary10 Sep 2021
RO-2021-010Collision with infrastructure involving freight train 8796 at Rockhampton, Queensland, on 17 September 202117 Sep 2021PendingN/A
RO-2020-018Derailment of SCT Logistics freight train 2PM9 near Koolyanobbing, Western Australia on 27 October 202027 Oct 2020Final07 Oct 2021
RO-2021-012Collision between passenger train C012 and a car near a level crossing, Kembla Grange, New South Wales, on 20 October 202120 Oct 2021PendingN/A
RO-2021-006Safeworking Breach of Road-Rail Vehicles Crystal Brook, South Australia, 10 June 2021.10 Jun 2021Final29 Oct 2021
RO-2021-013Derailment of coal train 9QJ5 near Mt Rainbow, on the Moura Line, Queensland, on 30 October 202130 Oct 2021PendingN/A
RO-2020-019Signal SST535 passed at danger involving passenger train 8239 and near collision with another passenger train Docklands, Melbourne, on 23 November 202023 Nov 2020Final07 Dec 2021
RO-2019-018Near hit with workers on track using Absolute Signal Blocking, Westmead, New South Wales, on 15 October 201915 Oct 2019Final20 Dec 2021
RO-2022-001Collision between banking locomotives and grain train 5446 near Werris Creek, NSW, on 6 January 2022 06 Jan 2022PendingN/A
RO-2022-002Derailment of freight train 6MB4, Bethungra, NSW, on 15 January 202215 Jan 2022PendingN/A
RO-2020-017Defective axle bearing leading to fire on passenger train SN68 Yerrinbool, New South Wales, on 13 October 202013 Oct 2020Final20 Jan 2022
RO-2020-008 Uncontrolled runaway and derailment of banking locomotives Kankool, New South Wales, on 3 June 2020 03 Jun 2020Final01 Feb 2022
RO-2022-003Derailment involving freight train Y279 near Traveston, Queensland, on 23 February 202223 Feb 2022Pending24 Feb 2022
RO-2018-018Runaway and derailment of loaded ore train M02712 Near the 211 km mark south of Port Hedland, Western Australia, on 5 November 201805 Nov 2018Final17 Mar 2022
RO-2022-004Derailment involving Qube freight train 5WB7 Casino, NSW, on 17 March 202217 Mar 2022PendingN/A
RO-2019-009 Signal DP29 passed at danger involving suburban passenger train DW17 and near collision with another suburban passenger train Park Road Station, Queensland, on 25 March 201925 Mar 2019Final29 Mar 2022
RO-2020-013Collision between coal trains MB526 and AH378 Kooragang, New South Wales, on 29 July 2020 29 Jul 2020Final04 Apr 2022
RO-2021-003Level crossing collision between freight train 2C74 and road-train truck Yarri Road, Parkeston, Western Australia, on 22 February 202122 Feb 2021Final05 Apr 2022
RO-2020-010Safeworking irregularity at Robinson Road level crossing, Midland, Western Australia, on 14 July 202014 Jul 2020Discontinued11 May 2022
RO-2020-016Train parting and subsequent lost wagons occupying an unprotected track section, involving freight train 3PG1, about 90 km west of Ivanhoe, NSW, on 2 October 202002 Oct 2020Discontinued11 May 2022
RO-2022-005Exceedance of temporary speed restriction by XPT train ST21 at Moreland, Victoria on 24 May 202224 May 2022PreliminaryN/A
RO-2022-006Derailment of freight train 2BS4 near Kyogle, NSW on 31 May 202231 May 2022PendingN/A
RO-2022-007Collision between passenger train and truck at Goornong, Victoria, on 13 July 202213 Jul 2022PreliminaryN/A
RO-2022-008Fatality involving a track-mounted excavator, Evandale, Tasmania, on 20 July 202220 Jul 2022PendingN/A
RO-2020-023Derailment of freight train 9281 near Charters Towers, Queensland, on 30 December 202030 Dec 2020Final09 Aug 2022
RO-2022-009Level crossing collision and derailment involving grain train 68A3 near Goondiwindi, Queensland, on 9 August 202209 Aug 2022PendingN/A
RO-2022-010Collision between Aurizon train 9M48 and Qube train 9277 at Oonoomurra, Queensland, on 17 August 202217 Aug 2022PendingN/A
RO-2022-011Fatality on locomotive of train 4MB9 near Cullerin, New South Wales, on 25 August 202225 Aug 2022PendingN/A
Total records: 300