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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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ME-2021-004Assistance to the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) investigation into the crew fatality onboard Star Planet off the coast of South Australia, on 4 June 202104 Jun 2021Final15 Sep 2021
MO-2021-004Fall from the pilot ladder on the bulk carrier Formosabulk Clement 5 NM east of Caloundra, QLD, 9 August 202109 Aug 2021PendingN/A
MO-2021-003Engine room fire on board MPV Everest, Southern Ocean, 5 April 202105 Apr 2021Preliminary19 May 2021
ME-2020-003Assistance to the Hong Kong Marine Accident Investigation Section (MAIS) investigation into the crew fatality onboard Luzon Strait while at anchor off Bunbury, Western Australia, on 11 December 202011 Dec 2020Final11 May 2021
346-MO-2018-011Fire on board Iron Chieftain, Port Kembla, New South Wales on 18 June 201818 Jun 2018Final11 May 2021
MO-2021-002Fire on board 'BBC Rhonetal' while berthed in Port Hedland on 25 March 202125 Mar 2021PendingN/A
MO-2021-001Grounding of Trinity Bay on Harrington Shoal, 19 January 2021 19 Jan 2021PendingN/A
351-MO-2020-002Loss of containers overboard involving APL England, 46 NM south-east of Sydney, New South Wales, on 24 May 2020 24 May 2020Pending28 Oct 2020
341-MO-2018-004Grounding of bulk carrier Bulk India, Dampier, Western Australia, on 11 March 201811 Mar 2018Final11 Sep 2020
MO-2019-007Collision with a tree involving the airboat Gale Force, Sweets Lagoon, Northern Territory, on 22 June 201922 Jun 2019Final26 Jun 2020
MO-2019-004Suspected engine room fire and passenger evacuation involving domestic commercial vessel Fitzroy Flyer, 13km ENE of Cairns, Queensland on 29 March 201929 Mar 2019Final24 Jun 2020
345-MO-2018-009Fatality in the elevator trunk on board OOCL Kuala Lumpur, 8.5 nautical miles south-east of Port Botany, New South Wales, on 3 June 201803 Jun 2018Final03 Jun 2020
350-MO-2020-001Collision between bulk carrier Accolade II and fishing vessel Sand Groper, off Port Adelaide, South Australia, on 29 February 202029 Feb 2020PendingN/A
344-MO-2018-008Loss of containers overboard involving YM Efficiency, 16 NM east-south-east of Newcastle, New South Wales, on 1 June 201801 Jun 2018Final13 Feb 2020
ME-2019-005Assistance to the Accident Investigation Board Norway investigation into the propulsion failure of Viking Sky, Hustadvika, Norway, on 23 March 201923 Mar 2019Final15 Jan 2020
MO-2017-010Grounding of bulk carrier Orient Centaur at Weipa, Queensland on 6 November 201706 Nov 2017Final14 Nov 2019
338-MO-2018-001Serious injury on board Berge Daisetsu, Portland, Victoria on 11 January 201811 Jan 2018Final30 Oct 2019
335-MO-2017-009Grounding of ABFC Roebuck Bay on Henry Reef, Queensland, on 30 September 201730 Sep 2017Final27 Jun 2019
343-MO-2018-006Contact with wharf by livestock carrier Angus Express at Broome, Western Australia on 20 April 201820 Apr 2018Final20 Mar 2019
328-MO-2017-001Fall from height and serious injuries to crewmembers on board Shanghai Spirit near Port Alma, Queensland, on 29 January 201729 Jan 2017Final21 Feb 2019
323-MO-2015-007Contact with wharf by Madang Coast, Townsville, Queensland, on 16 November 2015 16 Nov 2015Final19 Feb 2019
340-MO-2018-003Water ingress into steering gear compartment onboard the bulk carrier Goliath, Bass Strait, Tasmania, on 7 March 201807 Mar 2018Final25 Jan 2019
ME-2018-007Technical assistance to WA-DoT in the examination of electronic evidence from the yacht Finistere which capsized south of Perth, WA, on 24 February 201824 Feb 2018Final09 Jan 2019
342-MO-2018-005Grounding of the landing craft Lauren Hansen, Cape Keith, Melville Island, Northern Territory, on 11 April 201811 Apr 2018Final05 Oct 2018
330-MO-2017-002Near grounding of Aquadiva, Newcastle Harbour, NSW, on 12 February 201712 Feb 2017Final04 Sep 2018
MO-2018-002Collision between the container ship Beijing Bridge and fishing vessel Saxon Onward, Tasman Sea, about 3 NM south-east of Gabo Island, Victoria, on 23 January 201823 Jan 2018Final20 Jul 2018
MO-2017-007Collision between the container ship Glasgow Express and the fishing vessel Mako, off Cape Woolamai, Bass Strait, Victoria, on 12 August 201712 Aug 2017Final13 Jun 2018
320-MO-2015-003Collision between Jag Arnav and Total Response, off Bunbury, Western Australia on 23 June 201523 Jun 2015Final08 Jun 2018
337-MO-2017-011Fire on board the general cargo ship BBC Xingang, Newcastle, NSW, on 11 December 201711 Dec 2017Final25 May 2018
329-MO-2017-003Loss of propulsion on passenger cruise ship Norwegian Star, Bass Strait, near Cape Liptrap, Victoria on 10 February 201710 Feb 2017Final24 May 2018
MO-2017-005Collision between the tug Arafura Sea Delta and general cargo ship Thorco Crystal, Weipa Harbour, Qld. on 24 June 2017 24 Jun 2017Final06 Dec 2017
MO-2016-005Grounding of Bow Singapore, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria on 19 August 201619 Aug 2016Final05 Oct 2017
331-MO-2017-004Foundering of Venessa S, Cabbage Tree Island, New South Wales, on 20 June 201720 Jun 2017Final27 Sep 2017
334-MO-2017-008Grounding of domestic commercial vessel, The Big Duck, Granite Island, Victor Harbour, South Australia, on 15 August 201715 Aug 2017Discontinued07 Sep 2017
325-MO-2016-003Contact with navigation buoy, Navios Northern Star, Torres Strait, Qld on 15 March 201615 Mar 2016Final23 Jun 2017
MO-2016-001Breakaway of Spirit of Tasmania II at Station Pier, Port Melbourne, Victoria on 13 January 201613 Jan 2016Final11 May 2017
327-MO-2016-004Grounding of Searoad Mersey, near Grassy, King Island, Tasmania, on 30 October 201630 Oct 2016Final04 Apr 2017
322-MO-2015-005Fatality on board Skandi Pacific, off the Pilbara coast, Western Australia on 14 July 201514 Jul 2015Final23 Nov 2016
319-MO-2015-002Grounding of Maersk Garonne, Fremantle, WA on 28 February 201528 Feb 2015Final17 Oct 2016
ME-2015-006Technical assistance to AMSA in the examination of electronic evidence from the FV Returner which foundered near Karratha, WA in July 201514 Jul 2015Final06 Sep 2016
ME-2015-008 ATSB Assistance to the New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission - Sinking of the FV Jubilee, Canterbury Bight, New Zealand, 18 October 201518 Oct 2015Final16 May 2016
313-MO-2014-009Breakaway of Grand Pioneer and AAL Fremantle at Fremantle, WA on 17 August 201417 Aug 2014Final04 May 2016
312-MO-2014-008Engine room fire on board Marigold at Port Hedland, WA on 13 July 201413 Jul 2014Final20 Apr 2016
315-MO-2014-012Fire on board the livestock carrier Ocean Drover, Fremantle, WA on 9 October 201409 Oct 2014Final11 Mar 2016
314-MO-2014-011Man overboard fatality from Cape Splendor Port Hedland, WA on 6 October 201406 Oct 2014Final09 Feb 2016
321-MO-2015-004Man overboard from Hyundai Dangjin at Port Walcott, WA, on 10 July 2015 10 Jul 2015Final19 Jan 2016
308-MO-2014-003Collision between Royal Pescadores and Da Heng Shan at anchor, Gage Roads Anchorage, Fremantle, WA on 8 May 201408 May 2014Final13 Oct 2015
311-MO-2014-006Collision between Kota Wajar and the yacht Blazing Keel, Moreton Bay, Qld on 6 July 201406 Jul 2014Final30 Jul 2015
318-MO-2015-001Serious injury of two crew on Happy Buccaneer, Port Hedland, WA on 23 February 201523 Feb 2015Final23 Jun 2015
307-MO-2014-002Unintentional release of the freefall lifeboat from Aquarosa, Indian Ocean on 1 March 201401 Mar 2014Final20 May 2015
316-MO-2014-013Serious injury on board Northwest Stormpetrel at Dampier, WA on 8 November 2014 08 Nov 2014Final30 Mar 2015
317-MO-2014-014Contact with wharf by Big Glory at Cape Flattery, Qld on 20 November 201420 Nov 2014Final05 Mar 2015
306-MO-2014-001Serious injury on board the passenger ship Seven Seas Voyager while berthed in Sydney, NSW on 1 February 201401 Feb 2014Final23 Jan 2015
305-MO-2013-012Machinery failure on HC Rubina and subsequent contact with the wharf at Brisbane, Qld. on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013Final14 Nov 2014
310-MO-2014-005Serious injury of a crew member on board Julia N at Port Headland, WA on 28 June 201428 Jun 2014Final24 Sep 2014
304-MO-2013-011Grounding of Bosphorus in the Brisbane River, Qld on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013Final22 Sep 2014
309-MO-2014-004Stevedore fatality on board Tasmanian Achiever at Webb Dock, Melbourne, Vic on 20 May 201420 May 2014Final02 Sep 2014
ME-2014-007Fatigue assessment report: Assistance to TAIC New Zealand for the grounding of Rena on Astrolabe Reef on 5 October 201105 Oct 2011Final01 Sep 2014
303-MO-2013-010Crew member fatality on board, Toucan Arrow, Portland, Vic. on 7 October 201307 Oct 2013Final16 Jun 2014
297-MO-2013-003Fatality on board the motor yacht Calliope, Rozelle Bay, NSW, 8 February 201308 Feb 2013Final12 May 2014
300-MO-2013-007Fall from the pilot ladder on the bulk carrier Atlantic Princess, Whyalla, South Australia on 3 July 201303 Jul 2013Final09 May 2014
298-MO-2013-004Cargo shift on board the general cargo ship Mellum Trader off Broome, WA on 26 February 201326 Feb 2013Discontinued05 May 2014
301-MO-2013-008Fall from the pilot ladder on board the chemical tanker Golden Concord, Goods Island, Torres Strait, Qld on 4 July 201304 Jul 2013Final20 Mar 2014
299-MO-2013-005Crew member fatality on board the bulk carrier Nireas while at anchor off Gladstone, Queensland on 20 March 201320 Mar 2013Final04 Mar 2014
295-MO-2012-006Collision between the bulk carrier Furness Melbourne and the private yacht Riga II, north of Bowen, Qld on 26 May 201226 May 2012Final12 Dec 2013
302-MO-2013-009Serious injury of a crew member on board Mell Selarang Port of Townsville Qld, 20 August 201320 Aug 2013Final04 Nov 2013
237-MO-2007-237Collision between the boat Norma Jean and the barge Seatow 61 off Carnarvon, WA, 18 March 200718 Mar 2007Final03 Oct 2013
294-MO-2012-005Breakdown and subsequent drift towards danger of the bulk carrier ID Integrity, Coral Sea, 18 to 23 May 201217 May 2012Final22 Aug 2013
296-MO-2012-010Stevedore fatality on board the general cargo ship Weaver Arrow at Newcastle, NSW, 23 September 201223 Sep 2012Final04 Jun 2013
ME-2012-009Technical assistance to the Office of Transport Safety Investigation (NSW) in the analysis of positional information - close quarters event off Bradley Head, Sydney Harbour NSW on 25 July 201225 Jul 2012Final24 May 2013
292-MO-2012-001Foundering of the general cargo ship Tycoon, Christmas Island, 8 January 201208 Jan 2012Final23 May 2013
ME-2012-011Technical assistance to the Indonesian NTSC in the analysis of voyage data recorder (VDR) data from the MT Norgas Cathinka, following collision with ferry Bahuga Jaya, 26 September 201226 Sep 2012Final29 Apr 2013
291-MO-2011-011Fatality while storing the products tanker British Beech in Brisbane, Queensland on 15 December 201115 Dec 2011Final07 Mar 2013
286-MO-2011-005Capsize of the Australian registered tug Adonis at Gladstone, Qld, 11 June 201111 Jun 2011Final08 Feb 2013
290-MO-2011-010Man overboard fatality from the container ship MSC Siena, off Fremantle, WA on 17 November 201117 Nov 2011Final05 Feb 2013
282-MI-2010-011Safety issue investigation into Queensland Coastal Pilotage16 Dec 2010Final24 Oct 2012
283-MO-2011-001Thermal oil heater explosion on board the products tanker Qian Chi at Brisbane, Queensland 16 January 201116 Jan 2011Final05 Oct 2012
279-MO-2010-008Collision between the Liberian registered bulk carrier Grand Rodosi and the Australian registered fishing vessel Apollo S in Port Lincoln, SA on 8 October 201008 Oct 2010Final13 Sep 2012
285-MO-2011-004Grounding of the Panama registered bulk carrier Dumun at Gladstone, Queensland, on 29 April 201129 Apr 2011Final30 Jul 2012
ME-2012-008Investigation into the man overboard from the bulk carrier Blue Wave on 8 July 201208 Jul 2012Final17 Jul 2012
MT-2012-003PNG assistance - Investigation into the foundering of the Papua New Guinea registered passenger ferry Rabaul Queen, northeast of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea on 2 February 201202 Feb 2012Final28 Jun 2012
293-MO-2012-002Cargo hold fire on board BBC Baltic at Port Hedland, Western Australia, 26 January 201226 Jan 2012Final28 Jun 2012
288-MO-2011-007Independent investigation into the serious crew member injury on board the Panamanian registered bulk carrier Universal Gloria, at sea off Eden, NSW on 11 October 201111 Oct 2011Final05 Apr 2012
289-MO-2011-009Steering gear breakdown on board the New Zealand registered tug Tuahine off Queensland, on 31 October 201131 Oct 2011Final13 Mar 2012
ME-2011-008Shark Island - Man overboard04 Oct 2011Final19 Dec 2011
273-MO-2010-002Independent investigation into the stevedore fatality on board the Antigua and Barbuda registered container ship Vega Gotland at Port Botany, New South Wales on 28 March 201028 Mar 2010Final19 Dec 2011
287-MO-2011-006Serious crew member injury on board Spirit of Tasmania I, 17 September 201117 Sep 2011Final24 Nov 2011
278-MO-2010-007Independent investigation into the loss of cargo from the Panamian registered multi-purpose/general cargo ship Mimasaka off Coffs Harbour, NSW, on 4 October 201004 Oct 2010Final14 Nov 2011
284-MO-2011-002Crew member fatality following a fall on board the bulk carrier Hanjin Sydney at sea 2 February 201102 Feb 2011Final02 Aug 2011
275-MO-2010-004Independent investigation into the fast rescue boat incident on board the Isle of Man registered liquefied natural gas tanker British Sapphire off Darwin, Northern Territory on 16 May 201016 May 2010Final27 Jul 2011
281-MO-2010-010Independent investigation into the crew member fatality on board the bulk carrier Polska Walczaca at sea off Queensland on 15 November 201015 Nov 2010Final19 Jul 2011
277-MO-2010-006Independent investigation into the collision between the Singaporean registered offshore supply vessel Far Swan and the barge Miclyn 131 at Dampier, WA on 6 October 201006 Oct 2010Final18 Jul 2011
280-MO-2010-009Grounding of the container ship MSC Basel in Moreton Bay, Queensland 1 November 201001 Nov 2010Final04 May 2011
274-MO-2010-003Independent investigation into the grounding of the Chinese registered bulk carrier Shen Neng 1 at Douglas Shoal, Queensland on 3 April 201003 Apr 2010Final14 Apr 2011
276-MO-2010-005Fatality at sea on board the Liberian registered multipurpose ship Cape Darnley on 8 July 201008 Jul 2010Final17 Feb 2011
263-MO-2009-002Independent investigation into the loss of containers from Pacific Adventurer off Cape Moreton, Queensland, 11 March 200911 Mar 2009Final27 Jan 2011
272-MO-2010-001Independent investigation into the engine room fire on board the Australian registered bulk carrier River Embley off Gladstone, Queensland, on 16 February 201016 Feb 2010Final25 Jan 2011
271-MO-2009-011Independent investigation into the engine room fire on board the Liberian registered container ship Maersk Duffield in Moreton Bay, Queensland on 10 December 200910 Dec 2009Final17 Dec 2010
262-MO-2009-001Independent investigation into the grounding of the Hong Kong registered products tanker Atlantic Blue at Kirkcaldie Reef in the Torres Strait on 7 February 200907 Feb 2009Final16 Dec 2010
269-MO-2009-009Independent investigation into the steering gear compartment fire on board the Marshall Islands registered anchor handling tug Petra Frontier at sea off Darwin, NT on 28 September 2009.28 Sep 2009Final14 Dec 2010
266-MO-2009-005Serious injury on board United Treasure off Port Kembla, New South Wales on 7 July 200907 Jul 2009Final17 Nov 2010
270-MO-2009-010Independent investigation into the fatality on board the Hong Kong registered chemical tanker Bow De Jin at sea on 24 November 200924 Nov 2009Final10 Nov 2010
261-MO-2008-013Independent investigation into the fatality on board the Australian registered floating storage and offloading tanker Karratha Spirit, off Dampier, Western Australia, 24 December 200824 Dec 2008Final28 Sep 2010
267-ME-2009-006Independent investigation into the loss of the Fiji registered vehicular passenger ferry Princess Ashika in Tonga on 5 August 200905 Aug 2009Final29 Jun 2010
268-MO-2009-008Collision between Silver Yang and Ella’s Pink Lady off Point Lookout, Queensland, 9 September 200909 Sep 2009Final15 Jun 2010
260-MO-2008-012Independent investigation into the rupture of a submarine gas pipeline by the Hong Kong registered container ship APL Sydney in Port Phillip, Victoria on 13 December 200813 Dec 2008Final27 Apr 2010
259-MO-2008-011Independent investigation into the fatal injury on board the Maltese registered container ship Spirit of Esperance in Townsville, Queensland on 24 November 200824 Nov 2008Final14 Apr 2010
251-MO-2008-003Independent investigation into the drifting and subsequent grounding of the Sierra Leone registered products tanker Breakthrough at the Cocos (Keeling) Islands on 12 February 2008.12 Feb 2008Final09 Apr 2010
264-MO-2009-003Collision between F & K and Jolly Roger off Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory 16 April 200916 Apr 2009Final16 Mar 2010
265-MO-2009-004Fatality on board Thor Gitta at sea off Western Australia, 21 May 200921 May 2009Final16 Dec 2009
258-MO-2008-010Auxiliary boiler explosion on board Saldanha off Newcastle, 18 November 200818 Nov 2008Final22 Oct 2009
256-MO-2008-008Independent investigation into the grounding of the Isle of Man registered bulk carrier Iron King at Port Hedland, Western Australia, on 31 July 200831 Jul 2008Final13 Oct 2009
257-MO-2008-009Engine room flooding on board Great Majesty in Port Kembla, New South Wales, 27 October 200827 Oct 2008Final29 Sep 2009
222-MO-2009-007Second supplement to the independent investigation into the loss of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs vessel Malu Sara in Torres Strait, Queensland on 15 October 200515 Oct 2005Final24 Sep 2009
249-MO-2008-001Independent investigation into the collision between the Australian registered fishing vessel Allena and the Antigua and Barbuda registered container ship Northern Fortune off Bowen, Queensland on 21 January 200821 Jan 2008Final03 Jun 2009
255-MO-2008-007Independent investigation into the grounding of the Greek registered bulk carrier Atlantic Eagle at Maude Reef, off Albany, Western Australia on 15 July 200815 Jul 2008Final21 May 2009
254-MO-2008-006Independent investigation into the grounding of the Antigua and Barbuda registered container ship Francoise Gilot in Port Phillip, Victoria on 9 May 200809 May 2008Final20 May 2009
253-MO-2008-004Independent investigation into the engine room fire on board the Marshall Islands registered container ship MSC Lugano off Esperance, Western Australia, on 31 March 2008.31 Mar 2008Final05 Feb 2009
241Independent investigation into the grounding of the Antigua and Barbuda registered bulk carrier Enterprise at Grassy Harbour, King Island, Tasmania on 10 May 2007 10 May 2007Final27 Jan 2009
252-MO-2008-005Independent investigation into the grounding of the Marshall Islands registered passenger ship Van Gogh at Devonport, Tasmania on 23 February 200823 Feb 2008Final07 Nov 2008
246Man overboard fatality from the research survey ship Geosounder, 25 August 200725 Aug 2007Final06 Nov 2008
247Collision between the South Korean registered LPG carrier Namhae Gas and the Australian fishing vessel Rexandra30 Nov 2007Final25 Sep 2008
248Independent investigation into the grounding of the Australian registered bulk carrier Endeavour River at Gladstone, Queensland, on 2 December 200702 Dec 2007Final03 Sep 2008
242Independent investigation into the near collision between the bulk carrier Ormiston and the roll-on/roll-off general cargo ship Searoad Mersey in Port Phillip, Victoria on 16 May 200716 May 2007Final23 Jul 2008
250-MO-2008-002Independent investigation into the cargo hold fire on board the Chinese registered bulk carrier Jin Hui on 25 January 200825 Jan 2008Final26 Jun 2008
236Independent investigation into the engine room fire on board the Bahamas registered general cargo ship Baltimar Boreas off Newcastle, New South Wales09 Feb 2007Final25 Jun 2008
232Independent investigation into the breakaway and grounding of the Hong Kong registered bulk carrier Creciente at Port Hedland, Western Australia on 12 September 200612 Sep 2006Final05 Jun 2008
245Independent investigation into the fire on board the Antigua and Barbuda registered general cargo ship BBC Islander while anchored off Dampier, Western Australia, on 14 August 200714 Aug 2007Final28 May 2008
243Independent investigation into the grounding of the Panamanian registered bulk carrier Pasha Bulker on Nobbys Beach, Newcastle, New South Wales on 8 June 200708 Jun 2007Final23 May 2008
244Independent investigation into the crew member fatality on board the bulk carrier Oceanic Angel on 8 August 200708 Aug 2007Final31 Jan 2008
240Collision between the Panamanian registered bulk carrier Silky Ocean and the Australian fv Peter Crombie23 Apr 2007Final20 Dec 2007
229Independent investigation into the main engine failure on board the self discharging bulk carrier Enterprise in Bass Strait on 10 July 2006.10 Jul 2006Final20 Nov 2007
228Independent investigation into the leakage of dangerous goods on board the Liberian registered container ship, Kota Pahlawan off the coast of Australia on 16 June 200616 Jun 2006Final20 Nov 2007
238Independent investigation into the boiler explosions on board the Panamanian registered bulk carrier Shirane, off Newcastle, New South Wales, 2 April 200702 Apr 2007Final16 Nov 2007
239Crew member seriously burned by steam on board MSC Sonia, alongside Swanson Dock, Melbourne, VIC, 10 April 200710 Apr 2007Final27 Sep 2007
234Independent investigation into the engine room fire on board the French Antarctic supply ship L’Astrolabe in the Southern Ocean, south of Hobart, Tasmania 11 November 200611 Nov 2006Final29 Jun 2007
220Independent investigation into the fires on board the Panamanian registered accommodation platform Safe Concordia in Bass Strait, Victoria; 12 and 18 September 200512 Sep 2005Final29 Jun 2007
235Crew member fatality on board British Mallard while berthed in Kwinana, WA27 Jan 2007Final22 Jun 2007
204Knockdown, Windeward Bound, off Gabo Island, Victoria03 Jun 2004Final15 Jun 2007
233Oxy-acetylene system fire on board Searoad Mersey22 Sep 2006Final02 Apr 2007
223Grounding of oil tanker Desh Rakshak, Port Phillip, Victoria04 Jan 2006Final02 Apr 2007
231Grounding of the offshore tug/supply Massive Tide29 Aug 2006Final16 Mar 2007
227Grounding of Crimson Mars, River Tamar, Tasmania01 May 2006Final16 Mar 2007
226Hawser failure and manoeuvring difficulties on Dampier Spirit06 Apr 2006Final20 Feb 2007
215Engine room fire on board Java Sea24 May 2005Final20 Feb 2007
225Crew member fatality on board passenger vessel Pacific Sun05 Feb 2006Final22 Dec 2006
230Crew member fatality on board Probo Bear - Port of Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory10 Apr 2006Final14 Dec 2006
207Grounding of the ship Mellum in the port of Thevenard28 Sep 2004Final10 Nov 2006
224Collision between Global Peace and Tom Tough24 Jan 2006Final06 Sep 2006
191Equipment failure on board Australian registered bulk carrier Goliath12 Feb 2003Final21 Jun 2006
186Equipment failure on board Australian registered bulk carrier Goliath22 Sep 2002Final21 Jun 2006
221Serious injury to a crew member on board River Embley14 Oct 2005Final14 Jun 2006
222Loss of the DIMIA vessel Malu Sara in Torres Strait Queensland15 Oct 2005Final19 May 2006
209Fatality and lifeboat accident on Antarctic support vessel L'Astrolabe27 Jan 2005Final27 Mar 2006
219Sail training ship groundings Leeuwin II16 Nov 2005Final13 Mar 2006
217Sail training ship groundings Leeuwin II22 Jun 2005Final13 Mar 2006
218Engine room workshop fire on board bulk carrier Opal Naree15 Sep 2005Final07 Mar 2006
210Collision between bulk carrier Goa and sailing vessel Marie Chocolat19 Feb 2005Final10 Feb 2006
208Lifeboat accident and fatalities - Lowlands Grace07 Oct 2004Final09 Feb 2006
212Crew member burnt on board Hui Shun Hai21 Apr 2005Final09 Jan 2006
216Collision between Pilsum and China Steel Growth24 Jun 2005Final14 Dec 2005
213Crew member fatality on board Probo Panda11 May 2005Final16 Nov 2005
214Fatality aboard Golden Bell Dampier WA 16 May 200515 May 2005Final10 Nov 2005
211Collision between bulk carrier Spartia and FV Hannah Lee15 Apr 2005Final21 Sep 2005
171Equipment failure aboard Maersk Tacoma08 Aug 2001Final15 Jun 2005
206Crew fatality and injury aboard Aotearoa Chief14 Aug 2004Final02 Jun 2005
203Collision between FV Ocean Odyssey and Taranaki29 Jun 2004Final02 Jun 2005
205Grounding of the passenger vessel True North07 Aug 2004Final03 May 2005
202Engine room flooding on Harmonic Progress16 Apr 2004Final30 Mar 2005
195Collision between Asian Nova and FV Sassenach29 May 2003Final30 Mar 2005
190Grounding of cargo ship Tauranga Chief17 Jan 2003Final08 Feb 2005
193Equipment failure aboard Searoad Mersey21 Mar 2003Final24 Dec 2004
198Lifeboat accident on board Port Arthur20 Oct 2003Final07 Dec 2004
196Collision involving bulk carrier Lancelot and fv Jenabar21 Aug 2003Final27 Sep 2004
200Grounding of the Bahamas passenger ship Astor26 Feb 2004Final25 Aug 2004
197Crew member injury and fatality on board Pacific Wisdom07 Sep 2003Final30 Jun 2004
192Grounding of the Liberian flag bulk carrier Pactrader01 Mar 2003Final30 Jun 2004
188Lifeboat incident on board Hong Kong flag bulk carrier Ma Cho09 Dec 2002Final30 Jun 2004
176Grounding of the Panama registered bulk carrier La Pampa27 Mar 2002Final30 Jun 2004
201Fatality during cargo hold repairs on board Yu Long Shan11 Mar 2004Final15 Jun 2004
199Collision between Bunga Orkid Tiga and Stella VII05 Jan 2004Final15 Jun 2004
194Engineers burned by boiler explosions on board Medi Monaco17 May 2003Final03 May 2004
159Collision between Star Sea Bridgeand fv Sue M21 Jun 2000Final26 Feb 2004
184Grounding of the Korean flag bulk carrier Hanjin Dampier25 Aug 2002Final22 Dec 2003
177Collision involving Forum Samoa II and Seabreeze II11 Apr 2002Final22 Dec 2003
185Loss of the NSW registered fishing vessel Tamara01 Sep 2002Final09 Dec 2003
183Fire in the hold of the general cargo vessel Marion Green28 Jul 2002Final09 Dec 2003
189Engine room fatality on Golden Bridge en route to Newcastle10 Dec 2002Final30 Sep 2003
182Grounding of the Greek registered ship Doric Chariot29 Jul 2002Final25 Sep 2003
170Disabling of the general cargo vessel ANL Purpose06 Aug 2001Final05 Sep 2003
180Fatality while sailing from Dampier Taharoa Express11 Jul 2002Final26 Aug 2003
172Fire on board Captain Aysuna en route to Tasmania08 Oct 2001Final26 Aug 2003
181Grounding of the container ship ANL Excellence19 Jul 2002Final19 May 2003
179Fatality aboard Western Muse19 Jun 2002Final01 May 2003
169Grounding of the Kerguelen Islands (French) registered Mirande28 Jun 2001Final31 Mar 2003
178SA Fortius contact with the number two coal loader at Pt Kembla15 Apr 2002Final18 Mar 2003
175serious injury to a crew member on board CSL Pacific18 Feb 2002Final17 Feb 2003
164Lifeboat incident on board bulk carrier Alianthos24 Jan 2001Final10 Jan 2003
160Lifeboat incident on board Washington Trader06 Aug 2000Final10 Jan 2003
167Grounding of bulk carrier Devprayag21 Apr 2001Final26 Nov 2002
187Wharf contact by Sofrana Magellan01 Nov 2002FinalN/A
174Ballast tank explosion and fatalities on board Nego Kim18 Nov 2001Final22 Oct 2002
166Grounding of the British flag passenger ship Regal Princess16 Mar 2001Final13 Sep 2002
165Ffire and muster of the passengers aboard the Spirit of Tasmania23 Feb 2001Final12 Sep 2002
173Lifeboat accident and injury to crew aboard Cape Kestrel12 Oct 2001Final27 Aug 2002
168Contact by the Russian flag container ship Maksim Mikhaylov21 Apr 2001Final19 Jul 2002
163Collision between cargo vessel Handymariner and fv Lipari18 Jan 2001Final12 Jul 2002
161Grounding of the Australian flag training vessel Wyuna19 Oct 2000Final27 Mar 2002
156Collision between Silver Bin and Chinderah Star25 Mar 2000Final14 Jan 2002
155Collision involving the vessel Hai Teng and fv Chester19 Mar 2000Final20 Dec 2001
158Grounding of the Kuwaiti flag product tanker Al Deerah30 Apr 2000Final02 Sep 2001
154Collision between Barents Sea and Sea Wasp09 Feb 2000Final27 Jul 2001
150Shift of cargo aboard the general cargo vessel Sun Breeze21 Aug 1999Final07 Jun 2001
152Steering gear failure on the Australian flag motor Warden Point10 Nov 1999Final04 Jun 2001
162Grounding of the container ship Bunga Teratai Satu02 Nov 2000Final31 May 2001
151Collision involving Craig The Pioneer and fv May Bell II09 Oct 1999Final28 Feb 2001
153Collision between Ariake and Redcliffe24 Jan 2000Final18 Jan 2001
157Contact between the Maltese flag bulk cargo vessel Amarantos10 Apr 2000Final18 Dec 2000
145Lifeboat accident and injury to crew aboard Waddens15 Feb 1999Final30 Oct 2000
148Shift of cargo on board Padang Hawk28 Jul 1999Final13 Sep 2000
146Near collision involving Olympic Symphony and an anchored vessel28 Apr 1999Final09 Jun 2000
138Grounding of the off-shore support vessel Britoil 2218 Nov 1998Final09 May 2000
142Fire aboard the Australian flag oil tanker Tasman19 Dec 1998Final31 Mar 2000
149Release of oil from the Italian flag motor tanker Laura D'amato04 Aug 1999Final24 Feb 2000
143Engine room fire on board Aurora Australis14 Jan 1999Final17 Feb 2000
144Collision involving Cemtex General and fv Tina02 Feb 1999Final17 Dec 1999
147Grounding of the Panama flag general cargo ship New Reach17 May 1999Final11 Nov 1999
141Contact damage sustained bulk carrier MV Claudia16 Dec 1998Final11 Oct 1999
140Grounding of the Australian flag bulk carrier Iron Spencer03 Dec 1998Final30 Aug 1999
139Grounding of the livestock carrier Norvantes19 Nov 1998Final26 Jul 1999
137Fire aboard oil tanker Helix10 Nov 1998Final01 Jul 1999
135Engine room fire on board the Aurora Australis22 Jul 1998Final28 Jun 1999
136Grounding of the bulk carrier Fitzroy River25 Aug 1998Final15 Jun 1999
122Switchboard fire aboard Goliath23 Aug 1997Final18 May 1999
132Collision between Barrington and the tug Austral Salvor27 Apr 1998Final27 Jan 1999
133Fire in the engine room aboard Leonardo Da Vinci11 Jun 1998Final20 Jan 1999
134Contact between MSC Katie and P&O Nedlloyd Sydney18 Jun 1998Final22 Dec 1998
131Collision between Eternal Wind and fv Melina T05 Apr 1998Final22 Dec 1998
121Fire on board Ming Mercy07 Aug 1997Final16 Dec 1998
130Lifeboat incident & injury to crew aboard City of Burnie15 Mar 1998Final22 Sep 1998
128Lifeboat injury to a crew member aboard Maresk Pomor02 Jan 1998Final19 Aug 1998
114Injury aboard the tug Wambiri13 Apr 1997Final15 Aug 1998
126Grounding of the cargo vessel Pine Trust Shark Bay, WA, 6 August 199713 Oct 1997Final06 Aug 1998
120Grounding of the bulk carrier Dakshineshwar12 Jul 1997Final08 Jul 1998
123Collision between River Yarra and the tug W J Trotter31 Aug 1997Final28 Jun 1998
129Caraboa 1 contact with jetty and four moored vessels14 Jan 1998Final26 Jun 1998
124Grounding of the container ship Nol Crystal26 Sep 1997Final19 Jun 1998
99Death of the Master on board Arktis Grace12 Oct 1996Final01 Jun 1998
127Grounding of the Container ship Nol Amber01 Nov 1997Final15 May 1998
125Collision between fv Teresa and Atlantis Two28 Sep 1997Final30 Apr 1998
119Grounding of the bulk carrier Thebes11 Jun 1997Final09 Apr 1998
110Structural failure of a cargo crane on the vessel Lodz 207 Mar 1997Final09 Apr 1998
113Damage sustained to the tanker Osco Star during cyclone Justin09 Mar 1997Final19 Mar 1998
116Collision between fv Exterminator and Unisina25 Apr 1997Final13 Mar 1998
117Contact with a submerged obstruction Taio Frontier06 May 1997Final27 Feb 1998
107Grounding of the Tassos N10 Jan 1997Final20 Feb 1998
118Grounding of the bulk carrier Western Winner08 May 1997Final13 Jan 1998
109Helicopter crash during marine pilot transfer to Cape Arnham25 Feb 1997Final23 Dec 1997
108Fatality on board Clipper Kawa22 Feb 1997Final28 Oct 1997
101Cargo hold bulkhead failure Giga 206 Nov 1996Final15 Oct 1997
111Grounding of the Aikaterini L13 Mar 1997Final24 Sep 1997
105Fall from aloft aboard the Concordia06 Dec 1996Final03 Sep 1997
112Collision between River Embley and the HMAS Fremantle13 Mar 1997Final11 Aug 1997
106Collision between Gumbet and the fv Moonshot13 Dec 1996Final01 Aug 1997
104Collision between fv Ester and a bulk carrier26 Nov 1996Final21 Jul 1997
102Collision between Coulmbus Victoria and Sampet Hope17 Nov 1996Final27 Jun 1997
96Grounding of the Niaga 4609 Aug 1996Final16 Jun 1997
100Grounding of the Karin B19 Oct 1996Final26 May 1997
103Collision between Maresk Tapah and the fv Nimbus26 Nov 1996Final09 May 1997
98Collision between fv Galaxy and Adam Tenggiri06 Sep 1996Final09 May 1997
93Fall from aloft aboard the STS Leeuwin12 Jun 1996Final05 May 1997
115Fatality on board Blue Fin18 Apr 1997FinalN/A
97Fatality aboard the Matilda Bay17 Aug 1996Final28 Feb 1997
95Grounding of the Panamanian flag Peacock18 Jul 1996Final14 Feb 1997
94Collision between River Embley and the fv Bronze Wing10 Jul 1996Final23 Jan 1997
92Fire aboard the bulk carrier Docebay14 May 1996Final17 Jan 1997
89Fire aboard the U.S. flag seismic research vessel Casey Chouest31 Jan 1996Final05 Dec 1996
91Collision between Bogasari Dua and Midas05 Mar 1996Final21 Oct 1996
90Contact with “Old Man Rock”, Darwin Harbour by Carabo 1 21 January 199626 Jan 1996Final30 Sep 1996
88Collision between an unidentified trading ship and fv Jay Dee01 Jan 1996Final30 Aug 1996
87Grounding of Singaporean bulk carrier Sea Crane02 Dec 1995Final26 Jun 1996
86Contact between New Noble and Goonzaran23 Nov 1995Final31 May 1996
85Boiler fire aboard the livestock carrier Mawash AL Gasseem09 Sep 1995Final01 May 1996
84Capsize of the landing barge Keppel Trader07 Aug 1995Final16 Feb 1996
82Grounding of the Danish ship Svendborg Guardian24 Jun 1995Final22 Dec 1995
80Grounding in Newcastle Harbour by River Torrens01 Jun 1995Final11 Dec 1995
83Grounding of Iron Baron on Hebe Reef10 Jul 1995Final05 Dec 1995
81Collision of Iron Prince with fv Pices17 Jun 1995Final31 Oct 1995
78Grounding of Bulkazores due to tropical cyclone Bobby24 Feb 1995Final18 Oct 1995
75Grounding of Conus in Platypus Channel12 Jan 1995Final10 Oct 1995
76Serious incident to a crew member aboard Far Sword24 Jan 1995Final19 Sep 1995
70Grounding of Cape Grafton02 Jun 1994Final23 Aug 1995
79Grounding of the Container ship Carola09 Mar 1995Final31 Jul 1995
77Engine room fire aboard the tanker Team Heina03 Feb 1995Final31 Jul 1995
69Capsize of Provincial Trader while in tow 01 May 1994Final20 Jun 1995
73Contact with pier by bulk carrier Chennai Nermai01 Oct 1994Final24 May 1995
74Near grounding of M Nuri Cerrahoglu in Great Barrier Reef01 Oct 1994Final16 May 1995
68Engine room fire on board the ro-ro vessel Union Rotoma19 Apr 1994Final05 May 1995
72Grounding of Kapitan Serykh in Port Botany29 Sep 1994Final13 Mar 1995
71Lifeboat incident and injury on board Kayax09 Aug 1994Final08 Feb 1995
67Fatality on board Australian Achiever03 Mar 1994Final30 Jan 1995
61Fire on board the Union Rotorua29 Dec 1993Final11 Jan 1995
64Collision between AM Vella and Searoad Mersey31 Jan 1994Final20 Dec 1994
63Structural failure of fuel tanks aboard Osco Star19 Jan 1994Final30 Nov 1994
65Grounding of Searoad Mersey at northern end of Omagh reef14 Feb 1994Final22 Nov 1994
62Fatality aboard the off-shore supply vessel Shelf Supporter29 Dec 1993Final22 Sep 1994
66Sinking of the off-shore supply vessel Boa Force24 Feb 1994Final02 Sep 1994
60Structural damage on board Osco Star11 Dec 1993Final08 Aug 1994
58Injury on board the offshore supply vessel Pacific Commander01 Nov 1993Final08 Aug 1994
51Grounding of fv Oji Maru06 Apr 1993Final08 Aug 1994
59Close quaters between Blossom Forever and Pearl Prosperity02 Nov 1993Final30 Jun 1994
52Grounding of the bulk carrier Malinska28 Apr 1993Final22 Jun 1994
57Fire on board general the cargo vessel Iron Flinders26 Sep 1993Final08 Apr 1994
56Fatality on board the off-shore supply ship Maersk Runner28 Jul 1993Final08 Apr 1994
49Collision between fv Rhonda Lene and Fareast03 Dec 1992Final08 Apr 1994
55Grounding of Oppama Spirit12 May 1993Final10 Dec 1993
53Grounding of container ship Berlin Express02 May 1993Final17 Nov 1993
50Capsize of the crane barge Titan25 Dec 1992Final18 Oct 1993
54Collision between yacht Libra and an unidentified ship09 Sep 1992Final06 Oct 1993
47Failure of the emergency steering system on board Pierre LD21 Nov 1992Final30 Sep 1993
46Fire on board the tanker Australian Achiever01 Nov 1992Final20 Aug 1993
40Fatality on board Searoad Mersey 27 Mar 1992Final20 Aug 1993
42Fatality on board the livestock carrier Zebu Express22 Jul 1991Final20 Aug 1993
45Loss of Daeyang Honey en route to Mizushima, Japan23 Oct 1992Final17 Jun 1993
41Collision between Longevity and yacht Blue Goose of Arne02 Apr 1992Final17 Jun 1993
48Grounding of training ship Wyuna01 Dec 1992Final10 Jun 1993
44Collision between Australian yacht Champers and unknown vessel01 Sep 1992Final10 Jun 1993
38Fire on board fv Northern L30 Nov 1991Final11 May 1993
43Grounding of seismic operations vessel Rig Seismic15 Apr 1992Final13 Oct 1992
39Grounding of the Daishowa Maru11 Feb 1992Final05 Oct 1992
37Grounding of the Australian flag TNT Carpentaria04 Oct 1991Final24 Aug 1992
35Collision between Khudozhnik Ioganson and the fv Zodiac03 Sep 1991Final04 Aug 1992
31Collision between Jin Shan Hai and the fv Kekenni01 Jul 1991Final28 Jul 1992
36Grounding of the motor tanker Jovian Loop09 Sep 1991Final08 Jul 1992
34Sinking of the bulk carrier Melete24 Aug 1991Final09 Jun 1992
32Loss of Manila Transporter en route to Port Talbot, Wales07 Aug 1991Final06 May 1992
33Loss of Greek registered oil tanker Kirki en route to Kwinana21 Jul 1991Final02 Apr 1992
30Fire in the recreation room on board Arthur Phillip05 May 1991Final16 Jan 1992
29Loss of all hands on board Mineral Diamond17 Apr 1991Final01 Nov 1991
28Foundering of Starfish outside Port Louis, Maritius08 Apr 1991Final01 Nov 1991
27Grounding of bulk carrier Sanko Harvest14 Feb 1991Final01 Nov 1991
25Collision between fv Tammy-R & bulk carrier Metal Trader19 Apr 1990Final01 Aug 1991
26Collision between Iron Kembla and fv Kasuga Maru21 Feb 1990Final01 Oct 1990
24Loss of life at sea onboad Alexandre-P14 Mar 1990Final01 Aug 1990
23Grounding of Cypriot flag Kouris on Cronulla Beach25 Jul 1989Final01 Nov 1989
21Grounding of Leichhardt in Torres Strait03 Dec 1987Final01 Dec 1988
22Loss of life at sea on board Singa Sea03 Jul 1988Final01 Nov 1988
20Grounding of the Nella Dan at Macquarie Island, Buckle Bay03 Dec 1987Final01 Apr 1988
19Grounding of Australian flag bulk carrier River Embley09 May 1987Final01 Jan 1988
18Grounding of the cargo vessel Ruca Challenge on Piper Reef21 Apr 1987Final01 Jul 1987
17Collision between fv Naomi Maru and Great Brisbane25 Mar 1987Final01 Jul 1987
16Grounding of Mobil Endeavour in the Torres Strait24 Jul 1986Final01 Mar 1987
15Loss of life on the cargo ship Gabriella14 Aug 1986Final01 Feb 1987
14Grounding of Alam Indah in the Great Barrier Reef02 Sep 1986Final01 Jan 1987
13Grounding of the Jhansi Ki Rani on Frederick Reef26 Apr 1986Final01 Oct 1986
12Collision of Lysaght Endeavour with yacht Grunter16 Dec 1985Final01 Jun 1986
11Grounding of Maritime Gardenia on Alert Patches, Torres Strait18 Aug 1985Final01 Feb 1986
10Collision between Iron Cumberland and the fv Saltfiord06 Jul 1985Final01 Jan 1986
9Collision between cargo vessel River Boyne & fv Babirusa20 Jun 1985Final01 Dec 1985
8Grounding of TNT Alltrans in the Great Barrier Reef25 Mar 1985Final01 Sep 1985
3Loss of tow and foundering of Key Biscayne off WA coast01 Sep 1984Final01 Mar 1985
7Collision between barge Charles H McKay & Yue Man20 Jun 1984Final01 Dec 1984
6Engine room fire on board MV Maersk Handler07 Apr 1984Final01 Oct 1984
5Grounding on a submerged rock MV Cape Pillar21 Jan 1984Final01 Jul 1984
4Collision between Flinders Range & fv Han Gil12 Jan 1984Final01 Jul 1984
2Collision between fv Bongaree and Konstantin Paustovskiy27 Oct 1982Final01 Apr 1983
1Foundering of the M.V. Lady Ann off Exmouth, Western Australia19 Sep 1982Final01 Oct 1982
Total records: 367