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Investigation reports
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AO-2019-072Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Angel Aircraft Corporation 44, VH-IAZ, near Mareeba Airport, Queensland, on 14 December 201914 Dec 2019Final21 Oct 2020
AO-2019-028Loss of control involving Cessna 152, VH-JIW, 34 km east-south-east of Archerfield Airport, Queensland, on 28 May 201928 May 2019Final15 Oct 2020
AO-2018-006Rotor RPM decay and hard landing involving Robinson R44, VH-HGX, 5 km south of Ayers Rock Airport, Northern Territory, on 17 January 201817 Jan 2018Final07 Oct 2020
AO-2018-032Runway incursion involving Boeing 737, VH-XZM, resulting in a rejected take-off involving Boeing 737, VH-VZL, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 28 April 201828 Apr 2018Final01 Oct 2020
AO-2017-092Overspeed and pitch up resulting in cabin crew injury involving Boeing 737, VH‑VUE, 42 NM ESE Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 13 September 201713 Sep 2017Final30 Sep 2020
AO-2020-053Helicopter winching incident involving Eurocopter AS365, VH-WPX, near Perth, Western Australia, on 29 September 202029 Sep 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-056In-flight break-up involving Airbus Zephyr unmanned aerial vehicle, near Wyndham Airport, Western Australia, on 28 September 201928 Sep 2019Final28 Sep 2020
AO-2020-007Collision with terrain involving Lockheed EC130Q, N134CG, 50 km north-east of Cooma-Snowy Mountains Airport (near Peak View), New South Wales, on 23 January 2020 23 Jan 2020Interim24 Sep 2020
AE-2020-048Technical assistance to RAAus - Collision with terrain, Airborne XT-912 Tourer, recreational registration 32-6225 Gatton Airpark, Gatton, Queensland, on 17 September 202017 Sep 2020Pending23 Sep 2020
AO-2020-055Pilot incapacitation during flight, Piper PA-28, VH-TBB, near Moree, New South Wales, on 23 September 202023 Sep 2020PendingN/A
AE-2019-034Accredited Representative to the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority investigation of the loss of control and in flight break up involving GippsAero, GA8 Airvan registered SE-MES, near Umeå Airport, Sweden, on 14 July 201914 Jul 2019Final18 Sep 2020
AO-2020-051Runway collision involving an Extra EA 300 aircraft, VH-EXR and a Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter, VH-LTO, at Caloundra Airport, Queensland, on 18 September 202018 Sep 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-018Controlled flight into terrain involving Cessna 182, VH-DJN, 14 km south-south-west of Atherton Airport, Queensland, on 8 April 201908 Apr 2019Final17 Sep 2020
AO-2018-049Uncommanded engine shutdown involving De Havilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8, VH-LQD, 77 km north-north-west of Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 26 June 201826 Jun 2018Final16 Sep 2020
AO-2019-069Severe turbulence and loss of control involving a Cessna 210M, VH-SJW, 30 km south of Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 25 November 201925 Nov 2019Final15 Sep 2020
AI-2018-010The approval processes for the Bulla Road Precinct Retail Outlet Centre, Essendon Fields Airport, Melbourne, Victoria21 Feb 2017Pending10 Sep 2020
AO-2019-035Tail rotor pedal failure and collision with terrain involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-HHQ, near Kutchera Station, Queensland, on 22 June 201922 Jun 2019Final08 Sep 2020
AO-2019-074Propeller blade collar failure involving de Havilland DHC-8, VH-ZZA, near Darwin, Northern Territory, on 3 December 201903 Dec 2019Final03 Sep 2020
AO-2020-033In-flight breakup involving Robinson R44 Raven I, VH-NBY, 3 km north of Broome Airport, Western Australia, on 4 July 202004 Jul 2020Preliminary02 Sep 2020
AO-2020-046Avionics system event involving Fokker F100, VH-FNR, West Angelas Aerodrome, Western Australia, on 1 September 202001 Sep 2020PendingN/A
AO-2020-045Runway incursion involving a Piper PA-31, VH-ITF, and a Saab 340B, VH-ZRH, at Carnarvon Airport, Western Australia, on 31 August 202031 Aug 2020PendingN/A
AO-2018-046Engine vibrations and in-flight shutdown involving Airbus A330, VH-QPI, near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 1 June 201801 Jun 2018Final28 Aug 2020
AO-2019-047Landing gear wheel failure involving Saab 340, VH-ZLX, Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 20 August 201920 Aug 2019Final26 Aug 2020
AO-2020-056Take-off from a closed runway involving Fairchild Industries SA226, VH-LDQ, at Gunnedah Airport, New South Wales, on 20 August 202020 Aug 2020PendingN/A
AO-2018-033Engine surge and high vibration involving Airbus A330, VH-EBR, 44 km north east of Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, on 15 April 201814 Apr 2018Final19 Aug 2020
AO-2020-043Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22 Beta, 44 km south of McArthur River Mine Aerodrome, Northern Territory, on 16 August 202016 Aug 2020PendingN/A
AO-2020-044Unforecast weather involving Boeing 737-838, VH-VYZ, Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 16 August 202016 Aug 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-046Engine failure involving Saab 340B, VH-RXX, near Merimbula, New South Wales, on 29 August 201929 Aug 2019Final13 Aug 2020
AO-2020-031Main rotor blade strike involving Leonardo Helicopters AW139, VH-EGK, 21 km west-southwest of Caboolture Airport, Queensland on 20 June 202020 Jun 2020Preliminary12 Aug 2020
AO-2018-027Controlled flight into terrain involving Kavanagh Balloons G-525, VH-HVW, Pokolbin, New South Wales, on 30 March 201830 Mar 2018Final11 Aug 2020
AO-2020-041Depressurisation event involving a Fokker 100, VH-NHC, 167 km SSE Geraldton Airport, Western Australia, on 10 August 202010 Aug 2020PendingN/A
AO-2020-040Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, VH-HNF, at Steam Plains, New South Wales, on 31 July 202031 Jul 2020PendingN/A
AO-2020-005Loss of separation involving Boeing 777, N2333U and ATR 72, VH-FVQ, near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 22 January 202022 Jan 2020Final28 Jul 2020
AE-2020-039Accredited representative to the Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission’s investigation into a collision with terrain, involving a Cessna 402C, registered VH-TSI, near Papa Lealea, Central Province, Papua New Guinea, on 26 July 202026 Jul 2020PendingN/A
AO-2020-038Near-collision with terrain involving Leonardo Helicopters AW139, VH-TJO, 25 km East of Goulburn, New South Wales, on 24 July 202024 Jul 2020PendingN/A
AE-2019-016Accredited representative to the Japan Transport Safety Board’s investigation of abnormal engine behaviour during decent involving Boeing 787, VH-VKJ on 29 March 201929 Mar 2019Final23 Jul 2020
AO-2019-020Engine malfunction and return involving Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-XKJ, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 23 April 201923 Apr 2019Final23 Jul 2020
AO-2020-037Separation issue involving Piper PA-28, VH-TAX and The Airplane Factory Sling 2, VH-ZSD, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 23 July 202023 Jul 2020PendingN/A
AO-2017-109Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Eurocopter AS350BA helicopter VH-BAA, Hobart Airport, Tasmania, on 7 November 201707 Nov 2017Final22 Jul 2020
AO-2020-036Depressurisation event involving a Cessna 441, VH-LBY, near Broome, Western Australia, on 22 July 202022 Jul 2020PendingN/A
AO-2017-078Loss of cyclic control and in-flight break-up involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-HGU, 7 km north-north-west of Cloncurry Airport, Queensland, on 2 August 201702 Aug 2017Final21 Jul 2020
AO-2019-070Driveshaft failure and hard landing involving Overseas Aircraft Support UH-1H helicopter, VH-OXI, near Crawford River, New South Wales, on 7 December 201907 Dec 2019Final16 Jul 2020
AO-2020-034Runway undershoot involving Beechcraft B200, VH-FDO, at Cairns Airport, Queensland, on 9 July 202009 Jul 2020PendingN/A
AE-2020-008Technical Assistance to RAAus - Collision with terrain involving BRM Aero Bristell, 24-8555, Kanangra-Boyd National Park, NSW, on 16 December 201916 Dec 2019Final03 Jul 2020
AO-2017-118Collision with water involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver aircraft, VH‑NOO, at Jerusalem Bay, Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, on 31 December 201731 Dec 2017Interim03 Jul 2020
AO-2020-032Pilot incapacitation involving Cessna 208B, VH-DQP, near Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 2 July 202002 Jul 2020PendingN/A
AO-2017-090Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Diamond DA40, VH-YPQ, 1 km south of Port Macquarie Airport, New South Wales, on 8 September 201708 Sep 2017Final30 Jun 2020
AO-2017-066Engine failure involving Airbus A330, 9M-XXE, near Carnarvon, Western Australia, on 25 June 201725 Jun 2017Final30 Jun 2020
AO-2016-042Engine nacelle strike and continued operation involving Boeing 737-8FE, VH-YIW, Faleolo Airport, Apia, Samoa on 23 April 201623 Apr 2016Final30 Jun 2020
AO-2019-014Ground handling event involving Kavanagh B-400 Balloon, VH-LNB, near Coldstream, Victoria, on 16 March 201916 Mar 2019Final29 Jun 2020
AO-2018-066Loss of control and collision with terrain involving BRM Aero S.R.O Bristell LSA aircraft, VH-YVX, at Stawell, Victoria, on 5 October 201805 Oct 2018Final29 Jun 2020
AO-2020-028Collision with terrain involving an Osprey 2 amphibian aircraft, VH-WID, near Maitland Airport, New South Wales, on 17 May 202017 May 2020Preliminary26 Jun 2020
AO-2015-144Operational event involving Boeing 787, registered 9V-OJC, near Perth Airport, Western Australia on 4 December 201504 Dec 2015Final26 Jun 2020
AO-2016-007Collision with terrain involving Cessna 208 Caravan, VH-WTY, 11 km north-east of Hamilton Island Airport, Queensland on 28 January 201628 Jan 2016Final25 Jun 2020
AO-2019-006Aircraft preparation occurrence involving BAe 146 300, VH-NJZ, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 22 January 201922 Jan 2019Final23 Jun 2020
AO-2020-001Runway overrun involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA8, VH-BNX, Cornwell’s ALA, Fraser Island, Queensland, on 2 January 202002 Jan 2020Final22 Jun 2020
AO-2020-030Unreliable Airspeed Indication involving Pilatus PC-12/47E, VH-OWI, near Albany, Western Australia, on 22 June 202022 Jun 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-023Electrical systems event involving Airbus A330, VH-EBL, near Curtin aerodrome, Western Australia on 14 May 201914 May 2019Discontinued19 Jun 2020
AO-2020-035Control issues during taxi, Mephisto (UAV), Bruhl Airfield, Tara, Queensland, on 19 June 202019 Jun 2020PendingN/A
AO-2018-003Aircraft loading-related occurrence involving Airbus A330-303, VH-QPD, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 17 December 201717 Dec 2017Final18 Jun 2020
AO-2018-061Loss of control and collision with terrain involving YAK-9UM, VH-YIX, 19 km west-north-west of Latrobe Regional Airport, Victoria, on 7 September 201807 Sep 2018Final17 Jun 2020
AE-2019-067Technical Assistance to RAAus – Collision with terrain, Brumby, R610 Evolution, 24-8552, Leigh Creek, South Australia, on 6 July 201906 Jul 2019Final12 Jun 2020
AO-2020-017Collision with terrain involving Cessna 404, VH-OZO, Lockhart River, Queensland, on 11 March 202011 Mar 2020Preliminary11 Jun 2020
AO-2019-062Separation issue involving Airbus A320, VH-VQG, and Aero Commander 500, VH-UJS, near Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland, on 4 November 201904 Nov 2019Final09 Jun 2020
AO-2017-114Data entry error and operational non-compliance involving Airbus A320, PK-AZE, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 24 November 201724 Nov 2017Final02 Jun 2020
AE-2018-051Accredited Representative (State of Manufacture (aircraft)) – Collision with terrain involving GippsAero Pty Ltd, GA10, VH-XMH, Mojave, California, USA. on 4 June 201804 Jun 2018Final29 May 2020
AO-2019-005Loss of control and collision with terrain involving EC130 helicopter, VH-YHS, 19 km south-south-east of Mansfield, Victoria, on 19 January 201919 Jan 2019Final29 May 2020
AO-2019-022Descent below minimum safe altitude involving Saab 340, VH-OLM, 9 km south Williamtown Airport, New South Wales, on 28 March 201928 Mar 2019Discontinued25 May 2020
AO-2018-077Weather event and collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-KZV, 125 km east-north-east of Alice Springs Airport, Northern Territory, on 24 November 201824 Nov 2018Final21 May 2020
AO-2018-080Wheels-up landing involving Beech Aircraft Corporation B200, VH-ODI, Mount Gambier Airport, South Australia, on 8 December 201808 Dec 2018Final20 May 2020
AO-2017-062Loss of control and collision with terrain involving FU24 Stallion, VH-EUO, 40 km north-east of Bathurst, New South Wales, on 16 June 201716 Jun 2017Final19 May 2020
AO-2019-044In-flight deployment of ditching dam involving De Havilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8, VH-SCE, 80 km south-south-east of Whyalla Airport, South Australia on 8 August 201908 Aug 2019Final14 May 2020
AO-2019-019Pitch trim runaway and partial loss of control involving Pilatus PC-12/47E, VH-OWJ, near Merredin, Western Australia, on 14 April 201914 Apr 2019Final13 May 2020
AO-2020-027Loading event involving Fairchild SA227, VH-HPE, Rockhampton Airport, Queensland, on 11 May 202011 May 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-059Incorrect configuration during an approach involving Airbus A320, VH-VNR, 28 km north of Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 16 October 201916 Oct 2019Discontinued06 May 2020
AO-2016-174Main rotor blade crack and precautionary landing involving Robinson R22 Beta, VH-HPH, 12 km south-west of Labelle Downs Station, Northern Territory, on 16 December 201616 Dec 2016Final06 May 2020
AO-2016-076Descent below minimum assigned altitude near Melbourne Airport, Victoria, involving Airbus A380, registered A6-EDD on 25 June 2016, and Airbus A380, registered A6-EDM on 14 July 201614 Jul 2016Discontinued06 May 2020
AO-2018-081Engine flameouts on descent involving GIE Avions De Transport Regional ATR72-212A, VH-FVN, near Canberra Airport, Australian Capital Territory, on 13 December 201813 Dec 2018Final05 May 2020
AO-2017-057Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna 441, VH-XMJ, 4 km west of Renmark Airport, South Australia on 30 May 201730 May 2017Final30 Apr 2020
AO-2018-048Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna 172, VH-EWE, near Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 8 June 201808 Jun 2018Final24 Apr 2020
AO-2020-012Mid-air collision involving Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, VH-JQF, and Beech D95A Travel Air, VH-AEM, 8 km south of Mangalore Airport, Victoria, on 19 February 202019 Feb 2020Preliminary23 Apr 2020
AO-2016-144Fuel drum contamination, near Cloncurry Aerodrome, Queensland on 7 September 201607 Sep 2016Final22 Apr 2020
AO-2020-023Collision with terrain involving a Bell 206L-1, VH-NBR, at Banks Peak, Moa Island, Queensland, on 22 April 202022 Apr 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-068Runway overrun involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-MTX, Rurruwuy, Northern Territory, on 29 November 201929 Nov 2019Discontinued20 Apr 2020
AO-2019-008Collision with water involving a Sikorsky S-64E Skycrane helicopter, N173AC, near Jericho, Victoria, on 28 January 201928 Jan 2019Final17 Apr 2020
AO-2018-039Loss of control in flight involving Leonardo Helicopters AW139 helicopter, VH-YHF, near Adelaide River mouth, 38 km ENE of Darwin, Northern Territory, on 13 May 201813 May 2018Final16 Apr 2020
AO-2020-006Collision with water involving Cessna 182, VH-WNR, north of Moreton Island, Queensland, on 22 January 202022 Jan 2020Preliminary15 Apr 2020
AO-2020-024Near collision involving Cessna 182, VH-JBC, Piper PA-28s, VH-BMS and VH-SEW, near Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 15 April 202015 Apr 2020PendingN/A
AE-2019-064Technical Assistance to RAAus – Collision with terrain, ICP Savannah XL, 19-7429, Emkaytee, Northern Territory, on 20 October 201920 Oct 2019Final14 Apr 2020
AO-2020-003Engine failure involving Garlick Helicopters UH-1H, VH-ONZ, Ben Boyd Reservoir, New South Wales, on 9 January 202009 Jan 2020Pending03 Apr 2020
AO-2020-049Main rotor blade disbonding involving Robinson R44 Raven I, VH-RJN, 37 km south of Mareeba Aerodrome, Queensland, on 3 April 202003 Apr 2020PendingN/A
AO-2017-003Main landing gear wheel failure during taxi involving Boeing 737, VH-VUH, at Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 4 January 201704 Jan 2017Final30 Mar 2020
AE-2020-052 Technical assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines – Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board investigation of an accident involving an IAI Westwind 1124A aircraft, registered RP-C5880, at Manila Airport on 29 March 202029 Mar 2020PendingN/A
AI-2017-100 Case study: implementation and oversight of an airline's safety management system during rapid expansion19 Oct 2017Discontinued27 Mar 2020
AE-2015-068Accredited Representative (State of Manufacture) to the German BFU into the accident involving a Jabiru J430, registered F-PFAJ, Mühlenberg, Germany on 23 June 201523 Jun 2015Final23 Mar 2020
AO-2020-020Collision with terrain involving Cessna 172, VH-CBB, 31 km west of Mittagong, New South Wales, on 22 March 202022 Mar 2020PendingN/A
AO-2018-065Collision with water involving Cessna 208B, VH-FAY, 185 km NE of Tokyo, Japan, on 27 September 201827 Sep 2018Final18 Mar 2020
AO-2020-019Runway incursion and communication issues involving Bombardier Dash 8, VH-LQJ, Gladstone, Queensland, on 17 March 202017 Mar 2020PendingN/A
AE-2020-029Accredited representative to the Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission’s investigation into an air contamination event involving Bombardier Inc. DHC-8-402, VH-QOE, on 16 March 202016 Mar 2020PendingN/A
AO-2018-021Engine failure involving an Airbus Helicopters AS355F-1, VH-SEV, Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 12 March 201812 Mar 2018Final12 Mar 2020
AO-2020-004Collision with terrain involving Wittman Tailwind, VH-TWQ, Tooloom National Park, New South Wales, on 12 January 202012 Jan 2020Preliminary11 Mar 2020
AO-2019-003External sling loading accident involving Bell 205, VH-HUE, 39 km south east of Talbingo, New South Wales, on 10 January 201910 Jan 2019Final10 Mar 2020
AO-2020-018 Landing gear damage involving Airbus A320, VH-VFL, at Proserpine, Queensland on 5 March 202005 Mar 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-030Collision with vessel involving Cessna 208, VH-ZWH, Berowra Waters, New South Wales, on 29 June 201929 Jun 2019Final26 Feb 2020
AE-2018-071Technical assistance to Australian Helicopter Industry Association in the examination of components relating to Lycoming engine failures14 Nov 2018Final26 Feb 2020
AO-2018-067Incorrect configuration involving Airbus A320, VH-VFX, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 29 September 201829 Sep 2018Final24 Feb 2020
AE-2016-069Accredited representative to the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee investigation of the damage sustained by ATR 72 aircraft, registered PK-WGL27 Jun 2016Final19 Feb 2020
AO-2019-037Landing accident involving Van’s RV-6A, VH-ANU, William Creek ALA, South Australia, on 28 July 201928 Jul 2019Final12 Feb 2020
AE-2020-009Technical Assistance to RAAus – Collision with terrain, Aeroprakt, A22 Foxbat, 24-4239, 111 km south-south-west of Isisford, Queensland, on 2 December 201902 Dec 2019Final11 Feb 2020
AE-2020-015Accredited Representative to UK AAIB investigation of a tail strike involving a Qantas, Boeing 787-9 registered VH-ZND, London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom, 9 February 202009 Feb 2020PendingN/A
AO-2020-011Operational non-compliance involving Airbus A380, 9V-SKQ, near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 9 February 202009 Feb 2020PendingN/A
AO-2020-013Rescue hoist cable failure involving AS 350 B3, VH-UAH, Bulga, New South Wales, on 5 February 202005 Feb 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-002Loss of power on take-off and forced landing involving Cessna 182, VH-DGF, Tooradin, Victoria on 6 January 201906 Jan 2019Final31 Jan 2020
AO-2019-038Ground collision with airport infrastructure involving British Aerospace AVRO 146-RJ85, VH-NJW, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 30 July 201930 Jul 2019Final30 Jan 2020
AO-2017-105Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna T310R, VH-JMW, 40 km SSW of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, on 28 October 201728 Oct 2017Final29 Jan 2020
AO-2020-010Engine and controllability issues involving Cessna 206, VH-AEE, near Happy Valley, Fraser Island, Queensland, on 29 January 202029 Jan 2020PendingN/A
AO-2019-041Loss of separation involving Airbus A330, VH-EBJ, and Boeing 737, VH-VZO, near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 5 August 201905 Aug 2019Preliminary16 Jan 2020
AO-2020-002Runway overrun involving Fokker F100, VH-NHY, at Newman Airport, Western Australia, on 9 January 202009 Jan 2020PendingN/A
AO-2016-124Descent below segment minimum safe altitude involving Airbus A330-343X, 9M-XXI, near Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, on 11 September 201611 Sep 2016Discontinued08 Jan 2020
AE-2019-054Technical assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines – Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board investigation of an accident involving a Beechcraft King Air 350, registered RP-C2298, about 41 km south of Manila, Philippines, on 1 September 201901 Sep 2019Final07 Jan 2020
AO-2020-026Pilot and crew incapacitation during flight, Cessna 172, VH-YXZ, Sellicks Beach region, South Australia, on 22 December 201922 Dec 2019PendingN/A
AE-2018-002Accredited representative to the NTSB investigation into the collision with terrain involving a Gregory S. Browning Zodiac 601XL registered N929GB, near Thompson's Station TN, USA on 21 December 201721 Dec 2017Final20 Dec 2019
AO-2015-089In-flight break-up involving Cicaré S.A. CH-7BT helicopter, VH-JEW, near Roy Hill Station, Western Australia, on 28 July 201528 Jul 2015Final20 Dec 2019
AO-2016-101Engine failure involving Airbus A330, 9M-XXD, 445 km SE of Alice Springs, South Australia, on 16 August 201616 Aug 2016Final19 Dec 2019
AO-2019-075Engine failure and collision with terrain, involving Cessna 210, N210BA, Moruya, New South Wales, on 19 December 201919 Dec 2019PendingN/A
AO-2018-001Undetected engine thrust reverser deactivation involving Fokker F100, VH-NHA, Karratha Airport, Western Australia, on 27 December 201727 Dec 2017Final18 Dec 2019
AO-2018-009Collision with terrain involving experimental ASH-25E glider, VH-GOA, 13 km west-north-west of Bathurst, New South Wales, on 21 January 201821 Jan 2018Final17 Dec 2019
AO-2019-073Hydraulic system malfunction, return and evacuation involving Airbus A330, VH-EBC, near Sydney, New South Wales, on 15 December 201915 Dec 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-071Collision with terrain involving Bristell S-LSA aircraft, VH-YVF, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 12 December 201912 Dec 2019PendingN/A
AE-2017-004Accredited Representative (State of Manufacture (engine)) - Engine failure and collision with terrain involving Mathias Lightning aircraft registered N59JL, Franklin, Virginia USA, on 10 December 201610 Dec 2016Final11 Dec 2019
AO-2018-042Incorrect configuration for landing involving Airbus A320, VH-VQK, Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport, New South Wales, on 18 May 201818 May 2018Final10 Dec 2019
AE-2018-055Accredited Representative - General Dynamics, Convair 340, registered ZS-BRV, collided with a building near Wonderboom Airport, South Africa, on 10 July 201810 Jul 2018Final05 Dec 2019
AO-2018-070Loss of separation involving Boeing 737 aircraft, VH-YFW and VH-VZD, near Amberley, Queensland, on 11 October 201811 Oct 2018Final04 Dec 2019
AO-2019-065Engine pod strike involving Boeing 747-412F, 9V-SFO, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 28 November 201928 Nov 2019Pending02 Dec 2019
AO-2019-031Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, VH-KCH, near Mansfield, Victoria, on 6 July 201906 Jul 2019Final28 Nov 2019
AO-2017-098Pressurisation event involving Airbus A320, PK-AXD, 160 NM (300 km) north of Perth, Western Australia, on 15 October 201715 Oct 2017Final26 Nov 2019
AI-2015-063Separation issues between aircraft at Jandakot Airport, Western Australia22 Jun 2015Discontinued26 Nov 2019
AO-2017-059Engine cowling malfunction involving Airbus A330, B-6099, Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, New South Wales, on 11 June 201711 Jun 2017Final20 Nov 2019
AO-2017-013Collision with water involving Grumman American Aviation Corp G-73, VH-CQA, 10 km WSW of Perth Airport, Western Australia on 26 January 201726 Jan 2017Final19 Nov 2019
AO-2017-111Hard landing involving ATR 72, VH-FVZ, Canberra Airport, Australian Capital Territory on 19 November 201719 Nov 2017Final12 Nov 2019
AO-2019-060 Engine failure during take-off involving Bombardier Dash 8-315, VH-ZZE, at Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 11 November 201911 Nov 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-063Operational event involving Fokker 100, VH-UQN, at Rockhampton, Queensland, on 10 November 201910 Nov 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-052Collision with terrain involving Mooney M20J, VH-DJU, 26 km west of Coffs Harbour Airport, New South Wales, on 20 September 201920 Sep 2019Preliminary07 Nov 2019
AO-2019-050Collision with water involving Bell UH-1H, VH-UVC, 5 km south-west of Anna Bay, New South Wales, on 6 September 201906 Sep 2019Preliminary07 Nov 2019
AO-2016-084Loss of separation involving Airbus A330, 9M-XXC and Airbus A320, VH-VFO, near Gold Coast Airport, Queensland on 21 July 201621 Jul 2016Discontinued07 Nov 2019
AO-2018-007Engine malfunction involving Airbus Industrie A330-323, registered 9M-MTM, 37 km north of Curtin Airfield, Western Australia on 18 January 201818 Jan 2018Final06 Nov 2019
AE-2018-074Accredited representative to NTSC investigation of collision with terrain involving Boeing 737 MAX 8, registration PK-LQP, on 29 October 201829 Oct 2018Final31 Oct 2019
AE-2017-076Accredited Representative – Engine failure involving an Arion Lightning aircraft, registered N273DB, New River AZ, United States on 10 July 201710 Jul 2017Final24 Oct 2019
AO-2018-025Runway excursion and collision with terrain involving Van's RV-6A, VH-OAJ, Somersby, New South Wales, on 18 March 201818 Mar 2018Final22 Oct 2019
AO-2019-066Near collision between an ATR 72, VH-FVR, and a Piper PA-28, VH-XDI, near Albury, NSW, on 19 October 201919 Oct 2019PendingN/A
AO-2017-005Collision with terrain following an engine power loss involving Cessna 172M, VH‑WTQ, 12 NM (22 km) north-west of Agnes Water, Queensland on 10 January 201710 Jan 2017Final17 Oct 2019
AO-2019-040Collision with terrain involving Liberty Aerospace XL2, VH-XLK, 9 km north-east of Braidwood, New South Wales, on 6 August 201906 Aug 2019Pending10 Oct 2019
AO-2019-055Runway incursion involving GIE Avions de Transport Regional ATR72, VH-VPJ, Canberra Airport, Australian Capital Territory, on 25 September 201925 Sep 2019Pending30 Sep 2019
AO-2018-054Incorrect configuration involving Boeing 737, VH-VUB, near Sydney, NSW, on 12 July 201812 Jul 2018Final30 Sep 2019
AE-2019-021Technical assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia following the collision with terrain involving Aeroprakt A22 LS Foxbat, 24-8140, 120 km north-west of Cunnamulla, Queensland, on 14 April 201914 Apr 2019Final27 Sep 2019
AO-2019-051Incorrect configuration involving Boeing 787, registered VN-A870, near Melbourne, Victoria, on 19 September 201919 Sep 2019PendingN/A
AO-2018-063Aircraft preparation event involving A320, VH-FNP, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 14 August 201814 Aug 2018Final11 Sep 2019
AO-2017-117Undetected engine thrust reverser deactivation involving Airbus A320, VH-VQG, Gold Coast Airport, Queensland on 18 December 201718 Dec 2017Final05 Sep 2019
AO-2019-045Landing gear failure involving a GA-8 Airvan, VH-BFS, Fraser Island, Queensland, on 24 August 201924 Aug 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-004Collision with terrain involving an Insitu ScanEagle X200 unmanned aircraft system (UAS) near Woleebee Creek, Queensland, on 9 January 201909 Jan 2019Final15 Aug 2019
AE-2019-024Technical Assistance to the Myanmar Accident Investigation Bureau’s investigation of collision with terrain involving Bombardier DHC-8-402Q, registered S2-AGQ, Yangon-Mingaladon Airport, Myanmar, on 8 May 201908 May 2019Final13 Aug 2019
AO-2017-069Collision with terrain involving SOCATA TB-10 Tobago, VH-YTM, near Mount Gambier Airport, South Australia, on 28 June 201728 Jun 2017Final13 Aug 2019
AO-2019-043Forced landing involving Piper Aircraft Corp PA-36, VH-TVU, near Latrobe Valley Airport, Victoria, on 12 August 201912 Aug 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-039Landing gear malfunction and return involving Airbus A320, VH-VFN, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 1 August 201901 Aug 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-053Fuel imbalance involving Boeing 767, VH-EXZ during flight from Auckland, NZ to Sydney, New South Wales, on 27 July 201927 Jul 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-027Collision with water involving a Yakovlev Yak-52, VH-PAE, near South Stradbroke Island, Queensland, on 5 June 201905 Jun 2019Preliminary19 Jul 2019
AO-2019-033Engine failure involving Fokker 100, VH-FWI, en route to Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 9 July 201909 Jul 2019PendingN/A
AE-2019-032Accredited Representative to UK AAIB into the loss of control involving an Alauda Airspeeder prototype unmanned aircraft system (UAS) near Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex, United Kingdom, on 4 July 201904 Jul 2019PendingN/A
AE-2018-076Accredited representative to the UK AAIB investigation into the engine failure and forced landing involving a CZAW SportCruiser, registered G-CGJS, near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom, on 18 August 201818 Aug 2018Final02 Jul 2019
AO-2019-011Wirestrike involving a Robinson R44, VH-ZWK, 20 km from Naracoorte, South Australia, on 13 March 201913 Mar 2019Final28 Jun 2019
AO-2019-001In-flight fire involving Kavanagh B-350 hot air balloon, VH-ZYO, near Coldstream, Victoria on 26 December 201826 Dec 2018Final28 Jun 2019
AO-2018-075Pilot incapacitation involving Piper PA-31, VH-TWU, near King Island, Tasmania, on 8 November 201808 Nov 2018Final25 Jun 2019
AE-2019-036Accredited representative to the AAIU Ireland investigation into an impact with terrain involving a BRM Aero Bristell NG5, registered G-OJCS, near Belan, Co. Kildare, Ireland, on 13 June 201913 Jun 2019PendingN/A
AO-2019-026Collision with terrain involving Cessna 210, VH-SUX, 25 km NE Mount Isa Airport, Queensland on 26 May 201926 May 2019Pending07 Jun 2019
AO-2018-038Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cirrus SR22, VH-PDC, Orange Airport, NSW, on 15 May 201815 May 2018Final06 Jun 2019
AO-2018-040Taxiing proximity event involving Airbus A321, VH-VWQ, and Boeing 737, VH-VZB, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 30 April 201830 Apr 2018Final06 Jun 2019
AO-2014-032In-flight upset, inadvertent pitch disconnect, and continued operation with serious damage involving ATR 72 aircraft, VH-FVR, 47 km WSW of Sydney Airport, NSW on 20 February 201420 Feb 2014Final24 May 2019
AO-2017-096Collision with terrain involving Diamond DA40, VH-MPM, 42 km west of Southport Aerodrome, Queensland, on 26 September 201726 Sep 2017Final22 May 2019
AO-2019-025Collision with terrain involving Bell 206B helicopter, VH-FHW, south-west of Jabiru, Northern Territory, on 21 May 201921 May 2019PendingN/A
AE-2018-073Technical assistance to the Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association following the collision with terrain involving Titanium Explorer Autogyro, G-0014, near Orange Airport, NSW on 31 October 201831 Oct 2018Final20 May 2019
AE-2018-052 Accredited representative to the TAIC New Zealand investigation into a flight below minimum altitude involving an Airbus A320, VH-VGY, near Christchurch, New Zealand on 6 August 201706 Aug 2017Final17 May 2019
AO-2017-103In-flight break-up involving Cessna 210B, VH-DBU, 30 km NW of Albany, Western Australia, on 24 October 201724 Oct 2017Final16 May 2019
AO-2016-166Runway excursion involving Boeing 737, VH-VUI, at Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 6 December 201606 Dec 2016Final15 May 2019
AO-2019-015Collision with terrain involving AS350 VH-SZS, 60 km east of Woomera, South Australia, on 20 March 201920 Mar 2019Preliminary10 May 2019
AO-2017-112Collision with terrain involving Bell 206, VH-SDZ, 75 km NE of Emerald Airport, Queensland on 18 November 201718 Nov 2017Final08 May 2019
AO-2018-034Flap and landing gear overspeed during go-around involving Airbus A320, VH-VQL, 9 km south of Sydney Airport, NSW, on 9 May 201809 May 2018Final07 May 2019
AO-2018-014Hydraulic system failure involving Boeing 757, VH-TCA, Auckland International Airport, New Zealand, on 5 February 201805 Feb 2018Final01 May 2019
AO-2017-088Flight control systems event, involving Boeing 737-800, VH-YIJ, near Wellington, New Zealand, on 25 May 201725 May 2017Discontinued29 Apr 2019
AO-2018-036Engine failure and forced landing involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan, VH-BFL, 8.5 km NNW of Bellburn Airstrip Western Australia, on 14 May 201814 May 2018Final18 Apr 2019
AO-2018-005Fuel exhaustion involving Cessna 172M, VH-TUX, 72 km S Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport, Western Australia, on 5 January 201805 Jan 2018Final17 Apr 2019
AE-2018-023Technical Assistance to RAAus – Collision with terrain involving Pioneer International Flightstar, 10-0780, 10 km S of Emerald Airport, Queensland on 14 January 201814 Jan 2018Final15 Apr 2019
AO-2017-102In-flight breakup involving Cessna 210, VH-HWY, 22 km E of Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 23 October 201723 Oct 2017Final09 Apr 2019
AO-2015-107Unreliable airspeed indication and stall warning involving an Airbus A320, VH‑FNP, near Perth, Western Australia, on 12 September 201512 Sep 2015Final04 Apr 2019
AO-2017-044In-flight upset involving Boeing 747-438, VH-OJU, 110 km SE of Hong Kong Airport, on 7 April 201707 Apr 2017Final27 Mar 2019
AE-2018-072Technical assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) involving Aeropro 3K, registration 24-7502, collision with terrain, 65 km north of Wentworth in NSW on 31 October 201831 Oct 2018Final26 Mar 2019
AO-2018-064Engine thrust reverser malfunction involving Airbus A320, VH-VGZ, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 20 September 201820 Sep 2018Final22 Mar 2019
AO-2017-061VFR into IMC and loss of control involving Cessna 172, VH-FYN, 13 km NNW of Ballina, NSW, on 16 June 201716 Jun 2017Final14 Mar 2019
AO-2018-037Air traffic control procedural errors at Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 9 May 201809 May 2018Final12 Mar 2019
AO-2016-156In-flight break-up involving a Robinson R44, VH-ZNZ, 41 km NW Mossman, Qld, on 18 November 201618 Nov 2016Final05 Mar 2019
AO-2015-150Loss of control and collision with terrain involving de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth, VH-UZB, near Pimpama Airfield, Queensland on 28 December 201528 Dec 2015Final01 Mar 2019
AO-2018-008Collision with terrain involving Cessna 182, VH-TSA, at Tomahawk, Tasmania, on 20 January 2018 20 Jan 2018Final15 Feb 2019
AO-2017-115Collision with terrain involving PZL Warszawa-Okecie M-18A Dromader aircraft, VH-WHR, near Emerald Airport, Queensland, on 1 December 201701 Dec 2017Final05 Feb 2019
AO-2018-078Collision with terrain involving Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A, VH-OBL, 101km WSW of Hobart, Tasmania, on 8 December 201808 Dec 2018Preliminary04 Feb 2019
AO-2015-054Loss of separation and radar vectors below minimum vectoring altitude involving Saab 340B, VH-OLL, Boeing 737, VH-YVC, and Airbus A320, VH-VNH near Adelaide, South Australia on 18 May 201518 May 2015Discontinued31 Jan 2019
AO-2018-062Runway excursion involving Cessna 207, VH-MIA, East Wallabi Island, WA on 16 September 201816 Sep 2018Final29 Jan 2019
AO-2018-004Hard landing involving Kavanagh Balloon, B-425, VH-OKX, 4 km south of Greta, NSW, on 13 January 201813 Jan 2018Final23 Jan 2019
AI-2015-139Multiple passenger loading events involving Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft24 Nov 2015Discontinued18 Jan 2019
AO-2017-116Near collision involving Cessna 210, VH-SYT, and Cessna 206, VH-HPA, 46 km SW of Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 6 December 201706 Dec 2017Final17 Jan 2019
AO-2018-047Engine failure and forced landing of Beech Aircraft 76, VH-BDS, 49km NW of Cessnock Airport, NSW, on 1 June 201801 Jun 2018Final15 Jan 2019
AO-2017-106Flight below minimum altitude involving Embraer E135, VH-ZJG, near Essendon Airport, Victoria, on 27 October 201727 Oct 2017Final19 Dec 2018
AE-2018-060Technical Assistance to the AIC – Nose wheel collapse involving Quest Kodiak 100, P2-NTZ, Mibu Airstrip, PNG on 19 July 201819 Jul 2018Final18 Dec 2018
AO-2017-075Flight below minimum altitude involving Pilatus PC-12, VH-FDJ, near Adelaide, South Australia, on 18 July 201718 Jul 2017Final18 Dec 2018
AO-2018-050Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving Cessna 172RG, VH-LCZ, Parafield Airport, South Australia, on 3 July 201803 Jul 2018Final17 Dec 2018
AO-2017-086Hard landing involving Robinson R44 II, VH-LGN, Channel Point, Northern Territory, on 18 August 201718 Aug 2017Final04 Dec 2018
AO-2016-146Collision with terrain involving Air Tractor AT-502, VH-LIK, 50 km east of Walgett Airport, NSW on 5 November 201605 Nov 2016Final20 Nov 2018
AO-2017-099Collision involving a Boeing B737, VH-VZZ and a catering vehicle at Sydney Airport, NSW, on 14 October 201714 Oct 2017Final14 Nov 2018
AO-2018-011Tail-strike during take-off involving Boeing B737, VH-YIR, Auckland Airport, New Zealand, on 17 January 201817 Jan 2018Final08 Nov 2018
AE-2017-006 Accredited Representative (State of Manufacture (engine)) - Collision with terrain involving Ryan W. Gross Arion Lighting, N235SC, Mesa, Arizona, US. on 21 October 201621 Oct 2016Final06 Nov 2018
AO-2016-160Terrain awareness warning system alert involving Eurocopter BK 117C-2, VH-SYB, near Crookwell, NSW, on 21 October 201621 Oct 2016Final06 Nov 2018
AO-2018-016Hard landing involving Kavanagh B-350 hot-air balloon, VH-EUA, 6 km ENE of Yarra Glen, Victoria on 8 February 201808 Feb 2018Final30 Oct 2018
AO-2018-045De-icing boot failure involving Saab 340, VH-ZLH, Esperance Airport, Western Australia, on 26 May 201826 May 2018Final26 Oct 2018
AO-2018-020Collision with water involving Cessna 206 floatplane, VH-LHQ, Southport Broadwater, Queensland, on 4 March 201804 Mar 2018Final23 Oct 2018
AE-2019-009Technical assistance to the CAAV - Engine failure and collision with terrain, involving Cessna U206G, YJ-AL5, near Dillon's Bay Airport, Vanuatu, on 23 October 201823 Oct 2018PendingN/A
AO-2018-057Collision with terrain involving BK117 helicopter, VH-JWB, near Ulladulla, New South Wales, on 17 August 201817 Aug 2018Preliminary19 Oct 2018
AO-2017-055In-flight engine shutdown involving Airbus A380, VH-OQG, near Los Angeles, United States, on 20 May 201720 May 2017Final18 Oct 2018
AO-2018-024Runway lighting event involving Beech B200, VH-FDL, Cairns Airport, Queensland, on 11 March 201811 Mar 2018Final16 Oct 2018
AE-2017-056Technical Assistance to RAAus - Collision with terrain involving Monnett Sonerai, 19-3971, near Murwillumbah, NSW on 16 May 201716 May 2017Final11 Oct 2018
AO-2018-069Engine failure involving Boeing 787, 9V-OJE, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 11 October 201811 Oct 2018PendingN/A
AO-2017-032In-flight loss of propeller involving Saab 340B, VH-NRX, 19 km (10 NM) SW of Sydney Airport, NSW, on 17 March 201717 Mar 2017Final10 Oct 2018
AE-2018-018Technical assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia in the examination of a rudder control cable from an Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat aircraft01 Nov 2017Final04 Oct 2018
AO-2017-024Loss of control and collision with terrain involving B200 King Air, VH-ZCR at Essendon Airport, Victoria on 21 February 201721 Feb 2017Final24 Sep 2018
AE-2015-119Accredited Representative - Assistance to the AAIB of Turkey – Takeoff event involving Cessna C650, registered N692BE, Corlu Airport, Turkey on 1 July 201501 Jul 2015Final20 Sep 2018
AO-2018-059Engine vibrations involving BAe 146, VH-NJY, near Port Augusta Airport, South Australia on 30 August 201830 Aug 2018Discontinued19 Sep 2018
AO-2015-046Reduced braking effectiveness during landing involving Boeing 737-800, VH-VOP at Christchurch Airport, New Zealand, on 11 May 201511 May 2015Final18 Sep 2018
AO-2017-097Traffic conflict involving Cessna 208, VH-SJJ and Robinson R22, VH-MFH at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, NSW, 19 September 201719 Sep 2017Final05 Sep 2018
AO-2018-053Airspeed indication failure on take-off involving Airbus A330, 9M-MTK, Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 18 July 201818 Jul 2018Preliminary30 Aug 2018
AO-2018-028Lay-over landing involving Kavanagh Balloons E-240, VH-DUX, 18 km E of Essendon Airport, Victoria, on 2 April 201802 Apr 2018Final30 Aug 2018
AO-2017-101Electrical short circuit and forward cargo compartment smoke event involving Boeing 777-300ER, A6-ETR, 530 km NNW Adelaide, South Australia on 14 October 201714 Oct 2017Final22 Aug 2018
AO-2018-029TAWS warning and missed approach, involving a Beechcraft B200, VH-FDW, near Gladstone Airport, Queensland, on 5 April 201805 Apr 2018Discontinued21 Aug 2018
AO-2018-012In-flight engine malfunction involving Cessna Citation 560, VH-PSU, 296 km north of Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 26 January 201826 Jan 2018Final21 Aug 2018
AO-2018-056Depressurisation and crew incapacitation involving B737, VH-XMO, near Narrandera, New South Wales, on 15 August 201815 Aug 2018PendingN/A
AO-2015-084Unsafe proximity and radar vector below minimum vector altitude involving a Boeing 777-31HER, A6-EBU, and two 737-838s, VH-VXS and VH-VYE, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 5 July 201505 Jul 2015Final06 Aug 2018
AO-2018-015Loading event involving Boeing 737, VH-VYE, Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 1 February 201801 Feb 2018Discontinued03 Aug 2018
AO-2016-078Fuel exhaustion and collision with terrain involving McDonnell Douglas Corporation 369, VH-PLY, 36 km NW Hawker, South Australia, on 17 July 201617 Jul 2016Final02 Aug 2018
AE-2014-054Assistance to Malaysian Ministry of Transport in support of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on 7 March 2014 UTC08 Mar 2014Final30 Jul 2018
AO-2017-093Aircraft loading event involving Saab 340 VH-ZRB, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 14 September 201714 Sep 2017Discontinued29 Jun 2018
AO-2015-108Near-collision and operational event involving Beech Aircraft Corp. B200, VH-OWN and VH-LQR, Mount Hotham, Victoria on 3 September 201503 Sep 2015Final27 Jun 2018
AO-2017-113Flight below minimum altitude involving Boeing 777, ZK-OKN, 23 km SSW Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 18 November 201718 Nov 2017Final26 Jun 2018
AO-2018-031Collision with terrain involving Garlick Helicopters UH-1H, VH-HUE, 24 km SE of Talbingo, NSW on 17 April 201817 Apr 2018Preliminary06 Jun 2018
AO-2016-148Engine pylon cracking involving Boeing 747-438, VH-OJT, Hong Kong SAR, People’s Republic of China, on 5 October 201605 Oct 2016Final06 Jun 2018
AO-2017-087Engine malfunction involving a Pilatus PC-12, VH-OWS, near Meekatharra Airport, Western Australia, on 7 August 201707 Aug 2017Final31 May 2018
AO-2017-089In-flight engine fire warning involving Fairchild SA227, VH-SEZ, near Avalon Airport, Victoria, on 3 September 201703 Sep 2017Final10 May 2018
AO-2018-019Fuel exhaustion and forced landing involving Cessna 441, VH-LBY, 39 km East of Broome Airport, Western Australia, on 2 March 201802 Mar 2018Pending04 May 2018
AO-2017-091Operational non-compliance involving GIE Avions De Transport Regional ATR72, P2-ATR, Cairns Airport, Queensland, on 4 September 201704 Sep 2017Final04 May 2018
AO-2018-022Collision with water involving twin-engine EC135 helicopter, VH-ZGA, 37 km north-north-west of Port Hedland Heliport, Western Australia, on 14 March 201814 Mar 2018Preliminary03 May 2018
AI-2013-102Building approval process for structures in the vicinity of Australian airports11 Jul 2013Final03 May 2018
AO-2017-070Birdstrike and engine failure involving Airbus A330, 9M-XXT, Gold Coast, Queensland, on 3 July 201703 Jul 2017Final02 May 2018
AO-2018-013Collision with terrain involving Cessna 206, VH-WZX, Apollo Bay, Victoria, on 31 January 201831 Jan 2018Final27 Apr 2018
AO-2015-131Collision with terrain involving Airbus Helicopters EC135 T1, VH-GKK, 10 km NNW Cooranbong, NSW, on 7 November 201507 Nov 2015Final24 Apr 2018
AO-2018-026Collision with water involving Eurocopter EC120 B, VH-WII, Hardy Reef, Whitsundays, Queensland, on 21 March 201821 Mar 2018Pending19 Apr 2018
AO-2015-105Collision with terrain involving Cessna 172, VH-ZEW, near Millbrook, Victoria on 8 September 201508 Sep 2015Final17 Apr 2018
AO-2017-083Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, VH-HBV, Julatten, Queensland, on 15 August 201715 Aug 2017Final22 Mar 2018
AO-2017-110Partial engine power loss and ditching involving Robinson R44, VH-WRR, 49 km N of Hamilton Island Airport, Queensland, on 8 November 201708 Nov 2017Final20 Mar 2018
AO-2015-066Descent below minimum descent altitude involving a Boeing 737-300, VH-NLK, Kosrae International Airport, Federated States of Micronesia, on 12 June 201512 Jun 2015Final16 Mar 2018
AO-2017-058Loss of separation assurance involving Robinson R44, VH-FOA, and Boeing 737, VH-XZP, Canberra Airport, ACT, on 2 June 201702 Jun 2017Final15 Mar 2018
AO-2017-030Flight path management occurrence involving Boeing 737, VH-VZZ, near Canberra Airport, ACT, on 13 March 201713 Mar 2017Final14 Mar 2018
AO-2016-157Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Air Tractor Inc. AT-802A, VH-NIA, 33 km W Narromine, NSW on 21 November 201621 Nov 2016Final13 Mar 2018
AO-2017-037Engine malfunction involving British Aerospace Jetstream 3206, VH-OTE, near Canberra, ACT, on 30 March 201730 Mar 2017Final09 Mar 2018
AE-2017-107Technical Assistance to The Gliding Federation of Australia - Collision with terrain involving Jonker Sailplanes JS1C 18/21, VH-IBS, near Boggabilla, NSW on 9 October 201709 Oct 2017Final28 Feb 2018
AO-2017-074Main rotor tip strike involving Eurocopter AS350-BA, VH-PHU, 9 km WNW St. Leonards (ALA), Victoria, on 4 July 201704 Jul 2017Final28 Feb 2018
AO-2017-108Foreign object damage involving Airbus A320, VH-VGY, Auckland International Airport, New Zealand, on 27 October 201727 Oct 2017Final27 Feb 2018
AO-2015-018Flight path management and descent toward the lower limit of controlled airspace involving Airbus A320, VH-VND, on approach to Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 11 February 201511 Feb 2015Final23 Feb 2018
AO-2017-081Collision with terrain involving The Airplane Factory Sling 4, VH-BEG, Caloundra Aerodrome, Queensland, on 12 August 201712 Aug 2017Final20 Feb 2018
AO-2017-094Fuel starvation and forced landing involving Piper PA-28, VH-BDB, 15 km WSW of Bankstown Airport, NSW, on 19 September 201719 Sep 2017Final13 Feb 2018
AO-2017-046Forced landing involving a Piper PA-28, VH-SWV, near Camden Airport, NSW, on 20 April 201720 Apr 2017Final12 Feb 2018
AO-2015-045Obstacle proximity warning involving Bombardier DHC-8, VH-TQM near Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 24 April 201524 Apr 2015Final05 Feb 2018
AO-2017-095Winching event involving Sikorsky S92A, VH-IPE, near Broome, Western Australia, on 26 August 201726 Aug 2017Final19 Jan 2018
AO-2016-012Descent below segment minimum safe altitude during a non-precision instrument approach involving Airbus A320, PK-AXY, 17 km WSW Perth Airport, Western Australia on 19 February 201619 Feb 2016Final16 Jan 2018
AO-2016-031Collision with water in dark night conditions involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-YLY, 6 km south of Cape Tribulation, Queensland, on 7 April 201607 Apr 2016Final18 Dec 2017
AO-2015-007Birdstrike involving Saab 340B, VH-OLM, Moruya Airport, NSW, on 9 January 201509 Jan 2015Final14 Dec 2017
AO-2017-080Collision with runway lighting involving Embraer ERJ-135, VH-JGB, Middlemount Airport, Queensland, on 8 August 201708 Aug 2017Final05 Dec 2017
AE-2017-084Ditching involving a MBB BK117-A3 helicopter, ZK-IED, Porirua Harbour, Pauatahanui Arm, New Zealand, on 2 May 201702 May 2017Final30 Nov 2017
AO-2016-061Flight below the minimum permitted altitude involving Boeing 737-376, VH-XMO at Launceston Airport, Tasmania on 17 June 201617 Jun 2016Final28 Nov 2017
AO-2015-048Descent below minimum permitted altitude involving an A319, VH-VCJ, near Melbourne Airport, Vic. on 15 May 201515 May 2015Final24 Nov 2017
AO-2009-072Fuel planning event, weather-related event and ditching involving Israel Aircraft Industries Westwind 1124A, VH‑NGA, 6.4 km WSW of Norfolk Island Airport, on 18 November 200918 Nov 2009Final23 Nov 2017
AO-2017-079Hard landing involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-MQI, Djamardi (Jimarda) ALA, Northern Territory, on 2 August 201702 Aug 2017Final20 Nov 2017
AO-2014-043Fuel flight planning error involving Airbus A320, VH-VNJ at Sydney Airport, NSW on 3 March 201403 Mar 2014Final13 Nov 2017
AE-2016-168Assistance to the Coroner - Collision with terrain involving Airborne Edge XT-912, 32-8401, Hedlow, Qld on 25 November 201625 Nov 2016Final06 Nov 2017
AO-2015-129Collision with terrain involving Cessna 310, VH-BWZ, near Mildura Airport, Victoria on 6 November 201506 Nov 2015Final30 Oct 2017
AO-2015-124Engine failure involving Eurocopter AS350-BA helicopter, VH-SFX, at Whyanbeel Valley, Qld on 2 November 201502 Nov 2015Final17 Oct 2017
AO-2017-077Collision with terrain involving Zaklad Remontow I Produkeji Spreztu Lotnicz MDM-1P FOX-P glider, VH-GPT, Lismore Airport, NSW on 29 July 201729 Jul 2017Discontinued22 Sep 2017
AO-2017-060Forced landing involving Bell 206, VH-ONE, 39 km NNE Sydney Airport, NSW, on 11 June 201711 Jun 2017Final19 Sep 2017
AO-2017-034Engine failure involving Saab 340, VH-RXS, near Dubbo Airport, NSW, on 23 March 201723 Mar 2017Final18 Sep 2017
AO-2017-063Engine failure and forced landing involving Jabiru J430, VH-OFR, 17 km S of Bundaberg, Queensland, on 18 June 201718 Jun 2017Final07 Sep 2017
AO-2017-049Runway operations with hookcable raised involving Cessna 310, VH-COQ, Tindal Airport, Northern Territory, on 28 April 201728 Apr 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-040Collision with vehicle during approach involving Piper PA-31 VH-JQS, Barwon Heads/Geelong (ALA), Victoria, on 29 March 201729 Mar 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-041Forced landing involving Robinson Helicopter R44, VH-MQE, 27 km N Silver Plains (ALA), Queensland, on 6 April 201706 Apr 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-021Proximity event involving Bell 407, VH-VHU and Piper PA 31, VH FDQ, near Cairns Airport, Qld, on 5 February 201705 Feb 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-052Partial engine failure involving Cessna 210, VH-EGB, near Liveringa, Western Australia, on 12 May 201712 May 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-039Incorrect configuration involving Avions de Transport Régional ATR72, VH-FVL, Brisbane Airport, Qld, on 2 April 201702 Apr 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-067Fuel exhaustion and forced landing involving Beech 58, VH-PBU, 6 km N of Normanton Airport, Queensland, 26 June 201726 Jun 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-065Smoke event involving Bombardier Inc. DHC-8-300, VH-TQH, Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 23 June 201723 Jun 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-054Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, VH-MNU, Moreton Island, Queensland, on 17 May 201717 May 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-048Engine failure and fire on ground involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-AJZ, Gibb River ALA, WA, on 22 April 201722 Apr 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2017-033Collision with terrain involving Agusta AB206, VH-DPU 45 km NNW Gladstone Airport, Queensland, on 17 March 201717 Mar 2017Final05 Sep 2017
AO-2016-046Tailstrike involving Airbus A320, VH-VGF, at Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 11 May 201611 May 2016Final04 Sep 2017
AO-2017-051Tyre failure and flap asymmetry event involving Boeing 787, VH-VKA Near Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore, on 13 May 201713 May 2017Final30 Aug 2017
AE-2017-071Accredited representative (State of Design) to the South African Civil Aviation Authority investigation of an engine failure involving Jabiru UL registered ZU-FIC, near Sizela, South Africa on 12 March 201712 Mar 2017Final17 Aug 2017
AO-2016-077Loss of engine power and forced landing involving amateur built Europa, VH-BWI, near Bridport Tasmania, on 17 July 201617 Jul 2016Final01 Aug 2017
AO-2016-112Collision with terrain involving Jabiru J170, 24-5215, at Yarram aerodrome, Victoria on 7 September 201607 Sep 2016Final31 Jul 2017
AO-2016-074Loss of control and collision with terrain, Cessna 150, VH-RXU 270 km SE Alice Springs, Northern Territory, on 12 July 2016 12 Jul 2016Final28 Jul 2017
AO-2017-038Hard landing involving Cessna 182, VH-JXX, Bathurst Airport, NSW, on 1 April 201701 Apr 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-045Inflight engine shutdown involving Bombardier DHC-8, VH-XKI, Meekatharra Airport, WA, on 18 April 201718 Apr 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-025In-flight smoke in the cockpit involving GIE Avions de Transport Regional ATR72, VH-VPJ, near Williamtown Airport, NSW, on 22 February 201722 Feb 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-012Loading related event involving Boeing 737, VH-VUF, Adelaide Airport, SA, on 13 December 201613 Dec 2016Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-023Flight below lowest safe altitude involving Boeing 747, N416MC, 15 km NNW Sydney Airport, NSW, on 12 February 201712 Feb 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-047Collision with water involving Robinson R44, VH-SCM, Talbot Bay, Western Australia, on 23 April 201723 Apr 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-043Collision with terrain involving Yamaha R-Max RPA, 23 km W of Canberra, ACT, on 6 April 201706 Apr 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-035Runway excursion involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-AZH, 50 km NW of Hollins Bay ALA (Avoid Island), QLD, on 23 March 201723 Mar 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-026Descent below lowest safe altitude involving Boeing 777, 9V-SRP, 40 km SSW of Canberra Airport, ACT, on 22 February 201722 Feb 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-020Fuel starvation involving Cessna 210, VH-HZE, 11 km N of Mildura Airport, Victoria, on 6 February 201706 Feb 2017Final27 Jul 2017
AO-2017-073In-flight collision with object, SOCATA TB-10 Tobago, VH-YTG, Parafield Airport, South Australia on 11 July 201711 Jul 2017Discontinued21 Jul 2017
AO-2016-170Engine shutdown and collision with terrain involving Beech Aircraft Corporation B200, VH-MVL Moomba Airport, South Australia, 13 December 201613 Dec 2016Final06 Jul 2017
AO-2016-135Birdstrike and inflight vibration involving Boeing 747-438 ER, VH-OEH near San Francisco International Airport, United States, on 6 October 201606 Oct 2016Final29 Jun 2017
AO-2016-006Loss of control and collision with water involving Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-235, VH-PXD, 33 km SSE of Avalon Airport, Victoria on 29 January 2016 29 Jan 2016Final28 Jun 2017
AO-2016-027Collision with terrain involving Bell 206B helicopter VH-WHU near Carmila, Qld. on 25 March 201625 Mar 2016Final26 Jun 2017
AO-2014-053Loss of control involving Cessna Aircraft Company U206G, VH-FRT Caboolture Airfield, Queensland, on 22 March 201422 Mar 2014Final23 Jun 2017
AO-2015-149Erratic airspeed indications involving Boeing 787, VH-VKE, 450 km NW of Darwin, Northern Territory on 21 December 201521 Dec 2015Final14 Jun 2017
AE-2016-133Accredited representative to the United States National Transportation Safety Board investigation of the collision with terrain involving Fokker DR-1, registered N83WR, at Fulshear, Texas on 3 October 201603 Oct 2016Final03 Jun 2017
AO-2014-081Engine power loss involving Airbus A330, VN-A371, at Melbourne Airport, Vic. on 6 May 201406 May 2014Final01 Jun 2017
AO-2017-031Collision with terrain involving De Havilland DHC-2, VH-AWD, 70 km NNE Hamilton Island, Qld, on 13 March 201713 Mar 2017Final24 May 2017
AO-2017-019Aircraft loading event involving Fokker F28, VH-NHV, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 3 February 201703 Feb 2017Final24 May 2017
AO-2017-018Aircraft loading event involving Fokker F28, VH-NHZ, Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 26 January 201726 Jan 2017Final24 May 2017
AO-2017-015Near collision on ground involving Jetstar Airways Airbus A320, VH-VGJ, and a dispatcher, Newcastle (Williamtown) Airport, NSW, on 25 January 201725 Jan 2017Final24 May 2017
AO-2017-008Pre-flight preparation event involving Airbus A320, VH-VNC, Cairns Airport, Qld, on 21 January 201721 Jan 2017Final24 May 2017
AO-2017-014Runway excursion involving British Aerospace AVRO 146, VH-NJW, Darlot Airport, WA, on 20 January 201720 Jan 2017Final24 May 2017
AO-2016-175Landing on a occupied runway involving Beech Aircraft Corporation B200, VH-ZOK, Horsham Airport, Victoria, on 18 December 201618 Dec 2016Final24 May 2017
AO-2016-167Taxiing collision involving Boeing 737s, VH-YFT and VH-VUP, Hobart Airport, Tasmania, on 7 December 201607 Dec 2016Final24 May 2017
AO-2016-152Failure of main rotor system involving Sikorsky S92, VH-ZUQ, Broome, WA on 10 November 201610 Nov 2016Final24 May 2017
AO-2016-143Flight control system event involving Embraer 120, VH-YEI, Adelaide Airport, SA, on 25 October 201625 Oct 2016Final24 May 2017
AO-2016-003Traffic management occurrence involving Airbus A320, VH-VQS and Beech Aircraft Corporation BE 76, VH-EWL at Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport, NSW on 14 January 201614 Jan 2016Final19 May 2017
AO-2017-001Landing accident involving Van's RV-6A, VH-TJM, Starke Field ALA, Queensland, on 2 January 201702 Jan 2017Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2016-171Inflight engine shutdown involving British Aerospace Jetstream 32, VH-OTQ, 60 km WNW of Newcastle Airport, NSW, on 14 December 201614 Dec 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2016-177Loading related event involving Airbus A320, VH-VGI, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 21 December 201621 Dec 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2016-131Tail skid contact, involving a Boeing 777, registered 9V-SYG, at Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 9 October 201609 Oct 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2017-009Collision with terrain involving Air Tractor AT-401B, VH-DDW, near Dimbulah ALA, Qld, on 21 January 201721 Jan 2017Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2017-002Aircraft loading involving Boeing 737, ZK-TLK, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 17 December 201617 Dec 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2016-172Forced landing involving Robinson R44, VH-SJK, 16 km S of Sydney Airport, NSW, on 17 December 201617 Dec 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2016-173Loss of separation due to callsign confusion involving Airbus A330, VH-EBA, and Boeing 737, VH-VXF, near Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 15 December 201615 Dec 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2016-139Collision with terrain involving Lockheed Martin Stalker XE VTOL UAS, Mount Disappointment, Victoria, on 24 October 201624 Oct 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AO-2016-123Engine failure involving Airbus A320, VH-VFY, near Narrabri Airport, NSW, on 22 September 201622 Sep 2016Final27 Apr 2017
AE-2017-042Technical assistance to the TAIC New Zealand, emergency landing involving an ATR-72, ZK-MCY, on 9 April 201709 Apr 2017Final14 Apr 2017
AE-2014-089Technical assistance to the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia. Collision with terrain involving an S-76 Helicopter, 9M-STE, 12 December 201312 Dec 2013Final12 Apr 2017
AE-2015-070 Accredited Representative (State of Manufacture (engine)) - Engine failure and forced landing involving a Aeromoragon M-1 registered EC-EI3 - near Aviles City, Spain on 8 June 201408 Jun 2014Final12 Apr 2017
AO-2013-120Smoke in the cockpit involving Bombardier DHC-8-315VH-SBG, 56 km from Canberra Airport, ACT, on 29 July 201329 Jul 2013Final07 Apr 2017
AO-2015-032Hard landing involving an Airbus A330, 9M-MTA, Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 14 March 201514 Mar 2015Final05 Apr 2017
AE-2016-043Technical assistance to the PNG Accident Investigation Commission, collision with terrain involving Britten-Norman Islander, P2-SBC, Kiunga, PNG, on 13 April 201613 Apr 2016Final28 Mar 2017
AO-2016-164Separation issue involving Bombardier DHC-8, VH-QOV, and Eurocopter MBB-BK 117, VH-EHQ, on 26 November 201626 Nov 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AE-2016-083Technical Assistance to the Myanmar Accident Investigation Bureau - ERJ 190-100, XY-AGQ and ATR-72-600, XY-AIP, Dawei Airport, Myanmar, 25 June 201626 Jun 2016Discontinued24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-169Loss of separation involving Bombardier DHC-8, VH-LQG, and Boeing 777, ZK-OKF, near Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 9 December 201609 Dec 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-165Severe turbulence involving Airbus A330, B-5921, near Sydney, NSW, on 29 November 201629 Nov 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-163Runway undershoot involving Fairchild SA226, VH-SSV, Theodore ALA, Queensland, on 23 November 201623 Nov 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-159Tail rotor driveshaft failure involving Bell 206, VH-CHO, 30 km S of Bathurst Airport, New South Wales, on 21 November 201621 Nov 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-151Fumes event involving Bombardier DHC-8, VH-SBB, Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 10 November 201610 Nov 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-145Loading related event involving Airbus A320, VH-VQC, Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, on 29 October 201629 Oct 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-154Unlawful communications, Melbourne area, Victoria, September to November 201627 Oct 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-140Runway incursion involving Fokker F28 MK 100, and vehicle, Perth Airport, Western Australia on 19 October 201619 Oct 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2016-103Near collision involving Hawker Beechcraft Corporation B300C, VH-NAO, and a work safety officer, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 16 August 201616 Aug 2016Final24 Mar 2017
AO-2015-030Collision with terrain involving Piper PA25-235/A9 Pawnee VH-NLP, 10 km west of Darlington, Victoria, on 20 March 201520 Mar 2015Final16 Mar 2017
AO-2016-005Loss of separation involving Boeing 737 aircraft, VH-YFN and VH-VZV and Robinson R44, VH-WYR near Essendon Airport, Victoria, on 26 January 201626 Jan 2016Final09 Mar 2017
AO-2014-185Lightning strike involving Airbus A330, VH-XFJ, at Perth Airport, WA on 26 November 201426 Nov 2014Final08 Mar 2017
AO-2016-115Ground handling accident involving Cessna 172RG, VH-MKG, Parafield Airport, SA on 11 September 201611 Sep 2016Final24 Feb 2017
AE-2016-058Technical assistance to the NSW Coroner relating to accident involving Cessna C172L, VH-XZZ, on 21 March 201621 Mar 2016Final14 Feb 2017
AO-2016-142Misaligned take-off involving Beechcraft B200, VH-XGV, Brisbane Airport, Qld, on 26 October 201626 Oct 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-137Near collision involving Pilatus BN2, VH-IOA, and Bombardier DHC-8, VH-ZZJ, Horn Island Airport, Queensland, on 12 October 201612 Oct 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-125Emergency evacuation involving Fokker F28, VH-NHY Perth Airport, WA, on 23 September 201623 Sep 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-117Taxiing incident involving Airbus A330, 9M-XXK, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 9 September 201609 Sep 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-150Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, VH-YMJ, near Riversleigh ALA, Qld, on 12 November 201612 Nov 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-158Ground strike involving Robinson R44, VH-HHZ 74 km NE of Sleisbeck, NT, on 18 November 201618 Nov 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-149Engine failure and forced landing involving Cessna 208, VH-TYV, Darwin Airport, NT, on 11 November 201611 Nov 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-141Collision with terrain involving Lockheed Martin Stalker XE UAS, Avoca Race Track, Victoria, on 25 October 201625 Oct 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-136Engine failure involving Fairchild SA227, VH-VEU, 170 km S of Brisbane, Qld, on 12 October 201612 Oct 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AO-2016-099Forced landing involving a Cessna A188B, VH-BCT, near Hay Airport, NSW, on 9 August 201609 Aug 2016Final09 Feb 2017
AE-2016-094Technical assistance to the Safety Investigation Board of Pakistan, relating to an engine failure and runway excursion, involving a Beechcraft 1900D, AP-BII, Karachi, Pakistan, on 18 March 201618 Mar 2016Final27 Jan 2017
AO-2016-106Aircraft separation issues involving Embraer ERJ 190, VH-ZPJ, Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-XGA, and Gippsland Aeronautics GA10, VHXGY, near Mildura airport, Vic, on 31 May 201631 May 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-153Engine failure and collision with terrain involving Ryan Aeronautical Company STA-SPL, VH-SQD, 14 km NNW of Tyabb ALA, Victoria, on 15 November 201615 Nov 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-147Near collision involving a Cessna 172S, VH-USL, and parachutists, Lower Light (ALA), South Australia, on 6 November 201606 Nov 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-132Severe turbulence involving Bombardier DHC-8-402, VH-LQM, 72 km SW of Canberra Airport, ACT, on 10 October 201610 Oct 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-134Wheels up landing involving Cessna 210, VH-UPN, Broome Airport, Western Australia, on 10 October 201610 Oct 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-129Taxiing collision involving Boeing 717, VH-NXN, and Fokker F28 MK 0100, VH-NHF, Paraburdoo Airport, WA, on 5 October 201605 Oct 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-128Loss of control involving remotely piloted aircraft Pulse Aerospace Vapor 55, 4 km NE of Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport, NSW, on 27 September 201627 Sep 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-113Engine malfunction and in-flight shutdown involving Boeing 777, A6-EGA, 650 km NW of Adelaide, SA, on 7 September 201607 Sep 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-108Take-offs without runway lighting involving Embraer ERJ-135, VH-JTG, Tamworth Airport, NSW, on 28 August 201628 Aug 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-064Synthetic vision display error involving Pilatus PC-12, VH-OWA, Meekatharra Airport, Western Australia, 18 June 201618 Jun 2016Final17 Jan 2017
AO-2016-119Loading event involving Airbus A320, VH-VFN, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 8 September 201608 Sep 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-093Depressurisation event involving de Havilland DHC-8-106, VH-XFP, 67 km N of Perth Airport, WA, on 7 August 201607 Aug 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-120Animal strike and collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-PFX, 15 km S of Coen, Qld, on 18 September 201618 Sep 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-127Loading event involving Avions de Transport Régional ATR42, VH-TOX, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 27 September 201627 Sep 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-126Near collision involving Cessna 210, VH-SQT, and Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-KNB, 50 km S of Jabiru aerodrome, Northern Territory, on 22 September 201622 Sep 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-116Engine failure or malfunction involving Jabiru SP500, 19-5503, near Boonah, Qld, on 11 September 201611 Sep 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-114Hydraulic leak involving Boeing 787, 9V-OFG, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 8 September 201608 Sep 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-110Wirestrike involving Cessna 441, VH-NAX, Coorabie Airport, SA, on 5 September 201605 Sep 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-095Engine shut down involving Boeing 787, VH-VKK, about 370 km N of Guam, on 6 August 201606 Aug 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2016-072Wheels up landing involving Piper PA31, VH-ETW, Birdsville Airport, Qld, on 4 July 201606 Jul 2016Final14 Dec 2016
AO-2014-096ATC information error involving a Department of Defence Boeing CH-47 Chinook and Cessna 172S, VH-PFU, Townsville Airport, Queensland on 27 May 201427 May 2014Final05 Dec 2016
AE-2016-045Technical assistance to CASA in the examination of Gippsland Aeronautics, GA-8 main landing gear axle fractures06 May 2016Final29 Nov 2016
AO-2014-164Collision with terrain involving Van’s RV-6A, VH-JON, 8 km south of Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 14 October 201414 Oct 2014Final25 Nov 2016
AO-2016-098Runway event involving Raytheon B200, VH-ZCJ, Tindal Airport, NT, on 9 August 201609 Aug 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-107Separation issue involving Robinson R44, VH-EYD, and Cessna 152, VH-MRC, Bankstown Airport, NSW, on 25 August 201625 Aug 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-111Near collision due to runway incursion involving Van's RV-7, VH-VTZ, and Glaser-Dirks DG-400 motor-glider, VH-XJZ, at Gympie ALA, Queensland, on 27 August 201627 Aug 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-091Loading event involving Embraer EMB-120, VH-ANQ, Darwin Airport, NT, on 6 August 201606 Aug 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-092Aircraft preparation event involving Airbus A330, VH-QPC, Brisbane Airport, Qld, on 4 August 201604 Aug 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-109Engine failure and collision with terrain involving Van's RV-9A, VH-KLV, 39 km NNW of Albany Airport, WA, on 4 September 201604 Sep 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-104In-flight engine shutdown involving Saab 340, VH-ZRJ, 19 km N of Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport, NSW, on 23 August 201623 Aug 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-102Runway incursion involving Airbus A320, VH-VGI, and Fokker F27, VH-FKV, Adelaide Airport, SA, on 17 August 201617 Aug 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-071Propeller failure involving de Havilland DH-82, VH-ARU, near Shute Harbour ALA, Queensland, on 2 July 201602 Jul 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2016-096Sling-load incident involving Aerospatiale Industries AS350, VH-BII, Lake Disappointment, WA, on 23 May 201623 May 2016Final22 Nov 2016
AO-2015-062Engine failure and collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, VH-KJJ, 154 km south-west of Timber Creek, NT, on 14 June 201514 Jun 2015Final17 Nov 2016
AO-2016-155Engine failure involving Cessna 208, VH-LNH, 9 km N of Solomon Aerodrome, WA, on 16 November 201616 Nov 2016PendingN/A
AE-2015-137Technical assistance to CASA in the examination of the engine from a power loss event involving a Jabiru J160 aircraft, registered 19-7549 near Scone NSW on 11 November 201511 Nov 2015Final07 Nov 2016
AE-2015-044Technical assistance to RA-Aus - Data recovery from avionics - Multiple occurrences18 Apr 2015Final07 Nov 2016
AO-2013-201Tail strikes during landing involving Bombardier DHC-8 402, VH-QOT and VH-QOS Brisbane Airport, Queensland, 5 November 2013 and Roma Airport, Queensland, on 11 December 201305 Nov 2013Final28 Oct 2016
AO-2013-124In-flight engine failure involving Sikorsky S-76C helicopter, VH-EXU, Snapper Platform, Bass Strait (74 km east of Longford, Victoria), on 11 July 2013 11 Jul 2013Final20 Oct 2016
AO-2016-097Runway incursion and separation issue involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-BFL, and Cessna 210, VH-NLV, Mitchell Plateau ALA, WA, on 9 August 201609 Aug 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-089Wheels up landing involving Beech 58, VH-UZO, at Gove Airport, NT, on 8 August 201608 Aug 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-087Low fuel and precautionary landing involving Cessna 172, VH-WKB, 30 km N of Broome Airport, WA, on 1 August 201601 Aug 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-086Wirestrike involving Robinson R22, VH-HRL, 63 km W of Blackall Airport, Qld, on 27 July 2016 27 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-082Engine failure and forced landing involving Piper PA-28, VH-TAK, 3 km NW of Bankstown Airport, NSW, on 21 July 201621 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-080Hard landing involving Kavanagh Balloons E-300, VH-LPG, near York, WA, on 16 July 201616 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-075Pilot incapacitation involving Cessna 208, VH-NTQ, near Horn Island, Queensland, 12 July 201612 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-067Flap cable failure and ground strike involving Airparts NZ FU-24, VH-TTD, 50 km ESE of Tamworth Airport, NSW, on 26 June 201626 Jun 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-062Separation issue due to runway incursion involving Cessna 172, VH-EKV, and Beech 58, VH-MLB, Alice Springs Airport, NT, on 16 June 201616 Jun 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-056Runway incursion involving Fairchild SA227, VH-HPE, Richmond Airport, Qld, on 7 June 201607 Jun 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2015-041Flight path management occurrence involving B737, VH-YID, 55 km from Adelaide Airport, South Australia, on 9 May 201509 May 2015Final07 Oct 2016
AE-2016-070Technical assistance to CASA in the examination of a cracked Cessna 402C wing attach fitting30 Jun 2016Final04 Oct 2016
AO-2015-079Collision with terrain involving a Glasair SH-2FT, VH-HRG near Wedderburn Airport, NSW on 19 July 201519 Jul 2015Final04 Oct 2016
AO-2016-081Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving Schweizer 269C, VH-NTZ, Deloraine, Tasmania, 20 July 201620 Jul 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-073Precautionary landing involving Cessna 150, VH-TDZ, and Cessna 152, VH-KTL, 22 km WSW of Exmouth (ALA), Western Australia, 3 July 201603 Jul 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-066Personal electronic device fire in-flight involving Boeing 747, VH-OJS, 500 km WNW of John F. Kennedy International Airport, United States, on 21 June 201621 Jun 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-065Incorrect configuration involving Boeing 717, VH-YQV, Canberra Airport, ACT, on 20 June 201620 Jun 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-059Engine failure involving Piper PA-28, VH-IPO, Mangalore Airport, Victoria, on 16 June 201616 Jun 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-060Controlled flight into terrain involving Agusta A109, VH-XPB, Ellerston, New South Wales, 10 June 201610 Jun 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-057Depressurisation involving Fokker F28, VH-NHF, 49 km W of Newman Airport, WA on 7 June 201607 Jun 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-039Fire prior to passenger disembarkation involving Kavanagh Balloons B400, VH-WNV, near Cessnock Airport, NSW, on 24 April 201624 Apr 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-037Fuel starvation involving a Lancair ES, VH-DFH, 22 km NW Mansfield (ALA), Victoria, on 18 April 201618 Apr 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-024VFR into IMC involving Cessna 172, VH-EOV, near Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, on 19 March 201619 Mar 2016Final28 Sep 2016
AO-2016-118Loss of control involving Air Tractor AT-502, VH-ULV, near Esperance Airport, WA, on 10 September 201610 Sep 2016Discontinued20 Sep 2016
AO-2016-028Ground handling occurrence involving Airbus A330, 9M-MTB, Melbourne Airport, Vic, on 31 March 201631 Mar 2016Final13 Sep 2016
AE-2015-039Technical assistance to the National Transportation Safety Committee of Indonesia in the download of recorded data from various occurrences in March 201521 Mar 2015Final09 Sep 2016
AO-2016-032Near collision between Schempp-Hirth Janus glider, VH-GWQ, and Rolladen-Schneider LS3-A glider, VH-CQP, Porepunkah (ALA), Victoria, on 28 March 201628 Mar 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-034Near collision involving Glaser-Dirks DG-1000 glider, VH-NDQ, and Jabiru J170, 24-7750, Bathurst Airport, NSW on 13 April 201613 Apr 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-035Near collision involving Pacific Aerospace CT4, VH-YCO, and Piper PA-28, VH-WJZ, 24 km NW of Gunnedah Airport, NSW on 15 April 201615 Apr 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-038Near collision involving Morgan Cheetah, 19-5456, and Grob G115, VH-ZTA, 15 km NW of Serpentine (ALA), WA on 15 April 201615 Apr 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-036Near collision involving Piper PA-28, VH-BYE, and Cessna 152, VH-CRP, Bunbury Airport, WA on 15 April 201615 Apr 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-040Near collision involving Robinson R22, VH-MFH, and Lancair, VH-XCG, Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, NSW on 22 April 201622 Apr 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-050Near collision involving Robinson R22, VH-JKH, and Cessna 182, VH-YKM, Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, NSW on 22 April 201622 Apr 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-054Near collision involving Piper PA-32, VH-NKA, and Cessna 210, VH-SQT, near Oenpelli Airport, NT, on 25 May 201625 May 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-041Near collision involving Cessna 177RG, VH-OOJ, and Cessna 172, VH-VSO, near Ballarat, Victoria, on 15 April 201615 Apr 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2016-015Near collision involving a Saab 340, VH-ZLA, and a Glaser-Dirks glider, VH-IGC, near Orange Airport, NSW on 21 February 201621 Feb 2016Final08 Sep 2016
AO-2015-029Data entry and navigational issues involving Airbus A330-343X, 9M-XXM, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 10 March 201510 Mar 2015Final07 Sep 2016
AE-2015-059Technical assistance to the TAIC - Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44, ZK-IPY, 12 km south-west of Queenstown Airport, New Zealand on 19 February 201519 Feb 2015Final29 Aug 2016
AO-2016-055Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna 206 floatplane, VH-NTK, 6 km SE of Southport Airport, Queensland, on 5 June 201605 Jun 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-052Navigation event involving Kavanagh Balloons E-240, VH-VBM, Port Phillip Bay, Vic, on 21 May 201621 May 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-053Near collision involving Piper PA-28, VH-MJT, and Airbus Helicopters EC 130, VH-ZVO, Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, on 20 May 201620 May 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-049Hard landing involving Maule MT-7, VH-DRS, near Noosa, Qld, on 16 May 201616 May 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-051Smoke event involving Airbus A380, VH-OQD, about 1,500 km WSW of Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, United States, on 16 May 201616 May 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-048Collision on ground involving Cessna 172, VH-EWZ, and Cessna 172, VH-SYH, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 13 May 201613 May 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-047Loss of control involving Robinson R22, VH-WGB 221 km ENE of Port Hedland Airport, WA, on 12 May 201612 May 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-033Smoke and fumes event involving Boeing 787, N36962, 110 km E of Port Macquarie, NSW, on 17 April 2016 17 Apr 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-030Collision with terrain involving de Havilland DH-82, VH-BJE, Redcliffe Airport, Qld, on 3 April 201603 Apr 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2016-021Runway incursion involving a Hawker Beechcraft Corporation B200, VH-FDG, at Blackall Airport, Qld on 28 February 201628 Feb 2016Final25 Aug 2016
AO-2013-125Collision during pushback between Boeing B737-8FE, VH-YID and Airbus A320-232, VH-VGR Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 10 August 201310 Aug 2013Final18 Aug 2016
AO-2015-074Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Pitts Model 12, VH-JDZ, 8 km south-west of Maitland Airport, NSW, on 8 July 201508 Jul 2015Final29 Jul 2016
AO-2016-026Engine fire involving a Fairchild SA227, VH-UZI, near Brisbane, Qld on 22 March 201622 Mar 2016Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2016-017Near collision between Fairchild SA227, VH-MYI and Cessna 150, VH-RZP, 31 km N of King Island Airport, Tas, on 28 February 201628 Feb 2016Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2016-029VFR into IMC involving Piper PA-28, VH-BDB, 33 km W of Bankstown Airport, NSW, on 29 March 201629 Mar 2016Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2016-025Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-RGY, Richmond Airport, Qld, on 21 March 201621 Mar 2016Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2016-023Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna 182S, VH-PCO, Tooradin Airfield (ALA), Vic., on 20 March 201620 Mar 2016Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2016-019Engine malfunction and collision with terrain involving a Piper PA-23, VH-BIQ, near Mareeba, Qld on 5 March 201605 Mar 2016Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2016-016Fumes event involving Airbus A320, VH-VNO, 211 km N of Melbourne Airport, Vic, on 1 March 201601 Mar 2016Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2016-001Birdstrike involving a Glasair Sportsman GS-2, N666GM, near Bathurst, NSW on 24 December 201524 Dec 2015Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2015-138Engine failure involving a Jabiru J430, VH-SZQ, 56 km WNW of Oakey Airport, Qld on 19 November 201519 Nov 2015Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2015-093Flight below minimum permitted altitude involving Cessna 441, VH-EQU, near Wollongong Airport, NSW, on 3 August 201503 Aug 2015Final27 Jul 2016
AO-2015-114Runway excursion involving a Cessna 550, VH-FGK, at Lismore Airport, NSW, on 25 September 201525 Sep 2015Final25 Jul 2016
AO-2014-192Collision with terrain Cessna 172, VH-PFT, Maingon Bay (9 km south of Port Arthur), Tasmania, on 29 December 201429 Dec 2014Final21 Jul 2016
AO-2013-075Collision with aerobridge involving Boeing 747-422, N119UA, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 22 April 201322 Apr 2013Final07 Jul 2016
AE-2016-018Technical aassistance to Recreational Aviation Australia in the examination of the engine and damaged GPS from the collision with terrain involving a Jabiru aircraft, 55-3692, at Medlow Bath, NSW on 27 Feb 201627 Feb 2016Final15 Jun 2016
AO-2014-189Landing gear overspeed involving a Saab 340B, VH-ZRJ, near Sydney Airport, NSW on 4 December 201404 Dec 2014Final07 Jun 2016
AO-2013-199Collision with terrain involving Bell 206L helicopter VH-VDZ, at Melbourne, Vic., on 2 November 201302 Nov 2013Final01 Jun 2016
AO-2013-100Landing below minima due to fog involving Boeing 737s, VH-YIR and VH-VYK Mildura Airport, Victoria on 18 June 201318 Jun 2013Final31 May 2016
AO-2016-013Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-LYW, 88 km NE Roma, Qld, on 20 February 201620 Feb 2016Final30 May 2016
AO-2016-011Incorrect configuration leading to a collision with terrain involving Cessna R182, VH-PFZ, 58 km SW of Ingham ALA, Qld on 14 February 201614 Feb 2016Final27 May 2016
AO-2016-008Wirestrike involving a Kavanagh G-450 balloon, VH-RUW, Mareeba, Qld on 7 February 201607 Feb 2016Final27 May 2016
AO-2016-009Wheels up landing, involving Nanchang CJ-6, VH-ALO, Barwon Heads Airport, Vic on 6 February 201606 Feb 2016Final27 May 2016
AO-2015-134Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-HWJ, 90 km S of McArthur River Mine, Northern Territory, on 12 November 201512 Nov 2015Final27 May 2016
AO-2015-133Flap system failure leading to loss of control, involving Cessna 208, VH-WZJ, Townsville Airport, Qld on 10 November 201510 Nov 2015Final27 May 2016
AO-2015-127Foreign object damage involving Eurocopter AS365 N3 Dauphin, VH-WPX Jandakot Airport, Western Australia, 3 November 201503 Nov 2015Final27 May 2016
AO-2015-103Landing accident involving a Cessna 180, VH-FDH, at Karumba Airport, Qld on 1 September 201501 Sep 2015Final27 May 2016
AO-2015-094Engine malfunction involving a Cessna 208B, VH-LNH, near Kununurra Airport, WA on 8 August 201508 Aug 2015Final27 May 2016
AO-2015-083Near collision involving Cessna 210L, VH-TCI, and Cessna 208, VH-PGA 46 km NNE of Broome Airport, WA on 15 July 201515 Jul 2015Final27 May 2016
AO-2015-055Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-HRW, 63 km NNE of Mitchell, Qld on 28 May 201528 May 2015Final26 May 2016
AO-2014-074Loss of separation assurance involving Airbus A330, 9V-STQ and Airbus A320, VH-VFH near Tindal, NT on 24 April 201424 Apr 2014Final13 May 2016
AO-2013-212Air data system failure involving Airbus A330-243, A6-EYJ, near Brisbane Airport, Qld on 21 November 201321 Nov 2013Final06 May 2016
AO-2014-076In-flight engine fire involving AVRO 146-RJ100, VH-NJI departing Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 29 April 201429 Apr 2014Final02 May 2016
AO-2014-044Airspace related event involving a Boeing 737, VH-VOM, near Darwin, NT on 27 February 201427 Feb 2014Final15 Apr 2016
AO-2014-163Collision with terrain involving One Design DR-107, VH-EGT, Goolwa Airport, SA on 10 October 201410 Oct 2014Final14 Apr 2016
AO-2015-146Low fuel event involving a Piper PA-31P-350, VH-OGW, at Bankstown, New South Wales, on 18 December 201518 Dec 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-147Tail rotor strike of slung load involving a Eurocopter AS 350, VH-NPS, at Glenbrook, NSW on 19 December 201519 Dec 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2016-010Wirestrike and collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-HXY, near Townsville, Queensland, on 14 February 201614 Feb 2016Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-145Flight crew incapacitation involving a SOCATA TBM 700, VH-YZZ, Lake Macquarie ALA, NSW on 15 December 201515 Dec 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-142Collision with a pole involving an Air Tractor AT-502B, VH-PTF, near Dalby, Qld, on 4 December 201504 Dec 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-136Separation issue between a Kavanagh Balloons E-300, VH-LPG and freight train 4K26, near Cunderdin Aerodrome, WA on 11 November 201511 Nov 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-130Near collision involving a de Havilland DH-82A (Tiger Moth), VH-BJE and a Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-HOQ at Redcliffe (ALA), Qld on 7 November 201507 Nov 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-111Collision with a vehicle, involving an Air Tractor AT-502B, VH-FNX, near Hay, NSW on 17 September 201517 Sep 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-106VFR into IMC involving a PA28 aircraft, VH-TAU, near Latrobe Valley Airport, Victoria on 8 September 201508 Sep 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2015-069Collision with terrain involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-2, VH-AWI, at Hardy Lagoon ALA, Qld on 25 June 201525 Jun 2015Final13 Apr 2016
AO-2013-114Runway excursion involving ATR72, VH-FVY, at Moranbah Airport, Qld on 8 July 201308 Jul 2013Final31 Mar 2016
AO-2014-028Runway excursion involving Metro 23, VH-UUB, at Portland, Vic, on 20 February 201420 Feb 2014Final22 Mar 2016
AR-2013-107Engine failures and malfunctions in light aeroplanes 2009 - 2014Final09 Mar 2016
AO-2014-119Collision with terrain involving Cessna T210N, VH-ZFW, near Inverell Airport, NSW on 4 July 201404 Jul 2014Final07 Mar 2016
AO-2013-187In-flight breakup involving PZL Mielec M18A Dromader aircraft, VH-TZJ, 37 km west of Ulladulla, NSW on 24 October 201324 Oct 2013Final15 Feb 2016
AO-2014-147Navigation event involving a Fairchild SA227 aircraft, VH-UUO, Brisbane Airport, Qld on 3 September 201403 Sep 2014Final12 Feb 2016
AO-2014-086In-flight break-up involving Cicaré CH-7B, VH-SWQ 43 km north-west of Barcaldine Airport Queensland on 12 May 201402 May 2014Final05 Feb 2016
AO-2014-114Collision with terrain involving DHC-1, 'Chipmunk' VH-UPD near Coffs Harbour, NSW on 29 June 201429 Jun 2014Final04 Feb 2016
AE-2015-081Assistance to the TAIC - Engine failure, Pacific Aerospace Ltd 750XL, Lake Taupo, New Zealand on 7 January 2015 07 Jan 2015Final29 Jan 2016
AO-2015-128Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-NCL, at Newman Airport, Western Australia on 6 November 201506 Nov 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-125Aircraft control issue involving a Liberty XL-2, VH-CZS, at Camden Airport, NSW on 29 October 201529 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-123Partial engine failure involving a Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-FGN, near Busselton Airport, Western Australia, on 21 October 201521 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-121Wheels-up landing involving a Cessna 172RG, VH-HTP, at Elcho Island Aerodrome, NT on 14 October 201514 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-120Fuel management issue involving a PA31-350, VH-HJH, 19 km north of Goulburn Airport NSW on 12 October 201512 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-115Fuel exhaustion event involving a Cessna 182, VH-DNZ, at Adelaide, South Australia on 2 October 201502 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-122Runway incursion involving a Cessna 172M, VH-EJM and a vehicle at Townsville Airport, Queensland on 10 September 201510 Sep 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-098Collision with terrain involving a Beech A36, VH-PAK, near Southport Airport, Queensland on 16 August 201516 Aug 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-078Pre-flight planning event involving a Boeing 737, VH-YIU, at Christchurch Airport, New Zealand on 14 July 201514 Jul 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-067Weather related event involving a Bombardier DHC-8, VH-XFQ, at Leinster Airport, WA on 23 June 201523 Jun 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2013-226In-flight break-up involving de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth, VH-TSG 300 m east of South Stradbroke Island, Qld on 16 December 2013 16 Dec 2013Final21 Jan 2016
AE-2013-144Technical Assistance to the National Transportation Safety Committee of Indonesia – specialist recovery of flight recorder information from two British Aerospace 146-200 aircraft and a British Aerospace ATP-F aircraft involved in separate occurrences in Indonesia during May 201308 May 2013Final21 Jan 2016
AE-2015-075 Technical assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia in the examination of a fractured eyebolt from the collision with terrain involving a Fasterway Powered Parachute, near Theodore, Qld. on 30 May 201530 May 2015Final15 Jan 2016
AO-2014-149Collision with terrain involving Van's Aircraft RV-6, VH-TXF near Mudgee Airport, NSW on 14 September 201414 Sep 2014Final15 Jan 2016
AE-2014-062Accredited Representative (State of Registry and State of the Operator of the aircraft) - Engine failure involving Airbus A380, VH-OQL, near Dubai International Airport, UAE on 27 March 201427 Mar 2014Final07 Jan 2016
AO-2015-117Loss of control involving a Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-ZWA, at Darwin Airport, NT on 7 October 201507 Oct 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-112In-flight break-up involving a DJI S900 remotely piloted aircraft, at Toowoomba, Qld on 19 September 201519 Sep 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-110Collision with terrain involving a Cirrus SR22, VH-OPX, near Moree, NSW on 17 September 201517 Sep 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-113Partial power loss and forced landing involving a Cessna 172 aircraft, VH-FPZ, at Carlton Hill Station Airstrip, WA on 10 September 201510 Sep 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-104Near collision involving a Cessna 172, VH-EOT, and a Jabiru J120, 24-5340, at Latrobe Valley Airport, Vic on 6 September 201506 Sep 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-102Collisions with kangaroos involving a Fairchild SA227 (Metroliner) VH-HPE, at Thangool Airport, Queensland, on 1 September 2015 and a King Air B200 aircraft, VH-FDB at Barcaldine Airport, Queensland on 2 September 201501 Sep 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-101Near collision involving a Schweizer 269, VH-JXO, and a military Lockheed AP-3C, at Edinburgh Airport, SA on 31 August 201531 Aug 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-088Loading event involving an Airbus A330, VH-QPJ, at Bangkok, Thailand on 23 July 201523 Jul 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-080Near collision between an Extra 300L, VH-KCF and a Robinson R44, VH-OLG, at Bankstown Airport, NSW on 15 July 201515 Jul 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AO-2015-056Stickshaker activation involving a Boeing 717-200, VH-NXM, Brisbane Airport, Qld on 27 May 201527 May 2015Final22 Dec 2015
AE-2014-193Accredited Representative - Collision with terrain involving Air Asia A320, PK-AXC, Karimata Strait, 213 km SW of Iskandar Airport, Pangkalan Bun, Indonesia, on 28 December 201424 Dec 2014Final17 Dec 2015
AO-2014-131Wire strike and impact with terrain involving a Cessna 182L aircraft, VH-TRS, Burrumbuttock, NSW on 20 July 201420 Jul 2014Final14 Dec 2015
AO-2013-172Engine shut down in-flight involving Airbus A330-302, B-18358, Darwin Airport, 887 km ENE on 3 October 201303 Oct 2013Final10 Dec 2015
AO-2013-116Flight preparation event involving Kavanagh Balloons E-260, VH-FSR, near Alice Springs Airport, NT, 13 July 201313 Jul 2013Final09 Dec 2015
AO-2013-174Loss of control following partial engine failure involving amateur-built Rand Robinson KR-2, VH-CTE, 12 km west of Tumut, NSW on 5 October 201305 Oct 2013Final17 Nov 2015
AO-2014-162Data entry error and tailstrike involving Boeing 737-838, VH-VZR, Sydney Airport, NSW on 1 August 201401 Aug 2014Final16 Nov 2015
AO-2013-160Loss of separation involving a Beechcraft B300, VH-FIZ and a formation of four Boeing F/A18 aircraft near Williamtown, NSW on 19 September 201319 Sep 2013Final12 Nov 2015
AE-2015-100Technical assistance to New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) - Airbus Helicopters AS350B2, ZK-HYO, involving a Heli-skiing accident at Mt Alta, New Zealand on 16 August 2014 16 Aug 2014Final10 Nov 2015
AE-2014-009Accredited Representative (State of Manufacture) - Collision with terrain - GippsAero GA8 Airvan - F-ORPH - near Félix Eboué Airport, Cayenne, French Guiana on 6 January 201406 Jan 2014Discontinued06 Nov 2015
AO-2015-099Near collision involving a Cessna 404, VH-ANM, and a Cessna 172, VH-MJK, at Bathurst Island Airport, Northern Territory, on 15 August 201515 Aug 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-092Collision with terrain involving a Grumman G164, VH-LKN, near Tharwa, ACT on 6 August 201506 Aug 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-090Engine failure and collision with terrain involving a Cessna 210, VH-ERU, 77 km ENE of Cue, Western Australia on 1 August 201501 Aug 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-086Collision with terrain during landing, involving a PA32 aircraft, VH-BDG at Lakeside Airpark, Queensland on 26 July 201526 Jul 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-091Loss of control involving a Bell 206L3, VH-BLV, at Falls Creek, VIC, on 20 July 201520 Jul 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-064Windscreen fogging and collision with terrain involving a R22 helicopter, VH-RBT near Boyup Brook ALA, WA on 23 June 201523 Jun 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-060Separation issue involving a Pacific Aerospace Corporation CT/4B, VH-YCU, and a Diamond DA 40, VH-UNV, near Quirindi, NSW on 4 June 201504 Jun 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-057Collision with terrain involving a Victa 115 Airtourer, VH-MUV at Leongatha Airport, VIC on 29 May 201529 May 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-026Engine failure involving an Enstrom 280, VH-YHD, 5 km north-west of Redcliffe Airport, QLD on 28 February 201528 Feb 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AO-2015-013Landing gear malfunction involving a Cessna 210, VH-SMP, at Kununurra Airport, WA on 1 February 201501 Feb 2015Final04 Nov 2015
AE-2014-130Accredited Representative - Occurrence involving Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, 9M-MRD, near Hrabove, eastern Ukraine on 17 July 201417 Jul 2014Final29 Oct 2015
AE-2014-155Technical assistance to the PNG Accident Investigation Commission - Collision with terrain involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-6, P2-KSF on 20 September 201420 Sep 2014Final15 Oct 2015
AE-2015-140Accredited Representative - Engine failure involving a Titan Tornado aircraft, registered N4070F, near Mitchells VA, United States on 15 October 201515 Oct 2015PendingN/A
AO-2012-073Weather-related operational event involving Boeing 717, VH NXO, Perth Airport, WA on 1 June 2012 01 Jun 2012Final12 Oct 2015
AO-2015-087Wirestrike involving an Eagle DW1, VH-FHP, 77 km SE of Townsville, QLD on 27 July 201527 Jul 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-077Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-VOH, 130 km E of Alice Springs, NT on 14 July 201514 Jul 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-076Low fuel event involving a Piper PA-28, VH-MHI, 28 km SE of Adelaide, SA on 10 July 201510 Jul 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-071Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-RBO, near Daly Waters (ALA), NT on 28 June 201528 Jun 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-065Flight below minimum altitude involving an Avro 146, VH-NJW, near Granny Smith Airport, Western Australia on 23 June 201523 Jun 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-061Loss of separation involving a Cessna 441, VH-JLT, and a Raytheon B200, VH-ZCJ, near Darwin Airport, NT on 10 June 201510 Jun 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-058Smoke event involving a Cirrus SR22T, VH-EPG, 44 km W of Bendigo Airport, VIC on 19 May 201519 May 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-049Stall warning event involving a Raytheon B200, VH-ZCO, Darwin Airport, NT on 17 May 201517 May 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-042Fuel starvation event involving a Cessna 210, VH-BKD, 3 km East of Broome Airport, Western Australia on 3 May 03 May 2015Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2014-128Flight below minimum altitude involving a Boeing 777, A6-ECO, near Melbourne Airport, Vic on 18 July 201418 Jul 2014Final07 Oct 2015
AO-2015-116Collision with terrain involving a Cessna 172, VH-IMY, at Landor Station, Western Australia on 3 October 201503 Oct 2015DiscontinuedN/A
AO-2013-103Airspeed management occurrence involving Airbus A320, VH-JQG, Sydney Airport, NSW on 25 June 201325 Jun 2013Final29 Sep 2015
AE-2015-020Assistance to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in the examination of a cracked control cable terminal12 Feb 2015Final08 Sep 2015
AO-2013-221Engine failure and collision with terrain involving Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III, VH-USW, near Jandakot Airport, WA on 9 December 201309 Dec 2013Final03 Sep 2015
AO-2015-109In-flight engine shutdown involving an AVRO 146-RJ85, VH-NJW, near Leonora Airport, Western Australia, on 3 September 201503 Sep 2015DiscontinuedN/A
AO-2012-120Descent below minimum permitted altitude involving Boeing 747, N409MC, 11 km E of Melbourne Airport, VIC, 9 September 201209 Sep 2012Final01 Sep 2015
AE-2014-120Technical assistance to PNG Accident Investigation Commission (PNG AIC), Eurocopter BO-105 S helicopter, P2-NHW, engine failure, 23 June 201423 Jun 2014Final31 Aug 2015
AO-2015-073Collision with terrain involving a Cessna 182, VH-AHC 100 km SW of Bourke, NSW, on 5 July 201505 Jul 2015Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2015-053VFR into IMC involving a Beech A36, VH-ANX, overhead York (ALA), Western Australia on 19 May 201519 May 2015Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2015-050Separation issue involving a Cessna 208, VH-LNH, and a Cessna 207, VH-WOX, near Kununurra, WA on 15 May 201515 May 2015Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2015-037Wirestrike involving an R44 helicopter, VH-LOL, 142 km WSW of Adelaide, SA on 10 April 201510 Apr 2015Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2015-035Loss of operator control involving an Aeronavics SkyJib 8 remotely piloted aircraft near the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, VIC on 29 March 201529 Mar 2015Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2015-017Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-APP, 54 km NNW of Kalbarri, WA on 11 February 201511 Feb 2015Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2015-004Near collision between a Beechcraft 76 aircraft, VH-ZUA and a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter, VH-SWX near the Gold Coast Airport, Qld on 4 January 201504 Jan 2015Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2014-181Tail rotor malfunction involving a Robinson R22, VH-HPH, La Belle Downs Station, NT on 18 November 201418 Nov 2014Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2014-180Engine failure involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-1 (Chipmunk), VH-RVY, near Luskintyre, NSW on 14 November 2014 14 Nov 2014Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2014-171Data input error involving a Boeing 737, VH-XZI near Adelaide Airport, SA on 12 October 201412 Oct 2014Final27 Aug 2015
AO-2013-095Operational event involving Boeing 737, VH-YIR, Sydney Airport, NSW on 4 June 201304 Jun 2013Final07 Aug 2015
AO-2015-072Separation event involving an Aeroprakt 22LS, VH-EVQ and a Piper PA-28, VH-NRZ at Bankstown Airport, NSW on 28 June 201528 Jun 2015Discontinued27 Jul 2015
AO-2015-052E/GPWS Warning and missed approach, involving a SAAB 340B VH-OLL, 7 km north of Wynyard Airport, Tasmania on 13 May 201513 May 2015Discontinued23 Jul 2015
AO-2013-130Descent below approach path involving Boeing 777, VH-VPF, Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 15 August 201315 Aug 2013Final15 Jul 2015
AO-2013-047Flight path management and ground proximity warning involving Airbus A330-202, VH-EBV, 15 km NNE of Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 8 March 201308 Mar 2013Final09 Jul 2015
AO-2015-047Wake turbulence event involving a Bombardier Dash 8, VH-QOY at Sydney Airport, NSW on 7 May 201507 May 2015Discontinued07 Jul 2015
AE-2015-051Accredited Representative (State of (engine) Manufacture) - Incident involving a Roko Aero NG4 UL, OK-TUR 22, Near Wicklow town, Ireland on 30 December 201430 Dec 2014Final06 Jul 2015
AE-2014-159Assistance to the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) in the conduct of its investigation 'Decision-making regarding safety of flight routes'09 Oct 2014Final25 Jun 2015
AO-2015-038Runway excursion involving a Cessna 404, VH-JOR, at Pantijan (ALA), WA on 12 April 201512 Apr 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-036Collision on the ground involving a Piper PA-28, VH-TXH and a Cessna 172, VH-EUU at Moorabbin Airport, VIC on 11 April 201511 Apr 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-033Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-HUA, 93 km SE of Mount Isa, Qld, on 20 March 201520 Mar 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-028Runway overrun involving an Aero Commander 500, VH-WZV at Badu Island (ALA), QLD on 8 March 201508 Mar 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-025Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-CMK at Archerfield Airport, QLD on 28 February 201528 Feb 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-022Near collision involving a Diamond DA20, VH-YNB and a Mooney M20, VH-SJT, near Jandakot Airport, WA on 20 February 201520 Feb 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-016Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-YLP, at Orange Airport, New South Wales, on 10 February 201510 Feb 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-006Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-YMD near Alice Springs, NT on 9 January 201509 Jan 2015Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2015-001Collision with terrain involving a Schweizer 269C-1, VH-FTY, Parafield Airport, SA on 24 December 201424 Dec 2014Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2014-186Engine failure and forced landing involving Cessna 210, VH-TWD, 111 km SE Halls Creek, WA on 28 November 201428 Nov 2014Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2014-178Wheels-up landing involving a Cessna 210, VH-JGA, at Cairns Airport, QLD on 11 November 201411 Nov 2014Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2014-179Operational event involving a Boeing 737, VH-VUR, near Renmark, SA on 7 November 201406 Nov 2014Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2014-109Main landing gear wheel failure involving a Boeing 737, ZK-ZQB at Sydney Airport NSW on 10 June 201410 Jun 2014Final10 Jun 2015
AO-2013-055Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-HWQ at Bulli Tops, near Wollongong NSW on 21 March 201321 Mar 2013Final04 Jun 2015
AE-2014-169Technical assistance to the TAIC - Collision with terrain involving Robinson R44 ZK-HBQ Kahurangi National Park, near Nelson, New Zealand on 7 October 201407 Oct 2014Final02 Jun 2015
AO-2013-216Collision with terrain involving an Aérospatiale Squirrel helicopter, AS350B2, VH-HRQ, 240 km west of Davis Base, Antarctica on 1 December 201301 Dec 2013Final25 May 2015
AO-2013-163Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna 182 VH-AUT, Hamilton Airport, VIC on 23 September 201323 Sep 2013Final07 May 2015
AO-2013-049Flight path management occurrence involving Boeing 737-838, VH-VYE, 213 km SSE of Brisbane Airport, Qld on 25 February 2013 25 Feb 2013Final27 Apr 2015
AO-2015-023Collision after landing involving a Fletcher FU-24, VH-KXT and a Gippsland GA 200, VH-AGZ, 13 km SW of Cootamundra, NSW, on 27 February 201527 Feb 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2015-024Collision with terrain involving a Liberty XL-2, VH-CZT at Moorabbin Airport, VIC on 27 February 201527 Feb 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2015-014Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-YYF, Hughenden Qld, on 1 February 201501 Feb 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2015-011Taxiing collision involving a Cessna 172S, VH-EOT and a Cessna 172S, VH-EOP at Moorabbin Airport, VIC on 29 January 201529 Jan 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2015-010Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-ZBH, Herbertvale Cattleyard (ALA), QLD on 23 January 201523 Jan 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2015-009Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-SSD, 23 km NE of Roma, QLD on 16 January 201516 Jan 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2015-008Wheels-up approach and go-around involving PA-31-350, VH-TXK, at Townsville Airport, Queensland, 9 January 201509 Jan 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2015-002Near collision involving a Cessna 152, VH-NKL and a Starduster SA300, VH-XRS at Tyabb Airport, Victoria, on 2 January 201502 Jan 2015Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2014-188Wheels-up landing involving a Cessna 310, VH-TBE at Jabiru Airport, 12 December 201412 Dec 2014Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2014-177Wheels-up landing involving a Cessna 210, VH-MCE, at Gove Airport, Northern Territory, on 11 November 201411 Nov 2014Final22 Apr 2015
AO-2013-186Collision with terrain involving Cessna 182, VH-KKM, 19 km WSW of Mount Hotham Airport, VIC on 23 October 201323 Oct 2013Final16 Apr 2015
AE-2015-027Technical assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia in the examination of components from the collision with terrain involving a Thruster and a Drifter aircraft near Donnington Airpark, Queensland on 10 February 201510 Feb 2015Final08 Apr 2015
AO-2013-136Helicopter winching accident involving Bell Helicopter Co. 412EP, VH-VAS, 19 km south-south-east of Mansfield, Victoria on 31 August 201331 Aug 2013Final07 Apr 2015
AO-2012-132Loss of separation assurance involving Boeing 737-8BK VH-VUM from south of Williamtown to north of Grafton, NSW on 28 September 201228 Sep 2012Final20 Mar 2015
AO-2012-153Navigation event involving Saab 340B, VH-TRX, 11 km SSW Williamtown Airport, NSW on 8 November 201208 Nov 2012Final13 Mar 2015
AO-2013-085TAWS alert involving ATR-GIE Avions de Transport Regional ATR72-212A, VH-FVR on approach to Moranbah Airport, Queensland on 15 May 2013 15 May 2013Final12 Mar 2015
AO-2013-161Loss of separation between Airbus A330 VH-EBO and Airbus A330 VH-EBS near Adelaide SA on 20 September 201320 Sep 2013Final05 Mar 2015
AO-2015-003Proximity event between a Robinson R44, VH-JKF and a Cessna 172, VH-EVR, Essendon Airport, Vic, on 28 December 201428 Dec 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-191Collision with terrain involving an Air Tractor AT-502B, VH-PTF, 45 km west of Moree Airport, NSW on 18 December 201418 Dec 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-184Forced landing and ground fire involving a Robinson R44, VH-YYS, 56 km E of Archer River, Qld, on 22 November 201423 Nov 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-182Separation issue between a Robinson R44, VH-YDK, and a Bell 412, VH-EWA, at Jandakot Airport, WA on 16 November 201416 Nov 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-173Collision with terrain involving a Cessna 172, VH-ZZD, near Putty, New South Wales on 27 October 201427 Oct 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-156Runway undershoot involving Pilatus Aircraft, PC-12/47, VH-HIG, at Coober Pedy Airport, SA on 23 September 201423 Sep 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-152Aircraft proximity event involving two R22 Helicopters, VH-HQJ and VH-IAY, and an unknown aircraft, 48 km E of Broome, WA on 16 September 201416 Sep 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-134Flight crew incapacitation involving a Reims F406, VH-EYQ near Emerald Airport, Qld on 1 August 201401 Aug 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-129Incorrect configuration involving A320, VH-VFU, Sydney Airport, NSW on 28 July 2014 28 Jul 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AO-2014-133Loss of separation involving Boeing 717, VH-NXL and a vehicle at Perth Airport, WA on 26 July 201426 Jul 2014Final26 Feb 2015
AE-2015-005Technical assistance to the Gliding Federation of Australia in the recovery of flight data - Collision with terrain involving a Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 2 glider, VH-GOV, near Benalla, Vic. on 2 January 201502 Jan 2015Final16 Feb 2015
AO-2014-068Wirestrike involving Maule M-5, VH-HOG, 50 km WSW of Casino, NSW on 12 April 201412 Apr 2014Final29 Jan 2015
AO-2014-175Near collision involving a de Havilland DHC-2, VH-AWD and a Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-NOQ, 16 km NNE of Hamilton Island Airport, Queensland on 31 October 201431 Oct 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-172Windshear event involving a Eurocopter EC120B, VH-BGB, near Port Hedland Airport, WA on 21 October 201421 Oct 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-168Collision with terrain involving a Cessna 206, VH-KRR, 33 km west of Nowra Airport, NSW on 16 October 201416 Oct 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-161Loss of control during landing, involving a Bell 206B3 registered VH-CLR, 9km south-east of Cooktown Airport (Mount Cook), Queensland, 7 October 201407 Oct 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-153Wirestrike involving a Piper PA-25, VH-CPU, near Michelago, NSW on 20 September 201420 Sep 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-150Near collision involving an Evektor Sportstar, 24-4467 and a PA28R Piper Arrow, VHKGP, Wollongong Airport, New South Wales, 7 September 201407 Sep 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-117Loss of control involving a Piper Aircraft PA-28-161, VH-TEK at Bankstown Airport, NSW on 3 July 201403 Jul 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-105Fumes event involving an Airbus A330, VH-XFB, near Perth Airport, WA, 9 June 201409 Jun 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-098Engine failure involving a Beech Aircraft Corp D17-S, VH-FNS, 12 km ESE of Bunbury Airport, Western Australia on 31 May 201431 May 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-103: Near collision involving a Grob G115, VH-BBJ and a Grob G115, VH-ZIM, near Merredin (ALA), Western Australia on 21 May 201421 May 2014Final27 Jan 2015
AO-2014-160Loss of control involving a Jabiru, 24-7491, at Broome Airport, WA on 3 October 201403 Oct 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-157Hard landing involving a Kavanagh Balloon, VH-CNX, 60 km NW of Gold Coast Airport, Qld on 26 September 201426 Sep 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-154Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-HLB, 126 km ESE of Tindal Airport, Northern Territory on 23 September 201423 Sep 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-145Loading event involving a Bombardier DHC-8, VH-LQK, at Brisbane Airport, Qld on 25 August 201425 Aug 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-143Collision during landing involving a GA8 Gippsland Airvan, VH-XHV, 19 km SSE of Murray Field Airport (Pinjarra Skydiving Airstrip) Western Australia on 24 August 201424 Aug 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-118Aircraft separation issue involving a Skyfox CA25N, 24-3265 and a Piper PA-28, VH-WJO, near Roma Airport, Qld on 3 July 201403 Jul 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-092Landing accident involving a Kavanagh Balloons D-84, VH-YPI, 10 km south-south-west of Canowindra Aeroplane Landing Area (ALA), NSW on 19 May 201419 May 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-042Operational event involving an Airbus A320, VH-VNQ, Hobart Airport on 15 Feb 201415 Feb 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2013-156Loss of control involving a Robinson R44, VH-NUZ, 170 km north of Derby (Montgomery Reef), WA on 15 September 201315 Sep 2013Final23 Dec 2014
AI-2013-080External flood light configuration in night winch capable helicopters 01 May 2013Discontinued22 Dec 2014
AE-2014-174Assistance to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada – Collision with terrain involving Swearingen SA227AC, C-FFZN, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada on 10 November 201310 Nov 2013Final18 Dec 2014
AO-2014-144Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-YPC, 70 km north west of Halls Creek, WA on 25 August 201425 Aug 2014Final16 Dec 2014
AO-2014-058Rotor drive v belt failure involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-HRX, 100 km SW of Borroloola, NT on 27 March 2014 27 Mar 2014Final16 Dec 2014
AO-2013-154Engine failure involving a Beech Aircraft Corporation Model 200, Super King Air VH-ZMP, 277 km NNW of Marshall Islands International Airport (Majuro Atoll) on 12 September 201312 Sep 2013Final11 Dec 2014
AO-2014-170Loss of separation assurance involving an Embraer EMB-135, VH-JTG and an Airbus A321, VH-VWX, overhead Taroom Airport, Qld on 21 October 201421 Oct 2014Discontinued03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-151Collision with terrain involving a Bell 206, VH-FHX, 94 km ENE of Jabiru, NT on 14 September 201414 Sep 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-148Collision with terrain involving a Mooney M20J, VH-JDY, at Northam (ALA), Western Australia on 5 September 201405 Sep 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-140Trim system malfunction involving a Fairchild SA227, VH-UZI, at Rockhampton Airport, Qld on 6 August 201406 Aug 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-135Collision with terrain involving a Cessna C206, VH-TND at Rawnsley Park, SA on 2 August 201402 Aug 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-123Wheels-up landing involving a Cessna 210, VH-SKQ, at Broome Airport, WA on 9 July 201409 Jul 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-125Separation issue involving Bell 206 Helicopter, VH-XJA and Airbus A320 VH-VGJ near Sunshine Coast Airport Qld on 3 July 201403 Jul 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-112Hard landing involving a PA28R, VH-ADU, at Mangalore Airport, Vic on 17 June 201417 Jun 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-110Loading related events involving a Boeing 737, VH-YIR, Bali, Indonesia on 26 May and an Airbus A330, VH-XFE, at Perth, WA on 16 June 201426 May 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-060Runway excursion involving a Cirrus SR22, VH-SRI at Great Lakes Airfield, Vic, 30 March 201430 Mar 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2014-066A flight navigation instrument event, involving a Beech 1900, VH-YOA, 13 km north of Kingscote Airport, SA on 19 March 201426 Mar 2014Final03 Dec 2014
AO-2013-193Collision with terrain involving Lancair Legacy, VH-ICZ, Shepparton Airport Victoria on 25 October 201325 Oct 2013Final01 Dec 2014
AO-2012-072Collision with terrain involving Cessna 172, VH-WLF, 10 km west of Wentworth Airport, NSW on 28 May 201228 May 2012Final14 Nov 2014
AE-2014-122Technical assistance to the National Transportation Safety Committee, Indonesia in the download and analysis of recorded data - collision with terrain involving a Quest Kodiak 100, PK-SDF, 9 April 201409 Apr 2014Final04 Nov 2014
AO-2012-116Flap overspeed and altitude exceedance during go-around Airbus A321, VH-VWY, Cairns Airport, Qld on 3 September 201203 Sep 2012Final03 Nov 2014
AO-2012-138Descent below the minimum permitted altitude involving Boeing 737-838, VH-VXB, 35 km SW of Canberra Airport, ACT on 17 October 201217 Oct 2012Final29 Oct 2014
AO-2014-165Vertical speed exceedance involving an Embraer ERJ 190, VH-ZPN, near Hobart Airport, Tasmania on 1 October 201401 Oct 2014Discontinued20 Oct 2014
AO-2014-142Wirestrike involving Robinson R66, VH-JRX, near Giru, Qld. on 20 August 201420 Aug 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-136Potential fuel exhaustion event involving a DHC Beaver, VH-AWI, near Shute Harbour, Qld, on 2 August 201402 Aug 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-139VFR into IMC involving a Cessna 206, VH-NCR, 28 km S of Inverell Airport, NSW on 26 July 201426 Jul 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-116Aircraft cabin water leak involving an Airbus A380, VH-OQD, near Los Angeles, USA on 2 July 201402 Jul 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-104Ground collision with a refuelling vehicle, involving Grob G-115, VH-ZYM, Jandakot Airport, WA on 6 June 201406 Jun 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-091Groundstrike and loss of control involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-HAY, near Fitzroy Crossing, WA on 18 May 201418 May 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-094Fuel exhaustion involving a Piper Pawnee PA-25, VH-SSO near Bacchus Marsh, Vic., on 18 May 201418 May 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-090Loss of control during landing involving a Diamond DA40, VH-CGT, Bankstown Airport on 16 May 201416 May 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2014-073Runway incursion involving Bombardier DHC-8-402, VH-QOP, Gladstone Airport, Qld on 17 April 201417 Apr 2014Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2013-159Flight envelope protection event involving an Airbus A320, VH-VFJ, near Auckland, New Zealand on 7 September 201307 Sep 2013Final15 Oct 2014
AO-2012-131Loss of separation involving Boeing 717, VH-NXQ and Boeing 737, VH-VXM near Darwin NT on 2 October 201202 Oct 2012Final02 Oct 2014
AO-2012-024Wheels-up landing involving Fairchild SA227-AT (Metro), VH-UZA, Brisbane Airport, 15 February 201215 Feb 2012Final29 Sep 2014
AE-2014-132Technical assistance to RA-Aus, Tecnam P96 Golf, 24-4470, NW Adelaide Airport (Barossa Valley) SA on 26 June 201426 Jun 2014Final23 Sep 2014
AE-2014-018Assistance to the TAIC - Flight control maintenance event involving Boeing 737-800, ZK-ZQG, Auckland, New Zealand on 7 June 201330 Jun 2013Final16 Sep 2014
AO-2013-057VFR flight into dark night conditions and loss of control involving Cessna T210N, VH-MEQ, 2 km north-west of Roma Airport, Qld on 25 March 201325 Mar 2013Final16 Sep 2014
AE-2013-223Technical assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, involving the analysis of an audio recording of communications between air traffic control and the pilot of Beechcraft Baron G58, registered N254F on 30 March 201330 Mar 2013Final15 Sep 2014
AO-2013-072Landing gear failure and runway excursion involving Cessna 441 VH-XBC Coonawarra Airport, SA on 31 March 201331 Mar 2013Final08 Sep 2014
AO-2014-124Collision with a tree involving a Cessna 172, VH-EEC, 19 km NNW Albany, WA on 13 July 201413 Jul 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-126Collision with terrain involving Robinson helicopter VH-ZZM, 115 km W Rockhampton Airport Qld on 12 July 201412 Jul 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-113Collision with terrain involving a Bell 206, VH-NKW, near Taroom, Qld on 20 June 201420 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-108Collision with terrain involving a Bell 206, VH-KSV, 200 km SW Kalumburu, WA on 13 June 201413 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-106Engine failure involving a Piper PA-46, VH TSV, 46 km SW Narrabri airport, NSW on 12 June 201412 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-102Loss of separation assurance involving a Boeing 737, VH-XZA and a Fairchild SA227, VH-ANW, near Darwin Airport, NT on 2 June 201402 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-087Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-HEP, 40 km NE of Hughenden, Qld on 13 May 201413 May 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-088Loading issue involving a Boeing 737, VH-VZO at Canberra Airport, ACT on 9 May 201409 May 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-082Cargo hold smoke event involving a Boeing 737, DQ-FJH, Melbourne Airport, Vic, on 26 April 201426 Apr 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-039Near collision involving Beech B200, VH-SBM and Piper Saratoga, VH-XKS at Normanton, Qld on 4 March 201404 Mar 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2012-029Breakdown of separation between GAF Nomad N22C, VH-ATO and two Boeing 737s, VH-VZA and VH-TJY, 17 km north-east of Melbourne Airport, Vic. on 16 February 201216 Feb 2012Final29 Aug 2014
AO-2013-010Navigation event involving Embraer E170 VH-ANO, 232 km north-west of McArthur River Mine, NT on 10 January 2013 10 Jan 2013Final22 Aug 2014
AO-2013-046Propeller loss involving Jabiru Aircraft J430, north of French Island, Vic, on 8 March 201308 Mar 2013Final19 Aug 2014
AO-2014-107Operational non-compliance involving a Beechcraft 200, VH-NMW, near Sydney Airport, NSW on 5 June 201405 Jun 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-100Near collision involving a Beechcraft BE76, VH-SRO and a Cessna 172, VH-EEM, 27 km S Archerfield Airport, Qld on 30 May 201430 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-093Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-WDB, 90 km N Bourke, NSW on 23 May 201423 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-095Collision with terrain involving a Bell 412, VH-ESD, 72 km WNW Townsville, Qld on 23 May 201423 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-083Loss of control involving a Cirrus SR22, N802DK, near Katoomba, NSW on 10 May 201410 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-069Landing on a closed runway involving PA28 VH-FEZ, Wangaratta Airport, Vic. on 12 April 201412 Apr 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-051Controlled flight into terrain involving Piper PA34, VH-COU at Denmark (ALA), WA on 13 March 201413 Mar 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-045Flight control system event involving an F100, VH-FZO, near Argyle aerodrome, WA on 7 March 201407 Mar 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-025Engine failure involving a Cessna C206, VH-YOT, 4 km ENE Newman Airport, WA on 17 February 201417 Feb 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-003 Operational non-compliance involving an Airbus A320, VH-VGU, 26 km south of Melbourne Airport, Vic, on 1 January 201401 Jan 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AE-2014-015Technical assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority, Solomon Islands - Landing gear collapse - Boeing 737-300F - ZK-TLC - Honiara International Airport, Solomon Islands on 26 January 201426 Jan 2014Final01 Aug 2014
AO-2014-101Personal electronic device battery overheating event, aboard an Airbus A380 aircraft, near Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii, USA on 21 May 201421 May 2014Discontinued28 Jul 2014
AO-2013-183Departure from controlled flight and collision with terrain involving Ayres Corporation S2R Thrush, VH-JAY, 17 km SE of Hyden, WA, 18 October 201318 Oct 2013Final16 Jul 2014
AO-2013-030Loss of control involving Eurocopter MBB-BK 117 B-2, VH-VSA, 28 km SSE of Port Pirie Aerodrome, SA on 15 February 201315 Feb 2013Final15 Jul 2014
AO-2014-080Runway excursion involving a Cessna 172, VH-MKQ, 13 km SW of Launceston, Tasmania, 30 April 201430 Apr 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-079Wheels up landing involving a Beech BE58, VH-AKG, Darwin Airport, NT on 28 April 201428 Apr 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-072Flight instrument issue involving a Piper PA-27, VH-DTL, near Flinders Island Airport, Tasmania, 18 April 201418 Apr 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-071Fuel starvation event involving an Osborne Aviation OH-58A helicopter, VH-OSQ, Coffs Harbour Airport, NSW on 17 April 201417 Apr 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-067Near collision involving a Piper PA-31, VH-XGW, and a Piper PA-28, VH-IBX, 13 km W of Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, 01 April 201401 Apr 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-061Runway incursion involving a Cessna 172, VH-WGL and a De Havilland DHC-8, VH-QQD at Toowoomba Airport, Qld, on 28 March 201428 Mar 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-047Breakdown of separation between a foreign military Boeing 737 and a Cessna 206, VH-RAP, Darwin Airport, Northern Territory on 12 March 201412 Mar 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-029VFR into IMC involving a Piper PA-28R, VH-TBB, 100 km S of Warwick, Qld, on 21 February 201421 Feb 2014Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2013-218Wirestrike involving a Kavenagh Balloon B-350, VH-JDI, near Broke, NSW on 6 December 201306 Dec 2013Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2013-208: Total power loss involving a Bell 206B, VH-NDL, 92 km NE of Finke (ALA), Northern Territory, 12 November 201312 Nov 2013Final14 Jul 2014
AO-2014-035Collision with terrain involving Vans RV-6, VH-ZMH, near Gatton, Queensland on 2 March 201402 Mar 2014Discontinued08 Jul 2014
AE-2014-078Technical assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand - Data recovery from a navigational GPS unit following a collision with terrain - Hughes 500D, ZK-HNA on 13 December 201313 Dec 2013Final04 Jul 2014
AE-2013-173Technical assistance to the Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) of PNG - loss of control on landing - VH-JIA, Cessna 206 - Bukawa-Lae, Papua New Guinea on 9 June 201309 Jul 2013Final04 Jul 2014
AO-2013-104Collision with terrain involving Cirrus SR22, VH-CKS, Boxwood, Victoria, on 27 June 201327 Jun 2013Final30 Jun 2014
AO-2014-065Incorrect configuration involving an Airbus A320, VH-VGT, near Gold Coast Airport, Qld on 31 March 201431 Mar 2014Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2014-059Collision with terrain involving a Cessna 210, VH-HGZ, 50 km W of Numbulwar Aerodrome, NT on 28 March 201428 Mar 2014Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2014-049Flight envelope protection event involving an Airbus A320, VH-VQY, near Mildura Airport, Vic on 12 March 201412 Mar 2014Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2014-041Runway incursion involving an ATR 72, VH-FVI and a vehicle, Moranbah Airport, Qld on 5 March 201405 Mar 2014Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2014-063Hard landing involving a Robinson R22, VH-YZO at Toowoomba Airport on 20 February 201420 Feb 2014Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2014-023Loss of control during initial climb involving Cessna 150, VH-RXM, at Moorabbin Airport, Vic on 18 February, 201418 Feb 2014Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2014-010Weather related event involving a Eurocopter AS.350, VH-VTX, 74 km SW of Orbost Aerodrome, Vic, on 19 January 2014 19 Jan 2014Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2013-214Engine power loss involving a SOCATA TB-10, VH-YTT, Parafield Airport, SA on 26 November 201326 Nov 2013Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2013-195Pre-flight planning event involving a Boeing 737, VH-VUC, Darwin Airport, NT on 14 October 201314 Oct 2013Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2013-061Runway event involving a SAAB 340B, VH-ZRL, Taree Airport, NSW on 22 February 201322 Feb 2013Final17 Jun 2014
AO-2014-057A communication event involving hot air balloon VH-OAF, near Cessnock Airport, NSW on 22 March 201422 Mar 2014Discontinued05 Jun 2014
AO-2012-170Wirestrike involving Cessna 182A, VH-SGB, Burrum River, Queensland on 17 December 201217 Dec 2012Final05 Jun 2014
AO-2012-161Loss of separation involving Airbus A330s, VH-EBM and VH-QPC, 148 km E of Narrogin (ALA), WA, 28 November 201228 Nov 2012Discontinued05 Jun 2014
AO-2012-093Engine power loss and departure from controlled flight involving Piper Seneca, VH-LCK near Broome Airport, WA on 11 July 201211 Jul 2012Final03 Jun 2014
AO-2014-055Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, 28 km E of Fitzroy Crossing aerodrome on 22 March 201422 Mar 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-056Near collision involving an unmanned aerial vehicle and a Bell 412, VH-WSR, near Newcastle Westpac Base (HLS), NSW on 22 March 201422 Mar 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-050Runway excursion involving a Cessna 150M, VH-EAV, Tyabb aerodrome, Victoria on 19 March 201419 Mar 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-052Near collision between an unknown object and de Havilland DHC-8, VH-XFX, Perth Airport, Western Australia on 19 March 201419 Mar 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-048Decompression event involving a Fairchild M23, VH-ANW near Truscott- Mungalalu Aerodrome, Northern Territory on 07 March 201407 Mar 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-038Rotor malfunction involving a Robinson R44, VH-YYS, Mareeba Airport, Qld on 2 March 201402 Mar 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-036Engine failure involving an amateur built Pitts S1S, VH-URP, 6 km south Lethbridge Airport, Victoria on 1 March 201401 Mar 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-020Collision with terrain involving GROB G-115C2, VH-BFW near Merredin, WA on 4 February 201404 Feb 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2014-006Near collision involving Cessna 404, VH-VEC and Piper PA-28, VH-UNW near Mangalore Aerodrome, Victoria on 10 January10 Jan 2014Final26 May 2014
AO-2013-194Wheels up landing involving a Rockwell 114, VH-AYH, Camden Airport, NSW on 27 October 201327 Oct 2013Final26 May 2014
AO-2013-121Ditching involving a Bell 206B, VH-SMI, 7 km NE of Horn Island Airport, Qld, 31 July 201331 Jul 2013Final26 May 2014
AO-2013-041Operational event involving a Boeing 737, VH-VUZ, near Launceston, Tasmania on 4 January 201304 Jan 2013Final26 May 2014
AO-2013-158Canopy-related landing accident involving Lancair Legacy, VH-ALP, Geraldton Airport, WA on 18 September 201318 Sep 2013Final15 May 2014
AO-2013-151Collision with terrain involving Cessna 206, VH-WAV, 156 km SSE of Croydon, Qld on 15 September 201315 Sep 2013Final14 May 2014
AO-2011-126Collision with ferris wheel involving Cheetah Sierra 200, 24-7634 near Old Bar, NSW on 1 October 201101 Oct 2011Final17 Apr 2014
AO-2014-040Inflight fire involving a Beech 58, VH-SBS, 111 km W Gove aerodrome, NT on 26 February 201426 Feb 2014Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2014-030Collision with terrain involving a Hughes 269C, VH-HAK, 55 km NE Launceston Airport, Tasmania on 23 February 201423 Feb 2014Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2014-031Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-UGR, near Yass, NSW on 22 February 201422 Feb 2014Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2014-033Hard landing involving a Bell 206B, VH-XJA, Sunshine Coast Airport, Qld on 21 February 201421 Feb 2014Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2014-027Controlled flight into terrain involving a Bell 206B, VH-BNG, near Mission Beach, Qld on 20 February 201420 Feb 2014Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2014-026Runway excursion involving a Beech A36, VH-EUB, at Lilydale (ALA), Vic on 19 February 201419 Feb 2014Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2014-017Fuel starvation and forced landing involving, PA31, VH-OFF, near Aldinga ALA, SA on 29 January 201429 Jan 2014Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2013-219Loss of control during landing involving Cessna 182, VH-LMA, Tyabb (ALA), Vic., 7 December 201307 Dec 2013Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2013-192Ground fire involving Robinson R44, VH-TZE, 33 km North Daly Waters, NT on 15 October 201315 Oct 2013Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2013-137Loss of control involving a Robinson R22, VH-HVW, 70 km SW of Lake Nash Station, NT on 1 September 201301 Sep 2013Final08 Apr 2014
AO-2014-021Controlled flight into terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-LZR, 100 km E Mataranka Township (ALA), NT, on 10 February 201410 Feb 2014Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2014-022Near collision between a Piper PA-25, VH-MLS, and an AMS-Flight DG-303, VH-DGA, Bunyan (ALA), NSW on 8 February 201408 Feb 2014Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2014-013Pilot incapacitation involving a Piper PA-28-180, VH-PXB at Forbes, NSW on 25 January 201425 Jan 2014Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2014-014Aircraft proximity event between a Cessna 172, VH-FPV, and a Piper PA-28, VH-OWO at Moorabbin Airport, Vic., on 25 January 201425 Jan 2014Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2014-016Runway excursion involving a Fairchild SA226, VH-OGX, at Archerfield Airport, Qld on 23 January 201423 Jan 2014Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2014-019Engine failure involving a Eurocopter EC120B helicopter, VH-JYV, at Port Hedland aerodrome, WA on 21 January 201421 Jan 2014Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2014-008Loss of control involving a Piper PA-28R-201, VH-HVX, Orange Airport, NSW on 15 January 201415 Jan 2014Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2013-189Loss of separation between a Schweizer 269C, VH-HYD and a Piper PA-31, VH-IBI, Moorabbin Airport, Vic., on 22 October 201322 Oct 2013Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2013-178Hard landing involving a Grob G-115C2, VH-ZIV, Merredin (ALA), WA on 11 October 201311 Oct 2013Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2013-181Turbulence event involving a Boeing 777-3ZGER, VH-VPE, 472 km NW of Noumea La Tontouta International Airport, New Caledonia on 23 September 201323 Sep 2013Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2013-190Take off event involving a De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth, VH-RAY, 19 km NNE Coffs Harbour, NSW on 23 September 201323 Sep 2013Final27 Mar 2014
AO-2014-004Aircraft proximity event between a Piper PA 34, VH-FOE and a Piper PA-39, VH-MAB, Wangaratta, Vic, on 2 January 201402 Jan 2014Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2014-001Collision with terrain involving a Grumman G-164A, VH-CCF, 18 km N of Deniliquin aerodrome, NSW on 31 December 201331 Dec 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2014-002Ground proximity event involving a Cessna 208, VH-LNI and a vehicle, Jurien Bay (ALA), WA on 31 December 201331 Dec 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-228Hard landing involving a Cessna U206G, VH-UFT, Hicks Island, Qld on 21 December 201321 Dec 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-227Wirestrike involving a Robinson R44, VH-HJT, 28 km south of Cootamundra aerodrome, NSW on 17 December 201317 Dec 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-224Hard landing involving a Rolladen-Schneider Flugzeugbau LS7-WL, VH-XJJ, 20 km SE Benalla aerodrome, Vic on 15 December 201315 Dec 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-207Incorrect configuration involving Beech A36, VH-YEN, Camden Airport, NSW on 12 November 201312 Nov 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-188Loss of control on ground involving Air Tractor AT-502B, VH-FLH, near Deniliquin, NSW on 21 October 201321 Oct 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-179Ground proximity event between Dornier DO228, VH-VJN and a vehicle, Brisbane Airport, Qld on 8 October 201308 Oct 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-168Total power loss involving a Piper PA-28-161, VH-CCQ, 9 km N of Cunnamulla aerodrome, Qld on 1 October 201301 Oct 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2013-167Aircraft separation issues involving an Ayres S2R, VH-WBK and an unmanned aerial vehicle, 37 km SSW of Horsham aerodrome, Vic on 12 September 201314 Sep 2013Final19 Mar 2014
AO-2012-103Descent below segment minimum safe altitudes involving Airbus A320-232, VH-VQA near Queenstown, New Zealand on 16 July 201216 Jul 2012Final13 Mar 2014
AE-2013-184Technical assistance to the AIC of PNG - Runway excursion at Madang Airport, Papua New Guinea on 19 October 201319 Oct 2013Final11 Mar 2014
AO-2012-149Loss of control involving SOCATA TB 20, VH-HBB, 3 km south of Lismore Airport, NSW, 9 November 201209 Nov 2012Final11 Mar 2014
AO-2012-047Losses of separation assurance involving Airbus A330-243, PK-GPO and Airbus A330-341, PK-GPA near ATMAP (IFR reporting point), WA on 31 March 201231 Mar 2012Final28 Feb 2014
AE-2012-123Accredited Representative (State of Manufacture) - Total power loss and collision with terrain - Jabiru J230 - N365R - near Gull Lake, New York, USA on 16 August 201216 Aug 2012Final26 Feb 2014
AO-2013-176Aircraft proximity event between a Piper PA-44, VH-CZH and a Mooney M20, VH-DJU near Rottnest Island aerodrome, WA, 5 October 201305 Oct 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-217Collision with terrain involving a Eurocopter EC-120, VH-VMT, near Byron Bay NSW on 8 December 201308 Dec 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-220Aircraft proximity event between a Bell 206, VH-WCS and a PZL Bielsko 51, VH-XOP, Gympie (ALA), Queensland, 4 December 201304 Dec 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-209Turbulence event involving a Boeing 767, VH-OGU, near Sydney Airport, NSW, 8 November 201308 Nov 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-182Flight planning related event involving an Airbus A330, VH-QPD, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, 15 October 201317 Oct 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-138Loss of separation assurance between an Airbus A320, VH-VNQ and a Boeing 737, VH-VZB, 50 km SSE of Hay Airport NSW, 30 August 201330 Aug 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-196Fuel related event involving a Fairchild SA227, VH-UUO, Brisbane Airport, Qld on 28 August 201328 Aug 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-126Electrical system event involving a Cirrus SR22, VH-LBQ, near Kingaroy aerodrome, Qld, 5 August 201305 Aug 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2013-149Incorrect configuration involving Airbus A320, VH-FNP, Newman Airport, WA, 24 July 201324 Jul 2013Final25 Feb 2014
AO-2011-110Loss of control involving Eurocopter AS350BA, VH-RDU, 93 km north of Rockhampton, Qld, 8 September 201108 Sep 2011Final18 Feb 2014
AE-2013-004Technical assistance to the Myanmar Accident Investigation Bureau - Fokker 100, XY-AGC, Heho Airport, Myanmar, 25 December 2012 03 Jan 2013Final11 Feb 2014
AE-2013-222Technical assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia Inc, in the download of a GPS unit from an ICP Savannah aircraft (reg. 24-7787) that collided with terrain near Moomba, SA, on 18 November 201318 Nov 2013Final10 Feb 2014
AO-2012-137Windshear-related hard landing involving Fokker 100, VH-NQE, Nifty Aerodrome, WA, 19 October 201219 Oct 2012Final06 Feb 2014
AO-2013-051Loss of control involving scale-replica Spitfire, VH-VSF, near Parafield Airport, SA, 17 March 201317 Mar 2013Final28 Jan 2014
AO-2011-135Embrittled nut and related failures Robinson R22 Beta helicopter, VH-JNP, 22 km N of Saxby Downs, Qld, 12 October 201112 Oct 2011Final22 Jan 2014
AO-2013-211Total power loss involving a Robinson R22, VH-STK, 155 km SSW of Normanton aerodrome, Qld. on 13 November 201313 Nov 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-205Mid-air collision involving a Cessna 152, VH-TNV and a Jabiru J160, 19-4430, Tyabb aerodrome, Victoria, 10 November 201310 Nov 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-203Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-UGC, Mount Buller, Victoria, 6 November 201306 Nov 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-198Loss of control involving a Cessna 172, VH-IGS, 93 km SE of Port Pirie aerodrome, South Australia, 31 October 210331 Oct 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-197Runway undershoot involving a Cessna 404, VH-HAZ, Darwin Airport, NT on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-191Wheels-up landing involving Beech Baron aircraft, VH-TLP at St. Helens aerodrome, Tas. 20 October 201320 Oct 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-177Runway incursion between a Fairchild SA227, VH-UZP and a Bell 47, VH-UTF at Ballina Airport, NSW, 9 October 201309 Oct 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-175Aircraft proximity event between a Cessna 172, VH-NUU and a Beech F33A, VH-ZBZ, Archerfield Airport, Qld, 7 October 201307 Oct 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-169Runway event involving a Beech 1900C, VH-VNV, Darwin Airport, NT, 1 October 201301 Oct 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2013-155Pilot incapacitation involving a Cessna 210, VH-JMG, 56 km north of Sydney Airport, NSW, 1 September 201301 Sep 2013Final20 Jan 2014
AO-2012-130VFR flight into IMC involving de Havilland DH-84 Dragon VH-UXG, 36 km SW of Gympie, Qld, 1 October 201201 Oct 2012Final19 Dec 2013
AO-2011-076Descent below the minimum permitted altitude, Airbus A320, VH-VNC, 15 km SSE of Avalon Airport, Vic, 30 June 201130 Jun 2011Final18 Dec 2013
AO-2011-142Loss of separation involving CASA C212-CC, VH-MQD, operating in the Richmond parachuting area, and Boeing 737-7BX, VH VBP, near Richmond Aerodrome, NSW, 5 November 201105 Nov 2011Final16 Dec 2013
AO-2013-034Weather-related event involving Super Puma helicopter, VH-BHK, Barrow Island, WA on 15 February 201315 Feb 2013Final12 Dec 2013
AO-2013-097Engine flame-out and ditching involving Bell LongRanger helicopter, VH-RHF, Cone Bay, approximately 98 km north of Derby, WA, 8 June 201308 Jun 2013Final11 Dec 2013
AO-2013-180Wirestrike involving an Air Tractor AT-502, VH-CJY, near Temora, NSW on 15 October 201315 Oct 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-150Airspace related event involving a SAAB 340B aircraft, VH-ZLJ and parachutists, Moruya Airport, NSW on 12 September 201312 Sep 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-133Runway Event involving Fokker F28, VH-JFB at Williamtown Airport, NSW on 26 August 201326 Aug 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-164Total power loss involving a Piper PA-28-140, VH-RVJ, Kilcoy (ALA), Qld., 22 September 201322 Sep 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-152Aircraft configuration event involving a Robinson R22, VH-ONT near Armidale Airport, NSW, 13 September 201313 Sep 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-148Runway incursion between a De Havilland DH-82, VH-BJE and a Piper PA-34, VH-SEN, Redcliffe (ALA), Queensland on 8 September 201308 Sep 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-146Loss of control involving Piper PA-28, VH-MMU, Birdsville Aerodrome, Qld on 6 September 201306 Sep 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-147Engine fire involving a Beech BE36, VH-FFY, near Caloundra (ALA), Queensland, 6 September 201306 Sep 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-143Wheels up landing involving a Cessna 441, VH-SMO, Honeymoon (ALA), South Australia on 3 September 201303 Sep 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-134Aircraft proximity event between a Cessna 172, VH-RQZ and an Agusta AW139, VH-ESZ at Archerfield Airport, Queensland, 26 August 201326 Aug 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-135Ground proximity event between Boeing 737, VH-VZA and vehicle at Sydney Airport, NSW on 26 August 201326 Aug 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-129Partial power loss involving a Bell 47, VH-RTO, 9 km SE of Essendon Airport, Vic., 15 August 201315 Aug 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-131Fuel related event involving Beech BE58, VH-ECL, 111 km E of Tindal Aerodrome, NT on 14 August 201314 Aug 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-162Runway incursion between a Cessna 206, VH-LHX and a Cessna 210, VH-HGZ, Gove Airport, NT, 13 August 201313 Aug 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2013-127Landing on a closed runway involving a Cessna 404, VH-HVR, near Pigeon Hole (ALA), 24 July 201324 Jul 2013Final10 Dec 2013
AO-2012-070Unstable approach involving de Havilland Canada Dash 8, VH-XFZ, Laverton Aerodrome, WA, 17 May 201217 May 2012Final05 Dec 2013
AE-2013-069Technical assistance to the NSW Police – Recovery of data from an avionics system VANS RV-12, Lismore Airport NSW on 24 March 201324 Mar 2013Final04 Dec 2013
AO-2013-020Wheels-down water landing involving Cessna U206F floatplane, VH-UBI, Corio Bay, Vic., 22 January 201322 Jan 2013Final04 Dec 2013
AO-2011-100VFR flight into dark night conditions and loss of control involving Piper PA-28-180, VH-POJ, 31 km north of Horsham Airport, Vic., 15 August 201115 Aug 2011Final03 Dec 2013
AO-2013-210Smoke related event involving a Boeing 737, VH-YFP, Sydney Airport, NSW on 17 November 201317 Nov 2013Discontinued26 Nov 2013
AO-2011-102VFR flight into dark night involving Aérospatiale, AS355F2 (Twin Squirrel) helicopter, VH-NTV, 145 km north of Marree, SA on 18 August 201118 Aug 2011Final14 Nov 2013
AE-2013-145Technical assistance to NTSC - recovery of data from an AgNav unit - Fletcher FU24-950 (PK-PNC) that collided with terrain near Lampung, South Sumatra, 11 May 201311 May 2013Final11 Nov 2013
AO-2013-063Loss of control and collision with water involving Cessna 210 VH-EFB, 160 km south-west of Darwin, NT, 1 April 201301 Apr 2013Final07 Nov 2013
AO-2012-142Wirestrike involving Cessna 172, VH-TKI, 13 km NE of Bendigo, Vic., 29 October 201229 Oct 2012Final07 Nov 2013
AO-2013-123Loss of control involving a Robinson R22, VH-EGN, Camden Airport, NSW on 7 August 201307 Aug 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-128Collision on the ground involving a Cessna 172R, VH-IMS, at Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland on 2 August 201302 Aug 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-122Hard landing involving Bell 206B, VH-EPQ, 9 km north of Camden Airport, NSW on 31 July 201331 Jul 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-119Total power loss involving a Bell 47G2A, VH-KHJ, 11 km E of Amberley airport, Qld, 23 July 201323 Jul 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-118Power loss involving a Robinson R44, VH-ZON, 11 km NNE Arkaroola (ALA), SA, 15 July 201315 Jul 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-113Two turbulence events involving a Boeing 737, VH-VZY, and a Bombardier DHC-8-402, VH QOP, en route Wagga Wagga to Sydney, NSW, 7 July 201307 Jul 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-115Loss of separation between an Airbus A320, VH-VFJ and a Bell 412, VH-VAO at Avalon Airport, Vic., 4 July 201304 Jul 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-112Departure from an incorrect intersection involving an Embraer ERJ 190, VH ZPC, Perth WA, 21 June 201321 Jun 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-093Wheels up landing involving a Cessna 210, VH-ZMT, Ramingining aerodrome, NT on 4 June 201304 Jun 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-084Turbulence encounter involving a Bombardier DHC-8-402, VH-QOD, 91 km north of Townsville, Qld, 10 May 201310 May 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-038TCAS event between an ATR72, VH FVH and a Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH TQZ, Port Macquarie, NSW, 12 February 201312 Feb 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AO-2013-025Weather related event involving Boeing 737, VH-YFF at Gold Coast Airport, Qld on 28 January 201331 Jan 2013Final31 Oct 2013
AE-2013-140Technical assistance to the TAIC - Depressurisation event involving Boeing 737-300, ZK-NGI on 30 August 201329 Aug 2013Final24 Oct 2013
AO-2012-049Departure from controlled flight and collision with terrain involving Ayres Corporation S2R-G10 Thrush, VH-WDD, 36 km NW of Moree, NSW, 11 April 201211 Apr 2012Final23 Oct 2013
AR-2012-034Loss of separation between aircraft in Australian airspace January 2008 to June 201221 Feb 2012Final18 Oct 2013
AO-2012-012Loss of separation between Airbus A320, 9V-TAZ and Airbus A340, A6-EHH near TANEM, 907 km NW of Karratha, WA, 18 January 201218 Jan 2012Final18 Oct 2013
AO-2011-144Loss of separation involving Boeing 737, VH-VUV and Boeing 737, VH-VXM near Ceduna, SA, 8 November 201108 Nov 2011Final18 Oct 2013
AO-2012-165Loss of control involving Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-WOH, 20 km south-west of Mudgee, NSW on 9 December 201209 Dec 2012Final26 Sep 2013
AE-2013-109Technical assistance to the Queensland Coroner relating to accident involving Europa XS registered VH-EUM, 30 March 201230 Mar 2012Final19 Sep 2013
AO-2013-108Aircraft proximity event between Janus, VH-IZI and MD500N, VH-KXS, Bacchus Marsh (ALA), Vic., on 29 June 201329 Jun 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-105Aircraft proximity event between a Fairchild SA227, VH-HVH and an Aerospatiale AS.350, VH-JRJ, near Bathurst Island Airport, NT, 21 June 2013 21 Jun 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-099Collision with terrain involving Bell 412, VH-EMZ, 12 km WSW Horn Island Airport, Qld, 13 June 201313 Jun 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-098TCAS RA event involving two Boeing 737-8FE, VH-VUX and ZK-PBF near Sydney Airport, NSW on 10 June 201310 Jun 2013Discontinued17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-096Aircraft proximity event between a Cessna 172, VH-WYG and a Cessna 185, VH-OZX, near Bankstown Airport, NSW, 6 June 201306 Jun 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-092Total power loss involving a Mooney M20J, VH-NFP, at Canberra Airport, ACT, 2 June 201302 Jun 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-091Runway incursion between Piper PA-31, VH-KLS and vehicle at Port Hedland Airport, WA, 26 May 201327 May 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-090TCAS warning between Cessna 310R, VH-AEY and Fokker F28-100 VH-FKJ, near Karratha Airport, WA, on 22 May201322 May 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-078Operational non-compliance - Aero Commander 500, VH-TQA, 7 km south of Townsville Airport, Qld, 11 April 201311 Apr 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AE-2013-054Technical assistance to CASA - Non-destructive testing and metallurgical examination of a Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft wing spar bolt27 Mar 2013Discontinued17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-062Left main landing gear collapsed involving a Raytheon B200, VH-ZCO, Darwin Airport NT, 27 March 201327 Mar 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-059Aircraft proximity event between a Piper PA-28, VH-TXH and a Cessna 172, VH-EWX, Moorabbin Airport, Vic., 22 March 201322 Mar 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AO-2013-053Aircraft proximity event between two Cessna 172s, VH-EOE and VH-LWX, Moorabbin Airport, Vic, 19 March 201319 Mar 2013Final17 Sep 2013
AE-2013-087Technical assistance to the Office of the Chief Investigator of Air Accidents, Malaysia - analysis of CVR recording05 May 2013Final09 Sep 2013
AO-2012-150Engine failure involving Airbus A380, A6-EDA near Sydney Airport, NSW, 11 November 201211 Nov 2012Final09 Sep 2013
AO-2011-115Flight control system event involving Cessna 210N, VH-JHF, 48 km West of Bourke Airport, NSW, 12 September 201112 Sep 2011Final16 Aug 2013
AO-2013-089Collision with terrain involving a Pietenpol Air Camper, VH-ARW, 9 km N of Launceston, Tasmania, 19 May 201319 May 2013Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2013-082Two airspace related events at Nagambie (ALA), Vic. on 3 and 8 May 2013 03 May 2013Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2013-081Aircraft proximity event between a Mooney M20, VH-FRO and a Piper PA-31, VH-HJE, Dubbo Airport, NSW, 2 May 201302 May 2013Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2013-074Airspace related event between a Bombadier DHC-8, VH-QOB and Robinson R22, VH-HLY at Cloncurry Aerodrome, Qld on 18 April 201318 Apr 2013Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2013-073Aircraft proximity event between a Piper PA-31, VH-EDV and a Cessna 172, VH-JQQ, 9 km S of Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, 17 April 201317 Apr 2013Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2013-066Radio failure involving Mitsubishi MU-2B-60, N64MD, near Townsville Airport on 5 April 201305 Apr 2013Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2013-065Landing gear collapse involving a Hawker Beechcraft G58, VH-OMS, at Toowoomba Airport, Qld on 3 April 201303 Apr 2013Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2012-080Aircraft proximity event between Cessna 404 aircraft, VH-XDA and Kawasaki BK117 helicopter, VH-CSG, 22 km WNW Townsville Airport, Qld, 13 June 2012 13 Jun 2012Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2012-042ATC procedural error involving Piper PA34, VH-FEJ, 37 km SW, Townsville, Qld, 14 March 201214 Mar 2012Final07 Aug 2013
AO-2013-016Loss of control and forced landing involving Bell 206B3 helicopter, VH-ZMN, 18 km north-east of Perth Airport, Western Australia, 19 January 201319 Jan 2013Final01 Aug 2013
AE-2012-013Technical assistance to the Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association - Examination of components relating to the GT Kruza Gyroplane accident near Mangalore Airport, Vic, 14 January 201214 Jan 2012Final22 Jul 2013
AE-2012-094Investigator and technical assistance to the Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission, P2-HCY, Bell 206L1/C30P, 130 km SSE of Mount Hagen, Western Highlands Provence, Papua New Guinea, 6 July 201206 Jul 2012Final19 Jul 2013
AO-2013-111Airspace related event between a Cessna 208, VH-WZJ and unknown aircraft, Horn Island Airport, Qld, 31 May 201331 May 2013Discontinued18 Jul 2013
AO-2012-139Loss of separation assurance involving a Boeing 717-200, VH-NXQ and Boeing 777-312ER, 9V-SYI, 303 km N Perth Airport, WA, 25 October 201225 Oct 2012Discontinued10 Jul 2013
AO-2012-040Descent below minimum safe altitude involving Boeing 737-476, VH-TJS, 21 km south of Canberra Airport, ACT, 12 February 201212 Feb 2012Final05 Jul 2013
AO-2013-071Weather related precautionary landing involving a Piper a PA-28, VH MSG, 20 km NE of Hamilton aerodrome, Vic, 13 April 201313 Apr 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-068Wheels up landing involving a Piper PA-24-260, VH-DRB at Albany Airport, WA on 11 April 201311 Apr 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-064Landing gear collapsed involving Piper PA-30, VH-HPR, Bankstown Airport, NSW, 29 March 201329 Mar 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-056Aircraft proximity event between Piper PA-44, VH-TYS and Cessna C172, VH-EUH near Point Cook Aerodrome, Victoria on 19 March 201319 Mar 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-052Collision with terrain involving Grob G-115C2, VH-ZTM at Jandakot Airport on 15 March 201315 Mar 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-039Collasped landing gear involving Cessna 210M, VH-PBV at Broome Airport, WA on 23 February 201323 Feb 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-031Wirestrike involving Enstrom 480B, VH-VDC, 18 km east of Ballarat, Vic on 17 February 201317 Feb 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-026Collision with terrain involving Eurocopter AS350B2 helicopter, VH-EWM, 31 km west of Hobart Airport, Tas. on 7 February 201307 Feb 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-044Weight and balance event involving Fairchild SA-227AC, VH-UUO, Melbourne Airport on 30 January 201330 Jan 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2013-007Landing gear separation involving Piper PA28, VH-JXR, Mangalore Airport, Vic. on 7 January 201307 Jan 2013Final28 Jun 2013
AO-2010-089In-flight uncontained engine failure Airbus A380-842, VH-OQA, overhead Batam Island, Indonesia, 4 November 201004 Nov 2010Final27 Jun 2013
AO-2012-059Collision with terrain involving Cessna 150, VH-UWR, 55 km NE of Bourke, NSW, 29 April 201229 Apr 2012Final18 Jun 2013
AO-2013-094GPWS warning involving a Hawker Beechcraft B200, VH-LTQ, near Strahan Airport, Tasmania, 3 June 201306 Jun 2013Discontinued17 Jun 2013
AO-2012-158Engine power loss involving Piper Cherokee Six, VH-TSZ, Jandakot Airport, WA, 23 November 201223 Nov 2012Final30 May 2013
AO-2013-058Wildlife strike involving Mooney M20J, VH-CYK, at Hedlow (ALA), Qld on 24 March 201324 Mar 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-048Collision on runway between Grob G103 Twin Astir glider, VH-UIZ and Cessna 150F, VH-ROZ at Tocumwal Aerodrome, NSW on 9 March 201309 Mar 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-037Runway incursion between Cessna 206, VH-TOC and vehicle, Mount Isa Airport, Queensland on 24 February 201324 Feb 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-042Wirestrike involving a Robinson R44, VH-HGF, 18 km E of Ballarat, Vic., 23 February 201323 Feb 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-043Loss of ground control involving a PZL-Mielec M18A Dromader, VH-TGY, 7 km ESE of Brewarrina (Rumleigh), NSW, 22 February 201322 Feb 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-036Landing at a closed aerodrome involving Cessna 310, VH-TWN, Corowa aerodrome, NSW, 20 February 201320 Feb 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-027Collision on ground involving a Cessna 150F aircraft, VH-ICE, 21 km SW of Mittagong (ALA), NSW on 9 February 201312 Feb 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-015Runway incursion between a Fairchild SA227, VH-WBA and a vehicle, Leister aerodrome, Western Australia, 14 January 201314 Jan 2013Final29 May 2013
AO-2012-171Runway event involving Airbus A320, VH-JQG at Hobart Airport, TAS, 14 December 201214 Dec 2012Final29 May 2013
AO-2013-033Wirestrike involving Ayres Thrush, VH-HAH, 7 km SE of Condobolin Airport, NSW, 19 February 201319 Feb 2013Final17 May 2013
AO-2013-032Aircraft proximity event between a Beech B200C, VH-VAE and an unidentified glider, 8 km SE of Benalla Airport, VIC, 16 February 201316 Feb 2013Final17 May 2013
AO-2013-019Aircraft proximity event between a Piper PA-44, VH-MHZ and a Hawker G36, VH-JKL, 4 km WNW Bankstown Airport, NSW, 19 January 201319 Jan 2013Final17 May 2013
AO-2013-009Aircraft proximity event between a Beech B200C, VH-AMQ and a Ventus glider, PH-1234, 22 km ENE Griffith Airport, NSW, 6 January 201306 Jan 2013Final17 May 2013
AO-2012-166Power loss (both engines) involving Piper PA-39, VH-RMA, 52 km NW of West Wyalong Airport, NSW, 9 December 201209 Dec 2012Final17 May 2013
AO-2012-168Significant wind change during takeoff involving Boeing VH-VZL, Perth Airport, WA, 4 December 201204 Dec 2012Final17 May 2013
AO-2012-126Aircraft proximity event between a Piper PA 28, VH PZK and a Cessna 441, VH VEJ, Rottnest Island Airport, WA, 23 September 201223 Sep 2012Final17 May 2013
AO-2013-040Wheels up landing involving VH-JUP, Cessna 337F, Exmouth (ALA), WA, 25 February 201325 Feb 2013Final16 May 2013
AO-2013-023Engine failure involving a Cessna 182R, VH-OWZ, Kununurra Airport, WA, 22 January 201322 Jan 2013Final16 May 2013
AO-2013-021Loss of control involving Robinson R22, VH-HGI, Adelaide River Station, NT on 19 January 201319 Jan 2013Final16 May 2013
AO-2011-166Helicopter winching accident involving an Agusta Westland AW139 helicopter, VH-SYZ, 16km WSW of Wollongong Airport, NSW, 24 December 201124 Dec 2011Final16 May 2013
AO-2012-061Collision with terrain involving Piper PA-25-235/A9, VH-GWS, near Hallston, Victoria, 1 May 2012 01 May 2012Final09 May 2013
AO-2012-021Loss of control involving Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-COK, Jaspers Brush Aerodrome, NSW, 4 February 2012 04 Feb 2012Final03 May 2013
AE-2013-076Assistance to Indonesian NTSC - Collision with terrain, PK-LKS, B737-800, Denpasar, 13 April 201313 Apr 2013Final01 May 2013
AI-2009-038Reliability of Robinson Helicopter model R22 drive belt systems14 Jul 2009Final30 Apr 2013
AO-2013-017Aircraft proximity event between an Alpha Aviation R2160, VH NZT and a Diamond DA 40, VH UNH, 13 km NW of Bankstown Airport, NSW, 17 January 201317 Jan 2013Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2013-013Windshield cracking event involving a Cessna 750, VH-RCA, 460 km SE of Nadi, Fiji, 15 January 201315 Jan 2013Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2013-005Loss of control involving a Robinson R44, VH-RYO, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, 3 January 201303 Jan 2013Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2012-169Loss of performance involving a DH 82A (Tiger Moth), VH-DDA, Luskintyre Airport, NSW, 15 December 201215 Dec 2012Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2012-154Engine failure involving a Cirrus SR22, VH-WYH, 7 km S Gilgandra (ALA), NSW, 21 November 201221 Nov 2012Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2012-147Pilot incapacitation event involving a Hawker B200, VH-FDT, 70 km NNW of Brisbane, Queensland, 5 November 201205 Nov 2012Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2012-121Wake turbulence event involving a Boeing 737, VH-YIO, 258 km SE of Bali International Airport (Denpasar), Indonesia, 13 September 201213 Sep 2012Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2012-118Airspace related event involving a Beech 1900C, VH-KFN and an Aerospatiale AS350 B2, VH-VRW, Newman Aerodrome, Western Australia, 6 September 201206 Sep 2012Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2012-119Runway loss of separation between a Bombardier DHC 8 202, VH-ZZJ and an Aerospatiale AS332 L1, VH-LOJ, Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, 4 September 201204 Sep 2012Final23 Apr 2013
AO-2012-030Loss of separation involving a Cessna 310, VH-XXT and a Cessna 210, VH-RQD, Darwin Airport, 17 February 201217 Feb 2012Final23 Apr 2013
AE-2013-003Technical assistance to PNG Accident Investigation Commission - Engine failure, Bombardier Dash-8 aircraft, P2-PXI, Port Moresby Airport, PNG, 25 December 2012 25 Dec 2012Final15 Apr 2013
AE-2012-028Aircraft control cable terminal fittings – ATSB technical examination17 Feb 2012Final10 Apr 2013
AI-2011-150Operation of the PZL-Mielec M18 Turbine Dromader at take-off weights above 4,200 kg28 Nov 2011Final09 Apr 2013
AO-2012-076Visual Flight Rules in Instrument Meteorological Conditions and controlled flight into terrain involving Cessna 182Q, VH-CWQ, 15 km north of Tooraweenah, NSW, 4 June 201204 Jun 2012Final04 Apr 2013
AE-2011-132Assistance to PNG AIC - Forced landing of Bombardier DHC-8-103, (Dash 8), P2-MCJ, 33 km south east of Madang, Papua New Guinea on 13 October 201113 Oct 2011Final04 Apr 2013
AE-2011-116Technical assistance to NTSC - Collision with terrain, PK-VVE, Cessna 208B, Pasema District, West Papua, Republic of Indonesia, 9 September 2011 09 Sep 2011Final28 Mar 2013
AE-2012-163Technical assistance to QLD Police Service - amateur-built SeaRey amphibious aircraft, VH-RRZ, near Weipa, Qld, 15 November 201215 Nov 2012Final26 Mar 2013
AE-2012-109Technical assistance to the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU) in the recovery of data from portable electronic devices - Impulse 180TD aircraft, collision with terrain - near Maria Laach am Jauerling, Austria - 3 June 201209 Jun 2012Final26 Mar 2013
AO-2012-133Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-LLF, 130 km west of Halls Creek, WA, 3 October 201203 Oct 2012Final22 Mar 2013
AO-2012-152TCAS advisory involving Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-SBG near Brisbane Airport, Queensland, 6 November 201206 Nov 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2013-001Runway excursion involving Cessna T210, VH DQI, at Cape Leveque, WA on 30 December 201230 Dec 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-167Loss of control involving a Robinson R22, VH-HTD, Princess Charlotte Bay, Qld, 9 December 201209 Dec 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-159Aircraft proximity event between two Piper PA-28 aircraft, VH-LXH and VH-TAU at Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, 26 November 201226 Nov 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-156Airspace related event involving Kingair, VH-VAH and Ag-Cat, VH-IFE Swan Hill aerodrome, Victoria, 21 November 201221 Nov 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-148Collision with terrain involving Cessna 172N, VH-JGR, near Kagaru, Queensland, 7 November 2012 07 Nov 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-143Airspace incursion involving unmanned airship, Airship 11, 2.7 NM E of Moorabbin Airport, Victoria on 28 October 201228 Oct 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-117Hard landing involving Robinson R44, VH-HYR, 15 km N of Broome Airport Western Australia, 7 September 201207 Sep 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-115Aircraft proximity event involving a Cessna 172S, VH-VMM and a Schweizer 269C-1, VH-FTR, 9 km NE of Parafield Airport, South Australia, 1 September 201201 Sep 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2012-107Runway excursion involving Cessna 210N, VH-WPD, Urapunga (ALA), Northern Territory, 23 August 201223 Aug 2012Final21 Mar 2013
AO-2011-125Engine failure involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-AJZ, 135 km NNE of Marree, SA, 29 September 201129 Sep 2011Final18 Mar 2013
AO-2011-090Loss of separation involving Boeing 737, VH-VZC and Boeing 737, VH-VOT at BLAKA29 Jul 2011Final06 Mar 2013
AO-2012-155Landing on a closed airstrip involving a Piper PA-28R, VH-HKZ, Geelong (Grovedale), Victoria Vic., 17 November 201217 Nov 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-151Wheels up landing involving Beech A36, VH-SQI, Kumarina Roadhouse airstrip, WA, 12 November 201212 Nov 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-146Controlled flight into water involving Robinson R22, VH-HOA, 89 km NNW of Innamincka (ALA), SA, 31 October 201231 Oct 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-144Weather balloon event involving Bombardier DHC-8-400, VH-LQG, Perth Airport, WA, 26 October 201226 Oct 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-145Runway excursion involving Piper PA-39, VH-MMN, Innamincka Township (ALA), SA, 26 October 201226 Oct 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-140Hard landing involving Cabri G2, VH-CDU, Bankstown Airport, NSW, 25 October 201225 Oct 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-136Power loss involving Robinson R44, VH-NWD, 38 km north west Cairns Airport, Qld, 11 October 201211 Oct 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-134Aircraft proximity event between Beech 1900, VH-EMK and Airparts FU-24, VH-HVP, Jabiru Airport, NT, 5 October 201205 Oct 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2012-096Ditching involving Robinson R44, VH-CYH, 83 km N of Horn Island Airport, Qld, 9 June 201209 Jun 2012Final27 Feb 2013
AO-2011-159Double propeller overspeed involving Bombardier DHC-8, VH-SBV near Weipa Qld, 6 December 2011 06 Dec 2011Final25 Feb 2013
AO-2011-086Operational non-compliance involving Boeing 777, HS-TKD, 15 km south Melbourne Airport, Vic, 24 July 201124 Jul 2011Final19 Feb 2013
AO-2012-005Speed control during landing Bombardier DHC-8-102, VH-QQA, Cairns Airport, Qld, 30 December 201130 Dec 2011Final12 Feb 2013
AO-2011-147Loss of separation between VH-TFK and VH-PDP, 6 km N Cairns, QLD, 23 November 201123 Nov 2011Final04 Feb 2013
AO-2011-109Pilot incapacitation while operating a Robinson R44 Helicopter, VH-HCA03 Sep 2011Final24 Jan 2013
AO-2012-022Inadvertent thrust lever asymmetry during the take-off roll involving an Airbus A320, VH-JQX06 Feb 2012Final22 Jan 2013
AO-2012-135Hard landing involving Cessna P206B, VH EGG, Monduran, Qld, 29 September 201229 Sep 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-127Depressurisation event involving a Metro 3, VH-SEF, 93 km SSE Narrabri Airport, 23 September 201223 Sep 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-125Engine failure involving Piper PA-32, VH-FAJ near Yea, Vic., 22 September 201222 Sep 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-113Runway excursion involving Piper PA-28, VH-SFK, Bankstown Airport, NSW, 4 September 201204 Sep 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-112Fuel starvation involving Piper Seneca, VH-BTW, 19 km S of Nowra Airport, NSW, 31 August 201231 Aug 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-111Airspace related event between Cessna 172, VH EPB and Piper Warrior, VH BZE, Moorabbin Airport, Vic. 27 August 201230 Aug 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-106Propeller strike involving a Fairchild SA227-DC, VH-WBQ, Granny Smith aerodrome, WA, 22 August 201222 Aug 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-110Inadvertent landing gear retraction, Aero Commander, VH-YJS, Toowoomba Airport, Qld, 21 August 201221 Aug 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-104Collision with terrain involving Kawasaki Heavy Industries 369HS, VH-JWJ, near Inverloch, Vic, 19 August 201219 Aug 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-102Two aircraft proximity events at Ballarat Airport, Victoria, 4 August 201204 Aug 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2012-084In-flight fire involving Eurocopter, AS 350BA, VH-HEB, 51 km west of Ceduna, SA, 19 June 201219 Jun 2012Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2010-043 Collision with terrain - Piper PA-31P-350, VH-PGW, 6 km NW of Bankstown Airport, NSW, 15 June 201015 Jun 2010Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2011-062In-flight engine malfunction – Boeing 747-438, VH-OJH, 100 km south-east of Bali International Airport, Indonesia, 9 May 201109 May 2011Final19 Dec 2012
AO-2011-060Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter, VH-DSD, 85 km NW of Julia Creek, Qld, 9 May 201109 May 2011Final06 Dec 2012
AE-2011-139Collision with terrain - N402HA - Bailey-Moyes Dragonfly, Ridgely Airpark, Maryland, US, 23 July 201123 Jul 2012Final04 Dec 2012
AO-2012-114Hard Landing - Cessna 172S, VH-EOP, Moorabbin Airport, 1 September 201202 Sep 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-101Breakdown of separation - Beech 200, VH-FDD and Beech 350, Dingo 008, near Cooktown, Queensland, 9 August 201209 Aug 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-100Partial pilot incapacitation - Raytheon B200, VH-MSH, near Williamtown Airport, NSW, 5 August 201205 Aug 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-099Airprox - two Cessna 172S, VH-EWE and H-EOP, Moorabbin Airport, Vic, 19 July 201219 Jul 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-091Collision with terrain - Robinson R22, VH-STK, 23 km NE Miranda Downs (ALA), Qld, 6 July 201206 Jul 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-090Runway incursion - Mackay airport safety vehicle, 29 June 201229 Jun 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-087Breakdown of separation - Boeing 737-438, VH-TJS and Fairchild SA227, VH-MYI, 28 km E Melbourne Airport, VIC, 21 June 201221 Jun 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-086Runway incursion - Perth airport safety vehicle, 15 June 201215 Jun 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-071Airprox - Piper PA-34, VH-PWQ and Cessna 182, VH-JYG, near Avalon Airport, Victoria, 22 May 201222 May 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-053Fuel imbalance - Boeing 737, VH-VOL, 28 km SW, Gold Coast Airport QLD, 15 April 201215 Apr 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2011-070Operational non-compliance - Airbus A320, VH-VNG, 17 km ENE Melbourne Airport, Vic, 7 June 201107 Jun 2011Final19 Nov 2012
AO-2012-092Total power loss - Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-FCK, Ti Tree, NT, 6 July 201206 Jul 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-083Collision with terrain - Cessna Aircraft Company 182P, VH-WTS, 53 km east-north-east of Cunnamulla, QLD, 19 June 201219 Jun 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-082Collision with terrain - Schweizer 269C-1 helicopter, VH-LTO, Redcliffe Aerodrome, Qld, 18 June1218 Jun 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-079Wirestrike - Robinson R44, VH-HIE, 21 km east Maryborough Airport, VIC, 12 June 201212 Jun 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-078Collision with terrain - Robinson R44, VH-HOU, 93 km S Alice Springs Airport, NT, 10 June 201210 Jun 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-069Take-offs without runway lighting - VH-FVL (ATR-72), VH-FVU (ATR-72), VH-QOK (DHC-8) 16 May 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-067Airspace related event – Amateur Built Van’s RV-8, VH-YGY, 6 km SE from Redcliffe Aerodrome, QLD, 13 May 201213 May 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-062Partial power loss – Gippsland Aeronautics GA8, VH-WOV, Kununurra airport, WA, 28 April 201228 Apr 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-060Fumes event - Boeing 737, VH-VBL, near Melbourne Airport, 17 April 201217 Apr 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-055Collision with terrain – Guimbal Cabri G2, VH-ZZT, Camden Airport, 13 April 201213 Apr 2012Final29 Oct 2012
AO-2012-054Loss of separation assurance - VH-EBE/VH-TQL, Airbus A330/De Havilland DHC-8, 28 km N Cairns Aerodrome, 21 March 201221 Mar 2012Discontinued15 Oct 2012
AO-2011-033Collision with water - Aero Commander 500S, VH-WZU, 26 km north-north-west of Horn Island, Queensland, 24 February 201124 Feb 2011Final10 Oct 2012
AO-2011-160In-flight breakup - Cessna C210, VH-WBZ, 100 km NNW Roma, Qld, 7 December 201107 Dec 2011Final09 Oct 2012
AO-2012-017Collision with terrain - De Havilland DH-82A aircraft, VH-GVA, Maryborough Airport, Victoria, 27 January 201227 Jan 2012Final04 Oct 2012
AO-2011-108Collision with terrain - MD Helicopters Inc.369D, YJ-HEL, Unua village, Malekula, Vanuatu, 26 August 201126 Aug 2011Final02 Oct 2012
AE-2012-081Breakdown of separation - Boeing 747, VH-OJI and unknown aircraft, 80 km SE of Aktau, Kazakhstan, 26 May 201226 May 2012Final20 Sep 2012
AE-2012-064Technical assistance to RA-Aus in the assessment of aircraft instrumentation - Collision with terrain, XT912 Microlight trike, reg 32-7581, near Cootamundra NSW, 7 April 201207 Apr 2012Final11 Sep 2012
AO-2011-088Loss of main rotor drive Robinson HelicopterR44, VH-ZWC, 83 km E of Darwin Airport, NT on 28 July 2011 28 Jul 2011Final27 Aug 2012
AO-2011-085VFR into IMC - South Turramurra, New South Wales, 22 July 2011, VH-CIV, Bell 206L Helicopter22 Jul 2011Final27 Aug 2012
AE-2010-068Cessna Citation 550, P2-TAA, Misima, Papua New Guinea, 31 August 201031 Aug 2010Final10 Aug 2012
AO-2011-151Operational event - Airbus A380, VH-OQE, Los Angeles International Airport, USA, 8 October 201108 Oct 2011Final08 Aug 2012
AE-2012-066Runway Excursion - Ju 8257, Fokker 50, Oyut Airport, Mongolia, 30 March 2012 30 Mar 2012Final06 Aug 2012
AO-2012-056Collision with terrain - Cessna 210, VH-TWP, Nyirripi (ALA) Northern Territory, 18 April 201218 Apr 2012Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2012-051Windshear event involving Cessna 310, VH-JOF at Marlgawo, NT, 12 April 201212 Apr 2012Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2012-048Breakdown of separation - Boeing 737-838,VH-VXI and an Airbus A330-243, B-6073, near Tindal, NT, 6 April 201206 Apr 2012Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2012-041Runway excursion - Aircraft unknown, Williamtown Airport, NSW, 21 March 201219 Mar 2012Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2012-036Hard landing - Airbus A340-313X, CS-TQM, Darwin, NT, 28 February 201228 Feb 2012Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2012-033Airspace related event - Piper PA-39, VH-ICS and a Pacific Aerospace CT/4B, VH-YCR, 15 km East Gunnedah Airport, NSW, 21 February 201221 Feb 2012Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2011-153Runway Excursion - Cessna 210L, VH-SKQ, Kalumburu Airport, 30 November 201130 Nov 2011Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2011-161Procedures related event - Boeing 777-31H/ER, A6-EGG, Melbourne Airport, 30 November 201130 Nov 2011Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2011-143Landing gear event - Boeing 737-8FE, VH-VUF, Sydney Airport, 8 November 201108 Nov 2011Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2011-134Abnormal engine indications - Number 3 engine in-flight shut down, Boeing 747-438, VH-OJS, near Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, Thailand, 16 October 201116 Oct 2011Final03 Aug 2012
AO-2011-127Breakdown of separation - VH-YVA/VH-CGF, 59 km NE Armidale, NSW, 8 October 201108 Oct 2011Final31 Jul 2012
AE-2012-045Technical assistance to the Transport Accident Investigation Commission of NZ - recovery of data from a hand-held GPS unit - hot-air balloon accident near Carterton, New Zealand, 7 January 201207 Jan 2012Final03 Jul 2012
AO-2012-085Breakdown of separation - VH-VNC / N7OPS - 20 km north-west of Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 20 June 201220 Jun 2012Discontinued02 Jul 2012
AO-2012-043Runway incursion - SAAB 340, VH-ZLH / Vans RV10, VH-PGX, Taree Airport, NSW, 23 March 201223 Mar 2012Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2012-016Potential power loss - Schweizer 300C helcopter, VH-FUJ, 19 km south Long Hill (ALA), Tasmania, 25 January 201225 Jan 2012Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2012-018Breakdown of separation - Bombadier DHC-8-202, VH-ZZI and Pilatus PC-12/45, VH-MWO, near Broome Airport, 25 January 201225 Jan 2012Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2012-014Aircraft Separation - Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-HYC and Piper PA-28-161 aircraft, 1.85 km north of Parramatta, NSW, 23 January 201223 Jan 2012Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2012-008Loss of separation assurance - Boeing 737, VH-VUJ and Boeing 737, VH-VZS, 87 km S Tamworth Airport, NSW, 8 January 201208 Jan 2012Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2012-003Collision with terrain - Cessna A188B/A1, VH-ZAP, 43 km South of Forbes Airport, 1 January 201201 Jan 2012Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2012-002Runway undershoot - Cirrus SR22 aircraft, VH-MMG, Warnervale, 25 December 201125 Dec 2011Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2011-162Breakdown of separation - Aerospatiale TBM700, VH-VSV and deHavilland Canada DHC8-201, VH-TQG, 9 km SW Sydney Airport, NSW, 9 December 201109 Dec 2011Final25 Jun 2012
AO-2011-017Collision with terrain - Cessna 310R, VH-XGX, near Bathurst Island Aerodrome, NT, 5 February 201105 Feb 2011Final14 Jun 2012
AO-2011-082Collision with terrain - PZL-Mielec M18A Turbine Dromader, VH-FOZ, 23 km WSW of Dirranbandi, Qld, 19 July 201119 Jul 2011Final08 Jun 2012
AO-2011-036Stall warning device event - Bombardier Inc DHC-8-315, VH-TQL, Sydney Airport, NSW, 1 March 201101 Mar 2011Final28 May 2012
AO-2012-032Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-HRY, 95 km SW of Springsure ALA, Queensland, 21 February 201221 Feb 2012Final24 May 2012
AO-2012-015Turbulence event - Boeing 737-81D, VH-YFC, near Sydney Airport, NSW, 25 January 201225 Jan 2012Final24 May 2012
AO-2012-010Hard landing - Beech 23, VH-DFC, Mildura Airport, Victoria, 12 January 201212 Jan 2012Final24 May 2012
AO-2012-009Runway Excursion - Dornier 328, VH-PPJ, Horn Island, Queensland, 10 January 201210 Jan 2012Final24 May 2012
AO-2012-007Collision with terrain - Cessna 172N, VH-ZWR, The Oaks, Fraser Island, Queensland, 4 January 201204 Jan 2012Final24 May 2012
AO-2012-006Collision with terrain - Robinson R22, VH-FHR, 45 km ENE of Richmond Airport, Queensland, 3 January 201203 Jan 2012Final24 May 2012
AO-2012-001Collision with terrain - Robinson R22, VH-LNC, Caloundra Airport, Queensland, 22 December 201122 Dec 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-164Collision with terrain - Cessna A188B/A1, VH-SHM, 13 km NE St George Airport, Queensland, 20 December 201120 Dec 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-165Runway incursion - Cessna 172R, VH-LWX and a Cessna 172S, VH-EOR, Moorabbin Airport, 17 December 201117 Dec 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-163Collision with obstacle - Auster J5, VH-AFT, near Tyabb ALA, 15 December 201115 Dec 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-158Collision with terrain - Rockwell 114, VH-SJF, Meekatharra Airport, 6 December 201106 Dec 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-157Collision with terrain - Schweizer 269C-1 helicopter, VH-XTY, Moorabbin Airport, 5 December 201105 Dec 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-155Airspace related event - Fairchild Industries SA227, VH-UUN and Cessna 172S, VH-VSH, Portland Airport, 2 December 201102 Dec 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2012-020Pre-flight planning event - Boeing 737-476, VH-TJL, Melbourne Airport, 22 November 201122 Nov 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-138Fuel exhaustion - Cessna 172, VH-PHV, near Dairy Creek, WA, 25 Octobter 201125 Oct 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-136Airspace related event - Airbus A320, VH-VGO, 19 km ESE Brisbane Airport, 13 October 201113 Oct 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-129Collision with terrain - Cessna U206F, VH-EUW, near Tooradin, Victoria, 8 October 201108 Oct 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-117Aircraft proximity event - Eurocopter AS350B3, VH-HTV, 2 km West of Mount Cootha (HLS), 20 September 201120 Sep 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-106Aircraft proximity event - SAAB 340B, VH-ZRC and a Hawker Beechcraft B200, VH-MWH, 87 km east of Broken Hill Airport, NSW, 26 August 201126 Aug 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-091Operational non-compliance - Embraer ERJ 190, VH-ZPA, overhead Essendon Airport, 30 July 201130 Jul 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-093Procedural non-compliance - Embraer 120, VH-TWZ, Perth Airport,WA, 28 July 201128 Jul 2011Final24 May 2012
AO-2011-149Smoke event - SAAB 340B, VH-PRX, Sydney Airport, NSW, 25 November 201125 Nov 2011Final04 May 2012
AO-2010-104Breakdown of separation - Boeing B737-7Q8, VH-VBF and a Boeing B767-338, VH-OGU, near Melbourne Airport, Victoria, 5 December 201005 Dec 2010Final02 May 2012
AO-2011-016Loss of control - Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-HFH, Cessnock Aerodrome, NSW, on 4 February 201104 Feb 2011Final30 Apr 2012
AO-2011-043Controlled flight into terrain - Piper Saratoga PA 32R 301T, VH-LKI, Moree Airport, NSW, 30 March 201130 Mar 2011Final26 Apr 2012
AE-2011-111Technical assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia - recovery of data from aircraft instrumentation after collision with terrain, Hughes Lightwing SP2000 aircraft, registration 24-5040 near North Curl Curl, NSW, 2 September 201102 Sep 2011Final24 Apr 2012
AO-2010-035Incorrect aircraft configuration - Airbus A321-231, VH-VWW, Singapore Changi International Airport, 27 May 201027 May 2010Final19 Apr 2012
AO-2010-066Uncontained engine failure and air turn-back near San Francisco Airport, USA, 30 August 201030 Aug 2010Final16 Apr 2012
AO-2011-087Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-YOL, 14 km north-west of Fitzroy Crossing, WA, 27 July 201127 Jul 2011Final12 Apr 2012
AE-2011-099Technical assistance to PNG Accident Investigation Committee - GPS data recovery and instrument examination from a MBB BO-105 aircraft that impacted terrain 5 km south of Timini, Morobe Provence, Papua New Guinea on 8 August 201108 Aug 2011Final28 Mar 2012
AO-2011-156Runway excursion - Taylorcraft BC12-D, VH-PEE, near Gunnedah Airport, NSW, 5 December 201105 Dec 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-152Hard landing - Robinson R22, VH-RKN, 28 km north east of El Questro, Western Australia, 27 November 201127 Nov 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-145Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-CME, 93km north of Julia Creek, Qld, 7 November 201107 Nov 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-141Hard landing - Bell Helicopter 206, VH-AYP, Maitland Airport, 29 October 201129 Oct 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-133Birdstrike - Cessna 182P, VH-TIS, 2 km East Ayr (ALA), Qld, 15 October 201115 Oct 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-137Jetblast occurrence - Boeing 747-438, VH-OEH and a Boeing 737-800, VH-VUM, Brisbane Airport, 14 October 201114 Oct 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-130Flight control system event involving Cessna 550, VH-INT, near Perth Airport, WA, 6 October 201106 Oct 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-119Aircraft proximity event - Piper PA-28-151 aircraft, VH-CIX and a Piper PA-44-180 aircraft, VH-KHG, Mangalore Airport, Vic, 27 September 201127 Sep 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-118Total power loss - Cessna 152, VH-HCE, near Bankstown Airport, NSW, 26 September 201126 Sep 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-121Airprox - Beech A36, VH-IOL aircraft and an unknown aircraft, 49 km Scone Airport, NSW, 26 September 201126 Sep 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-123Violation of controlled airspace - Piper PA-28-181, VH-TXD near Altona, Vic, 26 September 201126 Sep 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-120Aircraft proximity event - Cessna 182P, VH-MST and Schempp-Hirth, VH-ULZ, 9 km west of Toowoomba Airport, Qld, 25 September 201125 Sep 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-114Aircraft handling event - Beech 1900D, VH-VAQ, Darwin Airport, NT, 13 September 201113 Sep 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-113In-flight fire - Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-HBA, 80 km from McArthur River Mine Airport, NT, 12 September 201112 Sep 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-107Wirestike - Air Tractor AT-802, VH-NIW, 5 km N of Mogumber, WA, 26 August 201126 Aug 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-104Engine power loss - Cessna 206G aircraft, VH-LAN near William Creek ALA, Lake Eyre, SA, 23 August 201123 Aug 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-101Fuel starvation - Cessna 210N, VH-OCM, Kununurra Airport, WA, 18 August 201118 Aug 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-083Collision with terrrain - Aerospatiale helicopter, VH-LAG, Port Keats Airport, Wadeye, NT, 21 July 201121 Jul 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-084Operational non-compliance - Boeing 737-81D, VH-YFE, 67 km SSE Mackay Airport, 19 July 201119 Jul 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-065Diversion - Airbus A380-842, VH-OQI, Adelaide Airport, SA, 16 May 201116 May 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-056Engine failure - Boeing 717-200, VH-NXE, 37 km east of Perth, WA, 2 May 201102 May 2011Final14 Mar 2012
AO-2011-034Engine oil leaks - Airbus A380s, VH-OQG and VH-OQC en route Singapore to London, United Kingdom, 24 February and 3 November 201124 Feb 2011Final13 Mar 2012
AO-2011-011Breakdown of separation - Boeing B737, VH-VBK and Israel Aircraft Industries Westwind 1124, VH-AJG, 22 km South of Williamtown (Newcastle Airport), NSW, 1 February 201101 Feb 2011Final07 Mar 2012
AO-2010-019Loss of control - Embraer S.A. EMB-120ER Brasilia, VH-ANB, Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, 22 March 201022 Mar 2010Final23 Feb 2012
AO-2010-027Operational non-compliances - Airbus A330, 9M-XXB, Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, 4 and 29 May 201004 May 2010Final10 Feb 2012
AO-2010-081Stickshaker activation - Boeing 717-200, VH-NXD, Kalgoorlie Airport, Western Australia, 13 October 201013 Oct 2010Final09 Feb 2012
AO-2011-131Breakdown of separation - Airbus A320, VH-VGR and Boeing 737, VH-VOD, near Melbourne Airport, Vic., 12 October 201112 Oct 2011Discontinued31 Jan 2012
AO-2010-059Fuel starvation - Cessna 152 aircraft, VH-KKW, Mordialloc, Victoria, 7 August 201007 Aug 2010Final19 Jan 2012
AE-2011-061Technical assistance - Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), recovery of information from FDR and CVR07 May 2011Final22 Dec 2011
AE-2011-074Technical assistance - Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee (AAIC) of Thailand14 Apr 2011Final22 Dec 2011
AO-2012-004Loading issue - Boeing 747-438, VH-OJM, Melbourne Airport, 22 December 201122 Dec 2011DiscontinuedN/A
AO-2008-084In-flight breakup -PZL M18A Dromader, VH-IGT, 58 km south-west of Nyngan, NSW, 29 December 200829 Dec 2008Final20 Dec 2011
AO-2008-070In-flight upset - Airbus A330-303, VH-QPA, 154 km west of Learmonth, WA, 7 October 200807 Oct 2008Final19 Dec 2011
AO-2010-110Collision with terrain - Pacific Aerospace FU-24-954 Fletcher aircraft, VH-FNM Wynella Station, Queensland, 20 December 201020 Dec 2010Final16 Dec 2011
AO-2009-012Tailstrike and runway overrun - Airbus A340-541, A6-ERG, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, 20 March 200920 Mar 2009Final16 Dec 2011
AI-2009-008Reliability of Piper PA-31-350 aircraft engine turbocharger unitsFinal15 Dec 2011
AO-2011-124Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-RTB, 62 km south Maningrida Airport, NT, 29 September 201129 Sep 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-122Total power loss - Cessna 206, VH-SHZ, 93 km SE of Kalumburu Airport, WA, 22 September 201122 Sep 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-098Total power loss - Cessna 177 aircraft, VH-DSA, South of Grafton, NSW, 15 August 201115 Aug 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-097Runway incursion - Piper PA-28-161 aircraft, VH-BZE and Piper PA-28R-200 aircraft, VH-PVL, Moorabin Airport, 11 August 201111 Aug 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-096Icing event - Piper PA-44 aircraft, VH-FRI, Port Macquarie Airport, NSW, 9 August 201109 Aug 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-095Breakdown of separation - Cessna 172, VH-WYG and Boeing 747, N171UA, 19km north-west Sydney Airport NSW, 7 August 201107 Aug 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-089Incorrect aircraft configuration - Airbus A320-232, VH-VQA, Melbourne Airport, 28 July 201128 Jul 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-080Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 Beta helicopter, VH-HSW, Cunnamulla Airport, SW 90Km Qld., 12 July 201112 Jul 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-079Pilot incapacitation - Fokker B.V., F28 MK 0100, VH-FNU, near Ballidu, WA, 7 July 201107 Jul 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-072Collision with terrain - Piper PA-46-310P, VH-FAL, Meekatharra WA, 15 June 201115 Jun 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-073Performance related event - Airbus, A321-231, VH-VWX, Darwin Airport, 12 June 201112 Jun 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-069Collision with terrain - Kawasaki helicopter, 369HS, VH-XAA, Canberra Airport, 252° M 42Km, 3 June 201103 Jun 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-067Wirestrike - Bell Helicopter 206B (III), VH-BHU, near Mossman Hospital, Qld, 1 June 201101 Jun 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-064Severe turbulence - Boeing 767-338, VH-OGR, Perth Airport, 20 May 201120 May 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-063Collision with terrain - Eurocopter, VH-XXW, Bankstown Airport, 13 May 201113 May 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-059Wirestrike - Bell Helicopter 206B, VH-BNG, near Ingham, Qld, 4 May 201104 May 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-052Terrain collision - Beech Aircraft, A36, VH-CKX, East Wallaby Island, Abrohlos Islands, WA, 26 April 201126 Apr 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-054Loss of seperation assurance - Boeing 737, VH-VOB and Airbus A320, VH-VGZ, South 83 km Armidale NSW, 23 April 201123 Apr 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-048Collision with terrain - Eagle DW-1, VH-FTB, 28 km south Ingham, QLD, 18 April 201118 Apr 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-042Terrain collision - Cessna 172N, VH-SMY, 80 km west Geraldton Airport, WA, 25 March 201125 Mar 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-037Engine failure - Aero Commander, 500-S, VH-WZI, Bloomfield River (ALA), South 20 Km, 3 March 201103 Mar 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-049Aircraft Separation - Airbus A320-232, VH-VNG & Pilatus PC-12/45, near Alice Springs Airport, 3 March 201103 Mar 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-018Engine failure - Piper PA-28-181, VH-NRF, near Bankstown Airport NSW, 9 February 201109 Feb 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AO-2011-010Breakdown of separation - Cessna 404, VH-UOP and Airbus A320, VH-VQN, Darwin Airport, 31 January 201131 Jan 2011Final12 Dec 2011
AE-2011-078Technical assistance to NSW Police Service - recovery of data from aircraft instrumentation after collision with terrain - Super Petrel amphibious aircraft, 24-7654, Lake Jindabyne, NSW, 24 June 201124 Jun 2011Final05 Dec 2011
AE-2011-035Technical assistance to PNG Accident Investigation Commission - Eurocopter AS350 helicopter, P2-PHL, Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea, 13 February 201113 Feb 2011Final05 Dec 2011
AE-2010-098Technical assistance - Avionics data recovery for Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus), Supermarine Spitfire Mk26, Gympie (ALA) Qld, 22 October 2010 22 Oct 2010Final05 Dec 2011
AO-2010-076Collision with terrain - Eurocopter AS350B Squirrel helicopter, VH-ROU, 67 km west of Sydney Airport, NSW, 10 October 201010 Oct 2010Final01 Dec 2011
AO-2010-073Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 Beta helicopter, VH-THI, 170 km east of Katherine, Northern Territory, 4 October 201004 Oct 2010Final30 Nov 2011
AO-2011-045Emergency landing - Kavanagh Balloons, E-210, VH-OTZ, 7 km east Northam, WA, 2 April 201102 Apr 2011Final21 Nov 2011
AO-2011-051Controlled flight into water - Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-RUR, Lilli Pilli, NSW, 24 April 201124 Apr 2011Final18 Nov 2011
AO-2010-006Total power loss - Pilatus PC-12/45, VH-NWO, 11 km NE of Derby Airport, WA, 29 January 201029 Jan 2010Final17 Nov 2011
AO-2009-081Loss of tailrotor control - Garlick TH-1F helicopter, VH-UHD, Nangar National Park NSW, 23 December 200923 Dec 2009Final11 Nov 2011
AO-2010-079Collision with terrain - Cessna 172S, VH-VSK, 2 km NNE Durham Downs, Qld, 18 October 201018 Oct 2010Final04 Nov 2011
AO-2011-032Rejected takeoff - Airbus A330, VH-EBL, Perth Airport, WA, 23 February 201123 Feb 2011Final18 Oct 2011
AO-2009-066Incorrect aircraft configuration - Boeing 767-300, VH-OGP, 1.5 km north of Sydney Airport, NSW, 26 October 200926 Oct 2009Final18 Oct 2011
AO-2009-027In-flight fire - Airbus A330-202, VH-EBF, 427 km south-west of Guam, USA, 10 June 2009 10 Jun 2009Final07 Oct 2011
AO-2009-044Air system event - Beechcraft King Air C90 aircraft, VH-TAM, 74 km NE of Perth Airport, WA, 16 July 200916 Jul 2009Final21 Sep 2011
AO-2010-005Total power loss - Cessna 208 aircraft, VH-UMV near Cairns Airport, Queensland, 31 December 200931 Dec 2009Final13 Sep 2011
AO-2011-053Collision with obstacle - Aerospatiale helicopter, VH-RTV, 8 km north-east of Ballera, Qld, 30 April 201130 Apr 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-046Wirestrike - Robinson Helicopter, R44, VH-HUL, near Maitland, NSW, 2 April 201102 Apr 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-047Weather related event - Robinson Helicopter, R44, VH-HXB, 46 km W of Sydney, on 2 April 201102 Apr 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-041Airframe event - Airbus A330-203, VH-EBL, 365 km NW of Cairns, 22 March 201122 Mar 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-038Engine over-torque event - Bombardier, DHC-8-315, VH-SBI, 22 km north-east of Devonport Airport, 8 March 201108 Mar 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-023Turbulence - Piper PA-30, VH-MAC, near Albury Airport, NSW, 16 February 201116 Feb 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-030Wirestrike - Cessna 210L, VH-AQS, 19 km SW Cootamundra Airport, NSW, 9 February 201109 Feb 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-008Total power loss - Robinson R44 Clipper II helicopter, VH-HFG, 95 km NNE of Hamilton Island Airport, Qld, 26 January 201126 Jan 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-005Collision with terrain - De Havilland, VH-WHW, SE 11 km Toowoomba Airport, Qld, 16 January 201116 Jan 2011Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2010-111Collision with terrain - Piper Aircraft PA-30, VH-EFS, 2 km NE Camden Airport, 23 December 201023 Dec 2010Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2010-109Collision with terrain - Cessna TR182, VH-DOK, Great Keppel Island, Qld, 18 December 201018 Dec 2010Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2010-105Right engine failure - Cessna 404, VH-XDA, near Mount Gordon (ALA) Qld, 9 December 201009 Dec 2010Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2010-093Abnormal engine indications - Boeing 767-338, VH-OGO, near Perth Airport WA, 12 November 201012 Nov 2010Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2011-039Windshear event - Airbus, A320-232, VH-VQT, Darwin Airport, 31 October 201031 Oct 2010Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2010-072Weather related event - Airbus A330-202, VH-EBM, Melbourne Airport Vic., 21 September 201021 Sep 2010Final12 Sep 2011
AO-2010-050Breakdown of separation - Boeing 767-338, VH-OGG and Airbus A320-232, VH-VNC, 74 km NW of Tamworth Airport NSW, 1 July 201001 Jul 2010Final12 Sep 2011
AE-2011-014Technical assistance - National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Collision with terrain - near Hollister Airport, California, USA, 25 November 201025 Nov 2010Final06 Sep 2011
AO-2010-045Collision with water - Cessna 172N aircraft, VH-UFN, Woolcunda Lake, NSW, 21 June 201021 Jun 2010Final19 Aug 2011
AO-2011-055Loss of control - Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-ETT, 4 km south-east of Kilmore, VIC, 30 April 201130 Apr 2011Final08 Aug 2011
AO-2010-069Collision with terrain - Cessna Agtruck, VH-KZF, 25 km east of Geraldton Airport, Western Australia, 14 September 201014 Sep 2010Final29 Jul 2011
AO-2009-069In-flight engine malfunction and air turn-back - Boeing 737-476, VH-TJY, 120 km SW of Brisbane Airport, 10 November 200910 Nov 2009Final20 Jul 2011
AE-2011-058Technical assistance - Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), recovery of information from FDR12 May 2011Final15 Jul 2011
AO-2009-026Fuel starvation event - Bell Jetranger 206B helicopter, VH-JTI, Coomera, QLD, 10 June 200910 Jun 2009Final15 Jul 2011
AO-2008-081Mid-air collision - Cessna Aircraft 152, VH-FMG and Liberty Aerospace XL-2, VH-XLY, Casula NSW, 18 December 2008 18 Dec 2008Final12 Jul 2011
AE-2010-024Flight Data Recovery for RNZAF - Collision with terrain - Airtrainer CT-4, RNZAF Base Ohakea, 14 January 201014 Jan 2010Final29 Jun 2011
AO-2009-080Loss of separation assurance - Airbus A330-300, B-HLV and Boeing B737-800, VH-VUJ, 222 km NW of Tennant Creek, NT, 22 December 200922 Dec 2009Final24 Jun 2011
AO-2010-033Wirestrike – Bell Helicopter 206L LongRanger III, VH-OSU, 37 km SSW of Latrobe Valley Airport, VIC, 20 May 201020 May 2010Final23 Jun 2011
AO-2010-042Collision with terrain - Robinson R22, VH-RPN, 257 km ENE of Derby, WA, 13 June 201013 Jun 2010Final08 Jun 2011
AO-2010-023Loss of control - Piper PA-30-160B Twin Comanche aircraft, VH-KDS, 43 km east of Perth Airport, WA, 28 March 201028 Mar 2010Final02 Jun 2011
AO-2009-031Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 Beta II, VH-HXO, 120 km west of Paraburdoo, WA, 25-26 June 200926 Jun 2009Final02 Jun 2011
AO-2010-063Depressurisation - Fairchild Industries SA226-TC (Metro II) VH-NGX, 120 km NNE Perth Airport, WA, 16 August 201016 Aug 2010Final01 Jun 2011
AO-2008-059Midair collision – Cessna Aircraft A150M, VH-UPY and Piper Aircraft PA-28-161, VH-CGT, 3 km NW of Moorabbin Airport, Vic, 27 August 200827 Aug 2008Final31 May 2011
AO-2009-034 Aircraft loading event - Airbus A330-202, VH-EBB, Sydney Airport NSW, 4 July 2009 05 Jul 2009Final19 May 2011
AO-2011-026Engine oil loss - Airbus A380-842, VH-OQC, near New Delhi International Airport, 15 February 201115 Feb 2011Final16 May 2011
AO-2011-009Turbulence - Boeing 777-3ZGER, VH-VPH, Jakarta 315 km N, 31 January 201131 Jan 2011Final16 May 2011
AO-2011-006Wirestrike - Pacific Aerospace, 08-600, VH-KPY, 31 km SE of Bingara (ALA), NSW, 20 January 201120 Jan 2011Final16 May 2011
AO-2011-007Aircraft proximity - Piper Cherokee, PA-28-140, VH-TXW, & Cessna Aircraft 172S, VH-TSP, 3 km NW Brighton, Vic, 20 January 201120 Jan 2011Final16 May 2011
AO-2011-001Ditching - Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-HOT, 2 km E of Cairns, Qld, 3 Jan 201104 Jan 2011Final16 May 2011
AO-2011-002Fuel Exhaustion - Cessna 404, VH-LAD, Emerald Qld, 31 Dec 201031 Dec 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2011-003Crew Incapacitation - SOCATA TB-10 Tobago, VH-YTF, 19 Km W Renmark Aerodrome SA, 27 Dec 201027 Dec 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-108Cockpit fumes and smoke - Aero Commander, VH-KAV, 333 km E of Brisbane Airport Qld, 14 December 201014 Dec 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-107Total power loss - Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-FDL, near Georgetown ALA, Qld, 13 December 201013 Dec 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-106Aircraft proximity - Cessna 172, VH-CNW and Piper Aircraft PA-28R-201, VH-AIZ, Ballarat Vic., 4 December 201004 Dec 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-102Breakdown of separation - SAAB 340, VH-SBA and Beechcraft B58, VH-VFG,near Taree Airport, NSW, 1 December 201001 Dec 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-100Aircraft separation - de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202, VH-SDA, & Beech Aircraft 58, VH-VFG, Port Macquarie NSW, 25 November 201025 Nov 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-099Runway Overrun - Boeing 737-8FE, VH-VUX, Hobart Aerodrome Tas. 24 November 201024 Nov 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-095Cockpit fumes and smoke event - Boeing 747-438, VH-OEI, near Sydney Aerodrome NSW, 15 November 201015 Nov 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-094Total power loss - Piper PA-31-350, VH-MKK, 22 km SE of Marree, SA, 14 November 201014 Nov 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-090Total power loss - Boeing 747, VH-OJD, near Changi Airport, Singapore, 5 November 201005 Nov 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-091Depressurisation - Hawker Beechcraft, VH-MVX, 74 Km west of Dubbo, NSW, 5 November 201005 Nov 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-086Avionics event - Airbus A330-202, VH-EBF, overhead Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia, 1 November 201001 Nov 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-084Aircraft proximity - Partenavia Costruzioni Aeronautiche SPA P.68B, VH-IYI and Avions Pierre Robin R-2160, VH-JXY, Jandakot Aerodrome WA, 23 October 201023 Oct 2010Final16 May 2011
AO-2008-026Loss of control – Fairchild Metro III, VH-OZA, 19 km SE Sydney, NSW, 9 April 2008 09 Apr 2008Final16 May 2011
AO-2010-092Collision with terrain - Robinson helicopter R22 Beta II, VH-TCG, 44 km WSW Rolleston Qld, 9 November 201009 Nov 2010Final13 May 2011
AO-2010-080Collision with terrain - Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan, VH-DQP, Flinders Island, Tasmania, 15 October 201015 Oct 2010Final12 May 2011
AO-2009-077Visual flight into instrument meteorological conditions – Dorrigo, NSW, 9 December 2009, VH-MJO, Bell Helicopter 206L-1 LongRanger09 Dec 2009Final11 May 2011
AO-2008-065Collision with terrain – Liberty Aerospace XL2, VH-CZX, Luddenham, NSW, 24 September 200824 Sep 2008Final27 Apr 2011
AE-2011-019Collapsed landing gear - TAIC assistance - Bombardier, DHC-8-311, ZK-NEQ, Woodbourne Airport, New Zealand, 9 February 201120 Feb 2011Final14 Apr 2011
AE-2009-039External assistance to the Transport Accident Investigation Commission of New Zealand - Digitisation of legacy Cockpit Voice and Flight Data tape recordings09 Jul 2009Final14 Apr 2011
AO-2009-073In-flight cargo door separation - Eurocopter AS350D helicopter, VH-PIH, 28km NW Sunshine Coast Airport, 1 December 200901 Dec 2009Final11 Apr 2011
AO-2010-008Turbulence event - Canberra Aerodrome ACT, 31 January 2010, VH-ERP, Grumman Traveller AA-5 31 Jan 2010Final05 Apr 2011
AO-2010-029Ground strike involving Boeing 747, N128UA, Sydney Airport, NSW on 7 May 201007 May 2010Final01 Apr 2011
AE-2009-050Controlled flight into terrain - 11 km south-east of Kokoda Airstrip, Papua New Guinea, 11 August 2009, P2-MCB, De Havilland Canada DHC-6-30011 Aug 2009Final31 Mar 2011
AO-2011-044Bombardier, DHC-8-402, VH-QOP, near Canberra Airport, ACT, 29 March 201129 Mar 2011DiscontinuedN/A
AO-2009-011Weight and balance event - Airbus A330-303, VH-QPJ, Sydney Aerodrome, New South Wales, 6 March 200906 Mar 2009Final22 Mar 2011
AO-2008-064Stickshaker activation – Boeing 717-200, VH-NXE, Alice Springs, NT, 18 September 200818 Sep 2008Final10 Mar 2011
AO-2008-080Operational event - Darwin Aerodrome, Northern Territory, 17 December 2008, PK-GZJ, Boeing 737-4MO17 Dec 2008Final03 Mar 2011
AO-2009-060Collision with terrain - Air Tractor, VH-ODP, 5 km north-east of Wickepin, WA, 3 October 200903 Oct 2009Final23 Feb 2011
AO-2010-067Ditching - Cessna T210L, VH-LMT, 46 km north-east of Gurney, Papua New Guinea, 26 September 201026 Sep 2010Final16 Feb 2011
AO-2011-021Pre-flight planning event - Airbus A320-232, VH-VNB, Melbourne aerodrome, 11 February 201111 Feb 2011DiscontinuedN/A
AO-2010-087Total power loss - Cessna TU206C, VH-EAL, South Grafton (ALA) NSW, 31 October 201031 Oct 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-082Aircraft loss of control - de Havilland Canada DHC-2 MK 1, VH-PCF, Green Island, Cairns, Qld, 23 October 2010 23 Oct 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-083Aircraft proximity event - Cessna 152, VH-HCC and Piper PA-28-161, VH-XSN, Bankstown Aerodrome NSW, 23 October 201023 Oct 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-078Airspace related event - Piper aircraft PA-31-350, VH-TAS, Narrandera NSW, 12 October 201012 Oct 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-074Aircraft proximity event - Beech aircraft 76, VH-RUA, near Ballina/Byron Gateway Aerodrome NSW, 6 October 201006 Oct 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-077Ground Handling Event - Boeing 737-8FE, VH-VUR, Brisbane Aerodrome Qld, 5 October 201005 Oct 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-071Wirestrike - Rockwell 114, VH-CSH, Geelong (ALA) Vic., 25 September 201025 Sep 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-070Avionic/Flight Instruments - Airbus A320-232, VH-JQX, near Mackay Aerodrome Qld, 20 September 201020 Sep 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-065Loss of control - Robinson helicopter R44 Clipper II, VH-ZVF, Jandakot Aerodrome WA, 30 August 201030 Aug 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-064Windshear event - Boeing 737-7BX, VH-VBR, Melbourne Aerodrome Vic., 24 August 201024 Aug 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-062Engine failure - Cessna U206F, VH-TZV, 4.5 km N Gladstone Aerodrome Qld, 12 August 201012 Aug 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-058Breakdown of separation - Fairchild Industries, VH-TAG and F/A‐18 Hornet, Williamtown Airport, NSW, 5 August 201005 Aug 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-052Total power loss - Cessna 210L, VH-FTM, Casuarina Beach, Darwin NT, 10 July 201010 Jul 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-048Aircraft proximity event - Pilatus aircraft PC-12, VH-FDK, 50 km NW of Mount Gambier aerodrome, SA, 1 July 201001 Jul 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2010-047Loss of control - Cessna 172H, VH-RZV, near Cunnamulla Aerodrome Qld, 30 June 201030 Jun 2010Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2009-007Collision on ground - Townsville Aerodrome, Queensland, 11 February 2009, VH-SBW, Bombardier DHC-8-315 11 Feb 2009Final28 Jan 2011
AO-2009-065Unreliable airspeed indication - Airbus A330 202, VH-EBA, 710 km south of Guam, 28 October 200928 Oct 2009Final27 Jan 2011
AO-2009-068Operational event - Bell Helicopter 412, VH EMZ, 132 km west of Horn Island, Qld, 9 November 200909 Nov 2009Final21 Jan 2011
AO-2009-062Main landing gear failure - Boeing 737, VH-VUI, Melbourne Aerodrome, 20 October 200920 Oct 2009Final20 Jan 2011
AE-2010-075Technical assistance to TAIC New Zealand - Bombardier DHC-8-311, ZK-NEB, Blenheim Aerodrome, New Zealand, 30 September 201030 Sep 2010Final15 Dec 2010
AO-2010-025Total power loss - Victa Airtourer, VH-MTC, Hobart Tasmania, 4 April 201004 Apr 2010Final14 Dec 2010
AO-2009-017Wirestrike - Langkoop, Victoria, 20 April 2009, VH-EZT, Robinson Helicopter R44 Raven II20 Apr 2009Final13 Dec 2010
AO-2008-003Electrical system event - Boeing 747-438, VH-OJM, 25 km NNW of Bangkok International Airport, Thailand, 7 January 200807 Jan 2008Final13 Dec 2010
AO-2008-078Wirestrike - McDonnell Douglas 369D, VH-PLJ, 13 km north of Murray Bridge, SA, 19 November 2008 19 Nov 2008Final09 Dec 2010
AO-2010-012ATC information error - VH-BCQ, Proserpine/Whitsunday Coast Aerodrome, Queensland, 25 February 201025 Feb 2010Final30 Nov 2010
AO-2009-075Midair collision - 20 km SE of Orange, NSW, Aerospatiale AS350-B2 helicopter, VH-NFO and a Kawasaki BK117 helicopter, VH-LXC, 8 December 200908 Dec 2009Final29 Nov 2010
AO-2009-070Collision with terrain - VH-ZRR, 21 km SE of Kojonup ALA WA, 17 November 200917 Nov 2009Final26 Nov 2010
AO-2007-065Midair collision - Cessna 172 VH-EUI & Avid Flyer 28-0929, Latrobe Valley Aerodrome, Vic, 1 December 200701 Dec 2007Final25 Nov 2010
AO-2009-056Breakdown of separation - VH-VXU and A6-EMT, 60 km south-east of Mildura, Victoria, 3 September 200903 Sep 2009Final24 Nov 2010
AO-2008-053Oxygen cylinder failure and depressurisation - Boeing 747-438, VH-OJK, 475 km north-west of Manila, Philippines, 25 July 200825 Jul 2008Final22 Nov 2010
AO-2010-032Loss of control - Eagle aircraft X-TS 150, VH-FPP, Jandakot Aerodrome, WA, 12 May 201012 May 2010Final18 Nov 2010
AE-2010-013Engineering examination - cracked McCauley D3A34C404-C propeller hub, Canberra ACT, 4 March 201004 Mar 2010Final16 Nov 2010
AO-2009-061Engine failure - VH-SBA, Wagga Wagga Aerodrome, NSW, 4 October 200904 Oct 2009Final12 Nov 2010
AO-2009-063In-flight engine failure - Christmas Island 19 October 200919 Oct 2009Final02 Nov 2010
AO-2010-057Controlled flight into terrain - VH‐HVT, near Healesville Victoria, 30 July 201030 Jul 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-054Wheels up landing - VH-­WRD, Mount Borradale Station (ALA), NT, 16 July 201016 Jul 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-053Controlled flight into terrain - Cessna 210M, VH-­TIJ, 59 km NE Norseman WA, 13 July 201013 Jul 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-049Aircraft proximity event - VH-­JXY and VH-­BDP, 4 km WNW Mandurah WA, 30 June 201030 Jun 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-046Crew incapacitation - VH-­KDQ, Cowell Aerodrome, 200 degrees M 41 km, 22 June 201022 Jun 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-041Aircraft proximity event - VH-­YHM and VH-­RQZ, 4 km south of Dayboro, 4 June 201004 Jun 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-040Loss of separation assurance - VH-­IVT and VH-­IMV, Moorabbin aerodrome, Vic, 2 June 201002 Jun 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-038Ground handling event - VH-­VQL, Sydney aerodrome, NSW, 1 June 201001 Jun 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-039Weather related event - VH-NGX, Southern Cross (ALA), WA, 1 June 201001 Jun 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-037Operational event - VH-­VQZ, Gold Coast aerodrome, 30 May 201030 May 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-034Aircraft loading issue - VH-­ZPF, Adelaide Aerodrome, 16 May 201016 May 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-031Operational event - VH-­VHD, Cocos (Keeling) Island aerodrome, 9 May 201009 May 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-028Runway excursion - VH-­SBA, Mount Gambier Aerodrome SA, 6 May 201006 May 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-016Powerplant/propulsion event - VH-­VQO, 74 km NNW of Adelaide SA, 15 March 201015 Mar 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-014Breakdown of separation - VH-­NXK and Dingo 42, 22 km NW of Perth aerodrome WA, 4 March 201004 Mar 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-004Precautionary landing - Victa, VH-­MTC, Miles Beach, North Bruny Island, TAS, 22 January 201022 Jan 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2010-003In-­flight engine shut down - VH-­NTQ, Beagle Bay WA, 14 January 201014 Jan 2010Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2009-040Mode awareness issue - VH-­NXN, near Ayers Rock Aerodrome NT, 14 July 200914 Jul 2009Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2009-030Wirestrike - Bell Helicopter 206B JetRanger III, VH-CAP, 24 km NNE of Albury Aerodrome NSW, 23 June 2009 23 Jun 2009Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2009-024Runway lighting failure - VH-NXM, Darwin Aerodrome NT, 22 May 200922 May 2009Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2008-052Partial power loss - VH-­ZMK, Darwin aerodrome, NT, 25 July 200825 Jul 2008Final14 Oct 2010
AO-2009-004Operational event - Agusta Westland AW139, VH-ESH, 89 km south-east of Townsville, Qld, 2 February 200902 Feb 2009Final05 Oct 2010
AE-2010-060Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter, registered A25-204, Oakey Qld, 23 July 201023 Jul 2010Final30 Aug 2010
AO-2009-021Flight control system event - 520km NW of Gold Coast Aerodrome, Qld, 18 May 2009, VH-VNC, Airbus A320-23218 May 2009Final24 Aug 2010
AE-2010-056Technical assistance - Recreational Aviation Australia - Hughes Engineering Lightwing SP-2000 aircraft, 24-7057, 4 April 201004 Apr 2010Final23 Aug 2010
AO-2008-006Breakdown of separation, VH-TQZ, Tamworth Aerodrome, NSW, 7 February 200807 Feb 2008Final20 Aug 2010
AO-2009-047Nose landing gear axle fracture - VH-VBA, Boeing 737-7Q8, Melbourne Aerodrome, Victoria, 25 July 200925 Jul 2009Final30 Jul 2010
AO-2010-051Aircraft proximity event – 20 km East of Badu Island Aircraft Landing Area, Queensland, 8 July 2010, VH-YZF, Reims Aviation S.A. F406 and VH-EMZ, Bell Helicopter Co. 41208 Jul 2010Discontinued28 Jul 2010
AO-2009-032Collision with terrain - Robinson Helicopter R22 Beta II, VH-OML, Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, 2 July 200902 Jul 2009Final28 Jul 2010
AO-2009-053Powerplant/propulsion event - Launceston Aerodrome, 20 August 200920 Aug 2009Final27 Jul 2010
AO-2008-014Mid-air collision - 10 km NE of Wee Waa, NSW, 26 February 200826 Feb 2008Final26 Jul 2010
AO-2009-054Aircraft proximity event - VH-FKU and VH-HJH, Bankstown Aero NSW, 25 August 200925 Aug 2009Final23 Jul 2010
AO-2008-072Missing aircraft, Buckingham Bay, Northern Territory, 16 October 2008, VH-WRT, GA-8 Airvan 16 Oct 2008Final19 Jul 2010
AO-2010-026Wirestrike - VH-JHR, Cessna 188 Agwagon, near Ayr, Qld, 10 April 201010 Apr 2010Discontinued16 Jul 2010
AO-2008-083Collision with Terrain - VH-EKS, 67 km WNW Scone Aerodrome, New South Wales, 24 December 200824 Dec 2008Final14 Jul 2010
AO-2008-062Collision with terrain - Robinson Helicopter R44 Raven, VH-RIO, 6 km NE Purnululu ALA, Western Australia, 14 September 200814 Sep 2008Final07 Jul 2010
AO-2009-029Turbulence event - VH-QPI, 58km N of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 22 June 200921 Jun 2009Final30 Jun 2010
AE-2009-015Technical analysis assistance to the NTSC regarding runway excursion at Matak Airport, Indonesia, 7 March 2009 07 Mar 2009Final30 Jun 2010
AO-2008-039Airframe vibration Wollongong Aerodrome, NSW, 11 June 2008, VH-UAH, Bell Helicopter Co. 41211 Jun 2008Final30 Jun 2010
AO-2008-030Aircraft proximity event, VH-VOQ and VH-VQS Launceston Aerodrome, Tasmania, 1 May 200801 May 2008Final30 Jun 2010
AO-2010-022Aircraft proximity event - VH-WZJ and VH-WRR, 37 km NE of Horn Island aerodrome, 24 March 201024 Mar 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2010-021Weather related precautionary landing - VH-AJZ, 24 km SE of Geraldton aerodrome WA, 21 March 201021 Mar 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2010-018CTAF-related event - VH-PVV, VH-HUL, Cessnock Aerodrome NSW, 17 March 201017 Mar 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2010-015Cabin safety event - VH-NXM, Ayers Rock Aerodrome NT, 4 March 201004 Mar 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2010-017VFR into IMC - VH-WYN, 56 km NE of Kununurra aerodrome WA, 26 February 201026 Feb 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2010-011Runway incursion - PK-GMG, Perth Aerodrome WA, 24 February 201024 Feb 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2010-009Fuel starvation - ZK-JAO, 19 km E of South West Rocks NSW, 14 February 201014 Feb 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2010-002Collision on ground - Cessna Aircraft A185E floatplane, VH-ELQ, ‘Tippler’s Passage’, South Stradbroke Island Qld, 9 January 201009 Jan 2010Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2009-049Airbus, VH-VND, aircraft diversion near Canberra Aerodrome ACT, 5 August 200905 Aug 2009Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2009-036Turbulence Event - VH-TFS, 37 km S Lizard Island, Qld, 9 July 200909 Jul 2009Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2009-037Smoke event - VH-OTD, 19 km NE of Sydney aerodrome NSW, 9 July 200909 Jul 2009Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2009-025Fumes Event - VH-VBL, en route Melbourne, Victoria to Coolangatta, Queensland, 5 June 200905 Jun 2009Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2009-003Aircraft icing and incipient stall - VH-UYI, overhead Gayndah NDB, Queensland05 Nov 2008Final29 Jun 2010
AO-2009-051Collision with terrain - VH-KVT, 81 km NE of Winton, Queensland, 17 August 200917 Aug 2009Final28 Jun 2010
AO-2008-067Total power loss, Talbot Bay, Western Australia, 25 September 2008, VH-NSH, Bell Helicopter Co 40725 Sep 2008Final28 Jun 2010
AO-2008-042In-flight shutdown, VH-QOA, 84 km N of Lockhart River Aerodrome, Queensland, 20 June 200820 Jun 2008Final25 Jun 2010
AO-2008-009Runway excursion, VH-UZD, Thangool Aerodrome, Queensland, 12 February 200812 Feb 2008Final25 Jun 2010
AE-2009-014Technical analysis assistance to the NTSC regarding the accident involving British Aerospace BAe146-300, PK-BRD, near Wamena Airport, West Papua, Indonesia, 9 April 200909 Apr 2009Final22 Jun 2010
AO-2009-001Unstable approach, VH-TQL Sydney Aerodrome, New South Wales 26 December 200826 Dec 2008Final08 Jun 2010
AE-2009-035Technical analysis assistance to the Indonesian National Transport Safety Committee regarding the accident involving Fairchild Dornier 328-110, PK-TXN, at Tanah Merah Airport, Indonesia, 14 June 200914 Jun 2009Final26 May 2010
AO-2008-069Collision with terrain, VH-FXE, Pilton Valley Queensland, 29 September 200829 Sep 2008Final24 May 2010
AO-2009-019Engine cooling fan fracture - VH-IDU, Rolleston Queensland, 3 May 200903 May 2009Final21 May 2010
AE-2010-010Technical assistance to the NTSC regarding the accident involving PK-YRP, an Avions de Transport Régional ATR-42-300F on 11 February 201011 Feb 2010Final17 May 2010
AO-2008-007Hard landing - Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, 7 February 2008, VH-NXE, Boeing Company 717–20007 Feb 2008Final14 May 2010
AO-2007-062Depressurisation event 246 km south-west of Coolangatta, Queensland 17 November 2007 VH-VBC Boeing Company 737-7Q817 Nov 2007Final29 Apr 2010
AO-2007-047Aircraft loss of control 255 km SW of Warburton, Western Australia, 17 October 2007, VH-WXC Cessna Aircraft Company 210M17 Oct 2007Final22 Apr 2010
AO-2007-064Operational event Brisbane Airport, Queensland, 25 November 200725 Nov 2007Final21 Apr 2010
AO-2010-001In-flight fire - Convair 580, VH-PDW, 74 Km S of Tamworth Airport NSW, 7 January 200907 Jan 2010Final20 Apr 2010
AO-2009-078Depressurisation - De Havilland Canada, VH-XFU, 296 km NE of Perth Airport WA, 15 December 200915 Dec 2009Final20 Apr 2010
AO-2009-076Total power loss - Bell helicopter TH-1F, VH-LIQ, 56 km SE Tamworth Aerodrome NSW, 8 December 200908 Dec 2009Final20 Apr 2010
AO-2009-079Loss of aircraft control - Ayres 2R-T34, VH-NZB, Longreach Aerodrome Qld, 25 November 200925 Nov 2009Final20 Apr 2010
AO-2009-059 Ground handling event - Boeing 737-400, VH-TJW, and Boeing 717-200, VH-NXO, Perth Airport WA, 20 September 200920 Sep 2009Final20 Apr 2010
AO-2009-055Pilot incapacitation - Beech aircraft B200T, VH-LAB, 37 km south of Bindook VOR, NSW, 31 August 200931 Aug 2009Final20 Apr 2010
AI-2008-038Instrument departure procedure design30 May 2008Final09 Apr 2010
AE-2010-007Fairchild, SA227-AC Metro, ZK-NSS, New Plymouth Aerodrome, New Zealand, 31 March 200931 Mar 2009Final26 Mar 2010
AE-2009-046Aircraft instrument and fuel system detritus examination Bell 206 L4, P2-HBC, collision with terrain in the vicinity of Lake Murray PNG, 25 September 200825 Sep 2008Final02 Mar 2010
AO-2007-044Go-around event Melbourne Airport, Victoria, 21 July 2007, VH-VQT, Airbus Industrie A320-23221 Jul 2007Final01 Mar 2010
AO-2009-018Midair collision - 15 km SE Springvale Station, WA, 5 May 2009, VH-PHT, Robinson Helicopter Company R22 Beta II, VH-HCB, Robinson Helicopter Company R22 Beta II05 May 2009Final17 Feb 2010
AO-2009-006Main Landing gear wheel failure - Sydney Airport, NSW 6 February 2009 VH-KDQ Saab 340B06 Feb 2009Final17 Feb 2010
AO-2009-071Boeing 737-8FE, VH-VON, Darwin Aerodrome NT, 9 November 200909 Nov 2009Discontinued12 Feb 2010
AO-2007-070Leading edge device failure, Norfolk Island, 29 December 2007, VH-OBN, Boeing 737-22929 Dec 2007Final08 Feb 2010
AE-2009-074Recreational Aviation Australia Inc (RA-Aus) assistance - Taylor Monoplane ultralight aircraft21 Dec 2009Final01 Feb 2010
AO-2009-013Avionics system event - Boeing 737-800, VH-VYL, Sydney Airport NSW, 7 April 2009, 07 Apr 2009Final01 Feb 2010
AO-2009-009Collision with Terrain - (VFR into IMC) 8 km NW of Donors Hill Station, QLD 24 February 200924 Feb 2009Final25 Jan 2010
AO-2008-076Collision with terrain 3 km N Bathurst Airport, NSW 7 November 2008 VH-OPC Piper Aircraft Corp. PA-31-350 Chieftain07 Nov 2008Final22 Jan 2010
AO-2009-082Fairchild Industries, SA227-AC, VH-UZP, near Casino Aerodrome NSW, 24 December 200924 Dec 2009DiscontinuedN/A
AO-2009-002Main rotor blade skin debonding - Robinson helicopter R22 Beta, VH-HZB, 135 km NE Alice Springs, NT on 29 December 200829 Dec 2008Final23 Dec 2009
AO-2007-008Engine failure, 259 km SSE of Broome, WA, 24 May 2007, VH-IWO, Raytheon Beechcraft B200 King Air24 May 2007Final23 Dec 2009
AO-2007-046Collision with terrain, Doongan Station, WA, 25 September 2007, VH-HCN, Robinson Helicopter Company R22 Beta II 25 Sep 2007Final22 Dec 2009
AO-2007-001Microburst event - Sydney Airport, NSW, 15 April 2007, VH-OJR Boeing Company 747-43815 Apr 2007Final21 Dec 2009
AE-2009-067Technical assistance to RA-Aus - regarding the accident involving a 'Boorabee' ultralight aircraft, registered 19-1418 on 12 October 200912 Oct 2009Final15 Dec 2009
AE-2009-057Technical assistance to RA-Aus regarding the accident involving an Airborne ‘Edge’ microlight aircraft, near Beulah, Victoria on 5 August 200905 Aug 2009Final15 Dec 2009
AO-2009-022Fuel-related event - 50 km south-west of Canberra, 21 May 200921 May 2009Final14 Dec 2009
AO-2009-010Collision with terrain - Proserpine/Whitsunday Coast Airport, Qld 2 April 200902 Apr 2009Final11 Dec 2009
AE-2009-045Engineering examination into the fractured main landing gear axle Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan, VH-BFS, 21 June 200921 Jun 2009Final10 Dec 2009
AO-2008-077Wake turbulence event, Sydney Airport, NSW, 3 November 200803 Nov 2008Final09 Dec 2009
AO-2008-043 Collision with terrain 10 km east of Cairns Aerodrome, Qld. Robinson Helicopter Company R44 Clipper II, VH-RYW, 18 June 200818 Jun 2008Final09 Dec 2009
AO-2008-068Tail rotor pitch link failure near Hoxton Park Aerodrome, NSW, 19 September 2008 VH-BUK Eurocopter AS350 BA19 Sep 2008Final20 Nov 2009
AO-2007-029In-flight break-up - Clonbinane, Vic; 31 July 2007, VH-YJB, Rockwell, Commander 500S31 Jul 2007Final09 Nov 2009
AE-2008-024Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) of the United Kingdom request for ATSB assistance21 Oct 2009Final05 Nov 2009
AI-2006-003Technical Analysis Report: Pilot Performance during Engine Power Loss17 Jul 2006Discontinued27 Aug 2009
AO-2008-063Controlled flight into terrain, 56 km NNE of Scone Airport, NSW, 14 September 200814 Sep 2008Final31 Jul 2009
AO-2007-036Fuel related event - 50 km NW of Swan Hill, Vic; 11 August 2007; VH-TJE, Boeing 737-47611 Aug 2007Final28 Jul 2009
AE-2009-028Assistance to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Technical examination of failed engine crankcase through-bolts22 Jun 2009Final22 Jul 2009
AO-2008-008Engine failure – Jabiru, NT, 11 February 2008, VH-VAZ, Beech Aircraft11 Feb 2008Final15 Jul 2009
AO-2007-017Fuel starvation - Jundee Airstrip, WA, 26 June 2007, VH-XUE, Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautics S.A., EMB-120ER26 Jun 2007Final08 Jul 2009
AO-2009-005Midair collision - Parafield Airport, SA, 7 February 2009, VH-TGM, Grob - Burkhaart Flugzeugbau G-115 Grob, VH-YTG, S.O.C.A.T.A. - Groupe Aerospatiale TB-10 Tobago07 Feb 2009Final07 Jul 2009
AE-2008-047Technical Analysis assistance to the NTSC regarding emergency landing, PK-YVE, Airbus A320, Medan Indonesia, 1 June 200801 Jun 2008Final30 Jun 2009
AE-2008-031Technical analysis assistance to the NTSC regarding runway excursion, PK-KKT, Boeing 737-408, Batam Indonesia, 10 March 200810 Mar 2008Final30 Jun 2009
AE-2009-020Technical Analysis assistance to the NTSC regarding landing gear problem, PK-GSH, Boeing 747-4U3 at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia, 27 Jul 2006 27 Jul 2006Final30 Jun 2009
AO-2008-025Fuel-related event, 16 km south-east of Townsville Airport, Qld., 9 April 2009 09 Apr 2008Final29 Jun 2009
AO-2007-055Procedures related event - Melbourne Airport, VIC, 4 November 2007, HS-TJW, Boeing Company 777-2D704 Nov 2007Final29 Jun 2009
AI-2007-010Ground proximity warning events on the Lockhart River Runway 12 RNAV (GNSS) non-precision approach29 May 2007Final29 Jun 2009
AO-2008-010Mid-air collision - involving Piper PA-18 Super Cub, VH-OUS and Robinson Helicopter R44 Raven, VH-ZDP, 54 km NNW of Gascoyne Junction, WA, on 13 February 2008 13 Feb 2008Final26 Jun 2009
AO-2008-046Airframe event, VH-ZLC, SAAB SF340B, Orange aerodrome, NSW, 6 July 2008 06 Jul 2008Final25 Jun 2009
AO-2008-035Collision with terrain, Cessna Aircraft Company 210L, VH-IDM, 83 km NE Georgetown, Qld, 15 May 200815 May 2008Final25 Jun 2009
AO-2008-020Procedures-related event, Launceston Airport, Tas., 12 March 2008, VH-VQY, Airbus A320-20012 Mar 2008Final25 Jun 2009
AO-2007-066Controlled flight into terrain - Lake Liddell, NSW, 7 December 2007, Air Tractor AT-802, VH-LIS07 Dec 2007Final25 Jun 2009
AO-2007-002Breakdown of separation, 157 km east of Darwin, NT, 19 April 2007, VH-AZJ, Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-31 and VH-TFF, Cessna Aircraft Company C210N19 Apr 2007Final25 Jun 2009
AO-2008-073Airspace-related event, Mackay Airport, QLD, 16 October 2008, Fairchild Industries SA227, VH-UZA, Fairchild Industries SA227, VH-EEO16 Oct 2008Final24 Jun 2009
AO-2008-032American Champion Aircraft Corp 7GCBC, VH-MWY, Camden Aerodrome NSW W/19 km08 May 2008Final24 Jun 2009
AE-2008-029Technical Analysis assistance to the RA-Aus regarding CH601XL accident - VH-ZRS07 Mar 2008Final24 Jun 2009
AO-2006-007In-flight engine failure, 93km N of Perth Airport, WA, 27 November 2006, Beechcraft King Air 200, VH-XDB27 Nov 2006Final24 Jun 2009
AO-2008-074Tail Strike, Brisbane Airport, Qld., 23 October 2008, VH-NJM, British Aerospace BAe 146-30023 Oct 2008Final23 Jun 2009
AE-2008-066Technical Analysis assistance to the NTSC regarding runway excursion, PK-CJG, Boeing 737-2H6 at Jambi-Sultan Thaha Syarifudn Airport, Sumatra, Indonesia, 27 Aug 2008 27 Aug 2008Final23 Jun 2009
AO-2008-037Air-ground communication event, 19 km north-north-east of Perth Airport, WA, 28 May 200828 May 2008Final23 Jun 2009
AO-2008-015Collision with terrain, VH-KUZ, Airvan GA8, Kalumburu, WA, 26 February 200826 Feb 2008Final23 Jun 2009
AO-2008-001Elevator balance tab failure, Boeing Company 737-229, VH-OZX, Port Moresby, PNG, 31 December 200731 Dec 2007Final23 Jun 2009
AO-2008-004Crew incapacitation, Brisbane Airport, Qld., 11 January 2008, VH-OBN, Boeing 737-20011 Jan 2008Final17 Jun 2009
AO-2007-027Engine in-flight shutdown - VH-EBE, A330-202, South of Java, Indonesia, 23 July 200722 Jul 2007Final17 Jun 2009
AO-2008-049Operational non-compliance, Sydney Airport, NSW - 17 July 200817 Jul 2008Final16 Jun 2009
AE-2008-041Eurpoean Airwings Springbok 41-LK, Levroux, France, 26 April 200826 Apr 2008Final12 Jun 2009
AO-2008-033Operational non-compliance, Perth Airport, WA, 9 May 2008, PK-GEF, Boeing Company 737-8CX08 May 2008Final09 Jun 2009
AO-2008-005Engine Failure - VH-PSQ, Cessna 208, 15 km west of Townsville Airport, Qld, 14 Jan 200814 Jan 2008Final05 Jun 2009
AO-2007-041Turbulence event - VH-ZLR, Saab 340B, Adelaide Airport, SA - 29 August 200829 Aug 2007Final02 Jun 2009
AO-2007-038Procedures-related event - VH-VYC, VH-TIX, Townsville Airport QLD, 27 August 200727 Aug 2007Final01 Jun 2009
AO-2008-013Fumes Event, VH-EBY, 275 km WSW of Sydney, NSW, 25 Feb 200825 Feb 2008Final29 May 2009
AO-2008-056Flight control system event, 22km east of Melbourne Airport, VIC, 10 August 2008, VH-ZHA, Embraer ERJ170-10010 Aug 2008Final21 May 2009
AO-2007-069Collision with water, Robinson Helicopter Company R44 Raven 1, VH-MEB, Pier 35, Melbourne, Vic., 29 December 200729 Dec 2007Final08 May 2009
AO-2008-082Wirestrike, 25 km WNW of Leongatha Aerodrome, VIC, 25 December 2008, VH-ROO, Cessna 172M25 Dec 2008Final07 May 2009
AO-2006-153Loss of control - VH-BTD, Piper PA-31 Navajo, 50 km N Cairns, QLD, 2 December 2006 02 Dec 2006Final06 May 2009
AO-2007-034Fuel system event - Boeing 737-7BX, VH-VBR, Near Rockhampton aerodrome, Qld, 13 August 200713 Aug 2007Final14 Apr 2009
AO-2008-060Fuel System Event, VH-SXK, Embraer RJ 190-100 LR, 50 NM NE of Brisbane Airport QLD, 2 September 200802 Sep 2008Final08 Apr 2009
AO-2007-024Engine in-flight shutdown, VH-NXK, Boeing 717-200, 56 km SSW of Newman aerodrome WA, 13 July 200713 Jul 2007Final06 Apr 2009
AO-2008-048Fuel Starvation, Piper Navajo PA-31, VH-IHR, 22 km north of Mount Isa, QLD, 17 July 200817 Jul 2008Final02 Apr 2009
AO-2007-030In-flight engine failure, VH-OAA, Cessna 'Conquest II' 441, 23 km N of Ardrossan, SA, 25 July 200725 Jul 2007Final01 Apr 2009
AO-2007-028Operational Event 120 km south-west of Cooktown, Qld 22 July 2007, VH-ESB, Bell 412 Helicopter22 Jul 2007Final30 Mar 2009
AE-2008-051External Assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) - Fatal Accident - Zenith Zodiac CH601XL 19-50-46, 12 km NE New Moon ALA, QLD, 13 July 200813 Jul 2008Final26 Mar 2009
AO-2008-022Ditching - Brampton Island - 03 April 200803 Apr 2008Final20 Mar 2009
AO-2007-011Navigation event - 6 km south of Ballarat, Vic., 31 May 200731 May 2007Final18 Mar 2009
AO-2007-045Ground Strike - Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, NSW, 13 October 2007, VH-EEB, Embraer-Empresa Brasilia EMB-120 ER13 Oct 2007Final10 Mar 2009
AO-2006-005Engine malfunction: rejected takeoff Mount Isa, Qld16 Dec 2006Final04 Mar 2009
AO-2007-025Smoke in cabin - Fokker F27-50, VH-FKZ, Adelaide, South Australia, 23 July 200723 Jul 2007Final03 Mar 2009
AO-2008-050Controlled Flight into Terrain - Piper PA31T, VH-TNP, near Benalla, Victoria, 28 July 2004 28 Jul 2004Final02 Mar 2009
AO-2007-039Smoke Event - 21NM West of Mildura, NSW, 27 August 2007, VH-SGA, Piper Navajo PA-31P27 Aug 2007Final25 Feb 2009
AO-2007-023Runway excursion, Boeing Company 737-8FE, ZK-PBF, Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, NSW, 14 July 2007 14 Jul 2007Final18 Feb 2009
AO-2008-058Wire Strike Robinson Helicopter R22 Beta aircraft, VH-HPY, Mataranka, Northern Territory, 23 August 200823 Aug 2008Final12 Feb 2009
AO-2007-003Breakdown of Separation - Boeing 767-300, SAAB 340B, 19 km WSW of Sydney Airport, NSW, 8 May 200708 May 2007Final12 Feb 2009
AO-2008-021Collision with terrain Pitts S-2A aircraft, VH-NUK, 7 km north-east of Camden, New South Wales, 18 March 200818 Mar 2008Final10 Feb 2009
AO-2007-037Collision with Terrain - Pacific Aerospace cresco 08-600 aircraft, VH-XMN 24 km south of Tully, Queensland, 16 August 200716 Aug 2007Final03 Feb 2009
AO-2007-035Engine in-flight shutdown - 926 km NW of Sydney, NSW, 15 August 200715 Aug 2007Final02 Feb 2009
AE-2008-054Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica, VH-SWO, Honiara Aerodrome, Solomon Islands, 27 July 200827 Jul 2008Final28 Jan 2009
AO-2006-001Loss of control - 9 km south-east Raglan, QLD 31 October 2006,VH-ZGZ, Piper PA-31-350 31 Oct 2006Final27 Jan 2009
AO-2007-049Engine power loss (fuel tank exhaustion) 102 km north Adelaide, SA 18 October 2007,VH-TMP, Cessna C404 18 Oct 2007Final23 Jan 2009
AO-2007-060Collision with Terrain; Uaroo Station, Pilbara, WA; Cessna Aircraft Company 172M, VH-TCS15 Nov 2007Final16 Jan 2009
AO-2007-061Collision with water - Approx 24 km SE Inverloch, VIC, 17 November 2007, Cessna C337G, VH-CHU17 Nov 2007Final05 Jan 2009
AO-2007-018Engine Failure; Cecil Park, NSW; VH-HYY, Cirrus SR2205 Feb 2007Final24 Dec 2008
AE-2008-011Loss of control - Schweizer 333, A2-HDB, Gaborone Airport, Botswana, 22 January 200222 Jan 2002Final22 Dec 2008
AO-2007-026Rotor Strike - Maryfield Station, NT; 24 July 2007, VH-VHQ, Robinson Helicopter Co. R22 BETA24 Jul 2007Final19 Dec 2008
AO-2006-006Loss of control, 21 km NE Mount Gambier, SA, 20 December 2006, Kawasaki KH4, VH-LFK20 Dec 2006Final08 Dec 2008
AO-2007-052Uncontained Engine Starter Failure, General Electric CF6-80E1-A3, Darwin Aerodrome, 24 October 2007, VH-QPE, Airbus A330-30024 Oct 2007Final05 Dec 2008
AO-2006-002Collision with terrain - 19 km NE of Collarenebri, NSW 9 December 2006 VH-CJZ Air Tractor Inc. AT802A09 Dec 2006Final03 Dec 2008
AE-2008-061Motor Falke glider, VH-KPK, Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield Toogoolawah, QLD01 Sep 2008Final14 Nov 2008
AO-2008-002Operational event, Melbourne Airport, Vic., 31 December 2007, VH-VQT, Airbus Industrie A320 - 20031 Dec 2007Final14 Nov 2008
AO-2007-032Fuel event - Perth, WA. 7 August 200707 Aug 2007Final05 Nov 2008
AO-2007-058Wirestrike - 20 km N Elliott, NT, 10 November 2007, VH-WLQ, Cessna Aircraft Company 172N10 Nov 2007Final30 Oct 2008
AO-2007-004Airprox - Princess Charlotte Bay, Queensland, Dornier DO 228-202K, VH-YJD, Cessna T210M, VH-FGW, 25 April 2007 25 Apr 2007Final29 Oct 2008
AO-2007-007Engine failure and ditching near Warraber Island, Torres Strait 23 May 2007, VH-PYD, Piper Aircraft Inc. PA-32-260, Cherokee Six23 May 2007Final27 Oct 2008
AO-2007-009Collision with terrain - 2 km west of Esperance Aerodrome, WA, 26 May 2007, VH-FTT, Piper Aircraft Corp PA28RT-20126 May 2007Final17 Oct 2008
AO-2008-017Collision with terrain – 7 km NNW Hornsby, NSW, 1 March 200801 Mar 2008Final03 Oct 2008
AO-2007-063Fumes event – 19 km E Melbourne Airport, Vic. - 23 November 2007 - VH-OGG - Boeing Company 767-33823 Nov 2007Final26 Sep 2008
AO-2006-154Warning device event - 232 kms south of Paraburdoo, Western Australia, Boeing 717-200, VH-NXH, 28 February 2006 28 Feb 2006Final26 Sep 2008
AO-2007-031Fumes event - en-route from Sydney to Albury, New South Wales, Saab AB 340B, VH-RXX, 5 August 2007 05 Aug 2007Final23 Sep 2008
AE-2008-040Brake fire - Wamena Airport, Irian Jaya, Indonesia - 06 March 2008, PK-VTQ, Transall C160NG, Flight data recorder readout - factual report06 Mar 2008Final22 Sep 2008
AO-2007-006Airprox event between de Havilland Canada,VH-TQP, Beech Aircraft, VH-ILS, Aeroprakt Ltd, 24-4422, Port Macquarie Aerodrome, NSW, 17 May 200717 May 2007Final28 Aug 2008
AE-2008-028External assistance to Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) - Fatal Accident - Evektor Sportstar 24-4148 – 12 km SE Bindoon ALA, WA21 Dec 2007Final17 Jul 2008
200700368Engine in-flight shut down, 37km WNW Danks, Vic, 5 February 2007, VH-EBY, Boeing Company 747-33805 Feb 2007Final30 Jun 2008
AO-2007-042Electrical System Event, 130 km SE of Mackay Aerodrome, Qld, 4 September 2007, VH-YJR, Rockwell Aero Commander 500-S04 Sep 2007Final23 Jun 2008
AO-2007-048Breakdown of separation, 7 km SW of Sydney Airport, NSW, 21 September 2007, VH-EKX, SAAB Aircraft AB, SF-340B, VH-CKO, Eurocopter EC120 21 Sep 2007Final20 Jun 2008
AO-2007-005Procedures related event, Townsville Airport, QLD, 4 May 2007, N7088S, Raytheon Aircraft Company 39004 May 2007Final17 Jun 2008
AO-2007-051Hydraulic system event - Los Angeles International Airport, USA, Boeing Company 747-438, VH-OJB, 20 October 200720 Oct 2007Final16 Jun 2008
200702219In-flight engine failure, 9km NE Wagga Wagga, NSW, de Havilland Canada Dash 8, VH-TQY, 11 April 200711 Apr 2007Final12 Jun 2008
200701625Main rotor blade skin separation, 15 March 2007, Mareeba Aerodrome, Qld, VH-HPI, Robinson Helicopter Company R22 Beta II15 Mar 2007Final03 Jun 2008
200601640Loss of control, 4 km ENE Archerfield Airport, Queensland, 31 March 2006, Amateur built Lancair 320, VH-BST31 Mar 2006Final03 Jun 2008
200700510Depressurisation, 140 NM south of Alice Springs, NT, 6 February 2007, Beech Aircraft Corporation 300, VH-MLG06 Feb 2007Final26 May 2008
200700356In-flight engine failure, Sydney, 03 February 2007, Boeing Company 747-438, VH-OJM03 Feb 2007Final22 May 2008
200700080Airbus Industrie, A330-303; VH-QPA; Enroute Hong Kong to Sydney, Aust.10 Jan 2007Final16 May 2008
200700231Runway incursion - Port Macquarie Airport, 5 January 2007, Bombardier Inc. DHC-8-315, VH-TQZ, Piper Aircraft Corp. PA-28R-201, VH-TBB05 Jan 2007Final14 May 2008
200605620In-flight engine malfunction and air turn-back, 240 km W Darwin, NT, 24 September 2006, VH-TJI, Boeing Co. 737-47624 Sep 2006Final14 May 2008
200605843In-flight break-up - BAC 167 Strikemaster, VH-AKY, 20 km NE Bathurst, NSW, 5 October 2006 05 Oct 2006Final09 May 2008
200700357Engine failure - 28km WSW of Warialda, NSW, 2 February 2007, VH-HRT, Bell Helicopter Company 40702 Feb 2007Final05 May 2008
AO-2007-014VFR into IMC, 83 km north-east of Broome Airport, WA, 20 June 2007, VH-NRT, Cessna Aircraft Company C208 Caravan20 Jun 2007Final01 May 2008
AO-2007-019Icing event - 50 km SW Canberra, 4 July 2007, VH-VEG, Beech Aircraft Corp B5804 Jul 2007Final30 Apr 2008
AO-2007-013Engine power loss - 91 km E Hamilton Island, Qld, 13 June 2007, VH-JWM, Bell Helicopter B206B13 Jun 2007Final24 Apr 2008
200606542Engine failure - Townsville Airport, Queensland, 1 November 2006, VH-UBX, Cessna Aircraft Company 20701 Nov 2006Final21 Apr 2008
200700358Engine power loss - 15 km SE Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, 4 February 2007, VH-DIC, Piper Aircraft Co. PA-30 Twin Comanche04 Feb 2007Final17 Apr 2008
200702213Recovery of information from Cockpit Voice Recorder to assist the Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) of New Zealand investigation regarding - Dornier Do228-202. ZK-VIR30 Mar 2007Final15 Apr 2008
200700765Crew incapacitation - Busselton Aerodrome, WA, 13 February 2007, VH-SQF, Beech Aircraft Corporation 58 Baron13 Feb 2007Final15 Apr 2008
200602839ATSB Technical Analysis Report. Technical analysis assistance to the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee's ongoing investigation into the incident involving Boeing Co 737-204, PK-YTH on 19 February 2006 19 Feb 2006Final15 Apr 2008
200700065Navigation event - 28 km north-west of Sydney Airport, NSW, 11 January 2007, ZK-OJB, Airbus A32011 Jan 2007Final11 Apr 2008
AO-2007-067Runway incursion - Essendon Airport, VIC, 10 December 2007, VH-WDA, Cessna Aircraft Company 172N, VH-BTD, Piper Aircraft Corporation PA3110 Dec 2007Final09 Apr 2008
200601351Technical analysis assistance to the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee's investigation into the serious incident involving Boeing Co 737-329, PK-KKE on 11 February 200611 Feb 2006Final07 Apr 2008
AI-2008-019Examination of the feasibility of the establishment of a single source or database of known powerlines and tall structures02 Apr 2008Final02 Apr 2008
200605561Powerplant/propulsion event – Sydney Airport NSW, 20 September 2006, VH-RXE, SAAB Aircraft AB SF-340B20 Sep 2006Final31 Mar 2008
AE-2007-012Boeing 737-4Q8, PK-KKW, Makassar Strait, Sulawesi, Republic of Indonesia, 1 January 200701 Jan 2007Final25 Mar 2008
200700054Crankshaft Failure Analysis - Rotax 912 Engine, 30km NW Goulburn, NSW, 6 January 2007, 24-3770, TL-2000 Sting Sport Ultralight06 Jan 2007Final14 Mar 2008
200701935Depressurisation, 343km S Darwin, NT, 2 April 2007, VH-AJP, Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. 1124 Westwind02 Apr 2007Final05 Mar 2008
AE-2007-068Hard landing - Boeing B737-3YO, PK-AWP, Polonia Aerodrome, Medan, Indonesia; 25 May 2007. Assistance to Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC).25 May 2007Final04 Mar 2008
200701109Depressurisation - Tamworth, NSW, 26 February 2007, VH-HPB, Fairchild Industries SA227-DC26 Feb 2007Final03 Mar 2008
200700304Runway intersection collision - Leongatha Aerodrome, VIC, 1 February 2007, Cessna 188B, VH-BCT and Piper PA-28R, VH-WDS01 Feb 2007Final26 Feb 2008
200701033Loss of Control, Clyde North, Victoria, 23 February 2007; Van's Aircraft Inc. RV-4, VH-ZGH23 Feb 2007Final11 Feb 2008
200702171Landing Gear Collapse, Perth Airport, WA, 9 April 2007, VH-SGT, Beech Aircraft Copr - Super king Air 20009 Apr 2007Final08 Feb 2008
200701910Crew incapacitation, Enroute Jakarta to Sydney, 31 March 2007, VH-OGN, Boeing Company 767-33831 Mar 2007Final07 Feb 2008
200607801Wirestrike, Nelson, Vic, 24 December 2006, VH-ALO, Auster Aircraft Co. J1/A124 Dec 2006Final06 Feb 2008
200606223Hydraulic System Event, Sydney Airport, NSW, 4 October 2006, Bombardier de Havilland DHC-8-315, VH-TQY19 Oct 2006Final06 Feb 2008
200605039Smoke event, 80 km west-north-west of Ravensthorpe, WA, 29 August 2006, VH-NJE, BAE SYSTEMS BAe 146-10029 Aug 2006Final06 Feb 2008
200601453Rejected takeoff - Brisbane Airport, Qld - 19 March 2006 - VN-QPB, Airbus A330-30319 Mar 2006Final05 Feb 2008
200606874Runway incursion, Brisbane Airport, QLD, 15 November 2006, VH-VYK, Boeing Company 737-838, Car 22, Airside operations vehicle15 Nov 2006Final31 Jan 2008
200604439Stall warning device event, Alice Springs, NT, 2 August 2006, VH-NXE, Boeing Company 717-20002 Aug 2006Final30 Jan 2008
200600837Aircraft loss of control, 56 km S of Lombadina, WA, 15 February 2006, VH-OTV, Viking Air Ltd DHC-3-T 'Turbo-Otter'15 Feb 2006Final25 Jan 2008
200504188In-Flight Engine Malfunction, 6 km SSE Sydney Airport, NSW, 25 August 2005, VH-TJX, Boeing 737-47625 Aug 2005Final24 Jan 2008
200501462Engine-driven fuel pump bearing - material substitution, Teledyne-Continental Motors (TCM) aircraft engines08 Apr 2005Final23 Jan 2008
200606510Engine power loss, 28 km NE Coolah, NSW, 31 October 2006, VH-KTR, Bell 206 B3 helicopter31 Oct 2006Final17 Jan 2008
200701982Breakdown of separation, 22 km south-west of Sydney Airport, NSW, 4 April 2007, VH-VON, Boeing Company 737-8FE, B-HLW, Airbus A330-30004 Apr 2007Final18 Dec 2007
200606570Aircraft loss of control - Palmers Island, NSW, 2 November 2006, VH-AAL, Bell Helicopter Company 206A02 Nov 2006Final17 Dec 2007
200605274Engine in-flight shutdown, 185 kms south of Karratha, WA, 6 September 2006, VH-NXI, Boeing Co 717-20006 Sep 2006Final17 Dec 2007
200603438Smoke Event - Maroochydore, QLD, 15 June 2006, VH-SEF, Fairchild SA227-AC15 Jun 2006Final12 Dec 2007
200605133Loss of Control; Mt Vernon Station, WA; 1 September 2006; VH-RIL, Cessna 172L01 Sep 2006Final11 Dec 2007
AE-2007-056FDR download assistance - S2-ACR - McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines02 Mar 2003Final06 Dec 2007
AO-2007-022Crew incapacitation - 1,390 km WNW Cairns, QLD, 9 July 2007, VH-OGP, Boeing Company 767-30009 Jul 2007Final29 Nov 2007
200604514Engine failure; 5 km W Archerfield Aerodrome, QLD; 8 August 2006; VH-WNR, Cessna Aircraft Company 182P08 Aug 2006Final21 Nov 2007
AO-2006-004Aircraft loss of control, 4 km E McArthur River Mine Aerodrome, NT, 19 January 2006, VH-MNI, Beech Aircraft Corp 5819 Jan 2006Final05 Nov 2007
200607815Engine failure; Kununurra Airport, WA; 29 December 2006; VH-FNP, Embraer EMB-110P2 Bandeirante29 Dec 2006Final02 Nov 2007
200600851Aircraft loss of control – 20 km SSW of Cootamundra, NSW – 16 February 2006 VH-FVF, PZL M-18A, Dromader 16 Feb 2006Final31 Oct 2007
AO-2007-054Piper Aircraft Corp PA-24-260, VH-EKB, Essendon Aerodrome, 76 deg M 15 Km 26 Oct 2007Discontinued30 Oct 2007
200600001Collision with terrain; Willowbank, Qld; 2 January 2006; VH-UYB, Cessna Aircraft Company U20602 Jan 2006Final30 Oct 2007
200504768Fuel exhaustion - 18 km SW of Bundaberg Airport, Qld, 23 September 2005, VH-SEF, Fairchild Metro III23 Sep 2005Final29 Oct 2007
AE-2007-015Boeing 737-497, PK-GZC; Adi Sucipto Airport, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; 7 March 200707 Mar 2007Final22 Oct 2007
200608049Sikorsky S-70A, A25-221, near Fiji29 Nov 2006Final19 Oct 2007
200506266In-flight breakup; 28 km north of Condobolin, NSW; 2 December 2005; VH-PYN, Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-31-35002 Dec 2005Final11 Oct 2007
200600563Engine Failure; Lake Burbury, Tasmania; 5 February 2006; VH-KLP, Cessna Aircraft Company 20805 Feb 2006Final09 Oct 2007
200605505Engine in-flight shutdown - Boeing 777-2H6 aircraft, 9M-MRM, 74km WNW Brisbane Airport, Qld, 18 September 200618 Sep 2006Final02 Oct 2007
200600979Collision with terrain; 10 km west of Gunpowder Mine, Qld; 21 February 2006; VH-HBS, Robinson Helicopter R4421 Feb 2006Final02 Oct 2007
200605307Erratic Airspeed Indications, 241 km NNE Perth Airport, 7 September 2006, VH-NXI, Boeing 717-20007 Sep 2006Final19 Sep 2007
200700766Airprox, 28 km south-west Camden Aerodrome, NSW, 14 February 2007, VH-BMX, Cessna Aircraft Company 182T, VH-DTX, Cessna Aircraft Company 210L14 Feb 2007Final22 Aug 2007
200605473Below minima landing - Perth Airport, WA, 16 September 2006, VH-QPJ, Airbus A33015 Sep 2006Final20 Aug 2007
AO-2006-155Wirestrike; 15km east of Parkes Aerodrome, NSW; VH-MFI, Bell Helicopter Co 206B (III)02 Feb 2006Final03 Aug 2007
200505236Aircraft loss of control, Ballidu, WA, VH-NIT, Air Tractor AT-60222 Oct 2005Final03 Aug 2007
200605999APU event - Darwin Airport, NT, 11 October 2006, VH-ZXE11 Oct 2006Final31 Jul 2007
200500654Warning device event – Hamilton Island, Qld, VH-TNX15 Feb 2005Final31 Jul 2007
200601133Turbopropeller engine output shaft examination Allied-Signal (Honeywell) TPE331-1209 Feb 2006Final10 Jul 2007
200605807Birdstrike - Boeing 767-338, VH-OGJ, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, 3 October 200603 Oct 2006Final29 Jun 2007
200505311Crosswind Landing Event, Melbourne Airport, Vic, Airbus A340-642, HS-TNA, 26 October 200526 Oct 2005Final29 Jun 2007
200505107VFR into IMC, Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK 117 B-2 helicopter, VH-BKS, 76 kms north of Brisbane Airport, Qld11 Oct 2005Final29 Jun 2007
200500860Icing event, 130 km north-west Brisbane, Qld; 10 February 2005, VH-SBI, de Havilland Canada DHC-8-315 10 Feb 2005Final29 Jun 2007
200603130Taxi Incident; JFK Airport, New York, USA; 29 May 2006; VH-OEE, Boeing Aircraft Co 747-40029 May 2006Final28 Jun 2007
200602099Runway incursion; Brisbane Airport, Qld; 21 April 2006; VH-VXS, Boeing Company 737–838; Tug 92, Aircraft tow vehicle21 Apr 2006Final28 Jun 2007
200700035Turbulence event - Adelaide Airport, Boeing 737-838, VH-VXG08 Jan 2007Final27 Jun 2007
200607627Turbulence event, Adelaide Airport SA, 15 Dec 2006, Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJH15 Dec 2006Final26 Jun 2007
200601367Analysis of failed turbocharger turbine wheel shafts, Garrett model TH08A15 Mar 2006Final26 Jun 2007
200601392Recovery and Analysis of Cockpit Voice Recorder; McDonnell Douglas Corp. MD-82; PK-LMW; Surabaya, Indonesia04 Mar 2006Final26 Jun 2007
200602840Ground Operations event; Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta Airport, Indonesia 04 May 2006Final22 Jun 2007
200501000Loss of control, 7 km WSW of Tamworth Airport, NSW, VH-FIN07 Mar 2005Final21 Jun 2007
200603140Fuel Starvation, 2.4 km north-west of Bathurst Island Aerodrome, VH-JDJ01 Jun 2006Final08 Jun 2007
200403238Abnormal airspeed indications, Enroute from/to Brisbane Qld31 Aug 2004Final08 Jun 2007
200505536Breakdown of Co-ordination; Gold Coast Airport; VH-VQH and VH-VQV03 Nov 2005Final07 Jun 2007
200601291Technical Analysis: Analysis of a Fractured Fuel Injector Line, Textron Lycoming IO540-C4B5 engine 06 Mar 2003Final07 Jun 2007
200604222Airprox; Orange, NSW, VH-UZO and VH-SBA23 Jun 2006Final29 May 2007
200506380Smoke event; 89km SE Mackay, Qld; 9 December 2005; VH-EEQ09 Dec 2005Final22 May 2007
200603333Ditching, 980km north-east of Hilo, Hawaii, USA, VH-CZE09 Jun 2006Final17 May 2007
200506834Engine failure; 93km east of Adelaide Airport, SA; 23 December 200523 Dec 2005Final17 May 2007
200506294Engine Failure; 74km SE Melbourne Airport; de Havilland Canada Dash 803 Dec 2005Final11 May 2007
200604949Flight control system event, 120 km north of Brisbane Airport, QLD25 Aug 2006Final10 May 2007
200501912Tower shaft failures on PWC engines28 Apr 2005Final10 May 2007
200607054Reported Runway Excursion; RAAF Richmond, NSW; UR-BXQ; IL76 TD22 Nov 2006Final04 May 2007
200606354Collision with Terrain; 102 km north of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea20 Oct 2006Final03 May 2007
200500004Collision with terrain - Wynella Station, Qld, VH-BQN06 Jan 2005Final26 Apr 2007
200600958NTSC Assistance: McDonnell Douglas Corp., MD-82; Makassar, Indonesia; PK-LMJ18 Jan 2006Final23 Apr 2007
200507079NTSB requested assistance, In-flight breakup; Watson's Island, USA, N296919 Dec 2005Final20 Apr 2007
200501977Collision with Terrain - Fairchild Metro 23 aircraft, VH-TFU 11km NW Lockhart River Aerodrome, Qld 7 May 200507 May 2005Final04 Apr 2007
200605559Loss of control; Canyonleigh, NSW; Boeing Stearman, N-7341019 Sep 2006Final03 Apr 2007
200606215Smoke event - 65km NNE Melbourne Vic; de Havilland Canada DHC-8, VH-TQX19 Oct 2006Final02 Apr 2007
200603726Pressurisation system event, Brisbane, VH-QOD29 Jun 2006Final02 Apr 2007
200506298Warning device event 46km W of Mackay Qld; Boeing Co 737-7Q8, VH-VBC02 Dec 2005Final20 Mar 2007
200604360Air-ground communication; 2km NNW Hamilton Island Aero., Qld29 Jul 2006Final16 Mar 2007
200603111Breakdown of separation; 17 km west of Melbourne Airport31 May 2006Final13 Mar 2007
200503722In-flight upset; Boeing 777-200, 9M-MRG, 240 km NW Perth, WA01 Aug 2005Final13 Mar 2007
200600395Breakdown of coordination - 13 km NE of Melbourne Airport25 Jan 2006Final05 Mar 2007
200601688Engine power loss, Lancair 360, VH-ZNZ, Bankstown Airport, NSW, 5 April 2006 05 Apr 2006Final21 Feb 2007
200605091Rejected takeoff - Hervey Bay, Qld; VH-KEX, Fairchild SA227-DC25 Aug 2006Final16 Feb 2007
200604810Violation of controlled airspace - Tecnam Costruzioni Aeronautiche P2002 and a Fairchild aircraft near Sydney Airport, NSW, 19 August 200619 Aug 2006Final16 Feb 2007
200600738Loss of Control; St Kilda, Vic; VH-WYS Robinson Helicopter Company R4412 Feb 2006Final08 Feb 2007
200505683Loss of Pressurisation; 15km north-west of Jindabyne, NSW09 Nov 2005Final06 Feb 2007
200503971Flight control system event; Boeing 737-700, VH-VBD09 Aug 2005Final05 Feb 2007
200504338Breakdown of Separation, Brisbane Airport, Qld – 31 August 200531 Aug 2005Final31 Jan 2007
200404085Collision with terrain - Gyroflug Speed Canard, VH-ZXZ, 20 km SW St George, Qld, 19 October 200419 Oct 2004Final12 Jan 2007
200504018Operational and flight safety implications of the installation of hardened cockpit security doors in passenger aircraft having a seating capacity of 30 seats or more29 Jul 2005Final05 Jan 2007
200502316In-Flight Failure of a Tailrotor Drive Shaft; Fig Tree Pocket, QLD13 May 2005Final22 Dec 2006
200604475Fumes event Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, VH-VWO, 55 km SE of Jandakot Airport, WA, 4 August 2006, 04 Aug 2006Final19 Dec 2006
200606594Engine in-flight shutdown; 580 km south-west of Adelaide, SA02 Nov 2006Final18 Dec 2006
200601663Wirestrike; St Albans, NSW; Bell Helicopter Co. 206B III, VH-JIV04 Apr 2006Final14 Dec 2006
200601173Technical Analysis to Recreational Aviation Australia, Microlight Structural Analysis02 Mar 2006Final11 Dec 2006
200502231Inflight Engine Failure, 13 km WSW Young, NSW18 May 2005Final11 Dec 2006
200505170Runway Incursion, Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport, 20 October 200520 Oct 2005Final06 Dec 2006
200506780Lightning Strike, Near Darwin, NT; VH-FWI Fokker F28 Mk 10017 Dec 2005Final05 Dec 2006
200601509Collision with terrain, 55km SW Narrandera NSW, Cessna 188B, VH-ZIP 26 Mar 2006Final04 Dec 2006
200604809Airprox - 22 km south of Williamtown, NSW19 Aug 2006Final30 Nov 2006
200501189In-flight engine failure and shut down; 148 km NNW Launceston TAS18 Mar 2005Final27 Nov 2006
200602115Traffic alert and collision avoidance system, Resolution Advisory, WA19 Apr 2006Final16 Nov 2006
200604807In-flight engine fuel leak, 482km NW Darwin; Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJP18 Aug 2006Final09 Nov 2006
200505952In-flight engine fuel leak - Nadi, Fiji - Boeing 747-438, VH-OJD18 Nov 2005Final08 Nov 2006
200503921Crew incapacitation - SASRO (IFR), Boeing 767-338, VH-OGP12 Aug 2005Final07 Nov 2006
200604209Engine in-flight shutdown, deHavilland Canada Dash 8, VH-TQR22 Jul 2006Final03 Nov 2006
200502137Evacuation Hobart Airport, Boeing 717-200, VH-VQI17 May 2005Final31 Oct 2006
200403110Engine Failure - Boeing 777-312 aircraft, 9V-SYB, Melbourne Airport, Vic, 25 August 200425 Aug 2004Final26 Oct 2006
200600039Loss of control – Browns Is. Port Hedland, WA, VH-KVN04 Jan 2006Final24 Oct 2006
200504340Flight control system event, Bankstown; Embraer EMB 110-P2 Bandeirante01 Sep 2005Final23 Oct 2006
200505808Wheels-up landing, Piper Aircraft Corp. PA-31, VH-DEQ12 Nov 2005Final05 Oct 2006
200501921Breakdown of Separation; VH-LAX Boeing Co. 717-200; VH-PVX Cessna A15230 Apr 2005Final03 Oct 2006
200601053Engine In-Flight Shutdown Cessna Aircraft Company 441, VH-LBA27 Feb 2006Final29 Sep 2006
200604781In Flight Engine Shutdown, Boeing Aircraft Co 737-400, VH-TJI18 Aug 2006Final19 Sep 2006
200602199Runway Excursion - Mabuiag Island, Torres Strait27 Apr 2006Final19 Sep 2006
200604137Technical assistance with examination of CVR, Boeing Aircraft Co. 737-230; PK-RIM; Medan Pollonia Airport, Indonesia05 Sep 2005Final13 Sep 2006
200506646Near collision on ground - Bankstown Airport, NSW; 15 Dec 200515 Dec 2005Final31 Aug 2006
AO-2006-152SAAB Aircraft Co. 340B; Sydney Airport, NSW27 Aug 2006Discontinued30 Aug 2006
200604922Cessna Aircraft Corporation 404, VH-ENT24 Aug 2006Discontinued30 Aug 2006
AO-2006-151Boeing Aircraft Co B747-412 DQ-FJK, Sydney Airport NSW11 Aug 2006Discontinued30 Aug 2006
200503265Collision with terrain, Piper PA-31-350 VH-OAO at Mt Hotham, Vic.08 Jul 2005Final24 Aug 2006
200401917Powerplant/propulsion event - 40km S Tobermorey, NT, 30 May 2004, Robinson Helicopter R22 Mariner II, VH-MIB30 May 2004Final24 Aug 2006
200507077Engine failure/loss of control, Beech Aircraft Corp C90, VH-LQH27 Nov 2001Final24 Aug 2006
200506443Collision - Piper Aircrafts PA-28-161; VH-BZA; VH-UMB, 10 December 200510 Dec 2005Final10 Aug 2006
200504847Impact with terrain, Beech Aircraft Bonanza, VH-BKM, 35km E Tenterfield NSW, 24 September 200524 Sep 2005Final09 Aug 2006
200506614Uncommanded nose-up pitch, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, BK117 B-2, VH-IME07 Dec 2005Final20 Jul 2006
200404589Aircraft Loss of Control, Lake George, NSW; VH-TAG, SA227-AC Metro III21 Nov 2004Final19 Jul 2006
200603755Boeing Aircraft Co. 737-86N, VH-VOG29 Jun 2006Discontinued30 Jun 2006
200600524Ground Collision, Melbourne Airport, Boeing Co 767-338ER and 747-42202 Feb 2006Final30 Jun 2006
200600160Electrical System Event Saab Aircraft AB, SF-340B, VH-ORX Lismore NSW16 Jan 2006Final30 Jun 2006
200505332Loss of tail rotor authority - 9km N Warwick Qld, VH-SUV27 Oct 2005Final30 Jun 2006
200504074Fire protection system event, 184km E SABGU (IFR), Airbus A330, VH-QPE20 Aug 2005Final30 Jun 2006
200503586Rejected take off piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-PRJ25 Jul 2005Final30 Jun 2006
200405064Weight and balance event, Airbus A330-301, Changi Singapore, VH-QPC09 Dec 2004Final30 Jun 2006
200505623Failure to Comply - 37km E Sydney Airport, Boeing Co 777-300, A6-EBG06 Nov 2005Final29 Jun 2006
200405511Independent Technical Review of Gyrocopter Hub Bar Failures13 Oct 2004Final29 Jun 2006
200600396Loss of separation between a Boeing 737 aircraft, VH-VXC and a Boeing 777 aircraft, 9V-SVH, 25 January 200625 Jan 2006Final28 Jun 2006
200600633Runway separation Boeing VH-VXR, British Aero Plc BAe VH-NJN24 Jan 2006Final28 Jun 2006
200506650Close Proximity between a Boeing 717, VH-VQI and British Aircraft Corp 167 aircraft, VH-LLD, 9 km south of Williamtown Aero NSW, 18 December 200518 Dec 2005Final28 Jun 2006
200506508Breakdown of Separation, Boeing Co 747-438 & 767-300, VH-OJO & UR-VVF03 Dec 2005Final28 Jun 2006
200403651Loss of control Kawasaki Heavy Industries 47G3B-KH4, VH-MTF27 Sep 2004Final28 Jun 2006
200500719Suspected flight control problem, Boeing Co 737-838, VH-VXN 17 Feb 2005Final27 Jun 2006
200502004RAN Sea King Accident N16-100 'Shark 02' Nias Island Indonesia02 Apr 2005Final26 Jun 2006
200500355Infringement of separation standards, Williamtown Airport, VH-SDA31 Jan 2005Final26 Jun 2006
200501788Collision with ground, Cessna Aircraft Company A150L Aerobat, VH-UPS23 Apr 2005Final23 Jun 2006
200504077Tail Strike at Alice Springs, NT. BAe 146-300, VH-NJN20 Aug 2005Final22 Jun 2006
200405514High Pressure Turbine Blade Fracture, CFM56-3C1, Engine Test Cell07 Jul 2004Final15 Jun 2006
200500993Engine power loss, VH-OXY, Avions Pierre Robin R-216005 Mar 2005Final13 Jun 2006
200500167Landing Gear Collapse, Beech Aircraft 200, VH-SGT18 Jan 2005Final09 Jun 2006
200506306Cessna Aircraft Company, 150G; VH-KPQ06 Dec 2005Final05 Jun 2006
200505028Cessna 310R, VH-TFP and Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-UYA, Townsville, Aerodrome, 13 October 200513 Oct 2005Final02 Jun 2006
200500382Tail strike, Boeing B737-838 aircraft, VH-VXH01 Feb 2005Final02 Jun 2006
200405118Failure of main landing gear tyre, Boeing B737-86N aircraft, VH-VOH19 Dec 2004Final02 Jun 2006
200502400Fractured trunnion, Boeing B747-300 aircraft, JA 8184 at Sydney Aero.30 May 2005Final01 Jun 2006
200600383Collision with powerlines Brantly B-2B Helicopter VH-FBE, Gulgong NSW22 Jan 2006Final31 May 2006
200505925Boeing Co 717-200, VH-NXE and Cessna Aircraft Company 310R, VH-JOI17 Nov 2005Final31 May 2006
200402948Engine Failure, Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQA, Near Melbourne, Victoria10 Aug 2004Final31 May 2006
200504615STAR Non-Compliance Boeing 767-300, OE-LAZ15 Sep 2005Final08 May 2006
200500285Navigation System Failure, Cairns, QLD, VH-VQI, Boeing Co 717-20022 Jan 2005Final05 May 2006
200404214Boeing 747-338, VH-EBU22 Oct 2004Final26 Apr 2006
200403006Mooney Aircraft Corporation M20K, VH-DXZ15 Aug 2004Final21 Apr 2006
200502116Champion Aircraft Corp 7GCAA, VH-TUF15 May 2005Final20 Apr 2006
200502968Aero Shrike Commander 500-S, VH-YJI25 Jun 2005Final13 Apr 2006
200504925Robinson Helicopter R22 Beta, VH-HUZ, Calindary Station NSW, 6 October 200506 Oct 2005Final29 Mar 2006
200500395de Havilland Canada DHC-8-315, VH-TQE, 41km E Scone NSW02 Feb 2005Final24 Mar 2006
200501905Beech Aircraft V35A, VH-FWE30 Apr 2005Final16 Mar 2006
200402667Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-KEX13 Jul 2004Final13 Mar 2006
200503139Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32RT-300 Lance, VH-SEQ02 Jul 2005Final02 Mar 2006
200305494Convair Division of General Dynamics Corporation CV-580, ZK-KFU, 19 km N Paraparaumu, Aerodrome, NZ, 3 October 200303 Oct 2003Final23 Feb 2006
200502272Fairchild Industries Inc. SA227-AC; ZK-POA, New Zealand03 May 2005Final21 Feb 2006
200500145SAAB Aircraft AB340, VH-OLM and deHavilland Canada Dash 8, VH-TQV18 Jan 2005Final13 Feb 2006
200502078Eurocopter International Pacific Limited EC120B, VH-ADC12 May 2005Final06 Feb 2006
200404590Bell Helicopter Co 206B, VH-CSH, 30 October 200422 Nov 2004Final02 Feb 2006
200303861de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TNG06 Sep 2003Final01 Feb 2006
200503694Piper Aircraft Corp, PA-31-350; VH-LMB, Port Augusta, Aero. SA01 Aug 2005Final31 Jan 2006
200501628Boeing Co 737-700, VH-VBU14 Apr 2005Final30 Jan 2006
200403351Robinson Helicopter Co R44, VH-JWX08 Sep 2004Final25 Jan 2006
200402820Augusta, SPA, Costruzioni Aeronautiche A109C, VH-ZZN30 Jul 2004Final24 Jan 2006
200401353British Aerospace Plc 3201, VH-OAE16 Apr 2004Final20 Jan 2006
200501655Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA, VH-HXU13 Apr 2005Final19 Jan 2006
200402947Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-MZV10 Aug 2004Final03 Jan 2006
200402839Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-HWR02 Aug 2004Final03 Jan 2006
200501392de Havilland Canada Dash 8 VH-TNX; Boeing 737-800 VH-VOJ06 Apr 2005Final23 Dec 2005
200305448Boeing Co B72701 Jul 2003Final21 Dec 2005
200402819British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJA28 Jul 2004Final20 Dec 2005
200400610Aero Commander 500-S, VH-LST19 Feb 2004Final19 Dec 2005
200405510Cessna Aircraft Company, Centurion09 Sep 2004Final15 Dec 2005
200302820Robinson Helicopter, Model R22 Mariner, 20 June 200320 Jun 2003Final21 Nov 2005
200403333Beech Aircraft Corp B300, VH-KJD07 Sep 2004Final15 Nov 2005
200404707Boeing Co 747-400, HS-TGJ28 Nov 2004Final14 Nov 2005
200402415Saab Aircraft Co SF-340A, VH-KEQ18 Jun 2004Final14 Nov 2005
200500994Boeing 737-86N, VH-VOG, Melbourne, Airport, Vic, 4 March 200504 Mar 2005Final04 Nov 2005
200500925Fokker B.V. F27 MK 50, VH-FNB03 Mar 2005Final03 Nov 2005
200501155Examination of a Failed Forward Door Attachment - Bell 212, VH-LHX10 Mar 2005Final31 Oct 2005
200500620Examination of Teledyne Continental Motors GTSIO520M engine14 Feb 2005Final31 Oct 2005
200404178Boeing Co 737-76N Beech Aircraft Corp Baron21 Oct 2004Final31 Oct 2005
200500620Examination of failed thrust bearings from a Teledyne Continental Motors GTSIO520M engineFinal31 Oct 2005
200501819Airbus A340, ZS-SLA24 Apr 2005Final27 Oct 2005
200403956Airprox - Cessna Aircraft 182R, and Piper Aircraft PA-28 Jandakot, WA, 13 October 200413 Oct 2004Final27 Oct 2005
200500222de Havilland Canada DHC-6-200, VH-JEA21 Jan 2005Final26 Oct 2005
20040121747G-3B1, VH-UTY02 Apr 2004Final26 Oct 2005
200401904Flight below minimum altitude - Boeing B737 aircraft, VH-VBX, 41 km SSE Cairns, Qld, 27 May 200427 May 2004Final25 Oct 2005
200403209Fairchild Industries Inc SA226-T, VH-SSL, 28km W Mount Mcquoid, VOR, 30 August 200430 Aug 2004Final24 Oct 2005
200503675Boeing B747, VH-OJE, Frankfurt Germany, 28 July 200528 Jul 2005Final21 Oct 2005
200403202Cessna Aircraft Company 421C, HB-LRW30 Aug 2004Final18 Oct 2005
200402669Bell Helicopter Co 47G-3B1, VH-RTK19 Jul 2004Final12 Oct 2005
200402038Bell Helicopter Co 212, VH-NSA02 Jun 2004Final10 Oct 2005
200501720de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202, VH-TQX19 Apr 2005Final13 Sep 2005
200500778de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TQR19 Feb 2005Final13 Sep 2005
200504540Saab Aircraft AB, SF340B, VH-TRX10 Sep 2005Discontinued11 Sep 2005
200404287Boeing Co 767-336, VH-ZXC01 Nov 2004Final09 Sep 2005
200402215Hiller Aviation UH-12E, VH-HMT15 Jun 2004Final09 Aug 2005
200501310Aviation Safety Council of Taiwan, technical assistance: Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBW 25 Dec 2003Final09 Aug 2005
200501287Gippsland Aeronautic Pty Ltd GA-8, VH-FGN, Patek in Aceh Province, Indonesia08 Mar 2005Final03 Aug 2005
200401270Airbus A330-301, VH-QPC06 Apr 2004Final02 Aug 2005
200404857Bombardier Learjet 45, VH-SQR07 Dec 2004Final01 Aug 2005
200403825de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TNW08 Oct 2004Final01 Aug 2005
200304589Piper Aircraft Corp PA-34-200, VH-CTT11 Nov 2003Final27 Jul 2005
200501656Cessna Aircraft Company 172RG, VH-LCZ18 Apr 2005Final26 Jul 2005
200500302Runway excursion Boeing 727, 9L-LEK, Brisbane Airport, Qld, 25 January 200525 Jan 2005Final26 Jul 2005
200304546Robinson Helicopter Co R44 ASTRO, VH-YKL08 Nov 2003Final11 Jul 2005
200503167Cessna Aircraft Company 310R, VH-ALY05 Jul 2005Discontinued06 Jul 2005
200500216Cessna Aircraft Company A185F, floatplane, VH-SBH, Rose Bay NSW, 20 January 200520 Jan 2005Final30 Jun 2005
200403868Boeing Co 737-86Q, VH-VOF11 Oct 2004Final28 Jun 2005
200502024Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-MZV, Darwin NT10 May 2005Final24 Jun 2005
200501482Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBW09 Apr 2005Final24 Jun 2005
200404823Fokker B.V. F28 MK0100, VH-FWI06 Dec 2004Final24 Jun 2005
200404930Beech Aircraft Corp 58, VH-FDN01 Dec 2004Final22 Jun 2005
200304815Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJI, Singapore17 Nov 2003Final22 Jun 2005
200402648Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJH17 Jul 2004Final20 Jun 2005
200402243MD Helicopters MD 520N, VH-MPI21 Jun 2004Final06 Jun 2005
200404285Bell Helicopter Co 206B, VH-JVW30 Oct 2004Final02 Jun 2005
200402194Bell Helicopter Co 206B (II), VH-PHF14 Jun 2004Final24 May 2005
200304839Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBU25 Nov 2003Final24 May 2005
200500857Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-MYI02 Feb 2005Final19 May 2005
200400508Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA, VH-HBI10 Feb 2004Final19 May 2005
200403227Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-LTW31 Aug 2004Final18 May 2005
200402747Boeing Co 737-838, VH-VXF24 Jul 2004Final18 May 2005
200400998Fairchild Industries SA227-DC, VH-HPE, 22 March 200422 Mar 2004Final17 May 2005
200301304Gates Learjet Corporation 45, VH-SQR, Brisbane, Qld, 13 March 200313 Mar 2003Final06 May 2005
200500141Airbus A320, ZK-OJA15 Jan 2005Final03 May 2005
200402287Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQB21 Jun 2004Final27 Apr 2005
200402622de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-WZS02 Jul 2004Final26 Apr 2005
200400856Boeing Co 737-8BK, VH-VOB09 Mar 2004Final26 Apr 2005
200403384Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-BSM19 Aug 2004Final14 Apr 2005
200401549Beech Aircraft Corp B200, VH-FDG11 Apr 2004Final14 Apr 2005
200500838Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGO, 20 February 200520 Feb 2005Final08 Apr 2005
200403857de Havilland Canada DHC-8-315, VH-SBV11 Oct 2004Final08 Apr 2005
200404815Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA, VH-HSI04 Dec 2004Final23 Mar 2005
200303579Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-ANV11 Aug 2003Final23 Mar 2005
200304400Boeing Co 767-238, VH-EAL26 Oct 2003Final17 Mar 2005
200302980Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJU02 Jul 2003Final17 Mar 2005
200400726Boeing Co 767-33A, V8RBG28 Feb 2004Final15 Mar 2005
200304282Bell Helicopter Co 407, VH-HTD17 Oct 2003Final15 Mar 2005
200403764Cessna Floatplane A185E, VH-ELQ, Gold Coast Qld, 3 October 200403 Oct 2004Final14 Mar 2005
200401115Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGB22 Mar 2004Final14 Mar 2005
200402228Loss of separation between a Boeing Co 747-400, 9V-SPE and a Boeing 747-400, GC-IVC, 16 June 200416 Jun 2004Final10 Mar 2005
200403722Boeing Co 737-300, ZK-FDM04 Oct 2004Final07 Mar 2005
200402542Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OEI09 Jul 2004Final04 Mar 2005
200300418Runway Excursion - Darwin Airport, Boeing 737-376, VH-TJB, 19 February 200319 Feb 2003Final04 Mar 2005
200303701Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-OCF21 Aug 2003Final28 Feb 2005
200500074Aero Commander 500-B, VH-YJO and Airbus Industrie, ZK-OJG, 22 km East Melbourne 12 Jan 2005Final25 Feb 2005
200403800Boeing Co 737-838, VH-VXM06 Oct 2004Final21 Feb 2005
200402626Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-ANJ13 Jul 2004Final18 Feb 2005
200402411Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGP19 Jun 2004Final15 Feb 2005
200500506Boeing 747 cargo aircraft conducted emergency landing Adelaide Aero.09 Feb 2005Discontinued10 Feb 2005
200402703Infringement of separation standards at Darwin airport20 Jul 2004Final03 Feb 2005
200402705Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-ANM21 Jul 2004Final02 Feb 2005
200401052Through-Bolt Nut Fracture, Teledyne Continental Motors TSIO-520 M 01 Feb 2004Final01 Feb 2005
200304091Piper Aircraft Corp PA-23-250, VH-WAC01 Oct 2003Final13 Jan 2005
200302847Cessna Aircraft Company 172M, VH-TUR22 Jun 2003Final13 Jan 2005
200500107Boeing Co 737-8BK, VH-VOC10 Jan 2005Discontinued11 Jan 2005
200404700Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-110P1, VH-BWC29 Nov 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200403720Runway incursion at Sydney Airport, 30 September 200430 Sep 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200403210Cessna Aircraft Company 207, VH-LFU30 Aug 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200402749Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQA26 Jul 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200305496Piper Seneca, VH-CTT, Bankstown Airport, 11 December 200311 Nov 2003Final24 Dec 2004
200305447Technical Analysis Investigation - Powerplant/propulsion - involving a Boeing 747-438, VH-OJO, Populated place, ACT on 1 July 200301 Jul 2003Final24 Dec 2004
200404286Bell Helicopter Co 47G-4A, VH-AHL01 Nov 2004Final23 Dec 2004
200402049Cessna Aircraft Company U206A, VH-OWA04 Jun 2004Final23 Dec 2004
200405150Boeing Co 737-800, VH-VOR20 Dec 2004Discontinued22 Dec 2004
200402714Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-ANM22 Jul 2004Final22 Dec 2004
200404460Cessna Aircraft Company 414A, VH-PTA12 Nov 2004Final17 Dec 2004
200401411de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TQQ19 Apr 2004Final17 Dec 2004
200304918de Havilland Canada DHC-8-314, VH-TQA30 Nov 2003Final16 Dec 2004
200302433Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQD29 May 2003Final16 Dec 2004
200400443Cessna Aircraft Company 208, VH-CYC08 Feb 2004Final10 Dec 2004
200303633Victa Ltd AIRTOURER 100/A3, VH-MVP15 Aug 2003Final09 Dec 2004
200305203de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202, VH-TQX17 Dec 2003Final07 Dec 2004
200304938de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202, VH-SDA27 Nov 2003Final07 Dec 2004
200404436de Havilland Canada DHC-8-315, VH-SBW09 Nov 2004Discontinued19 Nov 2004
200404065Miscellaneous - Technical Analysis - Involving a Hughes Helicopters 369HS, ZK-HCC, on 30 November 200330 Nov 2003Final18 Nov 2004
200403533Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, VH-UPN20 Sep 2004Final09 Nov 2004
200402025Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TJD03 Jun 2004Final09 Nov 2004
200402791Robinson Helicopter Co R22, VH-KHU28 Jul 2004Final05 Nov 2004
200402685Cessna Aircraft Company U206C, VH-DSP20 Jul 2004Final05 Nov 2004
200303726Airbus A330-341, PK-GPE24 Aug 2003Final05 Nov 2004
200300458Cessna Aircraft Company 441, VH-LBZ21 Feb 2003Final04 Nov 2004
200301337Amateur Built Aircraft Canadian Safari, VH-VDB29 Mar 2003Final03 Nov 2004
200300029Boeing Co 737-7BX, VH-VBS16 Jan 2003Final02 Nov 2004
200402065Cirrus Design Corporation SR20, VH-SJA06 Jun 2004Final28 Oct 2004
200401273Boeing Co 737-7BX, VH-VBT and Neico Lancair IV-P aircraft, VH-LDJ, 93 km NW Brisbane, Airport, 7 April 200407 Apr 2004Final21 Oct 2004
200304074Robinson Helicopter R22, VH-UXF, 28 September 200328 Sep 2003Final13 Oct 2004
200400924Grob - Burkhart Flugzeugbau ASTIR CS 77, VH-KYQ, Tandarra, Vic, 8 March 200408 Mar 2004Final06 Oct 2004
200402538Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-WBA07 Jul 2004Final29 Sep 2004
200401110Centrum Naukowo-Produkcyjne-PZL M-18, VH-NIJ27 Mar 2004Final29 Sep 2004
200400437Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28R-200, VH-TRZ07 Feb 2004Final29 Sep 2004
200300073Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGB01 Jan 2003Final24 Sep 2004
200205780Boeing Co 767-219ER, ZK-NBC08 Dec 2002Final24 Sep 2004
200300894Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-KDQ and Aerospatiale Industries VH-PHB and de Havilland Canada VH-TQA, near Sydney, NSW 13 March 2003 13 Mar 2003Final16 Sep 2004
200205893Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJF, Canberra, Aerodrome, 15 December 200215 Dec 2002Final16 Sep 2004
200305442Bell Helicopter Co 204B, C-GEAP17 Aug 2003Final14 Sep 2004
200402259Cessna Aircraft Company 150F, VH-DDQ20 Jun 2004Final03 Sep 2004
200402949Kavanagh Balloons Pty Ltd B-400, VH-ROU11 Aug 2004Final27 Aug 2004
200302172Raytheon Aircraft B200C, VH-AMR, 6 km NE Coffs Harbour Airport, 15 May 200315 May 2003Final26 Aug 2004
200300224Beech Aircraft Corp 76, VH-JWX07 Feb 2003Final26 Aug 2004
200401661Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32R-301, VH-WMC11 May 2004Final04 Aug 2004
200402060Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, VH-TFI04 Jun 2004Final29 Jul 2004
200400242Ted Smith Aerostar Corp. 601, VH-WRF27 Jan 2004Final20 Jul 2004
200300040Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-EKN16 Jan 2003Final20 Jul 2004
200203655Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-OLM07 Aug 2002Final20 Jul 2004
200304105Bell Helicopter Co 206B, VH-EWH01 Oct 2003Final12 Jul 2004
200402232Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJT16 Jun 2004Final30 Jun 2004
200402152Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGN09 Jun 2004Final30 Jun 2004
200401866Robinson Helicopter Co R22 ALPHA, VH-JWG23 May 2004Final30 Jun 2004
200401756Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAH15 May 2004Final30 Jun 2004
200301941de Havilland Canada DHC-8-201, VH-SDE, Emerald, Qld, 1 May 200301 May 2003Final30 Jun 2004
199803826Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA, VH-HMR14 Sep 1998Final28 Jun 2004
200105618Beech Aircraft Corp C90, VH-LQH27 Nov 2001Final25 Jun 2004
200403106Beechcraft 200, VH-ITH, 7 km E Essendon, (NDB), Vic, 24 August 200424 Aug 2004Discontinued24 Jun 2004
200303713Reims F406, ZK-VAF22 Aug 2003Final24 Jun 2004
200300263Ilyushin IL-76TD, RDPL-3414131 Jan 2003Final24 Jun 2004
200402291Cessna Aircraft 404, VH-VEC, 28 km SE Tumut, Airport, NSW, 22 June 200422 Jun 2004Discontinued22 Jun 2004
200400265Cessna Aircraft Company 172P, VH-DBG22 Jan 2004Final07 Jun 2004
200205705Aerospatiale AS.332L, VH-BHY02 Dec 2002Final07 Jun 2004
200205540Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQC, de Havilland Canada DHC-8-315, VH-SBT, Mackay, Aerodrome, 16 November 200216 Nov 2002Final07 Jun 2004
200303804Aerospatiale AS.332L, VH-BHY29 Aug 2003Final24 May 2004
200302403Piper Aircraft Corp PA-38-112, VH-FIG27 May 2003Final24 May 2004
200401909Animation of Recorded Radar and Flight Data for the Directorate of Flying Safety12 Feb 2004Final16 May 2004
200401390Fumes - Boeing 747-400 aircraft, 9M-MPE, Ceduna, SA, 20 April 200420 Apr 2004Final10 May 2004
200201846S.O.C.A.T.A. Groupe Aerospatiale TB-9, VH-JTV05 May 2002Final04 May 2004
200401181Robinson R22 BETA helicopter, VH-HHD, 56 km NNW Charters Towers, (ALA), QLD, 3 May 200431 Mar 2004Final03 May 2004
200303599Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-UBC12 Aug 2003Final29 Apr 2004
200302037Boeing Co 717-200, VH-IMD05 May 2003Final29 Apr 2004
200401024Beech Aircraft Corp 200C, VH-NTH23 Mar 2004Final21 Apr 2004
200300698Boeing Co 747-422, N109UA, Melbourne Airport, 7 March 200307 Mar 2003Final21 Apr 2004
200204328Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32-300, VH-MAR26 Sep 2002Final18 Mar 2004
200203449Cessna Aircraft Company 172R, VH-EUH29 Jul 2002Final17 Mar 2004
200202710Boeing Co 737-800, VH-VOE11 Jun 2002Final16 Mar 2004
200301435Airbus A330-200, VH-EBA04 Apr 2003Final01 Mar 2004
200300929Cessna Aircraft Company 172G, VH-RPI14 Mar 2003Final01 Mar 2004
200300982Bell Helicopter Co 47G-4A, VH-MTX19 Mar 2003Final26 Feb 2004
200400634Reported traffic confliction between a C172 and RPT Dash 8 aircraft 24 Feb 2004Discontinued25 Feb 2004
200105715Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-XDZ05 Dec 2001Final11 Feb 2004
200105821Boeing Co 737-33A, VH-CZQ02 Dec 2001Final11 Feb 2004
200203074Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-OLM28 Jun 2002Final28 Jan 2004
200400148Airbus Industrie A330-300, VH-QPA19 Jan 2004Discontinued19 Jan 2004
200500155Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJI, 370 km SW Honolulu, (VOR), 16 January 200516 Jan 2004Discontinued19 Jan 2004
200305235Boeing Co 737-700, VH-VBV24 Dec 2003Final19 Jan 2004
200205895Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJU15 Dec 2002Final16 Jan 2004
200201025Cessna Aircraft Company 500, VH-HVM13 Mar 2002Final15 Jan 2004
200300008Fokker B.V. F27 MK 50, VH-FNA, Southern Cross, (ALA), 9 January 200309 Jan 2003Final22 Dec 2003
200304963Cessna Aircraft 421B, VH-AAI03 Dec 2003Final18 Dec 2003
200203671Boeing 747-436, G-BNLK, Sydney, NSW, 10 August 200210 Aug 2002Final18 Dec 2003
200300011Bell Helicopter Co 206B (III), VH-AZH13 Jan 2003Final16 Dec 2003
200100591Cessna Aircraft Company 210L , VH-BBI04 Feb 2001Final11 Dec 2003
200201725Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAF24 Apr 2002Final25 Nov 2003
200304392C172 aircraft disappears off the Victorian Coast near Warrnambool10 Nov 2003Discontinued11 Nov 2003
200206005Neico Aviation Inc Lancair IV-T, VH-CIV, 6km NE Drysdale, Vic, 20 December 200220 Dec 2002Final04 Nov 2003
200002157ASupplementary report — Collision with water - Piper Aircraft PA-31-350, VH-MZK, 31 May 200131 May 2000Final28 Oct 2003
200303924Piper Aircraft Corporation PA31-350, VH-TAS21 Sep 2003Discontinued21 Oct 2003
200301990Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJY03 May 2003Final15 Oct 2003
200204471Near collision Aero Commander 690-A, VH-AAG, Bankstown Airport, 25 September 200225 Sep 2002Final15 Oct 2003
200200548Cessna Aircraft 172P, VH-KTV and TL Ultralight, Jandakot WA, 22 February 200222 Feb 2002Final15 Oct 2003
200303987Avionics smoke warning09 Oct 2003Discontinued10 Oct 2003
200303985Avionics smoke warning09 Oct 2003Discontinued09 Oct 2003
200304220Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-SEF, Brisbane Airport, 9 October 200309 Oct 2003Discontinued09 Oct 2003
200300674de Havilland Canada DHC-2, VH-AQV06 Mar 2003Final24 Sep 2003
200200646Total power loss Boeing Co 747-436, G-BNLD, 159 km NW Parkes, NSW, 1 March 200201 Mar 2002Final24 Sep 2003
200105338Instrument system event - Boeing 747-400 aircraft, 9V-SPP, 19 km SE Nyngan Airport, 6 November 200106 Nov 2001Final24 Sep 2003
200304119British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJV, Sydney Airport, NSW, 22 September 200322 Sep 2003Discontinued22 Sep 2003
200205216Cessna Aircraft Company 441, VH-VEM06 Nov 2002Final26 Aug 2003
200205865British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100A, VH-NJX02 Dec 2002Final21 Aug 2003
200204857de Havilland Canada DHC-2 MK 1, VH-BVA19 Oct 2002Final21 Aug 2003
200203030British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200A, VH-YAD29 Jun 2002Final21 Aug 2003
200204912British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-300, VH-NJL20 Oct 2002Final20 Aug 2003
200205307British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJD11 Jan 2002Final20 Aug 2003
200301185Cessna Aircraft 310R, VH-COQ, Groote Eylandt, Aero. 25 March 200325 Mar 2003Final11 Aug 2003
200200651Aerospatiale AS.350B2, VH-WFX01 Mar 2002Final08 Aug 2003
200203094Aircraft seperation - Boeing 737-476, VH-TJT and Cessna C500, 324 km NNE Melbourne, 8 July 200208 Jul 2002Final04 Aug 2003
200300685British Aerospace Plc HS 748-2A, VH-IPB06 Mar 2003Final22 Jul 2003
200205223Cessna Aircraft Company 207, VH-EHL07 Nov 2002Final22 Jul 2003
200204663Cessna Aircraft Company 182B, VH-PDK13 Oct 2002Final18 Jul 2003
200204444Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQC04 Oct 2002Final30 Jun 2003
200204836Boeing Co 727-277, VH-TXH18 Oct 2002Final23 Jun 2003
200201556Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBU22 Mar 2002Final18 Jun 2003
200105697Boeing Co 737, VH-VGC03 Dec 2001Final18 Jun 2003
200105769Beech Aircraft Corp B200C, VH-FMN10 Dec 2001Final17 Jun 2003
200300909Cessna Aircraft Company T188C, VH-NAB14 Mar 2003Final10 Jun 2003
200300971Cessna Aircraft 206, VH-NTT, Buymarr, NT, 15 March 200315 Mar 2003Final20 May 2003
200205901Cessna Aircraft Company 210K, VH-RTH17 Dec 2002Final20 May 2003
200203171Cessna Aircraft Company 182Q, VH-SVA16 Jul 2002Final20 May 2003
200104399Airbus A330-341, PK-GPC27 Aug 2001Final14 May 2003
200203940Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJL30 Aug 2002Final13 May 2003
200202707Airbus A330-341, PK-GPE09 Jun 2002Final12 May 2003
200203243British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJR22 Jul 2002Final08 May 2003
200102083Bell Helicopter Co 407, VH-WOQ27 Apr 2001Final30 Apr 2003
200203573Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-161, VH-XFY17 Jul 2002Final20 Mar 2003
200105494Abnormal engine indications - Boeing 777 aircraft, 9V-SRE, Tindal, NT, 18 November 200118 Nov 2001Final18 Mar 2003
200300526Centrum Naukowo-Produkcyjne-PZL M-18A, VH-FOI26 Feb 2003Final13 Mar 2003
200205179Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJG05 Nov 2002Final13 Mar 2003
200203102Boeing Co 737-7Q8, VH-VBC04 Jul 2002Final13 Mar 2003
200300316Robinson Helicopter Co R44, VH-AIC12 Feb 2003Final12 Mar 2003
200105777Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32-260, VH-PHH08 Dec 2001Final12 Mar 2003
200204016Boeing Co 747-4H6, VH-OED, 2 km WSW Los Angeles, Airport, 24 August 200224 Aug 2002Final06 Mar 2003
200200377de Havilland Aircraft DH-82A, VH-AJG16 Feb 2002Final27 Feb 2003
200202442Hughes Helicopters 369E, VH-HJT28 May 2002Final26 Feb 2003
200202709de Havilland Canada DHC-8-314, VH-TQC13 Jun 2002Final25 Feb 2003
200202896Loss of separation between a Piper 601B, VH-IGN aircraft and a Pacific CT4B, VH-YCS, 13 km SE Tamworth, (VOR), 24 June 200224 Jun 2002Final20 Feb 2003
200202385Cessna Aircraft Company 172, VH-JER25 May 2002Final29 Jan 2003
200200094Boeing Co 747-4H6, VH-OED31 Jan 2002Final23 Jan 2003
200200047Beech Aircraft Corp 76, VH-TTB17 Jan 2002Final23 Jan 2003
200200885Cessna Aircraft Company 340A, N79GW, 11km SE Cairns Aerodrome, Qld, 9 March 200209 Mar 2002Final22 Jan 2003
200202656Bell Helicopter Co 206B(II), VH-PHA05 Jun 2002Final06 Jan 2003
200201228Saab Aircraft Co SF-340A, VH-KEQ26 Mar 2002Final19 Dec 2002
200105173de Havilland Canada DHC-8-315, VH-TQY27 Oct 2001Final19 Dec 2002
200104983Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-VEH11 Oct 2001Final19 Dec 2002
200203641Boeing Co 737-800, VH-VXD08 Aug 2002Final03 Dec 2002
200201723Robinson Helicopter Co R22 ALPHA, VH-UXU25 Apr 2002Final15 Nov 2002
200105820Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQE08 Dec 2001Final08 Nov 2002
200102710Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-110P1, VH-OZG25 Jun 2001Final06 Nov 2002
200102253Piper Aircraft Corp PA-30, VH-CNZ23 May 2001Final04 Nov 2002
200200095Cessna Aircraft Company 441, VH-NFD, 222km NW Perth, VOR, 31 January 200231 Jan 2002Final29 Oct 2002
200200018Boeing Co 767-238, VH-EAK08 Jan 2002Final29 Oct 2002
199800423Cessna Aircraft 402C VH-RMI, Darwin Airport, 6 February 199806 Feb 1998Final29 Oct 2002
200203242Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA, VH-HTZ19 Jul 2002Final28 Oct 2002
200100348Cessna Aircraft Company 310R, VH-HCP26 Jan 2001Final23 Oct 2002
200200190Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJL08 Feb 2002Final22 Oct 2002
200201617Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBT02 Apr 2002Final21 Oct 2002
200200463Boeing Co 737-800, VH-VOA20 Feb 2002Final21 Oct 2002
200200029Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-VEH06 Jan 2002Final16 Oct 2002
200102289Beech Aircraft Corp C24R, VH-BMQ27 May 2001Final08 Oct 2002
200105627Boeing Co 767-238, VH-EAQ27 Nov 2001Final02 Oct 2002
200104280Boeing Co 767-336, VH-ZXA05 Sep 2001Final30 Sep 2002
200102695Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJY, 18 June 200118 Jun 2001Final27 Sep 2002
200201100Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, VH-RRI24 Mar 2002Final24 Sep 2002
200200035Cessna Aircraft Company U206F, VH-STL11 Jan 2002Final24 Sep 2002
200104604Bell Helicopter Co 206B(III), VH-SVW24 Sep 2001Final24 Sep 2002
200105942Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-OLN27 Dec 2001Final20 Sep 2002
200100213Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJX18 Jan 2001Final20 Sep 2002
200102292British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJY24 May 2001Final18 Sep 2002
200105446Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, VH-LMX14 Nov 2001Final16 Sep 2002
200102901Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, VH-IMS27 Jun 2001Final16 Sep 2002
200106230Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGG26 Dec 2001Final10 Sep 2002
200103749Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-DMI12 Aug 2001Final10 Sep 2002
200102263Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-EKX23 May 2001Final10 Sep 2002
200101929Burkhart Grob Flugzeugbau G-115C2, VH-BGQ24 Apr 2001Final04 Sep 2002
200105932Cessna floatplane A185F, VH-JBM, at Strahan Tas, 29 December 200129 Dec 2001Final27 Aug 2002
200200007Government Aircraft Factories N22C, VH-MSF, 4km N Porpoise Point, VTC Approach Point, 4 January 200204 Jan 2002Final20 Aug 2002
200105157Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAU22 Oct 2001Final16 Aug 2002
200105937Boeing Co 747-312, ZS-SAJ17 Dec 2001Final13 Aug 2002
200104847Boeing Co 747-412 aicraft, 9V-SPA and a Boeing 747-438, VH-OJL aircraft, 7 October 200107 Oct 2001Final13 Aug 2002
200004671Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, VH-IMA13 Oct 2000Final13 Aug 2002
200103353Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAZ24 Jul 2001Final12 Aug 2002
200105559Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJY21 Nov 2001Final07 Aug 2002
200105743de Havilland Canada DHC-8-201, VH-TQG06 Dec 2001Final05 Aug 2002
200004070Burkhart Grob Flugzeugbau G-115C2, VH-ZIB18 Sep 2000Final01 Aug 2002
200102139Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-EES15 May 2001Final23 Jul 2002
200105866Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-JCH14 Dec 2001Final18 Jul 2002
200105701Boeing Co 767-300ER, C-FXCA04 Dec 2001Final18 Jul 2002
200102866de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-XFT25 Jun 2001Final18 Jul 2002
200105926Cessna Aircraft Company A185F, VH-SLC23 Dec 2001Final17 Jul 2002
200102905Mooney Aircraft Corp M20J, VH-UDD05 Jul 2001Final15 Jul 2002
200103696British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJA07 Aug 2001Final04 Jul 2002
200103238British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200, VH-JJU18 Jul 2001Final04 Jul 2002
200102467British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJR31 May 2001Final04 Jul 2002
200102216Cessna Aircraft Company 402, VH-RJH18 May 2001Final24 Jun 2002
200005572Amateur Built Aircraft RV-6A, ZK-VBC24 Nov 2000Final24 Jun 2002
200003399Short Bros Pty Ltd SD360-300, VH-SUM13 Aug 2000Final19 Jun 2002
200103038Sikorsky Aircraft S-76C, VH-EXX11 Jul 2001Final14 Jun 2002
200004432Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGQ30 Sep 2000Final23 May 2002
200105188Beech Aircraft Corp 200, VH-SWP24 Oct 2001Final17 May 2002
200003130Bell Helicopter Co 206L-3, VH-FFI24 Jul 2000Final16 May 2002
200105060Boeing Co 717-200, VH-IMD18 Oct 2001Final01 May 2002
200101903Cessna Aircraft Company 208, VH-MMV29 Apr 2001Final22 Apr 2002
199905562Cessna Aircraft Company U206A, VH-XGR, Near Sweers Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, NT, 24 November 199924 Nov 1999Final18 Apr 2002
200103079Boeing 747-400, VH-ANA, Northeast of Mount Isa, Queensland, 13 July 200113 Jul 2001Final17 Apr 2002
200104881de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TNG09 Oct 2001Final15 Apr 2002
200103344Boeing Co 767-336, VH-ZXA18 Jul 2001Final15 Apr 2002
200001434Piper Aircraft Corp PA-34-220T, VH-YSG25 Apr 2000Final10 Apr 2002
200105429Boeing Co 747SP-38, VH-EAA13 Nov 2001Final25 Mar 2002
200102455Beech Aircraft Corp 200, VH-SWP05 Jun 2001Final20 Mar 2002
200003725Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-YDD30 Aug 2000Final20 Mar 2002
200003951Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-YDD30 Aug 2000Final20 Mar 2002
200102538Cessna Aircraft Company T207A, VH-KAX10 Jun 2001Final14 Mar 2002
200003771Beech Aircraft Corp 200, VH-SKC04 Sep 2000Final07 Mar 2002
200105660Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-CUZ29 Nov 2001Final05 Mar 2002
200105518Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGN20 Nov 2001Final05 Mar 2002
200100252Bell Helicopter Co 206B(III), VH-PHG18 Jan 2001Final05 Mar 2002
200105698Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-FIA03 Dec 2001Final25 Feb 2002
200200022Ayres Corp S2R-G10, VH-UDG, Moruya, Aero. NSW, 7 January 200207 Jan 2002Final15 Feb 2002
200101776Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJJ24 Apr 2001Final12 Feb 2002
200100445Boeing Co 777, A6-EMM30 Jan 2001Final12 Feb 2002
200101996Boeing Co 747-444, VH-NLH06 May 2001Final11 Feb 2002
200101788Enstrom Corp, R.J. 280C, VH-SHK11 Apr 2001Final11 Feb 2002
200102326Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJR29 May 2001Final06 Feb 2002
200101999Boeing Co 747SP-38, VH-EAB05 May 2001Final06 Feb 2002
200101537Aero Commander 500-S, VH-UJB near Cairns, Qld on 10 April 200110 Apr 2001Final06 Feb 2002
200101080Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-181, VH-MIZ05 Mar 2001Final05 Feb 2002
200100889Boeing Co 737-377, VH-CZE25 Feb 2001Final05 Feb 2002
200105351Boeing Co 767-300ER, VH-BZI04 Nov 2001Final04 Feb 2002
200105273Schweizer Aircraft 269CB, VH-AHV, 2 November 200102 Nov 2001Final04 Feb 2002
200103240Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAW22 Jul 2001Final04 Feb 2002
200101747Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAX18 Apr 2001Final04 Feb 2002
200004791Beech Aircraft Corp 200C, VH-KZL19 Oct 2000Final25 Jan 2002
200103655Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31, VH-KAD08 Aug 2001Final23 Jan 2002
200103433Boeing Co 737-377, VH-CZK01 Aug 2001Final21 Jan 2002
200102619Cessna Aircraft Company 402B, VH-FFJ31 May 2001Final21 Jan 2002
200100347Pitts Aviation Enterprises S-1E, VH-SIS28 Jan 2001Final17 Jan 2002
200102544Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-TTX09 Jun 2001Final24 Dec 2001
200100477Boeing Co 717-200, VH-AFR03 Feb 2001Final24 Dec 2001
200003594Near collision between a Pacific CT4B, VH-YAB and a Beech 1900D, VH-NTL, 4 km NE Armidale, 20 June 2000 20 Jun 2000Final24 Dec 2001
200005948Beech Aircraft Corp 200C, VH-KFN02 Dec 2000Final21 Dec 2001
200000492Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, VH-NTL13 Feb 2000Final21 Dec 2001
200104092Agusta, SPA, Costruzioni Aeronautiche 47-G-2A1, VH-SHP29 Aug 2001Final20 Dec 2001
200005684Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJP29 Nov 2000Final20 Dec 2001
200003233Cessna Aircraft Company P206C, VH-EFA03 Aug 2000Final20 Dec 2001
200002644Saab Aircraft Co SF-340A, VH-KEQ10 Jun 2000Final20 Dec 2001
200002157Collision with water - Piper PA31-350 Chieftain, VH-MZK, Spencer Gulf, S.A, 31 May 200031 May 2000Final19 Dec 2001
200103923de Havilland Canada DHC-8-103, VH-TQX17 Aug 2001Final17 Dec 2001
200103164Cessna Aircraft Company 402C, VH-JOH16 Jul 2001Final17 Dec 2001
200100135Boeing Co 747-400, VH-OJT15 Jan 2001Final17 Dec 2001
200102239Schweizer Aircraft Corp 269C, VH-AID23 May 2001Final14 Dec 2001
200003949Piper Aircraft 600A, VH-IXG, 24 km NNE Port Keats, Northern Territory, 2 September 200002 Sep 2000Final14 Dec 2001
200004806Cessna 340, VH-FYF and a Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A, 9 km S Williamtown, Aero., 29 June 200029 Jun 2000Final14 Dec 2001
200103430Boeing Co 737, YJ-AV1802 Aug 2001Final11 Dec 2001
200001370Airframe event involving a The Boeing Company 747-338, VH-EBW, Rome (Fiumicino), on 21 April 200021 Apr 2000Final05 Dec 2001
200104707Avtech Pty Ltd JABIRU ST3, VH-XLX, Southport Aero, 29 September 200129 Sep 2001Final04 Dec 2001
200101409Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJX01 Apr 2001Final04 Dec 2001
200003267Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA, VH-LDR29 Jul 2000Final19 Nov 2001
200101866Boeing Co 747SP-38, VH-EAA22 Apr 2001Final16 Nov 2001
200101606Boeing Co 767-204, VH-RMO09 Apr 2001Final16 Nov 2001
200004707Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJN14 Oct 2000Final12 Nov 2001
200100035Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-820-C, VH-HVA02 Jan 2001Final09 Nov 2001
200100584Sikorsky Aircraft S-76C, VH-EXN17 Feb 2001Final07 Nov 2001
200005030Airbus Industrie A340-300, B-238001 Nov 2000Final07 Nov 2001
200003847S.O.C.A.T.A.-Groupe Aerospatiale TB-10, VH-XYF30 Aug 2000Final02 Nov 2001
200002485Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-ANY13 Jun 2000Final02 Nov 2001
200002060Boeing Co 737-377, VH-CZA23 May 2000Final02 Nov 2001
200104684Cessna Aircraft Company 172F, VH-ECT28 Sep 2001Final24 Oct 2001
200003091Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-KDQ16 Jul 2000Final24 Oct 2001
200103962Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-WAJ20 Aug 2001Final23 Oct 2001
200003412Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-WGB01 Aug 2000Final16 Oct 2001
200003093Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28R-201, VH-PRF17 Jul 2000Final16 Oct 2001
199905646Robinson Helicopter Co R44, VH-STO25 Nov 1999Final15 Oct 2001
200100346Beech Aircraft Corp A23A, VH-BZO28 Jan 2001Final12 Oct 2001
200006013Sikorsky Aircraft S-76C, VH-EXU11 Dec 2000Final12 Oct 2001
199901073Boeing Co 737-377, VH-CZL12 Mar 1999Final08 Oct 2001
200100905Boeing Co 737-33A, VH-CZX15 Feb 2001Final02 Oct 2001
200004191Cessna Aircraft Company A152, VH-ADU12 Sep 2000Final02 Oct 2001
200103089Cessna Aircraft Company 182G, VH-DFQ13 Jul 2001Final27 Sep 2001
200101952Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, VH-IMH03 May 2001Final27 Sep 2001
200003793Cessna Aircraft Company A150L, VH-IRQ30 Aug 2000Final27 Sep 2001
200002700Cessna Aircraft Company A185F, VH-TLO27 Jun 2000Final27 Sep 2001
200000932Cessna Aircraft Company 210E, VH-DNP18 Mar 2000Final27 Sep 2001
200000893Beech Aircraft Corp D55, VH-ILM13 Mar 2000Final27 Sep 2001
200000868Gippsland Aeronautic Pty Ltd GA-200C, VH-EPE10 Mar 2000Final27 Sep 2001
200102697Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-UUN18 Jun 2001Final25 Sep 2001
200100959Loss of separation involving a Airbus A340, B-HXI and Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. F/A-18A, 139km N Sydney, NSW on 5 March 200105 Mar 2001Final25 Sep 2001
200003023Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-OLL05 Jul 2000Final24 Sep 2001
200101405Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-LTW26 Mar 2001Final21 Sep 2001
200004072Unsecured door involving a The Boeing Company 767-300ER, VH-NOA, Amsterdam Schiphol, on 26 August 200026 Aug 2000Final19 Sep 2001
199903995Boeing 737-377, VH-CZB Sydney, Aero. NSW, 9 August 199909 Aug 1999Final14 Sep 2001
200000520Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGN09 Feb 2000Final05 Sep 2001
199902419Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAG06 May 1999Final05 Sep 2001
200001876de Havilland Canada DHC-6 SERIES 320, VH-FNU20 May 2000Final24 Aug 2001
200101065Cameron Balloons Ltd V-77 , VH-LPO10 Mar 2001Final20 Aug 2001
200100741Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJJ22 Feb 2001Final08 Aug 2001
200101729Beech Aircraft Corp A36, VH-NKB20 Apr 2001Final03 Aug 2001
200004914Beech Aircraft Corp A36, VH-EUB26 Oct 2000Final03 Aug 2001
200003056Kawasaki Heavy Industries 47G3B-KH4, VH-JWZ18 Jul 2000Final03 Aug 2001
200100622Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJN15 Feb 2001Final27 Jul 2001
200005295British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-300, VH-EWR11 Nov 2000Final25 Jul 2001
200000933Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGS02 Mar 2000Final25 Jul 2001
200001153Cessna Aircraft Company 172M, VH-SXK03 Apr 2000Final24 Jul 2001
200101782Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-XFX23 Apr 2001Final20 Jul 2001
200005967Hiller Aviation UH-12E, VH-MJV12 Dec 2000Final20 Jul 2001
200004880Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-MYF24 Oct 2000Final18 Jul 2001
199805874Lockheed Georgia Co P-3C, A9-66528 Dec 1998Final17 Jul 2001
199905037Cessna Aircraft Company P210N, N62J, 14 km W Hernani, NSW, 27 October 199927 Oct 1999Final11 Jul 2001
200102124Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31, VH-FML13 May 2001Final10 Jul 2001
200004709Loss of separation between a Boeing 747-400, 9V-SMQ and a Boeing 747, N481EV, 16 October 200016 Oct 2000Final09 Jul 2001
200102129Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGL10 May 2001Final04 Jul 2001
200004871Saab Aircraft SF-340A, VH-KEQ23 Oct 2000Final04 Jul 2001
200003293Bell Helicopter Co 206B(II), VH-TMR06 Aug 2000Final04 Jul 2001
199906121Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-CUZ28 Dec 1999Final04 Jul 2001
200101926Aerospatiale AS332L, VH-BHK17 Apr 2001Final13 Jun 2001
200101082Amateur Built Aircraft LANCAIR 320, VH-DNO13 Mar 2001Final13 Jun 2001
200002899Bell Helicopter Co 206B(III), VH-NVH12 Jul 2000Final13 Jun 2001
200100596Loading related Boeing 767-338ER, VH-OGU, Honolulu International Airport, 21 January 2001 21 Jan 2001Final06 Jun 2001
200002018Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31, VH-FMU23 May 2000Final01 Jun 2001
199904802Fokker B.V. 100, 11318 Norfolk Island, Aero. 9 October 199909 Oct 1999Final30 May 2001
199903327Fokker B.V. F28 MK 100, VH-FWI04 Jul 1999Final30 May 2001
200004186Cessna Aircraft Company T188C/A1, VH-JRL02 Sep 2000Final29 May 2001
200005031Boeing Co 747-400, VH-ANA27 Oct 2000Final28 May 2001
200003862Boeing Co 737-33A, VH-CZX07 Sep 2000Final28 May 2001
200003533Airbus Industrie A320-211, VH-HYH21 Aug 2000Final25 May 2001
200002622British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200A, VH-JJX22 Jun 2000Final25 May 2001
200006273British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJE26 Dec 2000Final23 May 2001
200001827Cessna Aircraft Company 402C, VH-NMQ05 May 2000Final23 May 2001
200005212Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-SKW08 Nov 2000Final22 May 2001
200004082Cessna Aircraft Company 310R, VH-COQ02 Sep 2000Final22 May 2001
200003155British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100 , VH-NJV27 Jul 2000Final22 May 2001
200002989Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJZ16 Jul 2000Final22 May 2001
199805068S.A.A.B. Aircraft Co SF-340A, VH-LPI11 Nov 1998Final15 May 2001
200002379Airbus Industrie A320-211, VH-HYX09 Jun 2000Final08 May 2001
200003143Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm BK117 B-2, VH-BKZ17 Jul 2000Final03 May 2001
200100421Flight crew incapacitation involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 210R, VH-MOK, 111km N Bourke, NSW on 22 January 200122 Jan 2001Final02 May 2001
199901959Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, VH-IMH28 Apr 1999Final02 May 2001
199901455Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAK04 Apr 1999Final01 May 2001
200100443Bell Helicopter Co 206L-1, VH-WEB29 Jan 2001Final30 Apr 2001
200001335Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-110P1, VH-UQD19 Apr 2000Final30 Apr 2001
199900252Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32R-300, VH-HUX27 Jan 1999Final30 Apr 2001
199904538Runway excursion - Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJH, Bangkok Airport, Thailand, 23 September 199923 Sep 1999Final26 Apr 2001
199904317Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, VH-NTL, Williamtown, Aero. NSW, 10 September 199910 Sep 1999Final10 Apr 2001
200002836Airways facility event, Sydney Airport, 6 July 200006 Jul 2000Final05 Apr 2001
199804715Cessna Aircraft Company 210M, VH-XAJ30 Oct 1998Final05 Apr 2001
200006277Cessna Aircraft Company 441, VH-NAX20 Dec 2000Final03 Apr 2001
200003857Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGC06 Sep 2000Final03 Apr 2001
200005640Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-FIA28 Nov 2000Final02 Apr 2001
200004882Boeing Co 737-377, VH-CZK13 Oct 2000Final02 Apr 2001
199903590Boeing Co 737-376 , VH-TAF27 Jul 1999Final02 Apr 2001
199902014Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-XDZ23 Apr 1999Final02 Apr 2001
199902600Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-ASN01 Jun 1999Final23 Mar 2001
199903333Collision with terrain - Eagle Aircraft Pty Ltd 150B, VH-EAD, Avalon Aerodrome, Vic, 10 July 199910 Jul 1999Final22 Mar 2001
199905026Robinson Helicopter Co R22 ALPHA, VH-UXW, Binnu, 83 km N Geraldton, Aero. 24 October 199924 Oct 1999Final20 Mar 2001
199902928Raytheon Aircraft Super King Air 200, VH-OYA21 Jun 1999Final07 Feb 2001
200001362Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJY18 Apr 2000Final06 Feb 2001
200003034Boeing Co 737-33A, VH-CZW21 Jul 2000Final22 Jan 2001
200000618Lockheed Aircraft Corp L382G, ZS-JIY18 Feb 2000Final02 Jan 2001
199901111Boeing Co 747-200, DQ-FJI16 Mar 1999Final02 Jan 2001
200002648Beech Aircraft Corp 70, VH-MWJ, 2km NW Leonora, Aerodrome, 24 June 200024 Jun 2000Final22 Dec 2000
200000624Beech Aircraft Corp 58, VH-NTG18 Feb 2000Final22 Dec 2000
200000778Cessna Aircraft Company P206C, VH-EIM08 Aug 2000Final08 Dec 2000
200002383Cessna Aircraft Company 172P, VH-THO14 Jun 2000Final08 Dec 2000
200003188British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100, VH-NJR30 Jul 2000Final01 Dec 2000
200000885Amateur Built Aircraft RV-3, VH-BEM12 Mar 2000Final01 Dec 2000
199805758Airframe event involving a British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-200, VH-NJQ, Brisbane, Aerodrome, QLD on 30 December 199830 Dec 1998Final29 Nov 2000
200003675Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-NPA10 Aug 2000Final22 Nov 2000
199901215Boeing Co 767-238 , VH-EAN 22 Mar 1999Final22 Nov 2000
200002431British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-300 , VH-NJL30 Apr 2000Final20 Nov 2000
199902550Boeing Co 737-376 , VH-TAK25 May 1999Final20 Nov 2000
200003321Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGG08 Aug 2000Final15 Nov 2000
200000765Brantly International Inc B-2B, VH-BHY, Raymond Island, Vic, 2 March 200002 Mar 2000Final15 Nov 2000
199903738de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202, VH-SDA, 407 km NW Cairns, Aero. 25 June 200925 Jun 1999Final15 Nov 2000
199905121Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-181, VH-BAC, 9 km WNW Oberon NSW, 30 October 199930 Oct 1999Final31 Oct 2000
199902001Piper Aircraft Corp PA-24-250, VH-CXP01 May 1999Final31 Oct 2000
199903711Transponder related between a Boeing 747-438, VH-OJB and Tupolev KGA515, Lajak, 17 July 199917 Jul 1999Final06 Oct 2000
200002130Boeing Co 747SP-38, VH-EAB13 May 2000Final27 Sep 2000
199900844Piper Aircraft Corp PA-25-235, VH-EVZ02 Mar 1999Final27 Sep 2000
200003428Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-KDQ24 Jul 2000Final21 Sep 2000
199904898Cessna Aircraft Company U206G, VH-EOY, Wrotham Park, Aero. Qld, 20 October 199920 Oct 1999Final19 Sep 2000
200002857Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJF26 May 2000Final15 Sep 2000
200002938Cessna Aircraft Company 172N , VH-IGA06 Jul 2000Final13 Sep 2000
199905571British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-100 , VH-NJR25 Nov 1999Final13 Sep 2000
200000869Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-UUQ01 Mar 2000Final07 Sep 2000
199904832Near collision involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 182S, VH-EWV and Cessna Aircraft Company 207A, VH-UAA, Ayers Rock, Aerodrome, NT on 14 October 199914 Oct 1999Final01 Sep 2000
199904029Airbus Industrie A320-211, VH-HYO, Adelaide, Aero. SA, 20 August 199920 Aug 1999Final28 Aug 2000
199905596Cessna Aircraft Company A150L , VH-RBB28 Nov 1999Final23 Aug 2000
199905463de Havilland Canada DHC-8-201 , VH-TQG, 185 km E Williamtown, (NDB) NSW, 15 November 199915 Nov 1999Final11 Aug 2000
200000148Cessna Aircraft Company 210M , VH-NOK17 Jan 2000Final09 Aug 2000
200000125Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA , VH-JHZ17 Jan 2000Final08 Aug 2000
199903463Cessna Aircraft Company 172H , VH-RLO, 16 July 199916 Jul 1999Final08 Aug 2000
200002727Skyfox HEDARO CA25N, VH-KKM, 1 July 200001 Jul 2000Final03 Aug 2000
199905871Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-CUZ07 Dec 1999Final02 Aug 2000
200003037Boeing Co 767, VH-ZXC21 Jul 2000Final01 Aug 2000
200002693Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBT11 Jun 2000Final01 Aug 2000
200002305Boeing Co 767-238, VH-EAM31 May 2000Final01 Aug 2000
200001647Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGA10 May 2000Final01 Aug 2000
200000313Piper Aircraft Corp PA-38-112, VH-ZWG31 Jan 2000Final01 Aug 2000
200000190Cessna Aircraft Company 182Q, VH-LMH21 Jan 2000Final01 Aug 2000
199906104Boeing Co 737-377, VH-CZM27 Dec 1999Final01 Aug 2000
199906059Total power loss involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-181, VH-XKX, Bathurst, Aerodrome, NSW on 16 December 199916 Dec 1999Final28 Jul 2000
199904632Airborne collision involving a Bell Helicopter Co 212, VH-HHW and Aerospatiale Industries AS.350B2, ZK-HNE, Rees River/Hunter Stream Junction, NZ on 24 September 199924 Sep 1999Final28 Jul 2000
199800442Bell Helicopter Co 206B(II), VH-PMO13 Feb 1998Final18 Jul 2000
199803910Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-WAI14 Sep 1998Final10 Jul 2000
199901894Boeing Co 747-300, HL747018 Apr 1999Final05 Jul 2000
199800640Air Tractor Inc AT-802, VH-ODL01 Mar 1998Final04 Jul 2000
199905168Airbus Industrie A320-211, VH-HYY, Melbourne, Aero. Vic. 25 October 199925 Oct 1999Final27 Jun 2000
199904842Cessna Aircraft Company 182J, VH-GEN, 7 km NE Esk QLD, 14 October 199914 Oct 1999Final26 Jun 2000
199900003Loss of separation involving a The Boeing Company 737-377, VH-CZK and Boeing 737-476, VH-TJN, 37km SSW Mudgee, NSW on 4 January 199904 Jan 1999Final22 Jun 2000
199900970Pitts Aviation Enterprises S-2A, VH-PTD10 Mar 1999Final21 Jun 2000
199902003Boeing Co 737-377 , VH-CZC03 May 1999Final09 Jun 2000
199901797Cessna Aircraft Company 310 , VH-JOR24 Mar 1999Final29 May 2000
199904972Boeing Co 737-33A, VH-CZU, 28 km NW Wagga Wagga, (VOR), NSW, 18 October 199918 Oct 1999Final22 May 2000
199804432Aero Commander 500-S, VH-YJT21 Oct 1998Final19 May 2000
199903602British Aerospace Plc 3201 , VH-XFC 9 km NNE of Brisbane, 28 July 199928 Jul 1999Final12 May 2000
199900192Fokker B.V. F27 MK 50 , VH-FNB19 Jan 1999Final12 May 2000
199905466Mikoyan Gurevich MIG-15SB LIM-2 , VH-EKI, 56 km NNW Adelaide, Aero. SA, 17 November 199917 Nov 1999Final03 May 2000
199902817Boeing Co 747-438 , VH-OJR09 Jun 1999Final03 May 2000
199901850Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, Lake Neale NT20 Apr 1999Final01 May 2000
200000176British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-300 , VH-NJL21 Jan 2000Final30 Apr 2000
199905649Amateur Built Aircraft RV-6 , VH-YGH30 Nov 1999Final26 Apr 2000
199905302Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER , VH-XFZ, 9 km ENE Cairns, (VOR) QLD, 9 November 199909 Nov 1999Final26 Apr 2000
199900990Airbus Industrie A320-211, VH-HYT19 Feb 1999Final10 Apr 2000
199905698Cessna Aircraft Company 172R, VH-EWO01 Dec 1999Final05 Apr 2000
199900266Near collision involving a Pacific Aerospace Corporation CT4B, VH-YCB and Ted Smith Aerostar Corp. 601, VH-IXA and Beech Aircraft Corp 76, VH-IJW, 19km NNE Bindook, NSW on 27 January 199927 Jan 1999Final04 Apr 2000
200001657Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-IAW10 May 2000Final02 Apr 2000
199901009Bell Helicopter Co 206L-3, VH-NDW12 Mar 1999Final31 Mar 2000
199902874Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJJ06 Jun 1999Final30 Mar 2000
200000924Wirestrike involving a Agusta, S.p.A, Construzioni Aeronautiche 47G-3B-1, VH-AUU, 13km N Casino, NSW on 16 March 200016 Mar 2000Final27 Mar 2000
199901012Short Bros Pty Ltd SD360-300 , SH372812 Mar 1999Final27 Mar 2000
199903790Fokker B.V. F27 MK 50 , 20107, VH-FNB, 130 km S Carnarvon, (VOR) WA, 6 August 199906 Aug 1999Final24 Mar 2000
199903436Boeing Co 767-324, VH-BZF, 3 km WNW Melbourne, (VOR) 18 March 199918 Jul 1999Final24 Mar 2000
199901057Bell Helicopter Co 47J-2A, VH-THH07 Mar 1999Final17 Mar 2000
199905196Boeing Co 767-277, VH-RMG, Melbourne, Aero. Vic. 4 November 199904 Nov 1999Final07 Mar 2000
199904384Boeing Co 747-238B, VH-EBS, Perth, Aero. WA, 2 September 199902 Sep 1999Final02 Mar 2000
199904771de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 , VH-TQF, 10 km NE Dubbo, Aero. 11 October 199911 Oct 1999Final28 Feb 2000
199904284Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-140 , VH-CNM, 3 September 199903 Sep 1999Final28 Feb 2000
199905806Hard landing involving a Hughes Helicopters 269C, VH-OCD, Moorabbin, Aerodrome, VIC on 9 December 199909 Dec 1999Final25 Feb 2000
200000179Navaids involving a The Boeing Company 767-338ER, VH-OGI, Bali, on 16 January 200016 Jan 2000Final03 Feb 2000
200000167Air-ground-air involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-WZJ and Amateur Built Aircraft RV-6, VH-OOG, Mildura, VIC on 16 January 200016 Jan 2000Final25 Jan 2000
199903131Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TJC27 Jun 1999Final24 Jan 2000
199805459Forced/precautionary landing involving a de Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd DH-82A, VH-AQN, Palm Meadows Golf Course, 20km N Coolangatta, Aerodrome, QLD on 5 December 199805 Dec 1998Final21 Jan 2000
199905208Hard landing involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 182S, VH-EUX, Moorabbin, Aerodrome, VIC on 6 November 199906 Nov 1999Final20 Jan 2000
199901299Piper Aircraft Corp PA-36-375, VH-HSQ28 Mar 1999Final19 Jan 2000
199905395Rejected take-off involving a The Boeing Company 737-33A, VH-CZW and Piper Aircraft Corp PA-44-180, VH-KFO and S.A.A.B. Aircraft Co SF-340A, VH-KDB, Adelaide, Aerodrome, SA on 14 November 199914 Nov 1999Final18 Jan 2000
199904791Bell Helicopter Co 206B(III), VH-JGE, World Trade Centre, (ALA) 10 October 199910 Oct 1999Final18 Jan 2000
199906038Boeing Co 747-238B, 21977, 33 km N Brisbane, Qld, 26 December 199926 Dec 1999Final17 Jan 2000
199904859Ditching involving a Kawasaki Heavy Industries 47G3B-KH4, VH-BFL, Joondalup Lake, WA on 15 October 199915 Oct 1999Final17 Jan 2000
199906053Airframe event involving a Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, VH-MML, Kempsey, Aerodrome, NSW on 20 December 199920 Dec 1999Final12 Jan 2000
199901880Boeing Co 737-376, 2348924 Apr 1999Final12 Jan 2000
199804451Beech Aircraft Corp 1900D, UE-20020 Oct 1998Final12 Jan 2000
199904819Operational non-compliance involving a Airbus A330-202, PK-GPD, 37km NNW Melbourne, Aerodrome, VIC on 8 October 199908 Oct 1999Final11 Jan 2000
199902290Skyfox HEDARO CA25N, VH-PSM, 1 May 199901 May 1999Final07 Jan 2000
199905547Smoke involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-XLA, Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 24 November 199924 Nov 1999Final05 Jan 2000
199905438de Havilland Canada DHC-7-102, VH-UUM, 13 km WSW Cairns, Aero. QLD, 17 November 199917 Nov 1999Final24 Dec 1999
199802022Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-181, VH-UZR06 Jun 1998Final24 Dec 1999
199904312Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B , VH-SBA Sydney, Aero. NSW, 2 September 199902 Sep 1999Final23 Dec 1999
199903768Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC , VH-DMO, 2 km NNE Latrobe Valley, Aero. 25 July 199925 Jul 1999Final23 Dec 1999
199805359Cessna Aircraft Company 402B, VH-BYN29 Nov 1998Final23 Dec 1999
199501019Kawasaki Heavy Industries 47G3B-KH4 , VH-KEB06 Apr 1995Final22 Dec 1999
199901340Amateur Built Aircraft LANCAIR 235 , VH-LWA02 Apr 1999Final21 Dec 1999
199900645Agusta, SPA, Costruzioni Aeronautiche 47-G-2A1 , VH-FLI20 Feb 1999Final21 Dec 1999
199902458British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200 , VH-NJU20 May 1999Final16 Dec 1999
199900220Britten Norman Ltd BN-2A-26, VH-XFF16 Jan 1999Final16 Dec 1999
199700583Hughes Helicopters 369HS, VH-XAX26 Feb 1997Final16 Dec 1999
199900604Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31 , VH-TWR15 Feb 1999Final13 Dec 1999
199805078British Aerospace Plc 3107, VH-TQJ16 Nov 1998Final13 Dec 1999
199805365Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32R-300, VH-ITR26 Nov 1998Final11 Dec 1999
199803972Boeing Co 767-238, VH-EAL23 Sep 1998Final10 Dec 1999
199900673Cessna Aircraft Company 441, VH-LFD11 Feb 1999Final08 Dec 1999
199902679Airbus Industrie A320-211 , VH-HYK02 Jun 1999Final07 Dec 1999
199904135Birdstrike involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 550, VH-XDD, Cooma, Aerodrome, NSW on 29 August 199929 Aug 1999Final18 Nov 1999
199905209Collision on ground involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-236, VH-ABQ, Ballina, Aerodrome, NSW on 6 November 199906 Nov 1999Final17 Nov 1999
199904718Rejected take-off involving a The Boeing Company 737-476, VH-TJZ and S.A.A.B. Aircraft Co SF-340B, VH-EKN, Sydney, NSW on 2 October 199902 Oct 1999Final15 Nov 1999
199900297Aerospatiale AS350BA, VH-ZZH26 Jan 1999Final15 Nov 1999
199803297Bell Helicopter Co 206B(II), VH-FVF18 Aug 1998Final05 Nov 1999
199903335Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA , VH-HRU09 Jul 1999Final03 Nov 1999
199904719Unstable approach involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 310R, VH-JZW, 11km NNW Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 26 September 199926 Sep 1999Final02 Nov 1999
199902117Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJL28 Apr 1999Final01 Nov 1999
199901614Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B , VH-KDV28 Mar 1999Final26 Oct 1999
199903789Sikorsky Aircraft S-76A, VH-BHM, Barrow Island , Aero. WA, 4 August 199904 Aug 1999Final20 Oct 1999
199900820Hughes Helicopters 369HS, VH-SHD27 Feb 1999Final19 Oct 1999
199902114Boeing Co 737-377 , VH-CZO23 Apr 1999Final11 Oct 1999
199902785Abnormal engine indications involving a Short Bros Pty Ltd SD360-300, VH-SUF, 28km NNW Maroochydore/Sunshine Coast, Aerodrome, QLD on 8 June 199908 Jun 1999Final06 Oct 1999
199901286Airspace incursion involving a Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. F/A-18A, UNKNOWN, 370km NNW Perth AIrport, WA on 28 March 199928 Mar 1999Final01 Oct 1999
199803515British Aerospace Plc AVRO 146-RJ70A , VH-NJW08 Jul 1998Final01 Oct 1999
199804069Breakdown of co-ordination between a Boeing Co 737-476 aircraft, VH-TJG and a Pilatus PC-12, VH-FMC aircraft, Adelaide Airport, SA, 26 September 199826 Sep 1998Final30 Sep 1999
199904112Flight control systems involving a The Boeing Company 737-376, VH-TAV, Melbourne, Aerodrome, VIC on 24 August 199924 Aug 1999Final28 Sep 1999
199904073Oil system event involving a Aerospatiale Industries SA.365C-1, VH-PVA, 11km NE Epping, VIC on 18 August 199918 Aug 1999Final28 Sep 1999
199903458Loss of separation involving a The Boeing Company 737-300, ZK-FDM and Airbus A320-211, VH-HYF, 13km ENE Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 5 July 199905 Jul 1999Final28 Sep 1999
199902415Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-XLB14 May 1999Final28 Sep 1999
199900044Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-140, VH-BAQ02 Jan 1999Final28 Sep 1999
199900420de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 , VH-TQT04 Feb 1999Final24 Sep 1999
199900833Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA , VH-NLT03 Feb 1999Final24 Sep 1999
199801415Cessna Aircraft Company 210R, VH-IOR26 Apr 1998Final24 Sep 1999
199903171British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200, VH-NJJ29 Jun 1999Final23 Sep 1999
199805884Airframe event involving a Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. DC9-33F, VH-IPF, Melbourne Airport, VIC on 17 November 199817 Nov 1998Final22 Sep 1999
199801905Boeing Co 737-33A, VH-CZU29 May 1998Final16 Sep 1999
199904189Flight crew incapacitation involving a The Boeing Company 737-377, VH-CZB, 185km S Brisbane, VOR, NSW on 24 August 199924 Aug 1999Final14 Sep 1999
199901143Ground injury involving a Fairchild Industries Inc SA226-TC, VH-UZQ, Bankstown, Aerodrome, NSW on 10 March 199910 Mar 1999Final13 Sep 1999
199900851Airbus Industrie A320-211, VH-HYI03 Mar 1999Final10 Sep 1999
199803584Cessna Aircraft Company A150M , A150066202 Sep 1998Final10 Sep 1999
199702649Fuel starvation involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 177, VH-DZJ, 4 km NNW Cairns, Airport, QLD on 19 August 199719 Aug 1997Final10 Sep 1999
199805603Cessna Aircraft Company 402C, VH-LKC21 Nov 1998Final09 Sep 1999
199901098Airbus Industrie A320-211 , VH-HYJ18 Mar 1999Final08 Sep 1999
199805073Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-FNQ13 Nov 1998Final06 Sep 1999
199702276British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-300 , VH-NJF10 Jul 1997Final06 Sep 1999
199901064Fairchild Metro, Swearingen Aviation Corp SA226-TC, VH-EEQ05 Mar 1999Final03 Sep 1999
199901762Collision with terrain involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 402C, VH-UBB, Gove, Aerodrome, NT on 5 April 199905 Apr 1999Final30 Aug 1999
199902459Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TJA22 May 1999Final27 Aug 1999
199803389Cessna Aircraft Company 208B, VH-URT21 Aug 1998Final27 Aug 1999
199802458Mooney Aircraft Corp M2OJ, VH-DXT29 Jun 1998Final27 Aug 1999
199900655Air-ground-air involving a The Boeing Company 747-100, N852FT, 9km NNW Melbourne, Instrument Landing System, VIC on 21 February 199921 Feb 1999Final26 Aug 1999
199803437Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-110P1 , VH-UQF19 Aug 1999Final20 Aug 1999
199805537Operational non-compliance involving a Gates Learjet Corp 36, VH-SLJ and Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31, VH-MYG, Williamtown, Aerodrome, NSW on 6 December 199806 Dec 1998Final20 Aug 1999
199805323Fokker B.V. F28 MK 4000, VH-EWD20 Nov 1998Final20 Aug 1999
199804849Boeing Co 767-238 , VH-EAL25 Oct 1998Final20 Aug 1999
199804109Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32-300, VH-POW30 Sep 1998Final20 Aug 1999
199802964de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 , VH-TNU03 Aug 1998Final20 Aug 1999
199900529Loss of control involving a Yakovlev Aircraft Factories 55-M, RA-44512, Camden, NSW on 7 February 199907 Feb 1999Final19 Aug 1999
199900018Aerodrome related event involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202, VH-JSH, Darwin, Aerodrome, NT on 5 January 199905 Jan 1999Final19 Aug 1999
199903426Breakdown of co-ordination involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 500, VH-SOU, 56km S Canberra, VOR, ACT on 11 July 199911 Jul 1999Final18 Aug 1999
199803921Loss of separation Boeing 767, N601EV and a Boeing 747, 9M-MPD, 9 km S Bindook, NSW, 21 September 199821 Sep 1998Final17 Aug 1999
199704041British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-300, VH-NJL11 Dec 1997Final15 Aug 1999
199900028Collision on ground involving a Amateur Built Aircraft SEAREY, VH-MWD, Brisbane Water, NSW on 6 January 199906 Jan 1999Final11 Aug 1999
199805883Collision on ground involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-181, VH-XKX and S.O.C.A.T.A.-Groupe Aerospatiale TB-20, VH-JTY, Bankstown, Aerodrome, NSW on 28 December 199828 Dec 1998Final11 Aug 1999
199805392Air/pressurisation involving a The Boeing Company 747-438, VH-OJD, 100km SE Heathrow, UK on 28 November 199828 Nov 1998Final11 Aug 1999
199900153Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJE17 Jan 1999Final09 Aug 1999
199804347Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-KEU04 Oct 1998Final09 Aug 1999
199900112Cessna Aircraft Company, 172N, VH-PJH, Maroochydore-Sunshine Coast, Aerodrome10 Jan 1999Final06 Aug 1999
199804285Airbus Industrie A320-211 , VH-HYF06 Oct 1998Final04 Aug 1999
199803888Beech Aircraft Corp F33A , VH-SIO19 Sep 1998Final04 Aug 1999
199803258Air Tractor Inc AT-502, VH-SNA, near Rocky Gully WA, 14 August 199814 Aug 1998Final04 Aug 1999
199803582Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-IJE02 Sep 1999Final03 Aug 1999
199803878Bell Helicopter Co 47G-5, 2503119 Sep 1998Final03 Aug 1999
199802817Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJQ22 Jul 1998Final03 Aug 1999
199902615Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B , VH-EKN10 May 1999Final29 Jul 1999
199805341British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200A , VH-JJX14 Nov 1998Final29 Jul 1999
199804978Beech Aircraft Corp C90-B80 , VH-FDZ10 Nov 1998Final29 Jul 1999
199804254Cessna Aircraft Company 210R, VH-MOK10 Oct 1998Final29 Jul 1999
199805602Loss of separation involving a The Boeing Company 767-300, V8RBJ and Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. F/A-18A, UNKNOWN, 80km NW Taroom, VOR, QLD on 15 December 199815 Dec 1998Final28 Jul 1999
199901401Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJC07 Apr 1999Final26 Jul 1999
199804690Boeing Co 737-377 , VH-CZN29 Oct 1998Final26 Jul 1999
199703719de Havilland Canada DHC-6 SERIES 320, VH-HPY09 Nov 1997Final25 Jul 1999
199804856de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TQF07 Nov 1998Final23 Jul 1999
199700052Airbus Industrie A320-211, VH-HYD05 Jan 1997Final23 Jul 1999
199804984Beech Aircraft Corp B200C, VH-AMB10 Nov 1998Final22 Jul 1999
199805875Collision on ground involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 310R, VH-TDS, Maitland, (ALA), NSW on 8 December 199808 Dec 1998Final21 Jul 1999
199902487Beech Aircraft Corp B200, BB-141619 May 1999Final20 Jul 1999
199901176Flight control systems involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 402C, VH-UCD, 9km SE Palm Island, (ALA), QLD on 26 February 199926 Feb 1999Final20 Jul 1999
199900733Air/pressurisation involving a Airbus A320-211, VH-HYC, 56km N Rockhampton, VOR, QLD on 22 February 199922 Feb 1999Final20 Jul 1999
199900580Abnormal engine indications involving a British Aerospace PLC 3107, VH-TQK, 56km SW Williamtown, NSW on 4 February 199904 Feb 1999Final20 Jul 1999
199804628Wheels up landing involving a Piper Aircraft Corp 600A, VH-HMV, Coonabarabran, Aerodrome, NSW on 27 October 199827 Oct 1998Final20 Jul 1999
199804738Boeing Co 747, ZS-SAN26 Oct 1998Final19 Jul 1999
199804687Abnormal engine indications Pilatus Aircraft PC-12, VH-FMC, 19 km SSE Port Augusta, 20 October 199820 Oct 1998Final15 Jul 1999
199804358Lockheed Aircraft Corp L-1011, HS-LTA15 Oct 1998Final15 Jul 1999
199804135Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJP25 Sep 1998Final15 Jul 1999
199804129British Aerospace 146 (BAe 146), en route from Norfolk Is. to Sydney on 18 September 199818 Sep 1998Final15 Jul 1999
199803049Grumman American Aviation Group GA-7, VH-WPX07 Aug 1998Final15 Jul 1999
199800648de Havilland Canada DH-82A, VH-TMK28 Feb 1998Final14 Jul 1999
199900461Animal strike involving a Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-820-C, VH-HVA, Coonabarabran, Aerodrome, NSW on 10 February 199910 Feb 1999Final09 Jul 1999
199702601Cessna Aircraft Company 210M, VH-PJQ14 Aug 1997Final01 Jul 1999
199802135Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAI12 Jun 1998Final18 Jun 1999
199801517American Aircraft Corp AA-5A, VH-IJI03 May 1998Final01 Jun 1999
199804072Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-DC, VH-WBA29 Sep 1998Final20 May 1999
199800604Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, VH-SJP26 Feb 1998Final07 May 1999
199901622British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200-11, VH-JJT16 Apr 1999Final05 May 1999
199901827ACAS warning involving a The Boeing Company 767-277, VH-RMH and The Boeing Company 737-476, VH-TJQ, 15km NNW Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 6 April 199906 Apr 1999Final05 May 1999
199803491Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBX24 Aug 1998Final04 May 1999
199801888Boeing Co 747-312, VH-INH27 May 1998Final04 May 1999
199802719Separation issue involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TNG and Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. F/A-18A, 2km NW Williamtown, Non Directional Beacon, NSW on 13 July 199813 Jul 1998Final30 Apr 1999
199901070Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-KDQ17 Mar 1999Final27 Apr 1999
199802472de Havilland Canada DHC-8-201, VH-TQG27 Jun 1998Final27 Apr 1999
199802529Gates Learjet Corporation 35A, VH-JIG, Avalon Airport, Vic, 24 June 199824 Jun 1998Final27 Apr 1999
199702957de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TQF10 Sep 1997Final23 Apr 1999
199901643Runway incursion involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 172M, VH-MGZ and Cessna Aircraft Company 172RG, VH-CSH, Canberra Airport, ACT on 11 April 199911 Apr 1999Final16 Apr 1999
199802757Partenavia Costruzioni Aeronautiche SPA P68B, VH-IXH20 Jul 1998Final07 Apr 1999
199900022ACAS warning involving a The Boeing Company 767-338ER, VH-OGR, 28km E Sydney, NSW on 4 January 199904 Jan 1999Final30 Mar 1999
199800740Amateur Built Aircraft LANCAIR 320, VH-LPJ12 Mar 1998Final25 Mar 1999
199803860Abnormal engine indications involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-MZI, 113km NE Albury, Aerodrome, NSW on 15 September 199815 Sep 1998Final22 Mar 1999
199700297Centrum Naukowo-Produkcyjne-PZL M-18A, 1Z024-1403 Feb 1997Final19 Mar 1999
199900015Flight crew incapacitation involving a The Boeing Company 747-438, VH-OJI, Singapore-London sector on 6 January 199906 Jan 1999Final11 Mar 1999
199802140Cessna Aircraft Company, 337A, VH-YGM, 1km WSW Bundaberg, Aerodrome Qld07 Jun 1998Final09 Mar 1999
199900691Runway excursion involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-161, VH-CWW, Lilydale, (ALA), VIC on 20 February 199920 Feb 1999Final03 Mar 1999
199900027Loss of separation involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 210M, VH-KST and de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202, VH-JSH, Darwin, Aerodrome, NT on 6 January 199906 Jan 1999Final03 Mar 1999
199805319Flight control systems involving a Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-XFZ, Bundaberg, Aerodrome, QLD on 29 November 199829 Nov 1998Final03 Mar 1999
199801484Loss of separation involving a Beech Aircraft Corp B200C, VH-AMM and Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A MB-326, UNKNOWN, Williamtown, Aerodrome, NSW on 19 March 199819 Mar 1998Final03 Mar 1999
199800262Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGC24 Jan 1998Final01 Mar 1999
199703038Collision with terrain - Air Tractor Inc AT-502A , VH-MVS, near Nyngan NSW, 18 September 199718 Sep 1997Final01 Mar 1999
199702841Kawasaki Heavy Industries G3B-KH4 , VH-MTQ02 Sep 1997Final01 Mar 1999
199802830Cessna Aircraft Company A185E, VH-HTS26 Jul 1998Final25 Feb 1999
199805348Rolladen-Schneider Flugzeugbau GmbH LS6-B, VH-HDT25 Nov 1998Final20 Feb 1999
199802069Cessna Aircraft Company 210D, 2105849808 Jun 1998Final01 Feb 1999
199800361Skyfox Aviation Ltd CA-21, CA2101708 Feb 1998Final01 Feb 1999
199702768Boeing Co 737-376 , VH-TJA28 Aug 1997Final01 Feb 1999
199702693Boeing Co 747-312, VH-INJ20 Aug 1997Final01 Feb 1999
199702320Hughes Helicopters 369D, VH-WHP17 Jul 1997Final01 Feb 1999
199702191Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-XFH04 Jul 1997Final01 Feb 1999
199701986Mitsubishi Aircraft Int MU-2B-30, VH-UZB20 Jun 1997Final01 Feb 1999
199701568Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, VH-LDC14 May 1997Final01 Feb 1999
199701423Boeing Co 747-300, N124KK02 May 1997Final01 Feb 1999
199600094Centrum Naukowo-Produkcyjne-PZL PZL-104, VH-PZS12 Jan 1996Final01 Feb 1999
199902511Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAX01 Jan 1995Final01 Feb 1999
199805247Flight control systems involving a Pilatus Britten-Norman Ltd BN-2A-8, VH-FCO, Near Horn Island, Aerodrome, QLD on 23 November 199823 Nov 1998Final27 Jan 1999
199801979Forced/precautionary landing involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-181, VH-NOR, 2km NW Mittagong, (ALA), NSW on 18 April 199818 Apr 1998Final22 Jan 1999
199805887Airframe event involving a Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. DC9-33F, VH-IPF, Melbourne, VIC on 9 December 199809 Dec 1998Final18 Jan 1999
199805886Airframe event involving a Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. DC9-33F, VH-IPF, Melbourne, VIC on 18 November 199818 Nov 1998Final18 Jan 1999
199805366Airspace related - Other involving a Beech Aircraft Corp 1900C, VH-OST, 56km N Williamtown, Aerodrome, NSW on 26 November 199826 Nov 1998Final05 Jan 1999
199802755Boeing Co 767, ZK-NCJ19 Jul 1998Final01 Jan 1999
199802426British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-300 , VH-EWM19 Jun 1998Final01 Jan 1999
199800870Boeing Co 747 , CCA17417 Mar 1998Final01 Jan 1999
199700049LET National Corporation Blanik L13 , VH-GVS05 Jan 1997Final01 Jan 1999
199504205Bell Helicopter Co 205, 3025713 Dec 1995Final01 Jan 1999
199803763Freight related event involving a Boeing 747-438, VH-OJM, 160km SW Los Angeles, Airport on 11 September 199811 Sep 1998Final24 Dec 1998
199803930 involving a The Boeing Company 747, ZK-SUI and Bell Helicopter Co 212, RESCUE 500, Brisbane, Aerodrome, QLD on 21 September 199821 Sep 1998Final17 Dec 1998
199803287Fuel starvation involving a Cessna Aircraft Company U206F, VH-PQJ, 46km WNW Kununurra, Aerodrome, WA on 1 August 199801 Aug 1998Final17 Dec 1998
199802701Control - Other involving a Airbus A320-211, VH-HYF, Melbourne, Aerodrome, VIC on 14 July 199814 Jul 1998Final17 Dec 1998
199802560Loss of separation involving a Airbus A320-211, VH-HYJ and The Boeing Company 737-376, VH-TAX, 370km E Perth, Aerodrome, WA on 5 July 199805 Jul 1998Final17 Dec 1998
199802584Hard landing involving a Beagle Aircraft Ltd A61, VH-WFM, Coldstream, (ALA), VIC on 5 July 199805 Jul 1998Final17 Dec 1998
199800626Loss of separation involving a Airbus A320-211, VH-HYG and The Boeing Company 737-376, VH-TAG and Airbus A320-211, VH-HYE, 50km W Filet, WA on 2 March 199802 Mar 1998Final17 Dec 1998
199805541Rejected take-off involving a S.A.A.B. Aircraft Co SF-340B, VH-OLN, Lismore, Aerodrome, NSW on 10 December 199810 Dec 1998Final11 Dec 1998
199804021Airframe event involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 182B, VH-BOH, Aratula, QLD on 26 September 199826 Sep 1998Final11 Dec 1998
199805069Fire involving a British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-200A, VH-YAD, 2km SW Adelaide, Aerodrome, SA on 16 November 199816 Nov 1998Final04 Dec 1998
199803243Airframe event involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 340A, VH-NBL, Mudgee, Aerodrome, NSW on 10 July 199810 Jul 1998Final03 Dec 1998
199802796Fuel - Other involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-SVN, Norfolk Island, Aerodrome, on 28 April 199828 Apr 1998Final02 Dec 1998
199702620Boeing Co 737-476, VH-TJO17 Aug 1997Final01 Dec 1998
199802815Fuel - Other involving a Fairchild Industries Inc SA227-AC, VH-IAW, Broken Hill, Aerodrome, NSW on 23 July 199823 Jul 1998Final26 Nov 1998
199802551Wheels up landing involving a Beech Aircraft Corp E55, VH-INP, Jandakot, Aerodrome, WA on 4 July 199804 Jul 1998Final25 Nov 1998
199804232Collision with terrain involving a Air Tractor Inc AT-301, VH-FAQ, 10km SE Crystal Brook, (ALA), SA on 9 October 199809 Oct 1998Final24 Nov 1998
199801530Air-ground-air involving a Beech Aircraft Corp 76, VH-AZX and British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-200, VH-NJU, Mackay, Aerodrome, QLD on 28 April 199828 Apr 1998Final19 Nov 1998
199803046Loss of separation involving a Airbus A340, BHXI and Cessna Aircraft Company 172, VH-ZWR, 7km SSE Melbourne, Aerodrome, VIC on 6 August 199806 Aug 1998Final18 Nov 1998
199803948Depressurisation involving a British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-200A, VH-JJQ, 278km S Karratha, Aerodrome, WA on 18 September 199818 Sep 1998Final13 Nov 1998
199703850de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TQN24 Nov 1997Final01 Nov 1998
199703429Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJB15 Oct 1997Final01 Nov 1998
199703221Mooney Aircraft Corp M2OJ, VH-KUE03 Oct 1997Final01 Nov 1998
199703150Ayres Corp S2R-T34, VH-OCR, 8 km SE Yenda, NSW, 29 September 199729 Sep 1997Final01 Nov 1998
199702691Boeing Co 747-338, VH-EBW (QF16)20 Aug 1997Final01 Nov 1998
199701900Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28R-201T, VH-RBG13 Jun 1997Final01 Nov 1998
199700047Amateur built aircraft - Smythe Model S Sidewinder07 Jan 1997Final01 Nov 1998
199804070Turbulence/windshear/microburst involving a American Blimp Corporation A-60+, VH-ZIC, Essendon, Aerodrome, VIC on 28 September 199828 Sep 1998Final20 Oct 1998
199803764Wheels up landing involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-32RT-300T, VH-KEF, Broken Hill, Aerodrome, NSW on 6 September 199806 Sep 1998Final15 Oct 1998
199803536Hard landing involving a Amateur Built Aircraft Q2, VH-OMW, Shepparton, Aerodrome, VIC on 30 August 199830 Aug 1998Final14 Oct 1998
199801079Miscellaneous - Other involving a The Boeing Company 737-4L7, VH-TJW, R295- Port Wakefield firing range, SA on 6 April 199806 Apr 1998Final14 Oct 1998
199803705Air-ground-air involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-TAR and Lockheed Aircraft Corp C-130H, UNKNOWN, Tumbarumba ALA, NSW on 8 September 199808 Sep 1998Final12 Oct 1998
199802266Loss of separation involving a British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-300, VH-EWM and The Boeing Company 737-377, VH-CZH and Beech Aircraft Corp B200C, VH-AMM, 19km E Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 18 June 199818 Jun 1998Final08 Oct 1998
199804030Total power loss involving a British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-200-11, VH-JJS, 74km S Broome, Aerodrome, WA on 23 June 199823 Jun 1998Final02 Oct 1998
199802078Near collision involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-44-180, VH-JON and Cessna Aircraft Company 177RG, VH-WSE, Yarrowee, Non Directional Beacon, VIC on 30 May 199830 May 1998Final02 Oct 1998
199801114Bell Helicopter Co, 47G-3B1, VH-SRQ, 10km N Kambalda, WA05 Apr 1998Final02 Oct 1998
199803554Forced/precautionary landing involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-25-235, VH-WGC, Waikerie, Aerodrome, SA on 29 August 199829 Aug 1998Final01 Oct 1998
199800541Airspace incursion involving a Beech Aircraft Corp E55, VH-OMD, Avalon, Aerodrome, VIC on 20 February 199820 Feb 1998Final21 Sep 1998
199704005Loss of separation involving a The Boeing Company 737-377, VH-CZC and Airbus A340, SU-GBN, 111km ESE GABIT, on 4 December 199704 Dec 1997Final21 Sep 1998
199801298Collision with terrain involving a Bell Helicopter Co 206B (III), VH-WCQ, 22km N Dampier, WA on 10 April 199810 Apr 1998Final18 Sep 1998
199800123Flight control systems involving a Kawasaki Heavy Industries 47G3B-KH4, VH-ATU, Jandakot, Aerodrome, WA on 14 January 199814 Jan 1998Final18 Sep 1998
199701421Bell Helicopter Co 206L-3, VH-CKP, Tartrus Station, Qld02 May 1997Final08 Sep 1998
199802837Airframe event involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-23-250, VH-PFD, Horn Island, Aerodrome, QLD on 24 July 199824 Jul 1998Final07 Sep 1998
199800462Operational non-compliance involving a PZL Warszawa-Okecie M-18B, VH-PHO, Tamworth, Aerodrome, NSW on 10 February 199810 Feb 1998Final04 Sep 1998
199801330Wirestrike involving a Kawasaki Heavy Industries 47G3B-KH4, VH-JHM, Seaforth, QLD on 20 April 199820 Apr 1998Final02 Sep 1998
199800770Glasflugel Gmbh & Co Kg, Club Libelle, VH-GJE, Woodbury, Tas28 Feb 1998Final02 Sep 1998
199802836Forced/precautionary landing involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, VH-BFN, Virginia, SA on 26 July 199826 Jul 1998Final26 Aug 1998
199801779Loss of separation involving a The Boeing Company 737-33A, VH-CZV and The Boeing Company 737-377, VH-CZK, 19km NW Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 21 May 199821 May 1998Final26 Aug 1998
199500249Operational non-compliance involving a The Boeing Company 747-238B, VH-EBR, 40km SSE Cairns, QLD on 2 February 199502 Feb 1995Final24 Aug 1998
199800353Fuel starvation involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 310Q, VH-WHI, 16km S Crookwell, (ALA), NSW on 8 February 199808 Feb 1998Final21 Aug 1998
199800283Avionics system event involving a The Boeing Company 747-438, VH-OJO and Douglas Aircraft Company DC8-73, N796FT, Oakland Oceanic Airspace, on 26 January 199826 Jan 1998Final20 Aug 1998
199800219Hughes Helicopters, 269C, VH-DGD, 1km W Abbotsham, Qld19 Jan 1998Final19 Aug 1998
199802824Flight control systems involving a The Boeing Company 737-377, VH-CZJ, Alice Springs, Aerodrome, NT on 21 July 199821 Jul 1998Final18 Aug 1998
199800517Loading related involving a The Boeing Company 767-238, VH-EAJ, Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 13 February 199813 Feb 1998Final18 Aug 1998
199800089Loading related involving a The Boeing Company 737-376, VH-TAF, Melbourne, Aerodrome, VIC on 11 January 199811 Jan 1998Final18 Aug 1998
199702384Runway incursion involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 172N, VH-LHC, Moorabbin, Aerodrome, VIC on 20 July 199720 Jul 1997Final17 Aug 1998
199703682Collision with terrain involving a Schweizer Aircraft Corp 269C-1, VH-OCC, Upper Beaconsfield, VIC on 7 November 199707 Nov 1997Final12 Aug 1998
199702470Collision with terrain involving a Bell Helicopter Co 47G-3B1, VH-CSW, Comboyne, NSW on 1 August 199701