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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Sorted by Occurrence Date ascendingReport statusRelease
199901070Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-KDQ17 Mar 1999Final27 Apr 1999
199901098Airbus Industrie A320-211 , VH-HYJ18 Mar 1999Final08 Sep 1999
199901215Boeing Co 767-238 , VH-EAN 22 Mar 1999Final22 Nov 2000
199901797Cessna Aircraft Company 310 , VH-JOR24 Mar 1999Final29 May 2000
199901286Airspace incursion involving a Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. F/A-18A, UNKNOWN, 370km NNW Perth, Aerodrome, WA on 28 March 199928 Mar 1999Final01 Oct 1999
199901614Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B , VH-KDV28 Mar 1999Final26 Oct 1999
199901299Piper Aircraft Corp PA-36-375, VH-HSQ28 Mar 1999Final19 Jan 2000
199901340Amateur Built Aircraft LANCAIR 235 , VH-LWA02 Apr 1999Final21 Dec 1999
199901455Boeing Co 737-376, VH-TAK04 Apr 1999Final01 May 2001
199901762Collision with terrain involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 402C, VH-UBB, Gove, Aerodrome, NT on 5 April 199905 Apr 1999Final30 Aug 1999
199901827ACAS warning involving a The Boeing Company 767-277, VH-RMH and The Boeing Company 737-476, VH-TJQ, 15km NNW Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 6 April 199906 Apr 1999Final05 May 1999
199901401Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJC07 Apr 1999Final26 Jul 1999
199901643Runway incursion involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 172M, VH-MGZ and Cessna Aircraft Company 172RG, VH-CSH, Canberra, Aerodrome, ACT on 11 April 199911 Apr 1999Final16 Apr 1999
199901622British Aerospace Plc BAe 146-200-11, VH-JJT16 Apr 1999Final05 May 1999
199901894Boeing Co 747-300, HL747018 Apr 1999Final05 Jul 2000
199901850Cessna Aircraft Company 210N, Lake Neale NT20 Apr 1999Final01 May 2000
199902114Boeing Co 737-377 , VH-CZO23 Apr 1999Final11 Oct 1999
199902014Saab Aircraft AB SF-340B, VH-XDZ23 Apr 1999Final02 Apr 2001
199901880Boeing Co 737-376, 2348924 Apr 1999Final12 Jan 2000
199902117Boeing Co 747-438, VH-OJL28 Apr 1999Final01 Nov 1999
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