Recommendation R20000250

Recommendation issued to: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Recommendation details
Output No: R20000250
Date issued: 30 October 2000
Safety action status:
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority alert operators of aircraft equipped with turbo-charged engines to the potential risks of engine damage associated with detonation, and encourage the adoption of conservative fuel mixture leaning practices.

Initial response
Date issued: 22 March 2001
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Action status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:

CASA also accepts Recommednation R20000250 and has published an article in the January/February aviation safety magazine Flight Safety Australia. Furthermore, CASA is considering further action on this matter and is consulting the aeroplane and engine manufacturers with a view to them improving their engine leaning procedures.

Last update 05 April 2012