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Safety publications
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21-Sep-1994Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance: a Preliminary Information Paper
21-Apr-1994Advanced Technology Aircraft Phase 1
21-Feb-1994Systemic investigation of air miss occurrences 1991-1992
21-Dec-1993The Operation of Regular Public Transport (RPT) Aircraft in Mandatory Traffic Advisory Frequency (MTAF') Airspace
21-Dec-1993The Status of Commercial Passenger Operations in Turbine Powered Single Engine Aeroplanes
21-Nov-1993Testing for Drugs and Alcohol
21-Jun-1993Violations of Controlled Airspace: Special Study 1993
21-Jul-1991Wire strikes - A Technical Analysis
01-Apr-1991Limitations of the See-and-Avoid Principle
21-Oct-1989Australian Helicopter Accidents 1969 - 1988
21-Feb-1988The possibility of G-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) during aerobatics in light aircraft
21-Sep-1987Australian Aviation Occurrences Involving Fuel Starvation and Exhaustion 1969 - 1986
21-Feb-1984The Cost of Aircraft Accidents in Australia: With Preliminary Cost Estimates for 1980
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