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Safety publications
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01-Dec-2004Safety Bulletin 05 - Fisherman and Safety Awareness at Sea
01-Jan-2004Safety Bulletin 04 - Fatigue and fishing crews
01-Dec-2003Safety Bulletin 03 - Lifeboat Accidents
01-Jun-2004Safety Bulletin 02 - Ships and Fishing Vessels, an open letter to all Masters and bridge watch-keepers
01-Jun-2004Safety Bulletin 01 - Ships and Fishing Vessels
28-Aug-2014Marine Safety Investigation in Australia
26-Sep-2006Marine Pilot Transfers - A preliminary investigation of options
23-Nov-2016Fatality highlights risks on open stern OSVs
24-Apr-2013Australian Shipping Occurrence Statistics 2005 to 2012
22-Aug-2011Australian shipping occurrence statistics 2005 to 2010
Total records: 10