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Safety publications
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29-Sep-2022AIP Reportable Matters Version 2.2
21-Sep-2022Beechcraft Baron heater fuel supply line inspection
31-Aug-2022Corporate Plan 2022-23
10-Aug-2022Know the spin recovery technique for your aeroplane
27-Jun-2022Unknown functions in locomotive braking systems
15-Jun-2022UH-1H helicopter main drive shaft failure
16-Mar-2022Alerts and guidance for unreliable airspeed indications on take-off
04-Mar-2022Correctly fitted, secured and maintained flight helmets can save lives
03-Nov-2021Are your wing attachment points serviceable?
15-Oct-2021Annual Report 2020-21
31-Aug-2021Corporate Plan 2021-22
07-Jun-2021R44 helicopter drive train failure
26-Mar-2021Corporate Plan 2020-21
25-Nov-2020Elevator bellcrank inspections
04-Nov-2020Aviation Occurrence Statistics (rates update) 2010 to 2019
15-Oct-2020Annual Report 2019-20
03-Jul-2020Inspection of exhaust systems and engine firewalls: are they carbon monoxide safe?
03-Jul-2020Are you protected from carbon monoxide poisoning?
29-Jun-2020Potential for injury during vehicle-assisted deflation
22-May-2020A safety analysis of aerial firefighting occurrences in Australia, July 2000 to March 2020
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