Rail safety issues and actions

Signaller supervision

Issue number: RO-2019-018-SI-02
Issue owner: Sydney Trains
Transport function: Rail: Operations control
Background: Investigation Report RO-2019-018
Issue release date: 20 December 2021
Current issue status: Closed – Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

Increased focus of signal box panel coverage and management

Safety issue description

Sydney Trains did not provide supervision at Granville signal box to ensure there was adequate coverage on both signalling panels. (Safety issue)

Sydney Trains have advised the following action has been taken to address this safety issue.

Following the incident the staff at Granville Signal Box were reminded of their obligations as employees, and discussions were held about ensuring consistent coverage of the Granville and Westmead Signal Panels, maintenance of operating standards and improvement of the supervision of signal box operations. Additionally, Signal Box Operations management now make unannounced / unscheduled visits to the Granville Signal Box to assure themselves that the operating and supervisory standards are being maintained. The Granville and Westmead Signal Panels are scheduled to be upgraded to ATRICS functionality within the next 12 months, and they will subsequently be relocated to the Rail Operations Centre with 24/7 supervision.

Last update 20 December 2021