Aviation safety issues and actions

Crew risk awareness

Issue number: AO-2019-025-SI-05
Issue owner: Jayrow Helicopters
Transport function: Aviation: General aviation
Background: Investigation Report AO-2019-025
Issue release date: 26 February 2021
Current issue status: Closed – Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The advised changes will ensure participants are aware of the risks of using a harness at low level. This will enable crew to make decisions around their safety with full knowledge of the risks they face.

Safety issue description

Although required by the harness instrument commonly issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the operator did not appraise shooting crews of the risks of using only a harness for restraint during low-level flight.

Proactive action

Action number: AO-2019-025-NSA-042
Action organisation: Jayrow Helicopters
Date: 01 January 2021
Action status: Closed

In January 2021, the operator advised:

Jayrow will be making crews aware of the increased risk of wearing a harness instead of a seatbelt as part of the flight crew briefing. JMS Volume 4 Part D Section 19 Crewman Harness Procedures will be updated to highlight the increased risk. Forms JR122 Harness Checklist and JR145 Passenger Briefing and Permission to Land will be amended to include a statement to this effect.

The operator provided copies of the relevant amendments.

Last update 26 February 2021