Marine safety issues and actions

Knowledge and use of fall arrest safety equipment

Issue number: MO-2018-001-SI-01
Who it affects: All workers on ship
Issue owner: Berge Bulk Maritime
Transport function: Marine: Shipboard operations
Background: Investigation Report 338-MO-2018-001
Issue release date: 30 October 2019
Current issue status: Closed – Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The safety actions taken by Berge Bulk Maritime will significantly reduce the likelihood of a similar future occurrence.

The training, equipment and machinery changes implemented and progressing should greatly reduce the likelihood of similar issues with working aloft and appropriate use of PPE in the future.

Safety issue description

The fall arrest equipment used was incorrectly attached to the workers on the suspended platform. Consequently, had either of them fallen from the platform the equipment would not have worked correctly, resulting in serious or fatal injuries.

Proactive action

Action number: MO-2018-001-NSA-003
Action organisation: Berge Bulk Maritime
Date: 30 October 2019
Action status: Closed

Berge Bulk Maritime has advised the ATSB that it has taken the following actions to address this issue:

  • completed on board working aloft training of all staff
  • completed on board training in bulk carrier personal safety and environmental protection including working safely in cargo holds and the correct donning and use of personal protective equipment
  • added a mandatory working aloft training module to fleet‑wide on board training programmes, which is repeated every two years. This programme includes modules on working aloft risk identification, safe access at height and safe methods of work at height.
Last update 20 July 2020