Marine safety issues and actions

Usage of tugs

Issue number: MO-2017-010-SI-02
Who it affects: All owners, operators and crewmembers involved in pilotage
Issue owner: Ports North
Transport function: Marine: Shipboard operations
Background: Investigation Report 336-MO-2017-010
Issue release date: 14 November 2019
Current issue status: Closed – Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The action taken by training all pilots and tug masters in emergency response and escort towage adequately address the issue.

Safety issue description

Tugs were to be available to escort the mini cape-size ships until they had entered the South Channel, where they were stood down. However, the tug masters had not been trained in the specifics of escort towage nor in emergency response.

Proactive Action

Action number: MO-2017-010-NSA-02
Action organisation: Maritime Safety Queensland
Date: 14 November 2019
Action status: Closed

Safety action taken:

The Manager Pilotage Services advised the following proactive actions have been taken:

All Ports Norths pilots and Smit Lamnalco tug masters have completed together emergency response and escort towage training including:

  • emergency towage scenarios
  • positioning and use of tugs in an emergency
  • competency in standard escort tug manoeuvres and indirect towage.
  • Arrival and departure briefs developed for the Port of Weipa have been updated with:
  • safety settings for electronic chart display and information system
  • tidal information
  • weather conditions
  • wind limits and tug positions/line lengths.

All masters and ship bridge teams are briefed before arrivals and departures.

Last update 20 July 2020