Marine safety issues and actions

Tug reduction process

Issue number: MO-2015-007-SI-03
Who it affects: All ships entering and departing Townsville under pilotage
Issue owner: Maritime Safety Queensland and Port of Townsville Limited Pilotage Services
Transport function: Marine: Shipboard operations
Background: Investigation Report 323-MO-2015-007
Issue release date: 19 February 2019
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The action taken by Maritime Safety Queensland and the Pilotage Service will eliminate the likelihood of an unexpected tug reduction.

Safety issue description

The Port Procedures manual for Townsville allowed shipping agents to request a tug reduction without the knowledge of the ship’s master.

Proactive Action

Action number: MO-2017-001-NSA-015
Action organisation: Townsville Pilotage Services
Date: 08 September 2017
Action status: Closed

The tug reduction requesting procedure had been revised. The application now requires a declaration by the ship’s master that an assessment of the intended manoeuvre has been undertaken. Further, the application notes that should a pilot recommend an additional tug, it may result in delays to the ship’s scheduled manoeuvre. This revision should remove the possibility that the shipping agent has acted without the consent of the master. In addition, the delays to berthing are known and accepted by the ship’s master.

Last update 19 February 2019