Rail safety issues and actions

Inadequacy of the doors open warning device

Issue number: RO-2014-005-SI-02
Who it affects: Train passengers
Issue owner: Metro Trains Melbourne
Transport function: Rail: Passenger - metropolitan
Background: Investigation Report RO-2014-005
Issue release date: 27 April 2016
Current issue status: No longer relevant
Issue status justification:

Given the circuit modification and provision of a manual key operated switch described in response to Action No–RO-2014-005-SR-030, this action is no longer applicable.

Safety issue description

The train door open/close indicator on the driver’s control console was inadequate as a warning device once the traction interlock had deactivated. 

Response to safety issue

ATSB comment/action in response
No action organisation response


Action number: RO-2014-005-SR-031
Action organisation: Metro Trains Melbourne
Date: 27 April 2016
Action status: Released

The ATSB recommends that MTM consider incorporating an additional warning device to heighten driver awareness that the train doors have not closed, if automatic deactivation is retained.  

Last update 22 August 2016