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Southern Indian Ocean
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External Investigation
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Missing aircraft
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Technical Analysis
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On 8 March 2014, a Boeing 777 aircraft, operated as Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370), was lost during a flight from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Beijing in the People’s Republic of China, carrying 12 crew and 227 passengers.

Under Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation “Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation”, Malaysia, as the state of registry and operation of MH370, had investigative responsibility for the missing aircraft. At the request of the Malaysian Government, the Australian Government accepted responsibility for initial search and recovery operations in the southern part of the Indian Ocean on 17 March 2014.

In accordance with paragraphs 5.23 and 5.24 of Annex 13, on 1 April 2014, the ATSB appointed an accredited representative to the investigation, along with a number of advisors (ATSB investigators). These investigators’ work was undertaken as part of an External Investigation (AE-2014-054) under the provisions of the Australian Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003. The ATSB accredited representative and advisors provided support to the Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370 (MIASIT).

On 31 March 2014, the Malaysian Government accepted the Government of Australia’s offer to lead the search and recovery operation in the southern Indian Ocean in support of the Malaysian accident investigation. On 28 April 2014, the surface search for MH370 coordinated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) was concluded and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) assumed responsibility for conducting the underwater search for the aircraft.

ATSB assistance and expertise was provided through the accredited representative mechanism of Annex 13, under AE-2014-054.

On 2 July 2018, the MIASIT submitted its investigation report to the Malaysian Ministry of Transport (MOT). It was released on 30 July 2018, at which point the ATSB’s work in support of Malaysia’s Annex 13 investigation was finalised.

The tabs on this webpage detail ATSB reports and updates publicly released as part of AE-2014-054.

Aircraft Details
Departure point
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Beijing, China
Operation type
Air Transport High Capacity
Aircraft Operator
Malaysia Airlines